Meet the underground talent of CRSSD Fest: Henry Saiz - Dancing Astronaut

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‘s 7th edition is a special one —it marks the ficial third birthday the festival. Hosted at its usual location at the picturesque Waterfront Park in San Diego, the semi-annual event certainly hasn’t faltered in its lineup curation, inviting the likes  , , , and  onto its bill across March 3 & 4. joins organizers in digging a little deeper into its roster to unearth its top underrated performers to find out their backstories thus far.

From ethereal, dark progressive to avant-garde electronica, Henry Saiz sits firmly on the cutting edge dance music. Earning inspiration from natural places, his music is ten a blend pround melodic elements, comforting samples, and wistful progressions. His label additionally reflects this ethos, bringing caliber acts like, Clarian, , and more into its fold.

Lately, however, Henry has drifted farther and farther away from the tropes contemporary dance music, seeking reinvigoration once more to create music that he adored. His solution? An immersive revolutionary audiovisual album that took him all around the world to help spark ideas for what would soon become a veritable fable in sonic form. To boot, the project was entirely crowdfunded, demonstrating just how much trust his fans had in him to create something truly special.

The album is still a ways out from its ficial release; however, Saiz and his band will be providing fans a taste what’s to come with a special live performance on ‘s Ocean View stage. Dancing Astronaut was able to nab him for a quick discussion ahead time to talk about his musical pathway, what excites him musically, and more.

CRSSD Fest is sold out, but you can still view further information about the fest .

What catalyzed your love for dance music?
I´ve had a strong relationship with music since I was a child. My parents have great taste in music so they introduced me to such artists like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream or Mike Oldfield when I was very young and I was mesmerized by those synth tones and textures.

What was your first label release? Would you still play it?
That must´ve been ´You, The Living´ back in 2006. And no, I don’t play it anymore. My taste and music evolved from that kind sound so it just wouldn’t work for me at this point. I have no regrets though, it was good for its time 🙂

Describe the moment or event that made you realize that you were meant to be a full-time DJ.
I don’t think there was specifically a moment like that, but probably when i got signed to the UK label Renaissance… Ever since I remember myself I knew that what i´m going to do in life would be related to music and for the majority my existence i´ve actually been involved in music one way or another. Full-time djing just came naturally.

What’s your opinion the dance scene in the US right now?
EDM hype seems to be almost gone and that´s all that matters haha. But yeah, people´s tastes are evolving into something better, they are moving to more authentic and true styles within dance music so I guess you guys are going in the right direction. But there´s also a good thing to it and it´s that it made electronic music more popular in general in the US so people who started with listening to mainstream EDM eventually became a techno or a house fan, and got to know me, for example.

What are you looking forward to most about CRSSD Fest?
I just love to play in California and I´ve heard many good things about CRSSD. Cant wait to play our new live show to such a crowd for the first time. My bandmates and I have been working on this audiovisual project for the past 1.5 years, and now the record is almost finished and so we changed our live show entirely to tour the new album with. So it´s very thrilling and exciting.

And also we´re looking forward to just playing such a cool festival, really. We love these, we love the atmosphere, we love the vibe and all the beautiful people.

Where are your favorite places to play in the world, and why?
Honestly, I can never choose one. Every place i´m playing has its own magical atmosphere, crowd and is just special in its own way. But if I had to choose a small few I’d say Crobar in Buenos Aires, Ministry Of Sound in London, Input in Barcelona, The Block Tel Aviv, Vent in Tokyo and Stereo Montreal. These would probably stand out.

What are the biggest things in your pipeline at the moment?
Finishing up this whole audiovisual album, you guys. Album is to be out in just a couple weeks, so it´s a very stressful time haha. Other than that, working on some new stuff to release as Henry Saiz as well, so 2018 should be interesting.

If you could recommend three artists to catch from the lineup, who would you pick?
I´d probably be checking out Empire The Sun and Little Dragon, and then Sasha and Cirez D too (Eric going techno is always a lot fun).

The Glitch Mob Announce New Album 'See Without Eyes' & Lead Single

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The Glitch Mob have been kicking it in this scene for quite some time, and have garnered one the most loyal followings in dance music in their more than a decade as a group. The trio released their first album Drink The Sea in 2010, followed by Love Death Immortality in 2014. Now, four years since their last fering, The Glitch Mob have announced their third studio LP See Without Eyes, along with the lead single from the album, “How Could This Be Wrong.”

“How Could This Be Wrong” features vocals from Tula, and arrives with an absolutely stunning music video produced by Strangeloop Studios, the visual artists behind the live shows Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Pharrell, The Weeknd, Zeds Dead and more. “How Could This Be Wrong” builds up with a haunting bass line underneath Tula’s intense and powerful vocals. The music video will take you on a visual journey, and you can definitely expect to see aspects this video in upcoming Glitch Mob sets.

See Without Eyes will be released on May 4th, and The Glitch Mob will also be heading out on a 36-date tour to share the new album with the world. You can stream “How Could This Be Wrong” and watch the video below, and make sure to check out the tour dates below, beginning with a few international tour dates before hitting venues and festivals across North America, and concluding with two performances at Electric Forest and a stop at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.


Pleasurekraft release debut album ‘Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations’

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For nearly a decade,  charted their own singular course chart topping singles that exist at the intersection expansiveness and danceability. The electronica group’s seminal releases — such as “Tarantula” and “The Most Dangerous Game” — served to solidify Pleasurekraft as one the global electronic sphere’s most inventive acts. Their brand atmospheric techno gathered them support from such genre heavies as , , , and more.

Now, the group have released their debut album, Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations.  The project shifts from the thunderous rhythms on standout singles such as “Tarantula” in favor an expansive, atmospheric soundscape.

The LP is “something akin to a musical mission statement,” says the group. “To prove that there is more to dance music than just a 4/4 beat, cliche drug references, and party themed vocals.”

From Casey Gerald’s thought-provoking sermon on “G.O.D. (Gospel Doubt)”, to the searingly cynical “Corpse Reviver Number 1″, this debut album is wholly visceral on a musical and thematic level.”

Sydney’s Kinder hit hard with their new exclusive playlist

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Kinder have been absolutely killing it late. The sisterly duo have taken f over the past 2-years, becoming a mainstay in the Aus club circuit and are still on the rise.

With a free show line dup at Sosueme this Wednesday night, alongside Letters To Lions and Pist Idiots, we snagged a zesty playlist full their go-to tracks right now. Expect to hear cuts from CamelPhat,  FISHER, Si Tukker and Malaa among others.

Dive into Kinder’s playlist below, and click for more info on their event.

[EXCLUSIVE] Warm up for CRSSD Fest with a high-charge mix from Kyle Watson - Dancing Astronaut

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is no stranger to scintillating tech house sizzlers. The South African export has steadily climbed the ranks since he first entered the electrosphere a decade ago, landing himself global acclaim and eventually being accepted into the flock as a prominent rising talent.

His music is tentimes a blend irresistibly danceable drum patterns, funked up melodies, and jarring vocal samples, with singles like his Billy Kenny collaboration “Wiggly Worm” and solo works like “” and “Pop Up” lighting up dancefloors worldwide.

Now, the time has come for him to bring his brand to San Diego’s CRSSD Fest, where he’ll be setting The Palms ablaze with a plethora contemporary music built for maximum movement. To further invigorate the pre-festival excitement, he’s provided Dancing Astronaut with a short, yet sweet mix that makes for a perfect pre-game soundtrack. It features a high-charged selection booty-shaking house, tribal tech, and grooving vocal-assisted cuts.


What So Not discusses going solo and finishing his long awaited debut album

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The rise What So Not is a story that does not adopt the typical narrative a big electronic artist. His story as a DJ began as the lesser known half a duo with Flume, one that hammered the club circuit but perhaps wasn’t seen as a legitimate headliner. Through extenuating circumstances, in 2016 it was announced that Chris Emerson (aka Emoh Instead) would be taking the reins the project full time. Years constant touring and a string successful tracks (both original and remixes), has seen Emerson has propelled What So Not to some the biggest stages both locally and abroad.

On March 9th, his debut album Not All the Beautiful Things will be released Sweat It Out. Sitting down and talking to Emerson, you get a sense how much releasing this album means to him. He told Stoney Roads that “(when describing the album) I would do a voice memo to try and express to the greater team what each song meant to me, where it came from and what it was about… I found myself speaking for over an hour and a half on each song”.

This passion shines through on the album, as the attention to detail on all the tracks is evident. Perhaps this much can be expected from a project that is three years in the making. When talking about how it came together, Emerson said “(the album) was recorded and written everywhere that I can think … Nicaragua, all over Australia, WA, South Australia, QLD, my home in Sydney, over in Europe, in the UK, Berlin, out in Reading on a farm, in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Holland, Belgium, France, wow, really everywhere”.

The journey undertaken in the recording this album can be seen on the star-studded list features. And while artists like Skrillex, Toto and San Holo are huge draw cards for a producer, Emerson was meticulous about who he chose to bring in as part the project, stating “I think a lot artists today really go for big features just to get the streams up and the hype going and you know get the press picking up on it. Honestly I just wanted to work with my friends and with people that had no ego who were just totally open to just get on the same creative train as me and realise the vision that I had for the album so they could bring their own vision and experiences into that”.

What So Not discusses going solo and finishing his long awaited debut album

Listening to Not All The Beautiful Things it is clear that Emerson has shifted the focus the project to covey more himself. When asked, he said, “I’m so passionate about the whole project and so much my own life has just been put in there and crafted and created to be what it is.” Throughout the album Emerson manages to express such themes outside the normal, natural sounds one would typically associate with such feelings. His music has always leant itself to grungier elements trap and bass music, and this album, despite its obvious emotiveness, is no different.

Despite having taken full control the project in 2016, this album demonstrates a definitive coming age for Emerson in terms establishing himself entirely  – not that he ever felt any additional pressure after going solo. “Behind the scenes, I didn’t really have to prove anything to anyone (after splitting with Flume), I think everyone knew where it was going and that What So Not had been my project for many, many years before that”. The first record released after this was his stunning remix Rufus’ track Innerbloom ­– which landed Emerson a spot at number 30.

Using this as an anchor to impose his own visions on What So Not – Emerson frequently reaches such stunning heights on his debut album, with songs such as Beautiful (ft. Winona Oak), Us (ft. Daniels) and Be Ok Again (ft. Daniel Johns) typifying the growth What So Not from producing club bangers to something with a bit more substance. Which isn’t to say this album doesn’t have any bite – tracks such as Warlord (co-produce with Slumberjack), Goh (co-produced with Skrillex ft. KLP) and Bottom End (co-produced with Dyro) providing fans with thumping tracks that helped What So Not make a name for himself.

With this new-found liberty and freedom in terms production style, Emerson has entered a new level comfort in terms his music production. In fact, he stated that the vision Not All The Beautiful Things was to create a new space for What So Not’s material to exist. He said “Generally, I would start writing a song right after something significant had happened to me. And then I would draw on different scenarios in my life or stories that people had told me.”

“From there I was creating these hyperreal characters and personas… the ethos the album was dramatic ends to important relationships. From there I developed this parallel world where all the stage design and show visuals and songs f the album exist. This sort “What So Not” world that I was trying to build enabled me to not be restricted by reality – that was very therapeutic for me because it helped me deal with things that happened in my life that became dwarfed in comparison to this hyper-real version that I created”.

What So Not discusses going solo and finishing his long awaited debut album

One artist who connected with this vision was Silverchair lead singer Daniel Johns. Emerson said, “(he) got so excited by this, he started taking on these roles different people and changed his performance and the way we were writing lyrics together”. And while Emerson joked that he initially tried to avoid having Johns feature on three the tracks, he said, “in the end, we were just so happy with all them that we had to put them all in”. When asked what we could possibly expect from the pair, Emerson told us “we have jokingly talked about making an entire grunge EP, there’s also talk bringing me on to some the other stuff that he’s doing… I’m sure there will be plenty more collaborations between us come in the future.”

With a National tour set to supplement his World tour dates, and the release  Not All The Beautiful Things, 2018 is set to be Chris Emerson’s biggest year to date; not that he’s considered slowing down, “I’ll always keep trying to do bigger and bigger things because I love making music and sharing it with people.” And considering the level production on this debut album, the sky is the limit for the talented producer.

What So Not’s debut album Not All The Beautiful Things is out  Sweat It Out next Friday 9 March. Follow the link to ! Check his nationwide tour dates below and grab tickets .

Sat, Jun 16 @ Metro City, Perth (18+)
Fri, Jun 22 @ HQ, Adelaide (AA)
Sat, Jun 23 @ The Forum, Melbourne (18+)
Fri, Jun 29 @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (18+)
Sat, Jun 30 @ Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane (AA)

Benji Lewis wows with soulful electronic single ‘Deep Blue’

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In the lead up to his debut appearance at SXSW, singer / song writer Benji Lewis teams up with production maestro Golden Vessel’s for ‘Deep Blue’.

Widely known for his single ‘drift’ that has in excess 10 million plays Spotify, ‘Deep Blue’ continues The Melbourne based vocalist’s soulful musical journey with his voice drawing comparison to the likes Sam Smith.

‘It’s about how good and passionate a connection, a relationship can be between two people. Most the things I sing about I have been lucky enough to feel or experience.’ Benji’s vocals are beautifully complimented with percussion and light chimes.

Benji Lewis Shares Captivating Track 'Deep Blue'

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Benji Lewis from down under comes into 2018 with an incredible track in “Deep Blue“. This track brings to you a powerful emotional track that leaves an impression love and melody that comes together in perfect harmony. His voice has such grace and power to it where it makes such a impact on each track he graces with it. The singer-songwriter has a way with making his tracks soulful, a trait that is strongly desired in dance music today.

He had this to say about love, “I do believe we all want real love, a special connection. It is out there.” and this track resonates that belief. As the song concludes, and Benji’s incredible vocals fade into silence, it leaves you wanting more and more the Aussie talent. Lewis has a couple US dates up coming in the year if you are so fortunate to catch him. As this is the first single f his upcoming EP at the end the year, be sure to keep an eye out for more Benji on the horizon!

US Tour Dates:
3/14 – The Side Bar – Austin, TX (unficial SXSW event)
3/15 – St David’s Historic Sanctuary – Austin, TX (ficial SXSW showcase)
3/28 – The Peppermint Club – Hollywood, CA (with Robokid & Phil Good)

Paperwings Takes A Cut Out Of Miguel’s ‘Skywalker’

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If you haven’t been keeping an ear on LA-based Paperwings, now’s the time. He made an impact last year with mainstage-ready trap tunes on labels pushing the digital game (like this one on ). Building a strong catalog original heaters and set exclusives, Skywalker’s first the year enlists BLSZRD for an upbeat take on Miguel’s downtempo collab with Travis Scott.

Layered percussion and gritty bass cuts completely change the tempo this original RnB sound. Adding the signature a producer who knows the hype the dance floor, Paperwings is will on his way to a spot on the touring circuit. Hit follow on this up and comer and snag those free DLs.

Deorro Drops His Brand New Single 'Offspring' Featuring His Son's Vocals

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Deorro Drops His Brand New Single 'Offspring' Featuring His Son's Vocals

Deorro – Offspring

Deorro is back and brings us an exciting piece his new single ‘Offspring.’ Inspired by his son, he incorporates his son’s vocals during the countdown that kicks f the electro house/trap mix. While adding elements his old style, he includes new sounds that complete the final touches. Released on Dim Mak Records, Deorro definitely goes hard and it’ll get everyone bouncing to the beats.

‘Offspring’ is a fun-filled tune that has a high energy and an upbeat rhythm. The song begins with a fast-paced tempo that will later progress to the aggressive build-up. As the drop releases, the smashing beats are in control and are the most memorable within the track. During the second verse, Deorro fuses his old song components when he was formerly known as TON!C. Overall, fans are digging the release and are impressed with the quality this production.

Check out and vibe along to ‘Offspring’ down below.

Deorro – Offspring

Dustycloud Impresses With His New Single 'Move'

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Dustycloud Impresses With His New Single 'Move'

Dustycloud – Move

Dustycloud is an incredibly talented prodcuer who specializes in making music that shakes your bones. Having releases out on CONFESSION, Pinnacle Collective, and Ultra, the French DJ has truly made a name for himself with a cutting edge, bass driven sound that is veiled over with dark techno. His new single ‘Move‘ is a wild 4-minute track that showcases the many sides Dustycloud.

‘Move’ has an overshadowing, dark, and broody vibe with a hint anger behind the narrated vocals that make you feel the intensity the song throughout your entire being. Although it is audibly more mellow than most his other singles, it still packs a powerful punch with the heavy build into a wavy breakdown.

Listen, stream, and enjoy a free download below!

Dustycloud – Move |

Xavier White - Caught Up In Living

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Xavier White - Caught Up In Living

Eclectic R&B singer Xavier White is pairing dance and R&B with a cemented street-style brand. Based out New York City, White initially made the rounds with his debut EP Cancer vs. Gemini alongside his go-to producer Paul Couture. Later on his singles Dancing After Dark’ and Sudden Change’ were also fan favorites and received good support on northeast radio stations.

On his latest introspective single, the singer addresses an ex-lover whom he grew apart with when they were both going through their individual trials and tribulations; The ballad attempts to win her back with emotionally raw lyrics over sultry drum hits and a fat bassline. Xavier’s gentle voice translates this all-too-familiar narrative into a sound that’s warm, relatable and vulnerable. Be on the lookout for a new EP coming from him sooner than later this year.

Xavier White – Caught Up In Living