Miami Music’s Week Top Techno Event Has Been Announced

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(MMW) is about to become a little bit more magical and definitely more minimal. Taking place in the massive compound Club Space will be “Playdifferently presents ” from Fri., March 24th to Sat., March 25th.

This will be the only MMW show for the techno deity. As if Richie Hawtin wasn’t enough, he will be bringing friends. Everyone from Julia Govor to Gaiser (Live), Hito, Paco Osuna, Luciano and Pig & Dan will be playing at Space on that mystical night/morning/afternoon.

In addition, this stacked lineup will include a special guest and the artists will be showcasing the new Model1 mixer, a Richie Hawtin project turned into reality. Richie Hawtin will take the decks from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

If you have any interest in or want to see why Miami Music Week is one the best weeks the year, you will not want to miss this. Entry before 4 a.m. is priced at $65 while entry after 8 a.m. is at $50. Tickets will sellout, grab one .

Do We Still Need to Worry About the EDM Bubble Bursting?

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We’ve heard it for years: “EDM is a fad,” “This genre is not going to last,” “The bubble is bursting.” It seems like every other day a new theory emerges about the destruction electronic dance music, but are any these theories really feasible?

Let’s take a look.

Electronic dance music stemmed out multiple sub-genres that have been around longer than any us. Disco music, techno music, house music and trance music were all popularized in the 1980s, thanks to the warehouse party scene and the early acid house movement ().

Along with synthpop and disco came the utilization the commercial Moog synthesizer, released in the mid-1960s and still considered the first iconic instrument electronic music. The 1980s brought the synth era, the 1990s brought the dance/techno era, and the EDM era, which we know and love today, has been thriving since the early 2000s ().

So, what’s with all the fuss about the ‘EDM bubble’ bursting? Well, for starters, every one  its predecessors, like disco and techno, had their time to shine and then took a step back for the next genre to take over. But, with EDM, it must be acknowledged that the circumstances are entirely different. 

Techno, synth-pop, house, and disco music all came together to form electronic dance music. Within the realm EDM sits an endless array sub-genres, including the introduction what is now referred to as pop/dance. The crossover between what was once a genre full neon-clad EDC bros has turned into a mainstream, monetizable, and widely recognized sound.

While artists like The Chainsmokers sit at the forefront a very cookie-cutter sound, the genres underneath EDM still thrive and continue to grow in their own right. Take a look at Beatport, one the most widely used music platforms, who just had to adjust their categories to include new genres like ‘left field bass music’ or ‘garage’ or ‘future bass.’ 

To say that EDM is dying is in fact, quite the opposite what is going on.

Even brands outside the musical spectrum are cashing in. You have Robert Herjavec, who built two electronic music lifestyle companies with more than $7 million in annual revenue from the ground up, brands like Electric Family who combine charitable actions with artist merchandise and even TV shows and movies that focus on the DJ lifestyle, like XOXO or What Would Diplo Do.

It really doesn’t stop there with the EDM obsession. You have artists making careers out graphic design or 3D visuals for their favorite artists, or dating apps for festival folk like Radiate or Mix’d.

Electronic dance music might have been one the most rapidly growing genres our generation’s time, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fad that will die down like a choker necklace from the ’90s. The more you talk about it bursting, the more the bubble will continue to grow and, if anything, that’s probably for the best.

Swedish House Mafia have confirmed a 2019 reunion tour

Filed by Kelli MichelsonKelli Michelson


There have been a lot hazy, uncertain talk a Swedish House Mafia reunion late, and for those eager fans hanging on confirmation, the wait is over.

During a recent interview with Swedish publication Sydsvenskan, one third the group Steve Angello detailed their return after being quizzed the rumours a tour, saying “It’s happening, obviously… Not all the details are set, but we will be back in 2019.”

So, for the fans out there, get yourself ripe and ready for 2019. Here’s hoping those preventing their access to Australia get lted by then, right?

10 vintage Aussie dance tracks you’ve forgotten about

Filed by Antonio AlbertyAntonio Alberty

Red Bull

We’ve scoured through the many walks Australia’s dance music spectrum throughout the years,  hand-picking a short list timeless tracks you have likely forgotten about until now. From DJ HMC and PNAU’s sweaty, club jams from the 90’s to the high-energy, pop-fusion releases Sneaky Sound System and TV Rock that take you back to those early Saturday morning Rage sessions in the mid 00’s; all bases are covered.

Whack on your headphones and join us on this sonic voyage through Australia’s party anthem history. Any tracks you’d add for part 2?

Sonic Animation – Theophilus Thistler (1999)

Muscles  – Ice Cream (2008)

Sneaky Sound System – Pictures (Tonite Only Remix) (2006) 

Itch-E & Scratch-E – Sweetness and Light (1993)

DJ HMC – LSD (1995)

The Aston Shuffle – For Everyone (2007)

TV Rock Vs Dukes Windsor – The Others (2006)

PNAU – Discone (1998)

Josh Abrahams & Amiel Daemion – Addicted To Bass (1998)

Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (1999)

Be sure to drop a comment with your favourite, vintage Aussie dance tracks and we’ll get them down for part 2.

Keep Sydney Open is now an official political party

Filed by Ellamae AlewineEllamae Alewine

Keep Sydney Open, the group pushing to reclaim the once thriving night-time culture in our city, have announced today that they are ficially enrolled as a political party.

After a lengthy, 6-month wait, the confirmation from the NSW Electoral Commission has come through, and moving forward, KSO will be a legitimate party that will contest seats in both houses Parliament at the 2019 NSW state election, with a focus on seats in the Legislative Council or ‘upper house’.

Keep Sydney Open is now an ficial political party

Speaking on the campaign in a press statement, Keep Sydney Open’s Tyson Koh said “This is bigger than a rally — way bigger. By putting lockout laws on the ballot next year’s election, people now have a real choice and a course action to rescind these laws, wind back the ‘nanny state’ and build a 24-hour city.

“For more than over four years, our group has represented every person who believes that lockout laws were a knee-jerk reaction. We see with our own eyes that these laws have devastated the both the night- time economy and reputation what was once a vibrant international city.”

For those who need a catch-me-up on what the KSO campaign has achieved thus far, see below:

“We are the first party in NSW set up to address cultural and youth issues” writes Koh. “We feel cheated, and being locked out social spaces as well as the housing market has led to a generation disillusioned young adults.”

“We know that a confident and diverse nightlife is a safer and more welcoming. We advocate for a suite interventions across transport, law enforcement, public health, creative industries, licensing and planning. An approach that respects data, expertise, genuine consultation, transparency and good governance will have a great impact on the day-time economy too.

“In short, we want to be proud Sydney again.”


Melbourne’s new 5000-pax venue is inside a giant carpark

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The newest venue to the list incredible venues Melbourne has to fer, B3 has finally unveiled it’s location and more acts on the debut smalltown soiree taking place on September 27.

Joining the illustrious DJ Koze at – wait for it – the Etihad Stadium (soon to be Marvel Stadium) carpark will be Belgium’s Charlotte De Witte and German selector/lord Gerd Janson. After catching Gerd earlier in the year, I can strongly back that this will be one for the ages.

More news to come, but it’s starting to shape up to something pretty special. Find all details below along with some Gerd magic from Sugar Mountain Festival back in January.

When: September 27
Where: B3 (Etihad Stadium carpark)
How much: $89 + BF

REZZ Drops First New Single Off Forthcoming Album And It Is SPOOKY!

Filed by Judi PeartJudi Peart

REZZ is back ladies and gentleman and arguably better than ever. We got news that her sophomore album would be released at the end the month, but now REZZ has treated us to a new single. The track is called ‘Witching Hour’ and lives up to its name as it is SPOOKY.

REZZ – ‘Witching Hour’

REZZ is an incredibly talented producer, nobody can deny that fact. But her first single demonstrates her innate ability to curate a specific vibe better than just about anyone. While her debut album Mass Manipulation was near immaculate, it sounds like the follow up LP will be better than anyone could imagine.

‘Witching Hour’ starts f with skeletal, bare bones (PUN!) drums that immediately set the mood. Then when the drop comes in, it is an instant through back to the golden days UK garage and dubstep. REZZ has once again taken some the best qualities the best and but her own signature spin on it.

This is some seriously great stuff. Needless to say, we are excited to hear what is to come from everyone’s alien mom. Check out the single belwo.

Ultra Music Festival Announces Wristbands For 2019

Filed by Alvera CastaldoAlvera Castaldo

Ultra Music Festival is obviously one the most celebrated dance music festivals in the entire world. Not many people can bring up obvious criticisms the festival. Well except for the fact that Ultra still uses plastic tickets. These tickets are easily lost, stolen and come with several issues. It was an archaic ticketing system that had many fans asking why the major brand has not yet switched over to the wristband system used by just about every other festival in the world. Today they have finally announced a change.

Ultra Miami Announces Wristbands For 2019

It seems like only a few days ago that Swedish House Mafia reunited on the Ultra Mainstage in front tens thousands excited fans. But now Ultra has already started to make announcements concerning next year’s event.

The festival took to Instagram today to announce that they will finally start using Wristbands in place their plastic tickets and barcodes. This is welcomed by just about everyone as it will make things much easier as well as reduce ticket theft. Check out the announcement below.

Silk City [Diplo & Mark Ronson] Debut New ID During Governor's Ball 2018 Set

Filed by Bunny RobertiBunny Roberti

Silk City was one the most unexpected new side projects to hit the EDM scene this year. The unlikely duo Diplo and Mark Ronson ( ‘Uptown Funk’ Fame) got together and decided to breath new life into the ster side dance music. After two singles that were critically acclaimed, the duo took the stage for the first time at New York’s Governor’s Ball 2018.

While initially there seemed to be a little bit awkwardness between the guys, sharing decks and a stage for the first time together, they really started to flow with each other. I will say there were a few times where it appeared that Diplo had to explain things to Mark, the guys laid down a chilled out and unexpected set. The crowd took a little bit to warm up to the new more subtle style, by the end they were cheering and dancing as hard as ever.

Silk City also dropped a little ID in the midst their set which one fan captured and uploaded to Youtube. Check it out below!

Silk City ID Governor’s Ball 2018

FBI Agent Dancing At Club, Does Back Flip And Accidentally Shoots Man In Process

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It seems that the FBI has been under a lot different scrutinies lately. First, it was the handling the Clinton email probe, then the firing James Comey, and most recently the justice department probe the potential Russian collusion in the last election. Today a whole new can worms has been opened up for the Bureau after an f-duty agent was demonstrating his dance moves in the club, and shot an innocent man in the process.

FBI Shoots Innocent Man In Midst Of Dance Moves

Yes, you read that title and previous paragraph correctly. An FBI agent was getting down in a Denver bar last night and decided to up the ante with a backflip. While inverted the agent’s gun fell out. Luckily the drop safety stopped the weapon from discharging. Then the unthinkable happened. As the agent was retrieving the weapon from the ground, he accidentally fired it and it struck the bartender in the leg.

Luckily the man will be okay and make a full recovery. That being said, this opens up a whole new side to the intense gun safety debate taking place currently in the US. Let’s all be happy that nobody was killed. Check out the insane video below.

WATCH Eric Prydz Conjure A Holographic Thunderstorm Above The Crowd And More Last Night In Glasgow

Filed by Kelli MichelsonKelli Michelson

We all know Eric Prydz is a wizard when it comes to production. His many monikers and unbelievable release schedule are renowned by fans and peers alike. One thing sets Prydz apart from many others though, that is his next level live productions, HOLO. HOLO is an unimaginable live production which utilizes incredibly advanced Hologram technology. It is so advanced that there is no real affordable or logistical way to have the technology go on a widespread tour.

For this reason, Prydz has selected a few dates a year, usually in the EU and UK (weird having to refer to them as separate), to show f his new HOLO shows. Last night Prydz took the stage in Glasgow, Scotland and what occurred was more impressive than we could ever imagine.

Eric Prydz Debuts HOLO In Glasgow

Fans were stunned, it was unlike anything they had ever seen. Some new visuals that were not included in previous HOLO shows were featured as well as some classics. CamelPhat “Cola” fame was in attendance and was floored by what we witnessed.

We collected some the best fans videos from the event below. Stay tuned for the new Cirez D EP reportedly dropping this month.

Gia Koka - Trippin

Filed by Alvera CastaldoAlvera Castaldo

We’re still vibing out to Gia Koka. Back in February she dropped some heat with “ASAP’ Feat. Danny Smith. Her latest track “Trippin” is out again on Universal Music and it’s another stunner. More downtempo and left leaning, Gia has our ears hooked

You can hit play on “Trippin” below.