DJ Snake And Mercer Release New, Infectious House Cut - 'Let's Get Ill'

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Pardon my French, but when DJ Snake and Mercer get together, the result is always f**king amazing. The two producers have teamed up once again for a new house tune that really hit the nail on the head. The record is called ‘Let’s Get Ill’ and is a true house club smasher.

DJ Snake & Mercer – ‘Lets Get Ill’

The record opens up with a slow, driving build and classic house sample. As the vocal sample repeats, and the beat continues to grow in tension, a palpable energy is slowly being created. When things do finally let loose the tune drops into a minimal breakdown complete with hollowed out notes complete with a healthy dose staccato.

As a melody begins to be crafted with the new elements the track really starts to shine. DJ Snake has demonstrated his versatility over the last few months. He has released tracks rooted in rap, trap, bass and now house. While his massive popularity has some fans claiming he isn’t all that anymore – this new tune begs to differ.

Check out ‘Lets Get Ill Below.

Marshmello Releases The Highly Anticipated 'Joytime II' And It Surpasses Expectations

Filed by Alvera CastaldoAlvera Castaldo

A few years ago, the name Marshmello meant almost nothing to even heavily involved EDM fans. Now, it has become synonymous with chart-topping hits across several genres. Marshmello has become nothing short a cultural phenomenon. The masked producer who broke onto the scene with incredibly infectious remixes and original productions has used his positive energy and unmistakable branding to create a new generation electronic music fans.

Marshmello received a bit hate from some OG fans over the last year as he explored the rap and pop genres through various high prile collaborations. Throughout his time finding massive commercial success, Mello always made it clear that he wasn’t changing his style or abandoning his fans – a promise he has made good on today. Marshmello has released Joytime II and returned entirely to the EDM paradigm and the result is more than most expected.

Marshmello – Joytime II

Marshmello announced that he would be releasing an “OG LP” about two months ago. Fans immediately lost their minds over the announcement. After a string well-received singles, we have finally gotten the chance to hear the full package. So does it live up to the hype? Absolutely.

Let’s be clear about one thing up front. Marshmello is not releasing music to demonstrate intense innovation and a forward-thinking mentality. He is releasing music that is made to have to, to dance to, to let loose and smile to. Joytime II is 9 tracks pure excitement. He jumps between many styles throughout the long play, but the most present is his signature style electro-trap crossover.

In many ways Joytime II is a thank you to his day one fans. A thank you for helping him become the worldwide superstar he is today and a thank for being patient while he pushed his fame to new heights in different arenas sound. Marshmello has come back to dance music for now, so let go the resentment and enjoy the gift he has given us. Check out the full album below.

Mystvries and Soft Lightning Release Hauntingly Gorgeous New Single - 'Never Know'

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Miami based artist, Mystvries has released a new single f Bribery Corporation. As his name suggests, not much is known about the artist who pulls inspiration from the synth wave stylings the 80’s. His tracks have an engrossing quality about them. Captivating, near hypnotic arrangements, pull the listener into a trance-like state.

When listening to his work, it’s clear that you are the passenger while Mystvries is in the driver seat. In his latest release with St Lightning, Mystvries continues his trend forward-thinking electronic while including the perfect vocal elements to create a truly cohesive vision a record.

Mystvries – ‘Never Know’ (ft. St Lightning)

There has been a recent surge in popularity around the synth wave sound. Artists like Com Truise have helped put a modern twist on the decades-old practice. Shows like Stranger Things also helped bring the sound back into the mainstream consciousness. Mystvries has carried on this tradition with a style all his own.

On the surface ‘Never Know’ seems like a subtle track. But as the tune progresses, a deep emotional energy begins to shine through. The haunting, ethereal vocals bleed together with the driving beat, evoking imagery the city in the late night/early morning. When the streets are clear chaos, and all that is left to reflect on are your thoughts. This track encapsulates an experience more complex than most albums in just under three and a half minutes. It is nothing short masterful.

Check out the song below, and follow Mystvries on Facebook for more info on this emerging powerhouse.

Tiësto's Musical Freedom Label Curates Artist Documentary Series - 1st episode BROHUG

Filed by Rebecca RobertiRebecca Roberti

Tiësto’s Musical Freedom label gears up for their very first stage takeover at Tomorrowland on the 20th July with a special artist focus documentary series, marking a huge milestone for the highly respected dance label.

Paying homage to the imprint, Musical Freedom artists take part in in-depth interviews and give a look behind the scenes on tour. Kicking f the series is Swedish trio Brohug, in their ‘road warriors’ video that features an exclusive snippet their next momentous single ‘Be Somebody’. They spend the day exploring Las Vegas before performing with Tiësto at Hakkasan. The series will continue with other staple Musical Freedom artists appearing in episodes set to release the coming weeks.

Musical Freedom Focus: BROHUG

This short documentary series will truly encapsulate what Musical Freedom means for the up-and-comers and legends alike who have broken through thanks to the long-lasting support the label. Following the series, Musical Freedom will celebrate in style with an all-star lineup including Brohug, Don Diablo, JAUZ, Oliver Heldens, Mike Williams, K?D, Julian Calor, Lost Stories x ZAEDEN and Robert Falcon as well as the head-honcho himself – Tiësto on their 8000 capacity Tomorrowland takeover stage.

Above & Beyond Announce 1st Ever Anjunabech Festival

Filed by Jenette DanieleJenette Daniele

With Anjunabeach excitement at an all-time high as the one-day festival arrives in Southern California this Saturday, Above & Beyond have just revealed their next Anjunabeach endeavor – a multi-day party in a Mexican beach paradise: Riviera Maya.

Above & Beyond Announce 1st Ever Anjunabech Festival

Situated on the idyllic, ancient Mayan coastline, this exclusive and all-inclusive weekender will see Above & Beyond host three days electronic music on the beach, giving fans the chance to escape the outside world for a few days and connect with their global Anjunafamily.

Check out the presale below for some exclusive packages ranging from $1,500 all the way up to $4,800 per person.

Carter Reeves - Pay Day

Filed by Jenette DanieleJenette Daniele

The bass sets the mood instantly on this new drop by Carter Reeves, it had me hooked from the start and the rest the song doesn’t disappoint. “Pay Day” is an upbeat jam with a tropical reggae hip-hop feel. Reeves’ vocal style moves in-between interesting bars and smooth vocal melodies. That on top the bouncy bass and clean production makes for a super coherent listen. We’re excited to see what this artist does this summer, it’s looking like his music’s genre blending, feel good sound will be turning a lot heads. Check out “Pay Day” right here and keep your eye on Carter Reeves.

Jason Ross Releases Into You feat. Karra on Ophelia Records

Filed by Judi PeartJudi Peart

Jason Ross has released Into You featuring Karra on the Seven Lions label;Ophelia Records. This marks the first non Seven Lions song to be released by the label. I feel Jason’s production style has gotten exponentially better with each release. Fans Seven Lions are quite familiar with Jason Ross after the b2b at Above and Beyond’s ABGT 250, followed by a set at the Seven Lions curated Chronicles Chapter I event. The two will also be performing at 40+ stops along the Journey II Tour. Additionally, you can catch Jason Ross at Chronicles Chapter II at Red Rocks. It seems fitting that Jason Ross would have the first signed track to Ophelia Records.

Into You continues the streak Jason Ross tracks that are pure fire. The man is proving nothing is out his reach; uplifting trance, psy, and you can now melodic dubstep to his repertoire. Into You begins with an etheric synth framing Karra’s captivating voice in such a perfect way that I have not heard since the Notaker and Declan James hit Who I Am. The melody begins and track builds toward the drop. An explosion sound consumes the drop in a fashion one might expect from a Trivecta track. Jason Ross seems to combine the production styles all my favorite artists and I am 100 percent on board. This track is massive and if it is any indication how The Journey II tour is going to shape up I recommend getting your tickets today.

Tickets for The Journey II Tour HERE
Tickets for Chronicles Chapter II HERE

Support Jason Ross and Karra Here
Jason Ross

Web Site

BIGSOUND share first round lineup for 2018

Filed by Joe NoletteJoe Nolette

Nothing is better than catching your favourite artists before they hit the big time and this Queensland festival is giving you the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some the biggest acts about to come out the country.

Boasting a massive 75+ line up, BIGSOUND really is one you need to add to your festival circuit. Already on the bill was: The Chats to have you reeling, you were already head bopping to Eilish Gilligan and being captivated by Asha Jeffries and now you have more artists to support, through the likes Olympia, GRAACE, Kaitlin Keegan, Bin Juice, Kwame and many many more as only the first release artists! The festival is still in the process accepting more applicants so you can expect even more lush Australian artists to be announced very soon.

BIGSOUND share first round lineup for 2018

Whoever wins is likely to be the next best thing in Australia so for you to see that will be great to see. Artists are in for a prize $25k and 5k in travel fees if winning the event so you know everyone will be putting in their best for a performance for you all.

This festival is for anyone serious about supporting Australian music, so drop a link in your group chat and get some your closest mates down for what could be a four day adventure.

Let us know who your most excited to see or even if you know anyone you would want on the bill. Pass details are highlighted below. You can buy tickets .

ONE NIGHT PASS – $45.00 (+BF)
(One night live music your choosing)

RAINBOW PASS – $85.00 (+BF)
(Four nights live music)

PURPLE PASS – Start at $370.00 (+BF)
(Access to festival and conference + More)


A. Swayze & The Ghosts
Adrian Eagle
Alice Skye
Asha Jefferies
Bin Juice
Blank Realm
Cable Ties
Cast Down
Cry Club
Dreller (UK)
Eat Your Heart Out
Eilish Gilligan
Ella Hooper
Emma Anglesey
Estere (NZ)
Gabriella Cohen
Genesis Owusu
Georgia Mulligan
Good Doogs
Greta Stanley
Hobsons Bay Coast Guard
Imogen Clark
James Wright Trio
Kaitlin Keegan
Kota Banks
Kult Kyss
Miss June
Moaning Lisa
Oh Pep!
Pink Matter
Pool Shop
Rachel Maria Cox
Riley Pearce
Ruby Gilbert
Sleep Talk
Slowly Slowly
Stevie Jean
sweater curse
The Chats
The Merindas
Triple One
Two People
Tyne-James Organ
Wax Chattels (NZ)
yú yī

RL Grime is coming back to Australia this year!

Filed by Yun PinkertonYun Pinkerton

Newcastle will be getting shook this coming November with the first act THIS THAT Festival confirmed today as RL Grime.

The LA producer is the first artist named on the 2018 lineup, which is set to drop in it’s entirety on Tuesday,  June 26th. It’s been a busy week for RL Grime, who revealed his long awaited, sophomore album NOVA is dropping on July 27th; an announcement that came paired with a trap-heavy new single f the record featuring Jeremih and Tory Lanez.

For those you too eager to pass on this opportunity, you can  register for exclusive pre-sale tickets right before 5pm, June 27th. Regular pre-sale tix will be available from 9am on the 28th and general tix from 9am the 29th.

More details below, along with RL’s latest heater!!

What: THIS THAT ft. RL Grime
When: Nov 3
Where: Wickham Park, Newcastle

Pill testing results from Canberra’s Groovin The Moo are finally out

Filed by Elsa MajewskiElsa Majewski

There has been plenty good work done by numerous groups involved with the first pill  testing station at an Australian festival – taking place at the Canberra leg Groovin The Moo this year – to make sure harm was prevented for festival goers, and now we have the evidence to show how it has helped.

This coming together for pill testing was ten years in the making and completely funded by the STA-SAFE consortium and a group organisations (includes Harm Reduction Australia, DanceWize, Australian National University and more) pro-bono. The ficial report has been published following the vent, outlining how much potential it has to help users in and outside drug use with systems looking to be installed such as welfare and health services for abuse the drugs a long term goal.

Australia, being a country where a disposable income is easy to come by, it is said that 43% all Australians having tried an illicit substance over the age 14 according to a National Household Survey. It was stated in the article that “Twenty-seven percent recent ecstasy users aged 18 years and over reported high or very high levels psychological distress and 26% reported they had been diagnosed with or treated for a mental illness,” it is easy to see why steps need to brought in place to facilitate the experience, especially for younger people.

Harm Reduction Australia found many substances in the testing including the potentially deadly chemical N-Ethylpentylone which is “associated with fatalities and mass casualty events in other jurisdictions.” One user found it in what was thought to be Meth and advised the workers that they would use less the drug and said they didn’t know anyone else using the drug.

Interestingly, the fact that 55% said they had received it from friends and 28% from dealers and some saying they had found the drugs. Also stated in the article was , “Those aged over 20 years were slightly more likely to have sourced from a dealer (34% vs 22%) while younger patrons were more likely to say from friends (62% vs 50%).” Which may show how much a deterrent the risk bringing it into the festival is for patrons.

Hopefully with more drug tests happening in the future where drug dogs are becoming more imposing, this can identify how much sniffer dogs really effect the in flow drugs into festivals, help people remove the stigma getting their pills looked at and provide information on both sides as to how to go about pills being brought into festivals.

You can check out the full link

Gorillaz just dropped a track with Snoop Dogg and Jamie Principle

Filed by Kristina ClearKristina Clear

With their forthcoming album, The Now Now looming, Gorillaz have wasted no time with the single roll outs and today we have been blessed a new one.

Hollywood follows four big singles in just a matter weeks from Gorillaz – with   ,  and  – and features none other than Snoop Dogg and Chicago house legend Jamie Principle! Yeah, they calling in the big guns.

The track comes paired with a visualiser, and is another quirky, hip-hop centric slow jam from the band. Listen below and pre-order The Now Now (that drops July 27) right .

The Now Now track list

Humility – feat George Benson
Hollywood – feat Snoop Dogg + Jamie Principle
Lake Zurich
Magic City
Fire Flies
One Percent
Souk Eye

Enschway breaks down every track on Friendschway Vol. 3

Filed by tr21ktr21k

If you follow Sydney producer Enschway closely, you’ll know damn well that this EP has been a long time coming. Friendschway Vol. 3 comes 2-years after the last project from the enigmatic artist, who has paired the release the EP with a nationwide tour that kicks f in July. Teaming up with 16-year-old wunderkind producer Perto, Sydney local Leotrix plus Jupe and Savoi on the final track, the project showcases the mind an artist who has been spending his time honing his craft with no issue pushing the boundaries.

To get our heads around the monster that is Friendschway Vol. 3, we asked Enschway to give us a track-by-track run-down the EP. Dive into his personal log Friendschay Vol. 3 below.

‘Lose It’ ft. Perto

So I first came across Perto around two years ago when I found his Soundcloud and was super impressed with a remix he’d done; especially because the fact that he was only 15 at the time. Sent him a soundcloud dm and decided to get together and make a tune & ‘Lose It’ is what came from that session. We finished It about a year ago and have been playing it and teasing it in our sets ever since so it’s a weird feeling having it finally come out.

‘Can’t Stay Here’ ft. Leotrix

Funnily enough I met Leotrix in the session with Perto when we made ‘Lose It’. We only decided to make a tune a few months later and ‘Can’t Stay Here’ is what we made. Ethan (Leotrix) is one the most insane producers I’ve ever worked with. The sounds he can make with the stock ableton synth are stupid. I thought we’d make a weird crazy tune together & it turned out to be spooky and haunting but also filthy at the same time.

‘Make It Work’ ft. Jupe & Savoi

This tune is one the ones that just slowly comes about and evolves. Jupe lives over in the US so there’s no chance to get a face to face studio session which usually helps with the creation a song, but I feel like we connected really well over this one and loved the changes each other made every time we sent it back and forth. I’ve always wanted to work with Savoi so I was stoked when he wanted to contribute to this one. This is the more calm and easy listening track the EP and personally my favourite song i’ve produced.

Listen to Friendschway Vol. 3 in full below, and revisit his previous EP right . To catch this man and his friends in action, be sure to snag tickets to the Friendschway tour that kicks f from July 6 ft. Daktyl and Vincent. More info and below.

Tour Dates

July 6 – Mr Wolf, Canberra
July 7 – Villa, Perth
July 13 – Metro Theatre, Sydney
July 19 – Fat Controller, Adelaide
July 20 – The Met, Brisbane
July 21 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
July 28 – Studio, Auckland (Enschway only)