Rob Swire Confirms New 'Reworks' Album & Box Set Are About To Drop

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Australia’s very own multi-instrumentalist and drum and bass icon, Rob Swire, has recently unleashed one the biggest musical headlines 2018. Despite Pendulum‘s lack releases since 2010, and only occasionally resurfacing for distinct sets since 2016, the band is about to drop one the most highly anticipated projects the year.

On March 16, 2018, their soon-to-be hit new album will be dropping, entitled Reworks. In addition, they are spoiling their fans with another incredible gift; they will also be unveiling The Complete Works box set.

Last August, the beloved founder, and record producer tweeted that he was “so f*]cking bored EDM and lit drops and Serum patches and fEsTiVaL bAsS. I’m gonna make a new Pendulum album.”

Yesterday, the dynamic musician confirmed that the speculations were indeed correct.

We absolutely can’t wait to hear what they have in store. Hopefully, the excitement showcases through the new album, as opposed to this particular tweet…!

Billboard Takes on DJ Mag With Holistic Top 100 Ranking

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Billboard Takes on DJ Mag With Holistic Top 100 Ranking

It’s that time the year again to vote for your favorite artists on Billboard. This year, they have launched their own inaugural way ranking artists, with Billboard Dance 100, a credible ranking the world’s top 100 dance/electronic music artists. The publication’s editorial and charts departments will compile optimal results from three categories. Artist rankings are gathered from streaming, track sales, album sales, radio airplay. Touring data like show capacities, festival bookings, and residencies will be taken into account. Additionally, a fan-voted poll is open now until March 16th to provide a holistic capture today’s dance music’s diverse talents.

The Billboard Dance 100 will not let any one artist go unnoticed. The new system takes away any bias, as a charting high artist won’t get by without fan votes. Conversely, a massive fan base artist will still need top chart and touring data to stay in the running.

And for that fan vote the process is simple. Like Billboard on Facebook, vote for your 5 favorite dance/electronic artists on Billboard’s website  and confirm your email for entry. Keep in mind that users only get one vote; multiple vote attempts or manipulations to the voting process will disqualify you.

The final list is to be revealed during Miami Music Week 2018 from March 21-22. We are excited to hear from you about this brand new driven artist ranking. It gives fans and industry members a comprehensive look at the power and influence electronic dance music’s biggest names.

Vote  join in with the conversation #BBD100

Billboard Takes on DJ Mag With Holistic Top 100 Ranking

Skrillex Set to Play a Role in Upcoming Disney Movie

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Skrillex Set to Play a Role in Upcoming Disney MovieIn our world dance music, the most magical place on Earth is without a doubt Tomorrowland… but some people may say it’s Disney World. If the two worlds were to mix though, only one DJ is unique enough to make that transition. And no, it definitely isn’t . I’m talking about the prince darkness, Skrillex. His iconic look and distinguished music makes him the perfect candidate for a role in a Disney movie.

In 2012, Skrillex made an appearance in a cameo in Disney’s hit movie, Wreck-It Ralph. Although the cameo was short, the surprise appearance by one the most beloved DJs certainly got us pumped. In addition to the cameo, Skrillex also produced the track ‘Bug Hunt’ for the film. His original mix didn’t make the cut, but Noisia‘s remix the track was featured in the film’s soundtrack.

A few days ago, Disney tweeted that Skrillex will once again play a role in the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph sequel. Skrillex’s specific role in the new film has yet to be announced but definitely be on the look out for him when the movie releases. For now though, you can check out Sonny’s 2 seconds fame from his cameo in the first ‘Wreck-It Ralph’.

Pendulum Remix Album & New Knife Party Music Coming Soon

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Pendulum Remix Album & New Knife Party Music Coming Soon
Anyone who has been in the EDM scene long enough knows the name Pendulum. Headed by lead man Rob Swire, the band originated in Australia but soon relocated to the United Kingdom. After announcing a hiatus, several claims there would be no more live Pendulum performances and even Swire saying he no longer had any interest in Drum and Bass, the band reunited for a live show at Ultra Music Festival 2016. And now the UK’s most iconic Drum and Bass group has announced their newest album Reworks.

One theory is that Reworks will be totally original material and the title suggests a change in the band’s sound. Swire recently commented on Twitter that he wants to “make a new Pendulum album”. But this theory was squashed by Swire’s following tweet on February 26th. It looks like Reworks will ficially be a remix album. This is the first and only remix album ever released by the group. But his tweet also gave hope to fans who are craving new music with that unmistakable Pendulum sound.

Are you excited for Pendulum’s new album? Well if that doesn’t hype you up enough the DnB supergroup also announced a headlining live band tour. Their first show at Printworks in London sold out the day tickets went on sale and the others are sure to go quick! Keep checking in for more updates on Reworks, other new music, and tour dates for one the most iconic bands in EDM.

5 juicy Justice remixes that may just trump the originals

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You really don’t need to look too far to find some monster Justice remixes, but it isn’t ten that the re-dos out-do the originals. However, on occasion, a remix comes across that is so damn good that it leaves the original in the dust – even if the original is a biggie.

With Justice about to finish up a long awaited Aussie tour this weekend in Brisbane, we decided to sift through the remix archives and tip our hats to some reworks that, in our opinion, best the originals.

‘New Lands’ (SebastiAn Remix)

Ed Banger label mate SebastiAn is something an enigma when it comes to releases. He’s been quiet for a while, but thankfully his back catalogue still holds firm, and this slowed, moody rework ‘New Lands‘ is a go-to.

‘Helix’ (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Gesaffelsetin isn’t one for subtlety, and his remix Justice’s ‘Helix’ is no exception. Clanging chords and chopped vocals with an overarching techno tone create a truly evil edit from the Parisian artist. Definitely one for the record books.

‘D.A.N.C.E’ (MSTRKRFT Remix)

This could very well go down as one the best remixes ever made. Nuff said.

‘Randy’ (Boys Noize Remix)

Boys Noize no stranger to mixing up a Justice tune, but it really makes sense why they keep asking the German producer to step in. The drop says it all.

Last but not least…

‘D.A.N.C.E’ (Justice Remix)

Let’s face it, the MSTRKRFT remix was so damn good that even Justice wanted to jump on board. Utilising a lot the instrumental work MSTRKRFT threw in; Justice proceed to tweak the song even more, giving it another set legs in the it’s long standing career as one the best dance songs ever. No pun intended.

Justice are playing at The MET this Friday. Click for more information. Check out our from Sydney City Limits for a taste what their 2018 live show is like.

Jack Taylor Teams Up With Alina Renae For Progressive House Anthem

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Jack Taylor – Need You (feat. Alina Renae)

Jack Taylor has teamed up with Alina Renae for an incredible Progressive House anthem. ‘Need You’ is released through the fast growing label, Glow Records. Undoubtedly, this track brings back 2013 right to your ears with the incredible progressive sound.

Jack Taylor is an up-and-coming producer from Oslo, Norway. Starting f as a contestant on a TV talent show as a teenager, with his passion for writing and playing music, he was signed to Universal Norway as a pop artist.

Without a doubt, Taylor’s sound is influenced by Avicii, Alesso and Otto Knows. Additionally, Alina Renae has been supported by the likes Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Dallas K, and Hardwell. As a result her voice, she turns ‘Need You’ into an absolute dance floor hit.

Jack Taylor – Need You (feat. Alina Renae) |




Pendulum reveal they are dropping an album this month

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After a hefty hiatus, Pendulum have made it ficial that they are releasing an album in just a matter days.

The Aussie group – who have been laying very low on the music front for several years now – will be releasing their ‘The Reworks’ album on March 16, and to mark their return they will be hosting a headline performance at Printworks in London.

The album has been a long time coming, with Pendulum teasing fans last year before heading on a nationwide club tour.

Thankfully, the long wait is over. Keep an eye on Pendulum’s socials for updates and revisit one their classics below.

Deadmau5 Shows More of His Mysterious Orchestra Project

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Deadmau5 Shows More  His Mysterious Orchestra ProjectThe first real sneak peek we have had since his cryptic tweet, deadmau5 put up a video on his Facebook page a full orchestra playing his music. Oddly enough not an fshoot from his ‘Strobe’ orchestral remix played recently, this is a whole new project. Whether we will be getting classic deadmau5 tunes remastered for an orchestra, or if he will be creating all-new tunes in conjunction with the orchestra remains to be heard.

Deadmau5 has consistently been pumping out albums new material, and in 2017 he released Stuff I used to do, a compilation his early work. When asked if a new album was in the works this past September, he responded “”. The next indicator if what is to come happened in January, he tweeted about the most epic thing he has ever done with his music, when asked for a clue said”.”

“There’s nothing better in my world than being able to sit in during a few recording passes this. Unreal” is the next clue, in the title the video on Facebook. Fans commenting think it is a take on his track ‘Invidia’. There’s no telling an exact date but we do know Zimmerman is hoping to have this album out by . Until then, content yourself with the orchestral ‘Strobe’ remix , and the hint things to come below!


Investigation Finds Secret Facebook Group Led By Male DJs Sharing Explicit Photos and Videos

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An investigation led by freelance reporters and published on the has uncovered the existence a secret/private Facebook group where images and videos women were reportedly shared by a community prominent male DJs and producers.

The group, dubbed ‘Tracks & Snatch’ which no longer exists, featured a collection music and also images and videos girls without permission or consent as well as the creation their own merchandise.

The freelance reporter behind the story Phoebe Loomes, has investigated the group and has started sharing details;

“So it’s called Tracks and Snatch… because they exchanged music — tracks — and photos women — snatch. It’s not innocent, it’s private sex, there’s Snapchats in there, it’s all photos without these girls’ permission,”

Loomes said it highlights the toxic masculinity within dance music and another hurdle in the way inclusion and equality across lineups and pressions. An accompanying podcast runs through the investigation and can be heard .

Speaking with reporters and the ABC, Sydney artist Joyride spoke out about his time in the group and the kind activity you’d likely see;

“It was I guess equal parts producers and music-makers from around the country sharing tracks that they’d made to other DJs but then also photos women, From sharing photos that these girls had posted online already, to photos that had been sent to these guys privately.”

Another DJ and producer Raph Lauren, who was also added to the group but left very quickly spoke it’s material;

“Straight away it was pretty apparent that there was going to be stcore porn in this group and not really what I want to be seeing randomly when I open up Facebook, but I think the reality is that there’s a massive bro problem in the Australian music scene in festival culture, and I think particularly in Australian dance music.”

As the investigation continues we’ll be sure to update this post.

NOTE: Both founders Stoney Roads were added to the group momentarily but left shortly after. Stoney Roads and it’s founders are firmly committed to the inclusion women as well as equality and diversity in dance and electronic music online and fline in it’s content curation and programming and will continue to do so for years to come.

If anyone would like to reach out direct please email


The Beauty of Trance - ASOT 850 Utrecht Review

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If you could choose one evening Trance music, where would you go? The answer is undoubtedly A State Trance Utrecht, the pinnacle Trance music and the apex  Armin van Buuren‘s ASOT brand. If you’re a massive fan Trance, this event sits at the top your bucket list. Catch it all after the jump!

The Venue

ASOT is now a yearly tradition hosted every February in Utrecht. As you can well imagine, February in Holland isn’t the best time to have an outdoor festival so the event is held in doors at the Jaarbeurs. Located less than 500 meters from Utrecht Centraal, the main train station, the venue is absolutely perfect if you want to combine the festival with an extended weekend trip to Amsterdam. Logistically speaking, the organizers this event did a fantastic job coordinating additional transportation to and from the venue.

The Jaarbeurs sits on about 25 acres land, which is quite massive for an indoor facility. A total 32 thousand people attended ASOT (with another cool 10 million viewers online) yet the venue never felt crammed, a credit to Armin’s team. It’s not easy to pull f a 5-stage indoor event with 40+ artists, but the hosts did it with no major issues.

The Acts

If you take one look at the lineup you will understand why this event is at the top a Trance fan’s bucket list. Trance has so many different subgenres, whether it be Psy or Progressive, hence why we were treated to five stages. The Psy stage hosted some legendary acts such as Neelix Ace Ventura while the Who’s Afraid 138 stage was treated to Jorn van Deynhoven Bryan Kearney. Heading over to the Road to 1000 stage we witnessed some Trance’s upcoming stars, such as Davey Asprey and the young Russian DJ Max Meyer. Lastly, this years’ ASOT edition hosted the inaugural Progressive stage with the likes  Anjunabeats very own Spencer Brown.

These four stages truly showcased the wide variety talented Trance DJs around the world, but the main focus was always going to be on the Mainstage. Every set on the Mainstage was mesmerizing, something which is attributed to the production. The stage was commanded by a set circular shaped LED lights suspended directly in front the DJ, coupled with LED panels suspended in a U-Shape formation enveloping the DJ. To top it all f, the lasers certainly had their way putting you in a state trance.

The opening act on the Mainstage was none other than Armin van Buuren, playing a deep, dark warm up set to start f the night. NWYR brought out 9 new songs, and paved the way for an epic himself. Armin live never ceases to amaze me; his usual 90 minute sets at festivals are great, but giving Armin an additional 30 minutes allows him to showcase his genius abilities. The legend mixed every aspect Trance into his set, from classics to progressive, to Psy and Big Room. I highly recommend watching the set instead just listening to the audio, there’s something about seeing Armin’s massive grin (knowing he’s blowing our minds) which gives the utmost satisfaction.


Are you obsessed with Psy yet? Nearly every Mainstage set had Psy mixed in, but we’re not complaining. The Psy genre has gained immense popularity in the last year or two, with the explosion songs like Great Spirit by Armin & Vini Vici (which happened to be the closing track Armin’s set).

One trend I’ve noticed at various Trance events is the friendliness the crowd. The atmosphere from start to finish was consistently peaceful and happy. There’s virtually no pushing and shoving, and everyone has a smile on their face.

Top 5 Sets

  1. Who else would you expect? Armin van Buuren’s 2 hour set takes top prize. The hype surrounding Armin’s set was so big that the mainstage entrance had to be shut nearly one hour before he began playing. Check out the epic .
  2. Jorn van Deynhoven. For those you who enjoy an epic, thumping Trance this is for you.
  3. What a joy it is to have Sander van Doorn go back to his trance roots with his Purple Haze alias. Purple Haze’s was a transcending, dark, beautiful set.
  4. David Gravell‘s put an epic jolt energy into the Mainstage crowd. The mix Big Room Trance & Psy Trance kept the crowd going late into the night.
  5. For our last pick here we go with our , Spencer Brown. What an incredible talent this young DJ is.

What’s Next

Next up for the ASOT tour is Ultra Miami on March 25th followed by ASOT Sydney on April 21st. This year’s Utrecht event was the first time the festival was sold out, so make sure to get your for Sydney today.



Jon Hopkins teases new music and has “much more” to come

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Kimberley Ross

British producer, Jon Hopkins, has released a four-minute video accompanied by new music from his forthcoming album.

“Trailer 2018” is an animated clip that features the celestial production and synthesised style Hopkins is known for.

Fans the British producer are likely salivating at this news, which is Hopkins first new material since 2015. The prolific Brit’s last full length release was his instalment the mix series some 3 years ago.

“I’m so happy to share some brand new music with you,” Hopkins wrote to his fans on a recent Facebook . “There is so much more news to come soon, but this is where it begins”.

While Hopkins is vague about the release more new music, restless fans can sink their teeth into his latest haunting release. Hopkins invites us to ‘watch in HD, with full screen and on headphones’’.

Watch the trailer below:

An abandoned Sydney pub has been given a much needed facelift

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s Alison Cheung and LostCollective

After years in the dark, slowly deteriorating and growing moss in places you don’t want to know, a vintage Sydney pub will be getting a much needed rebirth.

The Terminus Hotel, located in Pyrmont, has been something an eyesore for locals for 33 long years, however the venue has been purchased by publicans David Mathlin and Binu Katari for a neat $4.75m, who have revitalised the pub into an exciting new location for a cheeky bev.

Speaking on the vision behind the restoration, Ms Katari explained to  that they wish to “bring it back to its glory and to make it a bit more modern but also have something that would be part the community and enjoyed by the local residents”.

The 155-year-old hotel will be ficially reopening to the public next week. Check out the video below for an inside look at the makeover.