RÜFÜS’ album ‘Bloom’ just turned 2 and is still so bloody good

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Scary to think it’s been two years already, but RÜFÜS’ incredible sophomore album Bloom just clocked over it’s 2nd birthday.

Released on Jan 22, 2016 Sweat it Out, ‘Bloom’ was the highly anticipated follow up to their debut album ‘Atlas’, and cemented the bands place in Australian music history with their second number 1 record. That’s 2 from 2. Not too shabby.

‘Bloom’ is home to a plethora big tracks such as ‘You Were Right’, ‘Say A Prayer For Me’, ‘Like An Animal’ and a favourite mine, ‘Innerbloom’. The album also kicked f a big international following for the group, which led to a huge world tour to follow.

RÜFÜS’ album ‘Bloom’ just turned 2 and is still so bloody good

Relive the album in it’s entirety below.

Ray Volpe - Walk Away

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Ray Volpe – Walk Away

Young up-and-coming dubstep artist Ray Volpe has finally released his long-awaited track entitled ‘Walk Away.’

The track starts f with a bang and never lets up. The drop is choppy and full energy, intercut with vocal cops. Volpe decided to sing on this song himself as well, belting out his own vocals during the build-up.

Fans have been clamoring for this track since it premiered on Kill The Noise’s Killuminati Mixtape last year. In the words Volpe:

Volpe quickly made a name for himself this past year by releasing multiple tracks on Borgore’s label, Buygore. With support from some dubstep’s biggest artists, we know Volpe is poised to make 2018 a breakout year, and he’s clearly f to a promising start.

You can catch Volpe, along with many other rising and established DJs, on the tour in the next month.

Stream and download the track below!

Ray Volpe – Walk Away |

There is a nightclub accepting Bitcoin payments now

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The coventry nightclub has hopped on the bit-coin band wagon, making it the first in the UK to accept the cryptocurrency as a form payment, despite general wariness to the currency and banks still not recognising it’s legitimacy.

Kevin McCloskey, owner venues S7ven and Daddy Cools, will allow entry and drinks to be paid with Bit-Coin. Speaking to the McCloskey explained that Bit-Coin is a logical step towards the future, “With cryptocurrency the very hot word on everybody’s lips right now, myself and venue manager Renan Santos have spent several weeks casually discussing this subject and the fact that this actually not so new online currency option is clearly becoming the future the payment world and the future in general.

“We initiated talks with a payment processor who can work in real time transactions meaning soon people can genuinely order a round drinks at the bar in S7ven or Daddy Cools, scan our QR code and pay instantly from there online bitcoin wallet.”

Bit-Coin’s growth has been fluctuating in recent months, but it seems businesses are still keen to get on board. So are cryptocurrencies the future in your opinion?

HARD Events Founder Confirms New Cruise Festival with LiveStyle

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EDMTunes is keeping you updated on Destructo‘s latest moves as ten as we can. We reported on his  tour, his newest release ” with Gerry Gonza, and much more. Most recently Gary Richards posted a Facebook link to a website for  festival. And now there is confirmation that DESTRUCTO is planning a new cruise festival, “Friend Ship“.

Originally the founder  Hard Events, Richards is now the President  LiveStyle. The Beverly Hills based company will almost certainly be the producer for the event. Richards is the original pioneer  Holy Ship. And the appropriately named Shipfam is incredibly dedicated. Many the regular participants on the cruise festival opted out this year after hearing DESTRUCTO is no longer head Hard Events and not involved in Holy Ship.

Will Friend Ship be able to compete with it’s predecessor? Will Groove Cruise also compete for sales with this new cruise festival. If history is a good measurement for success, Richards has nothing to fear. But with a saturated festival market and two incredibly recognizable established cruise festivals, how will Friend Ship fare on the high seas?

Indy 500 Snake Pit Announces Epic Lineup Featuring Diplo, Deadmau5 and Axwell Λ Ingrosso

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The Indy 500 is a highly anticipated event for racing fans and to celebrate Race Day, part the day’s activities includes a concert that – course – has to have an epic lineup. A star-studded lineup EDM artists that will party with the Indy 500 Snake Pit was just announced today Twitter.

Though the focus race weekend isn’t on the music, the Indy 500 organizers didn’t neglect fun and invited some big names to kick f summer with spectators. Acts you can see at the Snake Pit include Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Diplo, and Griz. Deadmau5 is also on the lineup, which seems fitting seeing as he is a sports car enthusiast who custom wrapped the infamous .

As with any event, there are fans who love the lineup and fans who don’t agree with the organizer’s choices. People have responded to the announcement tweet full excitement that so many big names are being brought to The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

Check out the announcement video from the Indy 500 Snake Pit below. If you want to rage with them, you’ll need to grab tickets for race day and the concert.

Hard Summer Releases Dates For 2018 Event

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HARD Events is back at it with their annual HARD Summer Music Festival event, just confirmed a few days ago for August 4th and 5th, 2018. The event, historically taking place in Los Angeles at the end every summer, has become one the staple electronic music events in Southern California and never fails to be two days absolute bangers.

Though the lineup is still to come, we’ve seen some the biggest heavyweights across all genres electronic music and hip-hop take the stage during this event in the past few years. A few names that have hit this event’s lineup have included Major Lazer, Dillon Francis, Tchami, Zed’s Dead, Justice, Bassnectar, Migos, Malaa, Wax Motif, Rae Sremmurd and many more.

Tickets are currently available for purchase on the . Keep an eye out here for their lineup announcement, and check out their date announcement video below.

Apple May Kill the iPhone X This Summer

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Apple May Kill the iPhone X This Summer

Apple To Kill iPhone X Prouction

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may drop the iPhone X in favour the three new models rumoured to be released this coming fall. With lacklustre sales, the most technologically advanced iPhone could see the same fate as the old iPhone 5C.

Apparently the notch in the top the screen is too big, impacting sales in China specifically where it is felt the iPhone 8 Plus has more space. On the iPhone X, the notch contains the sensors and cameras that control the ‘‘ Face ID. According to Kuo Apple will release an iPhone X Plus model with an even bigger screen, hopefully mitigating the issue.

Apple is expected to release a phone with 6.1″ LCD display with Face ID, which would compete with the X. Rather than continuing production for a phone with low sales, or lowering the price for the new generation, which would pull sales away from a new product, it makes sense the line could be canned.

Other reasons for the poor sales are estimated to be the cost/benefit ratio, with a “lack interesting innovations” deterring buyers. Estimates for number units shipped are between 25 and 35 million, a ~25-30% decrease from last year.

If you want to guarantee yourself a phone with Face ID, your time might be up midsummer, or you can wait until the release the newest line in the fall. Don’t expect the price the X to drop though, an “End Life” cut to production would be to avoid having to decrease prices.

Prague’s Up Festival announces first wave of acts

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Already renowned as one of Europe’s most aesthetically stunning cities, 2018 is the year that Prague says hello to UP Festival. Needless to say, the Czech Republic capital has always enjoyed a buoyant electronic music scene, but it’s the presence of UP that’s sure to turn heads and attract visitors from far and wide this summer…

Created ‘with the sole purpose of driving the already rich artistically culture into new realms’ and to ‘create new opportunities and help shine a light on one of the most beautiful countries in Europe’, UP really does offer something pretty special. Aside from a line-up that boasts heavyweight players a la Ricardo Villalobos, Apollonia, Magda and B Pitch boss Ellen Allien, the music will last for 72 hours straight, with 4 stages and over 50 artists on show. Besides that, the action is also going down in Prague’s iconic Exhibition Centre, a 36-hectare space that’s dominated by the Art Nouveau Industrial Palace. 

Running from the 11-13th May and with tickets starting at just €45, UP already looks like an absolute steal, and may yet prove to be one of the summer’s most exciting new parties. 

Further information, including ticket sales, can be found on UP’s website here

So, Deadmau5 just sold a bottle of his toilet water for $50…

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Legendary producer/DJ/troll, Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, has sold a bottle his toilet water for 50 bucks taking aim at Hardwell for releasing his new fragrance, ECLIPSE.

Via livestream, Zimmerman fills an empty hand sanitiser bottle with toilet water. “This is legit. This is the real deal. The is water direct from my toilet…This is legit water from the place I piss and shit”, he said in the video.

Best part it all, within minutes the “eau de toilette” sold for ten dollars more than ECLIPSE. Two users who were watching the live stream nabbed the bottle for a healthy 50 bucks.

“See Hardwell? I can push this shit too” Zimmerman reacts, “And I didn’t have to go to a board meeting or nothing’.”

Well played, Mau5. Check out the video below.

Hardwell isn’t the only one to cop it from Deadmau5, here are some other classic moments from over the years.

Deadmau5 vs Ricardo Villalobos.

So, Deadmau5 just sold a bottle  his toilet water for $50…

Deadmau5 vs Skrillex.

So, Deadmau5 just sold a bottle  his toilet water for $50…

But nothing beats this sly one.

So, Deadmau5 just sold a bottle  his toilet water for $50…
So, Deadmau5 just sold a bottle  his toilet water for $50…


Tritonal & SJ- Calabasas

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Tritonal & SJ- Calabasas

Tritonal & SJ- Calabasas

Tritonal and SJ have teamed up for a feel-good track called ‘Calabasas’. After their hugely successful first collaboration, ‘’, Tritonal and SJ seem like a perfect team. After touring with Tritonal during 2017, was recently signed to Enhanced Music where he has simply flourished. ‘Calabasas’ sees its release on Enhanced Music.

‘Calabasas’ has a distinct feel good vibe to it. It blends dance music with pop, which allows the track to not only be catchy, but also quite good. Tritonal and SJ create a stirring melody with beautiful vocals to compliment the track. It’s too bad we have to wait five more months for summer, because ‘Calabasas’ would be perfect for any pool or beach setting. Keep this one in your back pocket until then. You can check out Tritonal and SJ’s second collab ‘Calabasas’ below.

Tritonal & SJ- Calabasas |

Vic Mensa – We Could Be Free

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Vic Mensa finally drops a visual for The Autobiography stand-out “We Could Be Free,” and I have to say, he did it justice.

Stream Vic Mensa’s The Autobiography a Week Early

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Stream Vic Mensa’s The Autobiography a Week Early

Vic Mensa’s debut album The Autobiography has been a long time coming. Since landing on XXL’s Freshman cover in 2014, and then linking with Jay-Z and The Roc a year later, he’s been distinguishing himself as a standout among a generation Chicago rappers that is absolutely loaded with talent. He hasn’t been shy about his desire to share his first opus with the world and in the end he just couldn’t hold out for another week.

Less than two months after revealing that new music was imminent and releasing the 4-track warm-up EP The Manuscript, Vic delivers his 15-track debut 7 days ahead schedule. The project, which was executive-produced by the esteemed No I.D., features appearances from Chief Keef, Joey Purp, Pharrell, Ty Dolla $ign, The-Dream, Weezer and Pusha T on the previously released bonus cut “OMG.”

Head over to NPR for your early listen and look for the album to hit streaming services and retailers next Friday.

UPDATED with an Apple Music stream below.