Lektrique - Mercy feat. The Arcturians

Filed by Kristina ClearKristina Clear

The mastermind host behind Kannibalen Radio is back with another single on the esteemed bass label. The collaboration with the mystifying Arcturians is called “Mercy” and was released today on Kannibalen Records. If you’re a Lektrique fan you know his retro-inspired sound, something he implements here to a high degree. He bounces back and forth between electro house and dubstep for a whopping bass anthem. Definitely add this one to your Summer festival playlists!

Hanne Mjøen & Jimi Somewhere - Fall Down

Filed by Jenette DanieleJenette Daniele

It is a collision Scandinan talent this week as pop artists Hanne Mjøen and Jimi Somewhere combine to release “Fall Down.” This single is currently out for release through the wonderful Sailor Music.

Mjøen has been busy playing out across Europe and working on a variety new material, whilst Jimi Somewhere only made his debut last year and is currently based in LA. “Fall Down” is a powerful, thought-provoking sound with edge, and is well worth checking out.

Listen now.

Royale - The Rhythm Is You

Filed by Kristina ClearKristina Clear

Dropping their debut single and sure to make something a splash is Parisian trio Royale. Comprising two brothers, Laurent and Jean-Noel Wilthien, and Mattieu Tosi, Royale drops “The Rhythm Is You.”

Blending part French electro, falsetto soul vocals and a contemporary pop feel, Royale merge what they love about music into its three minutes. “The Rhythm Is You” is diverse, it’s upbeat, it’s a mix old and new. It’s unashamedly Royale.

Be sure to grab your copy this one, it is out now on Disco:Wax and you can check it here.

Mysterious Producer Gives Perfect Dark and Powerful Remix To Skrillex and Poo Bear's Hit Single

Filed by Rene MayfieldRene Mayfield

The mysterious producer 1788-L has been making waves this year with his infectious and heavy bass music. While there may be some news on just who 1788-L is, the mystery remains as to the producer behind all releases such as “Sound Where’d U Go” by Illenium, Said The Sky, and 1788-L and a number other releases.

This time, 1788-L takes on Skrillex and Poo Bear’s “Would You Ever” and gives it a dark and powerful remix fitting 1788-L’s incredible new style.

Grab your free download here.

Tiesto Continues His Already Iconic Year With Gorgeous AFTR:HRS Remix Of Ed Sheeran

Filed by Kristina ClearKristina Clear

In my humble opinion, Tiesto is having one his best years in recent memory. While the trance legend has spent the bulk his time since his iconic LP Kaliedoscope working outside trance, it seems that in 2018 he has REALLY found his flow. His last release, ‘Jackie Chan’ was entirely surprising. He was able to combine several different artists from various genres under the umbrella a track that just really worked. Now, this week Tiesto has released an AFTR:HRS remix Ed Sheeran’s massive hit, ‘Happier’.

For those not in the know Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS label is a deep house imprint, so when he releases under it, we can expect some more pensive, relaxed cuts. So how does his deeper edit Sheeran work?

Ed Sheeran – ‘Happier’ (Tiesto AFTR:HRS Remix)

A lot artists have tried their hand at reworking Ed Sheeran. He is easily one the most popular musicians our generation after all. Some have found success with their endeavors like Kygo, others fell short in a big way. Tiesto seems to have cracked code how an artist should tackle a Sheeran track.

His edit is minimalistic in nature, but the driving house beat and small tension builds throughout add an element euphoria to a song which originally focuses on some sad subject matter. Overall Tiesto did something really fun to this hit and helped make it club ready. Check it out below.

Oliver Heldens Drops Dark, Driving Remix Of Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa's - 'One Kiss'

Filed by amkr03eydamkr03eyd

Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s ‘One Kiss’ continues to top charts all over the world. The pop-oriented house single perfectly combines Calvin’s iconic nu-funk style with Lipa’s sultry vocals. The entire track is like an escape to the European coast. You can basically feel the sun shining on you from hearing the first few notes.

Oliver Heldens, on the other hand, has been working tirelessly so far in 2018. It seems that every other week we are hearing a new single or at least new remix from the future house pioneer. Heldens is known for both his charismatic social media personality as well as his iconic productions which have helped drive the dance music industry forward for the last several years.

Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa – ‘One Kiss’ (Oliver Heldens Remix)

Last week we had the privilege bringing you the ZHU remix ‘One Kiss’ and this week, we are equally as ecstatic to bring you a brilliant remix from Oliver Heldens. Interestingly enough Heldens took a similar dark approach on his ‘One Kiss’ remix. Incorporating a driving bassline, and booming atmospheric house synths Heldens has taken a minimal but effective route to making ‘One Kiss’ his very own.

Check out the remix below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Jauz Teams Up with Lazer Lazer Lazer to 'Keep The Rave Alive'

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Channeling 2012 underground vibes, Jauz and Lazer Lazer Lazer’s “Keep The Rave Alive” is the perfect collaboration to satisfy your dancing needs. The pair team up effortlessly to bring out our favorite heavy sides in both artists for their newest track.

“Keep The Rave Alive” out now on Jauz’s label Bite This!

Echoing “We dance all night, we sleep all day, we only eat so we can stay,” the heavy track speaks truth to ravers both young and old. The robot voices coupled with booming synths channel some serious Knife Party vibes, with the heavy drop shining as signatures both Jauz and Lazer Lazer Lazer.

Check out the hard-hitting collab below:

Luv Drunk Releases Motivational New Single 'I Can't Lose'

Filed by Judi PeartJudi Peart

Following his hit new single “Heartbeat” on Lowly Palace, Luv Drunk is back with his newest song “I Can’t Lose.” The soothing vocals and cover art the song exemplify the ability to not give up even when the world is telling you you should.

When asking Luv Drunk about how he came up with the lyrics to “I Can’t Lose,” he said “success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation.”

Stream Luv Drunk’s incredible new single “I Can’t Lose” below.

Luv Drunk – I Can’t Lose

Stream/Download on all platforms here.

Rezz Officially Announces Her New Album and Release Date

Filed by Ellamae AlewineEllamae Alewine

Following Rezz’s debut album Mass Manipulation, fans can’t get enough Rezz and her experimental bass heavy music.

Just three weeks ago, Rezz revealed that her second album was done, but today Rezz announced that her new album titled ‘Certain Kind Magic’ will ficially be released on August 3rd.

Rezz went onto say that her first single will be released Friday, and two more songs from her album will be released in June. Will we see the ficial Rezz and Deadmau5 song on this album? Only time will tell.

Rezz Album Tracklist

Witching Hour
H E X w/ 1788-L
Flying Octopus
Life & Death w/ Deathpact
Spider on the Moon
Teleportal w/ Kotek
The Crazy Ones w/ 13
Toxin w/ Fytch

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review

Filed by Alvera CastaldoAlvera Castaldo

In my two years writing for EDMSauce (and nearing now ten years journalistic work) I have never been a victim writer’s block…until now. From festival reviews, album reviews, artist interviews, and news related content, I have always been able to form a clear and concise opening for my pieces, until today. That is because a week ago, the most perfect, immaculate, pristine music festival I have ever partaken in took place— Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. I have danced under the electric sky for five consecutive years and I cannot find the words to describe the incredible transformation this festival has gone through.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review

It’s difficult to imagine that less than a year ago, Insomniac Events was plagued by not-so-great reviews their flagship festival, EDC Las Vegas. For the eighth consecutive year, EDC took place in Las Vegas after several years at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and other Southern California event venues. The thriving festival had plenty footprint to work with in Sin City, calling the 1,200 acre Las Vegas Motor Speedway home ( which they occupy 180 acres). However, an all-night party in the unrelenting Mojave Desert heat can (and will) take a toll on its attendees. Year after year, one the top complaints from festival goers was that unbearable 100+ degree heat resulting in many hospitalizations and even deaths. The growing number attendees meant more and more people requiring reliable transportation to the speedway, a 15-mile trek north the Las Vegas Strip, where most attendees book their weekend stay. The increase in vehicular traffic led to the now infamous stories last year’s shuttle transportation disasters and the now meme-worthy photos lines cars waiting hours to exit the speedway at 7 a.m. every morning after the festival ends.

In response to the overwhelming complaints on social media, Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella promised big changes for their 2018 celebrations, some which included third-party pressional shuttle services, earlier opening ceremonies, an all-new camping experience, and the biggest change all, a change dates from mid-June to mid-May when temperatures are usually more bearable.

This unprecedented move was a huge gamble for Rotella and the entire team at Insomniac. The announcement was made in late summer last year, only giving them about eight months to not only produce the biggest EDM festival in North America, but to also give guests an all-new camping experience. Not to mention working with new third-party shuttle services as well as coordinating the events EDC Week, a week-long lineup artists shows at top Vegas venues.

In a city known for big players and high stakes, Rotella took the biggest gamble them all, promising an enhanced EDC experience for all its guests— and it paid f…BIG TIME. As I stated earlier, I have never been at a loss words when it comes to an opening paragraph, but what Rotella and the Insomniac crew managed to pull f in eight month’s time is unbelievable and in doing so created the most perfect EDC Las Vegas yet.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review

The 22nd edition Electric Daisy Carnival saw a sold-out three-day attendance over 400,000 people from around the world, 20,000 them were campers at Camp EDC. The inaugural Camp EDC did see some traffic headaches the first day campsite opening, with eager dwellers waiting for hours as their vehicles were thoroughly searched before entering the grounds. Once inside and settled in, campers had the distinguishable honor being the first people ever to camp at EDC Las Vegas. The campsite was located immediately next to the speedway and allowed campers in-and-out privileges into the festival.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Camp EDC’s pool party. photo: Insomniac.

Campers were treated to an exclusive pre-party celebration hosted by Excision atop the Parliament Art Car, featuring Habstrakt and G Jones, with surprise sets by NGHTMRE back-to-back Slander and Wavedash. Other camp ferings included pool parties (with acts like Tommie Sunshine, Camelphat, Solardo, and Arty), yoga, totem making workshops, rave aerobics, stand-up comedy, and plenty field games. While I personally did not reside at the campsite, the general consensus I gathered from tenants were positive, mainly praising the overabundance activities throughout.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Yoga at Camp EDC. photo: Insomniac.

Another first, EDC hosted a daily opening ceremony at cosmicMEADOW, allowing guests to access that part the speedway before the rest the grounds opened. This was a huge draw to campers who had easy access to and from the festival, as slowly but surely the rest the attendees trickled into the speedway. Friday saw the impressive performance Chris Lake (one his many sets throughout the weekend) playing back-to-back with Chris Lorenzo, Saturday brought the Night Bass with AC Slater and Sunday’s opening ceremony played host to MK.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Friday’s opening ceremony at cosmicMEADOW. photo: Insomniac.

I began my EDC journey on Friday evening by roaming the grounds the speedway, not only to familiarize myself with the layout, but also to check out all the new stage designs and art installations. I stood atop the bleachers in awe and excitement as I gazed out at what lay ahead me. After five consecutive years attending EDC Las Vegas, I still cannot believe that a place like this exists.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
One my favorite art pieces this year, Ghost Ride. photo: Insomniac.

My cruise around the speedway led me to encounter some the new art installations including the Pagoda Pyramid, the Hexatron (a personal favorite mine with its forest lights), Elektra (the tall colorful figure akin to Burning Man’s “the man” statue), and Ghost Ride, a picturesque full-size Vietnam-era military plane that hovered above guests. I was pleased to see more chill-out spots than previous years, including a section where you can relax and view some your favorite cartoons, like Rick & Morty.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
This art installation was reminiscent “the man” from Burning Man. photo: Insomniac.

The Carnival Square was updated this year to create a brand new area dubbed Downtown EDC. Plenty Instagram-friendly photo opportunities surrounded this central meeting spot, which also included free arcade games, virtual reality experiences, Wi-Fi and charging stations, a laser graffiti wall and LED video walls displaying live sets from across the speedway. Immediately next to the square was one my favorite walkways in all EDC— Memory Lane. This path allows you to get from one side the festival to the other while being completely surrounded by giant LED screens displaying videos EDCs past.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Some the many costumed performers throughout EDC. photo: Insomniac.

Packed with immense energy and cheerful attitudes, this year’s performers at EDC did not disappoint. From atomic ponies to brass monkeys and marching majorettes, the talented cast artists helped enhance the EDC experience by entertaining guests as they paraded around the speedway.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
A favorite mine, this artist performed with electricity! photo: Insomniac.

The beloved art cars also traversed the venue throughout the weekend. Some the eclectic vehicles included Walter, a 23-window Volkswagen bus, Big Red, Heathen (a fire-breathing big rig) and course the Parliament, Kalliope, Boombox, The Wench and Wide Awake art cars which showcased some the biggest DJs in a more intimate setting. Highlights include Kaskade’s Strobelight Seduction sunrise set, Nitti Gritti, MK b2b Will Clarke, Drezo, Ekali b2b Dr. Fresch, Timmy Trumpet, Jauz’s Off the Deep End set and Seven Lions b2b Dimibo with a stellar trance set. The art cars have become a staple at EDC for hosting up-and-coming talent as well as producing some the most memorable sets the weekend.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Kaskade performing his Strobelight Seduction sunrise set atop the Parliament art car.

Corona’s Electric Beach stage was the perfect seaside getaway in the middle EDC. Hosted by the popular beer label, the beach vibes were riding with sets by Dateless, Mija, Yookie, Wongo b2b Jace Mek, and Brownies & Lemonade surprise guests: Moksi, Robotaki, LOUDPVCK, Anna Lunoe and GTA.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
GTA performing at Corona Electric Beach Stage.

Each year, EDC debuts a brand new design for its main stage known as kineticFIELD. Having set the tone for grand, beautiful pieces in the past, the debut this massive stage has become a must-see for every attendee. For 2018, not only did Insomniac introduce yet another intricate art piece for its main stage, but it also showcased other stage architectures which helped in creating the feeling a refreshed, yet familiar layout. Aside from kineticFIELD, the redesigned stages included bassPOD, circuitGROUNDS, neonGarden, wasteLAND, quantumVALLEY (which premiered last year under a tent), and stereoBLOOM (what was previously known as the upside down house). cosmicMEADOW was the only stage that kept the same identity as previous years, but that did not stop it from bringing in the crowds.


The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Love is all around at kineticFIELD. photo: Insomniac.

The quintessential stage, the heart EDC, kineticFIELD was transformed this year into the universe kineticLOVE. One the four pillars PLUR (the rave culture principles known as Peace, Love, Unity, Respect), love was the overall theme to this year’s event and kineticFIELD was the heartbeat it all. The 405-foot wide by 98-foot tall structure comprised two towering majestic figures that showed the true meaning kineticLove as they guarded the heart the festival. The adjoining VIP area gave its patrons commanding views the stage ahead and (for the first time) allowed them to take a dip in the all-new kineticPOOL.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Gateway to kineticLOVE. photo: Insomniac.

Throughout the weekend, kineticFIELD was home to the biggest names in EDM including Zedd, Vini Vici, NGHTMRE, Don Diablo, Dash Berlin, Seven Lions, Alan Walker, Diplo, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Slushii, Marshmello among others. Highlights include Tiesto’s Avicii tribute, Kaskade’s jam-packed set, Afrojack (who stated that this was his best set EVER), and the weekend closing set by Chris Lake back-to-back with Fisher.


The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Gateway into circuitGROUNDS. photo: Insomniac.

The “second main stage”, circuitGROUNDS was reprogrammed and given an upgrade this year. While it maintained its signature 360-degree immersive layout, the LED screens changed to a circular future tech design that enveloped you in a land electric vibes.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Laser show during Excision’s set. photo: Insomniac.

circuitGROUNDS brought three-days artists from all genres the electronic spectrum. Artists such as R3HAB, Borgeous, KSHMR, Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Mija, Black Gummy, and Martin Garrix. Standout performances include Excision’s laser-filled bass show, Eric Prydz, Claude vonStroke, Virtual Self (Porter Robinson’s futuristic alias), NGHTMRE & Slander’s Gud Vibrations set, Rezz and Yellow Claw, who somehow managed to get the crowd to boo after bringing out Danielle Bregoli (better known as the “Cash Me Outside” girl from the now-viral Dr. Phil episode).


The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Dreamstate hosted three nights trance heaven at quantumVALLEY. photo: Insomniac.

The ultimate haven for trance lovers, quantumVALLEY unlocked its gates as an open-air stage for the first time. Having debuted last year under a tent, this year’s footprint expanded into the electric sky and brought with it an insane megastructure that created a warehouse vibe with its cube-shaped steel pylons. Situated right outside kineticFIELD, quantumVALLEY had a coveted spot at the speedway, allowing guests who were traveling by to stop and take in the ethereal beats and melodies trance music.

Hosted by Dreamstate, quantumVALLEY showcased the very best in all subgenres trance (progressive, psytrance, uplifting and tech trance) including Roger Shah, ATB, Alpha 9, Avalon, Blastoyz, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk and Cosmic Gate. Saturday saw the takeover popular label Anjunabeats and its artists- Spencer Brown, Oliver Smith, Ilan Bluestone, Jason Ross, Andrew Bayer, Grum, Gabriel & Dresden and a spectacular back-to-back set by Genix and Sunny Lax.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Cosmic Gate brought the crowds to quantumVALLEY. photo: Insomniac.

Other notable performances include Astrix, Cold Blue, Jordan Suckley’s 3FECT, and the highly anticipated classics set by Dash Berlin. The Friday throwback set saw quantumVALLEY overflowing as fans gathered to hear the classic 90s and 2000s sounds trance by Dash Berlin.


The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
The new design for bassPOD. photo: Insomniac.

Having been one the most popular stage designs previous years, bassPOD’s iconic robotic fire-breathing structures disappeared this year in favor a new Tron-like, neo-futuristic structure that kept similar elements the past yet pushed you into the future. Gone are the dark octagonal shapes and in its place are jagged, geodesic ones with chromes and blues.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Zomboy bringing the bass to bassPOD. Photo: Insomniac.

Still a hot spot for bass lovers, bassPOD (which was hosted by Bassrush) conceived the sounds trap, dubstep, and drum & bass for all its legions headbangers to revel in. Acts such as Black Tiger Sex Machine, Zomboy, GTA, Space Jesus, Eptic, Herobust and Spag Heddy played over the weekend. Highlights include Excision’s Detox set (showcasing a wide range sounds), Pendulum, Flux Pavilion b2b Doctor P, Dubloadz b2b Monxx and 12th Planet b2b Kill the Noise.


The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Egyptian wasteLAND. photo: Insomniac.

An impressive Egyptian landscape is the setting for this hardstyle sanctuary. The stage itself was enclosed this year as to not have the noise bleed out into other areas. Graffiti-ravaged box trailers (with drawings some famous cartoon characters) surround the land known for high energy beats and its revelers.

Hosted by Basscon, DJ Isaac, Headhunterz, Darren Styles, TNT, Da Tweekaz, Angerfist and Coone were some the names you could find in the ancient Egyptian ruins. Other notable sets include Digital Punk, Anime b2b Mad Dog, Junkie Kid, Notorious Two and Code Black.


The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Inside the newly designed neonGARDEN. photo: Insomniac.

Gone is the iconic pyramid-like structure that dominated the EDC skyline in years past- in its place, a tribute to the archetypal building. Now enclosed on all sides, the interior the neonGARDEN resembled a pyramid with jagged pylons stretching to the now-open sky. Described as a nightclub setting, the popular stage lost its giant disco ball but kept the underground beats house and techno.

The enclosing the area did create some pain points as it meant very few entrances and exits and eventually required the closing the garden during some the most popular sets due to overcrowding.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Gone is the giant disco ball, in its place hangs a rotating pyramid. photo: Insomniac.

Three days house and techno made this a very popular destination at EDC this year with acts such as Jamie Jones, Hot Since 82, Loco Dice, Paul Woolford, Tiga, The Black Madonna and Charlotte de Witte.

Hosted by factory93, Some my favorite sets the entire weekend took place at the neonGARDEN including Cirez D (Eric Prydz), Adriatique, Gorgon City, Solardo b2b Camelphat, Green Velvet and the impressive Green Velvet b2b Gorgon City b2b Detlef day two sunrise set.


The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
stereoBLOOM is new for 2018 and resembles a nightclub. photo: Insomniac.

A more intimate stage, stereoBLOOM was the highlight my weekend. The club-like atmosphere that the framework created was hosted by Insomniac Records and presented a wide-range emerging talent as well as established artists that kept the crowds dancing all weekend.

Bassrush records took over on Sunday with acts like Caspa, JSTJR, Yookie, Zeke Beats and Rell the Soundbender b2b Rawtek. Prominent sets include Dombresky, Fisher, Jack Beats, Sinden b2b Lo’99, MK, Chris Lorenzo, Will Clarke and Wongo. These artists pulled in wanderers and kept them dancing and grooving along to their beats.


The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
cosmicMEADOW played host to big artists over the weekend. photo: Insomniac.

I like to think cosmicMEADOW as the opening and closing acts EDC Las Vegas. It is the first stage you encounter as you descend from the grandstand and really sets the tone for other stages with its impressive arrangement and size. As you leave each night, the sounds coming from cosmicMEADOW surround you, eventually fading away as you climb up the stairs and head back home. No new stage designs were unveiled for 2018, but that didn’t stop cosmicMEADOW from being one the biggest magnets at EDC.

Hosted by HARD, cosmicMEADOW is known for its wide arrange artists (including live acts and rappers) as well as being a lush green relaxing spot for attendees to unwind. As stated earlier, cosmicMEADOW hosted its first ever daily EDC opening ceremony, granting earlier access to the celebrations for everyone.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Ookay brought out Kenny G for a solo sax performance during his hit song, “Thief”. photo: Insomniac.

Over the course the weekend, the stage welcomed Illenium, Borgore, Snails, San Holo, Boys Noize, Getter, Loudpvck, Zeds Dead, Habstrakt and Mike Will Made-It. Standout performers include Chris Lake b2b Chris Lorenzo (Friday’s opening ceremony), The Binches (Dot Com, Ookay, Yultron and Kayzo), DJ Mustard (who brought out Nick Jonas and YG), Ookay (whose live set included a performance by Kenny G on the saxophone) and Shiba San.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
The Binches (Ookay, Yultron, Dot Com and Kayzo) close out day three at cosmicMEADOW. photo: Insomniac.

cosmicMEADOW was also home to Tchami and Malaa’s No Redemption set , one the standout performances the weekend. The two have been touring this show to sold-out audiences across the country and it became the must-see act at this year’s EDC. I have personally never seen cosmicMEADOW that crowded before; it was such a draw that it managed to pull guests from Eric Prydz’s set at circuitGROUNDS.

For three nights out the year, the desert landscape Las Vegas transforms itself into the ultimate adult playground. A perfectly curated utopia where societal labels are shed, where the unique individual inside you that yearns to come out can shine free. A music lover’s paradise where the melodic beats intertwine with the most breathtaking stages and state–the-art visuals.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Sunrise over the carnival rides at EDC. photo: Insomniac.

A huge congratulations and pat on the back for Pasquale Rotella and his team for being able to pull f EDC Las Vegas 2018 only eight months after they announced the massive overhaul the festival. An overhaul that included not only multiple new stage designs, but a change date to a cooler time the year, a brand new nightly opening ceremony experience, new third-party shuttle companies and the biggest addition them all— Camp EDC, a mini-city comprised tents and RVs that immersed its tenants in the magic EDC 24/7.

The Electric Sky Perfected: EDC Las Vegas 2018 Review
Under the electric sky. photo: Insomniac.

EDC Las Vegas is more than a music festival, it is an experience. Very few places on this Earth allow you to disconnect from society and transport you into another realm reality. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the sensations and the emotions that surround you at EDC are unique and the team at Insomniac outdoes itself every year to bring that magic under the electric sky.


Premiere: soso – Trust feat. MTNS

Filed by Ellamae AlewineEllamae Alewine

soso is a music duo from Los Angeles consisting Ryan Aicklen and Danny Thrasher. This LA duo has worked with 30 Seconds to Mars, Anna Lunoe and a personal favourite, A.CHAL.

Today they bring a stunning collaboration with Aussie band MTNS on their single, Trust. No strangers to working with Australians, their debut single Need To Know with Oliver Tank also features local producer Hansaa with big support by Triple J radio.

Trust boasts down-tempo, indie-electronic production and echoing vocals in the spaces between. A really beautiful and refreshing record that we’re more than happy to fer as a first listen:

Ed Banger approved Boston Bun spreads the love on new track

Filed by Jenette DanieleJenette Daniele

Boston Bun has dropped a feel-good new cut titled Spread Love ft. DVNO.

The first first release from the Ed Banger prodigy for 2018, Spread Love follows 2017’s Missing You, which has amassed a whopping 6-million streams worldwide in it’s time circulating our ears.

This new track is a club gem. DVNO’s catchy vocal teamed with an impressive, dance-ready production from Boston Bun – not to mention the use Paddington Bear, which instantly makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside – creates an upbeat and uplifting weekend romper a tune that has found itself instantly slotted in our weekly playlist.

Check out Spread Love ft. DVNO from Boston Bun below and enjoy the vibe.