MTV UK launches new Club MTV channel

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MTV UK has launched a new music channel called Club MTV on the 23rd May, replacing MTV Dance on Sky 354 and Virgin 314.

As reported on , MTV UK explained the channel will be “the ultimate party destination” and play a mix “electronic dance music, urban music, house songs and crossover hits”.

Club MTV is associated with the events franchise the same name and the former’s launch is being celebrated with a 15-date UK tour.

The channel – and the events franchise for that matter – is not to be confused with the MTV programme the same name that originally aired to an American audience from 1987 to 1992. It attempted to recreate the hedonistic spirit dance culture for a live television audience. Think Fantazia meets Top the Pops with, well, colourful results.

are 10 the mag’s favourite tracks played during the show’s heady days.

Ivy Lab and Huxley Anne in The Lab LDN

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The Lab LDN is Mixmag and weekly live stream, powered by , where we showcase the finest DJs direct from our world famous fice party.

This week we’re changing location for a one-f event at Boxpark Croydon with Ivy Lab and Huxley Anne on Thursday, June 14.

are the London duo championing the halftime movement, responsible for hip hop-inspired devastations like ‘No Answer’ and futuristic abstractions such as ‘Cake’.

Formerly made up Halogenix, Sabre and Stray, it’s now just the latter two and they released their debut album ‘Death Don’t Always Taste So Good’ on 20/20 LDN in May. This was preceded by a .

‘s music falls in line with what Ivy Lab are doing, as can be heard in last year’s ‘Ilium’ album. She’s capable producing erratic, bass-fuelled tracks like ‘Aphro Dye’, but the floating croons ‘Igredo’ proves she can tone it down.

The LA-based producer’s previous work includes soundtracking a show at Los Angeles Fashion Week and curating a theatrical art exhibit at Sundance Film Festival.

Delta-X drum ‘n’ bass workout supports on the night.

It all kicks at 8pm BST and runs until midnight. Sign up for guestlist .

The sets will be available to watch on our and on Friday, June 15.

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Music On Ibiza taps Pig&Dan, Carlo Lio and more for Day Show party

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event has confirmed the likes Pig&Dan, Carlo Lio, Eder Alvarez and Antonio Pica for today’s special daytime showcase.

Following up from last week’s edition which saw Paco Osuna hit up El Patio for an exclusive set alongside the Music On residents, today’s instalment is set to be another day-to-night affair filled with dynamic house and techno sounds.

To find out more about today’s Music On Day Show take a look before the party kicks f at 2pm, and to read our feature on the rise and rise Marco Carola’s Music On take a look .

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The Chainsmokers Give Fans An Intimate Look Into Their Lives In New Music Video

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The Chainsmokers have been one the most commercially successful acts in the history dance music. The guys who broke big with their track #SELFIE cracked the code merging dance music with pop with tracks like ‘Roses’ and ‘Closer’. The duo has been busy touring the world the past 2 years or so and have had their fair share difficulties.

These difficulties range from having their lives continuously probed by the public, as well as fans who are not pleased with the direction they decided to pursue with their music. In a way, it can be tricky to remember that The Chainsmokers are just everyday humans like you and I. Their most recent music video, for the track ‘Somebody’, gives fans an in-depth look at their personal lives.

The Chainsmokers Get Vulnerable In New Music Video

The video for ‘Somebody’ humanizes Alex and Drew, and reminds the world that they are just two guys doing what they love, and managing life the best they can. A tour schedule as demanding as theirs has a serious impact on health both physically and mentally. This video pulls back the curtain a bit and shows that even though they are in a new city (if not country) every day, the guys are just like the rest us. Hanging out with friends, playing stupid games, and navigating a life under public scrutiny.

Check it out below, I know I gained a new appreciation for The Chainsmokers and you just might as well.

Thanks To A Crazy Coincidence, Kaskade Played A Vital Role In Helping Skrillex Decide To Start Producing

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In one the wildest twists fate EDM has ever seen, it seems that Kaskade played a major role in helping Sonny Moore decide to start producing dance music. The story started when Skrillex dropped a short story alongside his remix Pendulum’s ‘The Island Part 1′.

He explained that while stopping in Salt Lake City during a tour with his band From First To Last, he visited a record store where a man working showed him some DnB. He immediately fell in love and decided that he would pursue a career in dance music. A little while later, Skrillex was born.

Kaskade Drops A Bomb

Kaskade saw the status and was floored for one incredible reason. He actually owned that record shop where Skrillex stopped by when he was in school at Univesity Utah. Now, many fans thought Kaskade could have been the one to actually played the records for Sonny, but the timing doesn’t quite match up. Kaskade was in school in the late 80’s/early 90’s. At this time, Skrillex was barely 5-years-old.

Still, even if Kaskade didn’t play those records, or own the shop at the time Skrillex’s visit, this is an insane coincidence. I mean we all knew that we owed Kaskade a lot, but turns out without his love dance music early on – Sonny Moore may have never become Skrillex.

The Internet Is Losing It Over This Video Of Shaq Dropping Riddim

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If two years ago you told me that Shaquille O’Neal would be a successful DJ, I would have told you to literally get your head checked. Then all a sudden Shaq’s DJing took a turn to the serious. Shaq wasn’t just a celebrity trying to cash in on the EDM craze, he actually really loved what he was doing, and started to hone his craft. Shaq even threw his own MMW party this year, and by most accounts, it was the craziest party in Miami that week.

Shaq Is Bringing The Party

Shaq has started to tour under his DJ moniker, DJ Diesel and has gotten some pretty incredible festival bookings. Shaq is literally blowing crowds away all over the world. What’s more is that he is actually dropping some serious heat in his sets.

We aren’t talking about like Top 40 remixes, I mean some serious low key heat. He also is legitimately mixing, not falling on the crutch pre-recorded sets. I am honestly speechless writing this, but am so happy that I am.

Shaq is loving his new career, and now due to a viral video – his DJ skills are going viral. This clip him dropping some svdden death in his set, and the massive crowd going wild is quickly going viral. It is definitely worth checking out. We love you Shaq, keep doing what you are doing.

Photo Via Joseph D’Oria for EDM Sauce

Beware of New Look Alike MDMA Drug

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As many you may know, MDMA is one the biggest drugs used at major music festivals. Due to its huge popularity, it is no surprise that a copy-cat drug has been created to influences users that it is true MDMA.

According to the UK, a new copycat substance has been created and being sold as “MDMA.” This new substance is reported to cause deep psychosis and is likely to keep you awake for a maximum three days. These are not the usual side effects that MDMA is reported to cause. If you come across a drug claimed to be MDMA and gives you these side effects, then you should know that you have been tricked. You should be aware that you have been actually sold N-Ethyl-Pentolyne.

The newly reported drug is claimed to be three times stronger than ordinary MDMA. After it’s first discovery in 2016, it has made its way to the UK and is likely to soon reach the U.S. Beware this new drug, for it has been reported to have caused mass casualties around the world.

If you are a drug user, please take precaution when taking suppose MDMA. You could be taking a drug that is nothing like it. As festival season is here, please take extra precaution.

This DJ Accidentally Transitions To David Guetta's 'Im In Miami B**tch' During Brides Walk Down The Aisle

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I think we all know and love the classic David Guetta track (that I guess was technically LMFAO’s song), “I’m In Miami Beach”. It was an EDM staple the early 2010’s. While the track could be heard everywhere for a few years, there were a few places you would hope to not hear it. I think a funeral, a church service or during a bride’s entrance at her wedding would be some that are immediately poor ideas. Lucky for the internet one DJ absolutely botched his job when he transitioned into the track by accident.

The video opens with the traditional bridal march playing, but quickly the song starts to transition. The bride realizes it, her father realizes it, everyone in the service realizes it, but the DJ doesn’t stop it. Soon the opening chorus begins and beat drops for the track and everyone stops dead in their tracks.

The DJ quickly saves his error by jumping back to the bridal march, but talk about a true mess up. Luckily it has resulted in a hilarious video. This was from 2016 but definitely is worth revisiting as your weekend comes to a close. Check out the video below.

DLMT and Vanrip Partner Up to Release New Single "The Light"

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DJ-producers DLMT and Vanrip are known for creating some heavy lifting tracks. Recently, they have partnered up to release a new chill deep house track titled “The Light.” The new single features the authentic vocals Deverano. The tracks ultimate goal is to show fans the light. This light is to obviously have fans dancing their hearts away with a soothing melody and a vibing bassline. This track is influenced by the heart-warming genres deep and garage house. The producers had a few things to share about their inspiration the new artwork. “When we decided to jump on a collab together, we wanted it to have elements both our sounds but a bit more chill. We usually make harder hitting music so we had to dial it back and focus more on the melody.” If you are looking for a new track that can easily vibe you, then, surely, this is the track for you.

Check out the track below.

Ten Up-And-Coming Experimental Labels to Watch in 2017

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I found More Creativity Records yesterday, after I had most this list planned out, but I was so impressed that I found it vital to include. Founded by , the New York label is just a year old, but it caught my attention instantly. With future bass and experimental trap roots, the promotional label looks to a new generation producers for a refreshing sound that is perfectly in tune with what’s up and coming this year. More Creativity Records is throwing an event in Brooklyn, New York and I can imagine it will be one hell a show. 


Midi보이즈, which is also known as MidiBoyz, is an “independent record label focused on promoting original, creative electronic music for free.” Only formed a couple years ago in August 2015, the inventive label views music as an art form and continues to grow its repertoire by way partnerships, compilations, and exceptional releases. Genres range from experimental and ambient electronic, to trap, R&B, future bass, and more. “Our mission is to serve as a medium by which up-and-coming, exceptional electronic musicians are given the visibility needed to thrive in the overwhelming world music distribution.” 


I’m a sucker for dark beats, and wavemob hits the spot. The label and collective “first started silently as an output for music releases and projects by who felt nothing represented the sound music he was making,” according to the website. And he’s right; there aren’t many labels like it. The internet label features artists that push the limit for a sound that is depicted by expert production and a clear vibe, but each track has its own emotion-rich identity. If I was certain any label’s inclusion on this list, it’s wavemob.


As a relatively new label, Daruma has begun to turn heads thanks to an incredible discography and an amazing individual behind it. The collective turned label was founded by , who is just 18 years old. He’s managed to form an incredible reputation for the label by recruiting famed artists such as , , , and more. Daruma releases outstanding compilations for free download that seem to feature artists just before they hit their big break; it’s the perfect place to find artists that you didn’t know you loved yet.


If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll already know that we have been loving Lowly Palace. The Trap Nation sub-label has been rising in the ranks with expertly-curated releases that come accompanied by incredible artwork. They had us with one their first releases four months ago from up-and-coming trap producer , and kept us around with steady releases from some well-known names, as well as some that we’ve never heard before.


Rare Conspiracy is a small, yet strong-willed, label – the underdog, if you will. Generally mysterious in nature, we do know that the label was founded by Philadelphia-based artist . He has a talent for creating and finding gems in the dark and brooding trap music realm. The roster is ridiculous, featuring , , , ,  and more, I can’t imagine it will be long before the label blows up. I’m positive that Attic Beats has a healthy career ahead him – starting with Rare Conspiracy. 


This label is seemingly becoming an overnight success story. Philadelphia-based Epicure sub-label Jadū Dala is still very much evolving, but the attention it has been able to grab in less than a year existing is inspiring. Having recently been supported by , this label seems to throw away any and all pretentiousness in favor genuinely great music. Releases fall into the experimental trap realm, but with an “anything goes” flair. Take a listen at some their releases above, and surely you’ll be as hooked as we are.


It’s surprising that bitbird is still a relatively up-and-coming label, but that shouldn’t last very long. The -founded label is not only that, but it’s a creative company as well. Functioning as a fully-immersive brand, the bitbird team “promotes fresh electronic music to an open-minded fan base.” As the home to a lot San Holo’s work, the label has more than enough to fer. If you want to get into your deepest feelings, then look no further than bitbird.


Founded by Krs. (who is one our ), , and , Film Noir is a widely diverse electronic music label that has one the most distinct sounds on this list. It’s a blend everything from island electronic to r&b/indie trap, with rap vocals and house elements sprinkled throughout a plethora Soulection-esque releases. With many tracks available for free download, the Film Noir discography is what I look to when I’m sick listening to new releases that sound exactly like the ones that came before it.


“Authentically thinking forward” reads Rauthentic’s SoundCloud bio, and I couldn’t agree any more. The level innovation that Rauthentic puts forth makes the label blow a majority others out the water. The label is also home to , which is an incredible opportunity for new or emerging artists (although, I admittedly wish that I had kept this to myself); they fer Skype lessons with top-notch producers, mixing and mastering opportunities, and studio bookings. The well-rounded label, founded by Ken Schneider, is home to artists such as , , , and many more that I strongly recommend taking a listen through. The music coming out Rauthentic is as jaw-dropping as it comes.

Detroit Swindle in The Lab LA

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The Lab LA is Mixmag and weekly live stream and post-work unwind, powered by Void Acoustics, where we showcase the finest DJs direct from our downtown Los Angeles fice. This Tuesday, join us for an early week dance with Detroit Swindle in the Lab LA!

are in fact Amsterdam duo Lars and Maarten, who paired up in 2011 and have cemented their status as acclaimed selectors, top-tier producers, adventurous performers and heads their own Heist Recordings. Their history as passionate crate diggers certainly shows in their varied, disco-flecked and funk-fueled tunes. Their latest full-length album ‘High Life’ explores that optimistic, grooving soundscape and also sees them (premiered on Mixmag), Seven Davis Jr. and more. Detroit Swindle are currently on tour with their fascinating live set up. Find more info .

For a chance to attend, RSVP .

to and follow Mixmag on to watch Detroit Swindle in The Lab LA on Tuesday at 8PM PST.

On WAV, fans can discover new artists and follow their journeys through exclusive content, interactive live streams and behind-the-scenes clips. Aside from being an artist discovery hub, WAV is a producer quality original series and live-streamed content. Download WAV in the now.

Martin Garrix Reveals Cover Art And Release Date For Collaboration With Khalid

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Martin Garrix has been the talk the town recently mainly due to his upcoming collaboration with dance music’s new favorite vocalist – Khalid. After high prile collabs with Marshmello and Calvin Harris, Khalid has been in incredibly high demand.

For good reason too; his silky st vocals and incredible range has helped him stand out from the pack since day 1. His upcoming record with Martin Garrix is called ‘Ocean’ and is dropping this Friday, June 15.

The pair also released what the cover art will be for the single. It is both artists standing boldly in more leather than most will be comfortable with. I guess they say black never goes out style. Check out the cover art below and stay tuned for Friday.

As soon as the single drops we will be ready for a review so you know if this extremely anticipated album lives up to the hype.