Delta Heavy Releases An Iconic New Drum And Bass Track, 'I Need You'

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Delta Heavy Releases An Iconic New Drum And Bass Track, 'I Need You'

Delta Heavy – I Need You

Iconic bass music masters Delta Heavy, release their newest track signed under the Monstercat label. The duo from London are known for their signature drum and bass sounds as well as their perfectly engineered dubstep remixes. The two took over the at EDCLV last year, along with many other incredible artists signed to Monstercat. Ben Hall and Simon James, aka Delta Heavy have experienced a great deal success with their radio show which airs on Evolution/iHeartRadio on Friday nights and allows them to play what they love, and their latest track ‘I Need You‘ is a perfect example that.

‘I Need You’ is a superb fusion classic Delta Heavy sounds. The track also features two very different yet pleasantly parallel kinds drops, the first drop in the track being drumstep, and the second climactic drop being drum and bass. This track is a balance both worlds and appeals to listeners who love dubstep as well as those who love drum and bass. Listen to the latest by Delta Heavy below.

Delta Heavy – I Need You |

ZEKE BEATS leads bass music down a new path with the ‘DEVASTATE’ EP

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Perth bass connoisseur ZEKE BEATS is one the most innovative electronic acts coming out Australia at the moment, and a force to be reckoned with. To say the very least, he doesn’t go with the flow.

His experimental, heavy, analog sound design has bought him fans en masse, in the likes ZEDS DEAD, EPROM, Mr Carmack and BassNectar. With a background in turntablism, his live sets go far beyond your average DJ. Whilst he’s been truely killing it nationally, America has embraced him with open arms, having hit up festival after festival and collaborated with some the biggest names in the game. Since wrapping up a USA tour with universal treasure REZZ, he’s just dropped the face melting ‘Devastate’ EP, and is about to head on a massive US tour the same name. If you’re not on top this style bass yet, get ready to be converted.

We spoke to Zeke himself about his renowned live set, his creative process, and the differences between the USA and Aussie electronic scenes.

ZEKE BEATS leads bass music down a new path with the ‘DEVASTATE’ EP

SR: Hey Zeke, congrats on the new release! What inspires the soundscapes you create?

ZB: Purely experimentation! I don’t know what I want to make until I happen to stumble across it. Most the time I know what I am after in terms whether I want a staccato type note or sound over the top a sustained note, but the essence the sound is completely made through experimenting on my computer and also hardware synths.

SR: Did your knowledge DJing help you out in transitioning to production, or was it still like learning a whole new language?

ZB: Yes and no. I guess listening to so much electronic music helped me with things like song structure, but making music compared to DJing is so different. I love it!

SR: What does your studio look like in terms equipment? Do you prefer stware or hardware, or a mix to create your sounds?

ZB: I use a mix between hardware and stware. A lot the time for bass sounds its hardware and then I process the recorded audio in Ableton Live.

SR: What’s the best piece advice someone’s given you in relation to your career?

ZB: It’s not really advice from anyone but something I have learnt over the years is to use your time wisely… you cannot force creativity, so in the times where you’re not feeling creative try to learn new techniques instead. The new things you learn could inspire you and you’ll be f and running in no time!

SR: Please tell us you and REZZ cooked up some music in your time on tour together.

ZB: Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend that much time outside the shows. It was all spent travelling and sound-checking a lot the time. I would love to work with her in the future, so I’m crossing my fingers!

SR: Can you walk us through your current live setup?

ZB: It’s semi-live really! I DJ on two turntables which are running Traktor, and then I have a Maschine connected to the laptop which allows me to control any function on Traktor Midi mappings I have created. I use it unconventionally but it works so well for me!

SR: We’ve read that one your first ever studio sessions was with EPROM. Can you tell us how that came about?

ZB: I met EPROM back in 2011/2012 supporting him on his first appearance in Perth, I was always a huge fan so course, I approached him and told him how much I loved his music. We basically clicked and developed a friendship from there. The 2nd time he came back to Australia we hung out more and said if I’m ever in the States to come visit and hang out, it kind fell in place from there!

SR: Are there any trends or movements in electronic music you’ve noticed growing in the US that Australia needs to jump on?

ZB: I think the U.S are moving to the forefront the Electronic music scene. I find the U.S crowds to be a lot more open-minded with experimental music which makes it very fun to play out. They also really rep their sound systems over there!

SR: So many sounds you use feel like they teeter on the edge what the human mind can comprehend: Can you dream up these sounds in your head and then input them – or is it more a completely randomised, in-the-moment process turning knobs and thinking “that sounds crazy, let’s go with that.”

ZB: About 50/50. Through my experiences I’ve learnt how to craft certain unique sounds, but then there are always crazy new ones I stumble across from experimenting, but then I learn how it works so yeah I’d say definitely 50/50.

Make sure you take a peep at the ‘Devastate’ EP below. It’s a face melter.

Nipsey Hussle ft. Kendrick Lamar Dedication

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Nipsey Hussle ft. Kendrick Lamar  Dedication

Nipsey Hussle and Kendrick Lamar make a “Dedication” to the streets on the latest release from the highly anticipated Victory Lap album, coming this Friday. K.Dot’s verse is tight as hell, obviously, but don’t let it overshadow the realness Nip is laying down on this.

Listen below.

BOOTS ft. Run The Jewels & Cristin Milioti Delete Delete

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BOOTS ft. Run The Jewels & Cristin Milioti  Delete Delete

Artist and producer BOOTS taps Killer Mike and El-P, as well as actress Cristin Milioti (who you probably know as the mother from How I Met Your Mother or the new season Black Mirror), for a new joint called “Delete Delete,” which presumably had to be cleared by Matt Hardy‘s legal team. This appears on the new #DARKDAZE EP which is out now.

Wale All Star Break Up

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Wale  All Star Break Up

Welp, it’s that time year again. No, not Valentine’s Day, I’m talking about All-Star Weekend. Check out Wale’s new anti-love song “All Star Breakup” below.

Nyck Caution Fortnite

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Nyck Caution  Fortnite

I’m not really a big gamer, I basically own an XBOX for the sole purpose playing Madden and streaming Netflix and Hulu. That being said, everywhere I turn lately somebody is talking about this new game Fortnite. As you would imagine, I don’t understand any the references Nyck Caution is making on this new track inspired by the game, but your mileage may vary.

Listen below.

Snoop Dogg ft. Kokane Doggytails

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Snoop Dogg ft. Kokane  Doggytails

Uncle Snoop has two new projects on the horizon, a Gospel album called Bible Love which I have no interest in, and an EP called 220. Check out “Doggytails” from the later below, which finds Snoop channeling Slick Rick alongside guest Kokane.

Styles P & Nino Man – Element

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True story, the comedic intro to this video is what you’ll encounter like 50% the time in the music industry in real life. Click play on SP and Nino Man’s new visual for their Kendrick Lamar-inspired “Element.”

A$AP Twelvyy ft. Zack Coziest

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A$AP Twelvyy gets animated but remains cozy in his new video for “Coziest” featuring Coke Boy Zack.

Cozz EFFECTED (Album Stream)

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Cozz  EFFECTED (Album Stream)

Dreamville’s Cozz keeps it pushing with his new sophomore album EFFECTED, which he released early Tuesday morning, just like in the old days. The 14-track effort features appearances from J.Cole, Garren, Kendrick Lamar and Curren$y.

Stream below now.

ZHU - Jet, The Doberman

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At the tail end 2017, ZHU accidentally (on purpose) dropped his track “Jet, The Doberman,” before swiftly removing it from all his accounts shortly after. The initial, short-lived release provided a nice tease for fans, and now we have once again been gifted with the track, which, like the first time, will still only be available for a limited time. In conjunction with yesterday’s release his ‘Year the Dog‘ merchandise line, Zhu has re-released “Jet, the Doberman” on his Soundcloud, but it will only available for streaming while the clothing line is available from February 12th until the 26th.

The track begins with the aggressive bark a Doberman, setting the tone for the dark and moody track that is to follow. ZHU unleashes some trap inspired horns, underlayed with a flute-like melody, as he brings 808s and varying new elements into the mix at just the right times. “Jet, The Doberman” will slot nicely into a ZHU live set; he tours with live horns, and the dark trap vibe will provide a different type energy to go along with ZHU’s typically hard-hitting house based productions. You can take a look at the ‘Year the Dog’ merch collection , and make sure to listen to the track on Soundcloud below before it is removed in a couple weeks.

Barely Alive & Virtual Riot & PhaseOne & Myro - Rampage

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Barely Alive, Virtual Riot, PhaseOne and Myro have come together for a huge collaboration titled “Rampage” to promote their B2B2B2B set at the upcoming Rampage Festival in Antwerp, Belgium. The song is a 4-minute back-and-forth bouncing distinctly between each artist’s style.

The beginning sets the tone, but ultimately the meat the track comes after the first drop. Starting f with Myro’s style, it moves between Barely Alive, Virtual Riot and PhaseOne’s styles. A criticism the track is simply that it does not sound very fresh, reminiscent ‘‘, the Skrillex and Damian Marley collaboration from 2012. That said, each artist is close enough in their own feel that the track still flows. The drops don’t feel out place, the tone is consistent and ultimately, it is impressive that a mix four artists can produce a truly coherent piece.

takes place on March 2nd and 3rd at Antwerp’s Sportpaleis. It is a sold out, two day drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep weekend featuring some the genres most well known producers, from Dirtyphonics to Pendulum and Flux Pavilion.

Check out the track on Soundcloud below: