German Street Band Does Incredible Live Remake Of Flume's 'You & Me' Remix

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Flume’s iconic remix Disclosure’s ‘You & Me’ will go down as a timeless classic. Not only did we name it one the top 20 best remixes all time, but actually named it as one the most important events in the last decade dance music. There have been tons videos performings playing out this remix but we might have found the most impressive one yet.

German Street Band Recreates Flume’s ‘You & Me’ Remix Live

The German street band, MEUTE is made up some seriously talented musicians. Including numerous horn players, percussionists and more, the group is a main stay on the streets Berlin. Recently they had one their renditions go viral on Facebook and for good reason.

In the video below you can see the group perform Flume’s remix to a crowd that is absolutely dazzled. It is truly impressive considering this is a pretty technical remix to make even on a computer, yet these guys have pulled it f on instruments. You will undoubtedly have goosebumps by the end! Check it out below.

Featured Photo Credit: Speedfest

Top DJ Duo Detained In Romania On Suspicious Pills Which Turned Out To Be Vitamins

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Yesterday Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano were catching a flight out Romania heading back to The Netherlands for The Flying Dutch festival. It was reported that the duo had been detained on drug charges. But unfortunately, these reports were ill-informed due to speculation around their detainment. Today, the duo has taken to social media to help explain exactly what happened at Iasi Airport yesterday that set f rumors their arrest.

Ryan Marciano and Sunnery James Explain Detainment

While leaving the airport, security ficers found suspicious pills on the artists which they felt could be narcotics. Therefore SJ&RM were detained. Upon interviewing the duo they learned that the pills were simply vitamins. That being said the ficials wanted to make sure that the artists were telling the truth.

They decided to test the pills in questions, and everything came back negative. At that point, the artists were released and headed back home. You can read their full statement below.

Armada Celebrates 15 Years Of Dominance With 100 Track Compilation Album

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Oh, how fast the years have gone by. It seems like only yesterday when Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron, and David Lewis started realizing their joint dream together, braiding their respective knowledge and visions the music scene into an endeavor that would still be going strong a decade and a half later. On this very day, Armada Music can look back on 15 years quality dance music across the board, and they’ve decided to celebrate it in style with the release a brand-new, 4CD compilation album: ‘Armada 15 Years’.

Through ‘Armada 15 Years’, music lovers from all over the world get to revel in 100 the Amsterdam-based record label’s most iconic and popular releases. Digging into the cultural heritage electronic music tracks such as Chicane’s ‘Offshore’, Dash Berlin’s ‘Here Tonight’ and Vincent de Moor’s ‘Fly Away’ while also featuring the tracks that have dominated charts and festivals across the globe in the past few years (e.g. Armin van Buuren’s ‘This Is What It Feels Like’, Lost Frequencies’ ‘Are You With Me’, Major Lazer & Showtek’s ‘Believer’, Thomas Gold’s ‘Magic’, W&W’s ‘Bigfoot’ and the recent hit from Loud Luxury, ‘Body’), the album spotlights the evolution the label and its sound. Simultaneously, ‘Armada 15 Years’ shows f the label’s trailblazing traits as well as those its roster, all which boils down to a piece dance music history that has already proven both timeless and contemporary.

Armin van Buuren, co-founder Armada Music: “It’s been quite some time since we were on Ibiza and the idea starting our own label popped up. I am so proud to see how far we’ve come. I am overjoyed with the massive success the label and I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years will bring us.”

Maykel Piron, CEO and co-founder Armada Music: “The past fifteen years have shown us what can be accomplished by putting the right people in the right place. We are super proud everyone working their hardest to ensure the label’s success and longevity, and we are very grateful to our artists for taking their chance with us and giving their heart and soul in this amazing partnership we’ve got going here. Without them, Armada Music would not be where it is today.”

David Lewis, co-founder Armada Music: “Good music keeps the mind alive, and I feel that’s exactly what Armada Music has been delivering over the past 15 years. The label managed to become the biggest independent dance music label in the world with a powerful and diverse roster artists and I feel it in my guts that there is still a lot more to accomplish in the years to come. This is what we all envisioned and hoped for from the start, and I am very proud being a part it all.”

Armada Celebrates 15 Years Of Dominance With 100 Track Compilation Album
Left to Right: Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron, David Lewis

Long Live Armada Music.

Dyro debuts on STMPD RCRDS with 'Bring It Down'

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Dyro has been one the most exciting producers over the years, moving between dubstep and fierce electro house which channels just as much that bass heaviness. Now he makes his long-awaited debut for Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS in the form ‘Bring It Down’.

An absolute rocket a track, it’s characterized by his usual larger-than-life synth sounds and the contrast between euphoric melody and hard-edged bass drops. With skipping, shuffling beats driving the track along, pitched-up vocal and bright chords and warped metallic low-end grunts, it’s a rollercoaster a track. His superb production technique shines through.


This Is All Of This Week's Newest EDM Releases [PLAYLIST]

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With the weekend under way, it’s time to announce all this week’s newest music releases with today’s New Music Friday.

Today (June 1st) Luv Drunk dropped “I Can’t Lose,” Gorillaz released a couple new songs, LightCount and Alex Gaard & Valpenta released two new songs f EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records, Oliver Heldens did a remix Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s “One Kiss,” Autograf released “Gravity,” Jauz teamed up with Lazer Lazer Lazer and DVBBS teamed up with Blackbear on “IDWK.”

Stream all this week’s new music on Spotify below.

New Music Friday on Spotify

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New Music Friday on Apple Music

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Man Threatens Mass Shooting In Unofficial EDC Las Vegas Facebook Group

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Mass shootings have become an unfortunate reality living in America in recent years. What is even more troubling is that music festivals and concerts have been the targets these attacks. Last October a man launched a terror attack from the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas towards The Route 91 Music Festival. In the aftermath, it was found to be the deadliest attack in America since the events that occurred on 9/11.

Many festivals have worked tirelessly to stop similar incidents. Ultra Miami which had a similar location to Route 91 stationed police counter-snipers on buildings, utilized helicopters equipped with spotlights and took every threat, no matter how unlikely as credible. A man who made a joking Facebook post with a high powered rifle was in custody a little under an hour. Police are taking no chances.

Man Threatens EDC Las Vegas

Today a man took to the EDC Las Vegas Unficial Facebook Group and threatened to attack next year’s event. Commenting that he will “beat the high score” or the Route 91 attack. Fans were quick to report the post, and many found the man’s true identity linked through his burner account.

Many ors on the /r/electricdaisycarvinal has reported that the police have been contacted and the posters address has been found. It is sick to think that these threats can be joked about by some. But we are happy to see the dance music community acting fast, and taking the proper steps to make sure these tragic events never come to fruition.

R3HAB And Quinn Lewis Team Up For The Delightfully Light - 'How You've Been'

Filed by Yun PinkertonYun Pinkerton

R3HAB is nothing short an enigma to me at this point. The artist who got his start championed by the likes Afrojack and David Guetta for his rip-roaring Dutch house productions has grown into a really well-rounded artist. It also seems the R3HAB has released a song a week for the last year and a half – something that is near superhuman when it comes to producing. In his latest work, a collaboration with Quinn Lewis called ‘How You’ve Been’ R3HAB has taken a more subtle production approach, and it is pretty refreshing if I am being honest.

R3HAB And Quinn Lewis – ‘How You’ve Been’

While R3HAB has experimented with the future bass sound a good amount in his recent work, he has taken a lighter approach on ‘How You’ve Been’. He allows the wonderful vocals from Quinn Lewis to be the centerpiece the song and crafted an upbeat, funky little beat around them.

I will be honest – I usually am a bit nervous with artists start to produce all over the board. In my opinion, it is better to be a master one genre, rather than a novice among many. R3HAB has proven my thought process wrong time and time again with his works, and I am thoroughly satisfied each time he does. Check out the single below.

Parker Releases Upbeat Summer Anthem Off Lowly Palace - 'Lemonade'

Filed by Elsa MajewskiElsa Majewski

Parker is having a massive year in 2018 so far. He just enjoyed his EDC Las Vegas debut, to a crowd that was blown away by his innovative tunes. Now he has followed up that appearance with a catchy little summer gem f Lowly Palace called ‘Lemonade’.

Parker – ‘Lemonade’

This track is as refreshing as a cold glass its citrus beverage name sake on a blazing hot day. Lowly Palace has an incredible talent when it comes to A&R. The imprint has continuously found some the most talented and original producers dance music has to fer. Parker has really demonstrated what sets him apart in ‘Lemonade’.

The track is upbeat in nature, and features some glitched out, choppy vocals samples over top a wonderfully catchy piano riff. The major chord progression mixed with the enigmatic vocals make this a track that will put a smile on your face. Check out the single below.

Allen French Releases Inspired, Innovative Remix Of Robotaki's - 'Butterscotch'

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Rarely do I listen to a remix that shocks me so thoroughly that I have to go back to the original just to get my bearings. But that is exactly what Allen French has done with his rework Robotaki’s single ‘Butterscotch’. While the original tune had a real depth to it through sound production and strong lyricism, Allen French has incorporated classic guitar elements that will melt your soul. This is the reason why I chose to write about dance music, it just does not get better than innovation like that heard in this song.

Robotaki – ‘Butterscotch’ (Allen French Remix)

While many artists have incorporated live instrumentation into their productions over the past many years, not many can flawlessly merge the worlds past and present. That is exactly what Allen French captures in his remix. He has taken a more or less hip-hop and blues oriented track and flipped it into a Spanish ballad. I literally cannot believe that I am listening to the same vocals when hearing the remix.

This is true musical talent right here folks. While I am not ashamed to admit I have not heard Allen French before this remix, you best believe I am following him on all socials and streaming services now. Check out the remix below.

Wavedash & Quest Releases Brutal New EP, 'Devil Music' Off MAD ZOO

Filed by Joe NoletteJoe Nolette

Every generation champions a new genre music. Rock hit the scene in the 50’s, then protest songs the 60’s, soon disco took over in the 70’s, electronica and pop in the 80’s, hip-hop and rap in the 90’s and course dance music in the 2000’s. What do all these seemingly unlike genres have to do with each other? They were demonized by older generations the time as being ‘Devil Music’ or promoting radical ideas that go against the grain polite society. Wavedash and Quest have doubled down on this sentiment with their latest EP f Mat Zo’s MAD ZOO imprint.

Wavedash & Quest – ‘Devil Music

This trio artists have dropped a three track EP which pushes the limit even bass music. Mat Zo wanted to highlight artists who are producing without expectation and taking chances to help push the accepted boundaries electronic music to new limits. Wavedash & Quest have succeeded in doing so, and in a big way.

‘Devil Music’ starts f with a haunting Baroque orchestral intro entitled ‘Adagio’. As the intro progresses from string arrangements to heavy distortion, it sets the mood for what is to come. The middle track the EP is the single, ‘Devil Music’ which features fknsyd, a Florida based lyricist. ‘Devil Music’ is an absolute clusterf**K sound in the best way possible. This track best highlights the sound production ability Wavedash and Quest. It is high energy, relentless, but features some truly captivating moments.

When the heavy bass cuts out and fknsyd gives a ghostly interlude on top a driving, filtered beat, you will get goosebumps. The track changes tempo throughout leaving the listener not knowing what to expect at each and every drop. The final tune on the effort in ‘Star Power’. The track starts out as you might expect – a heavy onslaught bass. But the second half this tune is where things get really interesting.

‘Star Power’ ends with a pensive, if not devilishly upbeat outro. It is like watching a blue sky emerge after a harsh summer thunderstorm. The last minute slowly brings listeners back to the surface after dragging them to the depths hell. Mat Zo wanted to highlight forward-thinking artists on his imprint, and Wavedash & Quest fit description and more. Check out the new EP below.

Riff Raff Cancels Australian Tour Among Rape Allegations

Filed by Antonio AlbertyAntonio Alberty

Riff Raff has been slammed on social media over the last few days after damning rape allegations were made against him by a Melbourne, Australia woman who detailed her traumatic incident in a Facebook post. As a trigger warning for those affected by these topics, the post will be featured at the end this article and at points, graphically details a rape. The account has been shared over 1000 times on Facebook and rightfully caught the attention the Australian promotions company, Audiopaxx.

Riff Raff Forced Off Australian Tour After Rape Allegations

In less than one day since the status was made, Audiopaxx released an ficial statement saying that they would be canceling the events planned with the Houston rapper. Following the initial account, several women have shared similar accounts alleged rape and sexual miscounduct against Riff Raff. This story is still developing and we will continue to update you as new information is available.

In 2018 so far the dark truth the behaviors many artists has rightfully been brought to the public’s attention. If you or a someone you know has survived sexual assault or rape and are not sure the next steps to take, please contact the police to file a report as well as consult the resources below.

Rape and Sexual Assault Resources

RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) Center Locator For United States

UK Rape Crisis Center and Hotline

Rape Crisis Center (United States)

Statements From Those Involved

Below you will find the ficial statement from AudioPaxx canceling the Riff Raff Australia events. Below that you will find the original account. At this time Riff Raff has not responded to the claims made against him.

Crystal Skies Dominates A Remix For Seven Lions Calling You Home

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Crystal Skies has been f people’s radar for far too long. For years, Aaron Dawson and Britian Holcomb have quietly been pumping out some the best music I have ever heard. It would not surprise me to find out that Crystal Skies runs an OBGYN fice in their spare time because all they do is deliver. Not only have they crushed remixes for artists such as Crywolf, Illenium, and Laura Brehm, but they have one the most impressive catalogs originals; they have also collaborated with one my favorite artists Koven on You Me And Gravity, which can be heard HERE. It is the remixing abilities Crystal Skies that is what is on display here.

Seven Lions had a remix package set for his track Calling You Home. That must have been before the Crystal Skies remix had made it to his inbox because this take on the Seven Lions track is so good it was granted a standalone release. After listening to it, I too believe it worthy. The intro the Crystal Skies maintains the etheric feel the original by keeping the focus on the amazing vocals performed by Runn. It is the drops that are the star this remix. Crystal Skies has some the best growls in dubstep. I am talking Koan Sound/Au5/Kill The Noise type sound. The first drop hits whisking sound around a wailing guitar. The angry dubstep drop is in direct contrast to the beauty the song yet it fits perfectly. At the second drop, Crystal Skies show they can dominate the melodic side dubstep as well. This drop hits with a synthesized explosion sound draped over hard hitting drums. It is crystal clear to me why this track was given the green light. This remix is only the start what is to come, this year, from these two exciting producers.

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