Fricken’ heck, Kylie Minogue is playing Berghain next month!

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There must be some fine print somewhere that we have missed. Nope, you read correctly. The Queen herself Kylie Minogue is playing the Berghain.

Having recently announced her tour schedule for next month, the Australian singer and national sweetheart lists the Berghain as the last leg the tour on March 20.

Doing the promo rounds for her new album ‘Golden’, the small scale tour will make its way through iconic venues in Europe, inevitably stopping at the Berghain. Although we’re not sure the Berghain is the exact idea Minogue had when she thought intimate and fun, definitely iconic though.

‘Dancing’, the first single from ‘Golden’, was released last month. ‘Golden’ will be her 14th studio album and was recorded in Nashville, Texas (does that mean country/club will take over the Berghain?). The album is set to be released on April 6 with a make up 16 tracks, all in fact, co-written by Minogue.

When asked about the album, Kylie said: “I promised my fans that I would be putting my heart and soul into this record and I stayed true to my word. I was able to do that, which was challenging, and fun, and rewarding.

“It’s ended up with with a different direction for sure, but essentially I’d still say it’s very much a Kylie record.”

With the gig being booked it truly begs the question, is the era the Berghain as the institution we have come to know through the internet well and truly on it’s way out? Or is this just another facet to add to the never ending run memes that seem to be finding their way into the namesake the club as late.

Dallerium - Because Of You (Radio Edit)

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Dallerium – Because Of You (Radio Edit)

You have to love future house. The warm vibes it generates is especially appropriate as Miami Music Week approaches and the image pool parties is not a distant reality. Uprise Music knows a thing or two about the sound, having signed 2 smash hits from future house king Don Diablo. Their next release is from Croatian export Dallerium, who had fan favorites on the label with “You’re Still Blind” and the Take It Slow EP which racked up around 1 million streams on Spotify.

“Because You” shines with the best what future house fers. It opens up with dreary bass tones, a clever piano riff and a beautifully pitched female vocal. The track is ignited by a pounding drop filled with bubbly synths that bounce in all directions out from your speakers. The end result is a dope Pop/Dance track that is radio for club speakers and radio stations worldwide. Enjoy!

Dallerium – Because Of You (Radio Edit)

Ben Klock locks in Surgeon, DVS1 and Rødhåd for 11-hour techno rave

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Ben Klock is set to host an 11-hour, two-room rave at Printworks on Sunday 1st April. He’ll be joined in the main room by the likes of Surgeon, DVS1 and Rødhåd.

Klock’s next Photon party also welcomes DJ Nobu and Etapp Kyle as well as the ambient stylings of The Black Dog, Prurient, Sigha and Alekzandra.

According to Klock, the aim of the party is to “present a multi-sensory experience placing attention on the marriage between sound, light and architecture and how these elements combined influence our experience.”

This Photon party is being co-hosted by The Hydra, the production team which is overseeing a number of upcoming events at Printworks.

Printworks’ 2018 season starts on 3rd March. The London club earned the Best of British Club Series in 2017.   

Alice Ivy talks the benefits of collaborating, Sia and her debut album

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Interview by Toyah Hoetzel / provided

It’s been an interesting 12-months for electronic music in Australia. It’s no secret that the genre is at the forefront mainstream and underground music right now, and while both sides the spectrum have their champions, there is a grey area that is blossoming with incredible acts that are turning heads with their blend forward thinking, genre-bending releases. Alice Ivy is one those acts.

We first stumbled upon her music early last year, in the way her remix Taj Ralph’s ‘‘. It was clear upon first listen that Alice had the sauce, and from here, a string singles such as ‘‘ and ‘ft. Bertie Blackman slashed any doubt that she was a new force in electronic spectrum.

Fast forward to today, the Melbourne based artist has released her debut album, ‘I’m Dreaming’. The 11-track project is reflective the title. Each track is a dreamy, seemingly effortless culmination instrumental perfection matched with immaculate sampling, as well as collaborations with fellow Australian artists such as Georgia van Etten, E^ST, Charlie Threads and more.

Stoney Roads’ Toyah Hoetzel caught up with Alice last week to speak about her album, and delve a little deeper into her musical process, the power collaboration, touring and more.

STONEY ROADS: Alice Ivy thanks so much for talking to us today. You’ve got an entirely self-produced album and it’s called I’m Dreaming coming out that everyone here at Stoney Roads is talking about and I think it’s pretty special. Can you tell us a bit about it and when it’s due out?

ALICE IVY: Yeah the album is coming out on Feb 9. I’m really excited because it’s the first big body work that I’ve released. Up until now, I’ve only been releasing singles. I’m a really big fan sitting down and listening to whole records and I think it’s sort a dying thing with streaming and everything being online so I’m just really excited to get a whole body work out there. I guess it’s written in a way to be listened to from start to finish, I’m a really big fan that kind thing. I feel it’s really hard to tell a story in three minutes when you can listen to a record and get an understanding what the artist is trying to do and what it’s about. You’ll probably already notice that there are already released singles from the album, Charlie was one I’d already released and I took it back into the studio for the album and I revisited it. I feel like there is no shame and no rules broken in doing that, it shows how much as a producer how you’ve progressed over the years. I’ve been producing for three years so I’m still fresh to this kind stuff, and to three years later have a large body work out and be playing festival shows and touring it’s a pretty sick feeling.

S: I think that is no small feat. Are you pretty proud yourself because I think I would be if I were in your shoes.

A: It’s funny that you say that, especially over the past week, with the release Chasing Stars and even crossing over new years, you know how a lot people look back at your year and think did I do everything properly, did I do okay? Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been looking back at the last few years and I worked my absolute arse f to be where I am now. I’ve realised I should be really proud where I am and I don’t really get those moments a lot. I’m not the kind person that lets things ease f a little bit, I’m always working and working and working, I don’t stop. So to sort take a step back and look at what I’ve achieved is a pretty rare thing for me to do.

S: That covers some the questions I was going to ask. One them was that you seem to be dropping tracks or remixes all the time, and how is it that you stay focused because it does seem that you are non stop.

A: I guess yeah I don’t…I don’t know (laughs) I don’t know how I do keep focussed. I’m also not at the point where I’m living f my music, I’m almost there but I still work a hospo job three days a week. I used to say that that used to keep me sane, I don’t have my phone on me I’m not checking emails, I’m listening to music in the cafe and I’m like shit, y’know, this is a sick way finding different samples and listening to music for joy. But I am getting to the point where it is too much now and getting really hard to do that and I just finished Falls and I finished Foster The People and then I spent a week in Sydney talking about the album and playing shows and then going to work at 7 am the next day. It’s a really hard thing to do but I just have a really strong determination and I just want to keep getting better and being a better producer and I love playing shows and meeting awesome people, and I just want to keep making music, I guess that’s what kept my head above water.

Alice Ivy talks the benefits  collaborating, Sia and her debut album

S: You’ve worked on a lot collaborations. Are you strictly composing and producing or do you have input with the lyrics, How do you go about your collabs?

A: If you look at the record, most the collabs on there I generally go into the studio with the artist and we write it together. I might have an idea or some beats and we will sit down and work on the melodies. The Bertie Blackman collab was an interesting situation, it was started long distance. I sent her a beat and she sent me something back and we decided that working over email correspondence is really hard sometimes. We are two different artists coming from two different backgrounds, it’s always so much better setting aside a day in the studio together so I flew up to Sydney and we got in a studio and we spent not even a day, maybe like two hours. We got it down in two hours, polishing lyrics and changing a few things, we just didn’t need any more time than that. I like to keep it as collaborative as possible, together in the studio. I feel like that’s the best thing for me, it’s the best way to learn.

S: Do you think that working with another person really helps you develop a vibe and some excitement creatively?

A: Oh! One hundred percent. It’s the best feeling when you kind don’t have any expectations and you go into the studio with artists you’ve never met before. You have that first half an hour where you’re like “So hey, what do you like what are you listening to right now, what do you want to make” and then after you break the ice a little bit its the best feeling when you achieve something by the end the day and you walk away with a song or two. It’s a great feeling when you get to walk away with something amazing in a day or a matter hours. I think it’s the best way to get better at your own craft. You’re in a studio with completely different artists and they write in a completely different way and everyone’s bringing their best skills to the table and I learn along the way and that’s really the most exciting thing collaborating is walking out a studio with something you love and feeling hungry for more.

S: I’m so curious because so many producers work so differently. Do you work on several tracks at once or are you a ‘one at a time’ kind person.

A: I work on so many beats at once, my computer is a mess, my desktop is just horrendous right now, so many projects are open, and I’m doing a fair bit production work right now so my desktop is a zoo. I’m also doing a bit teaching for an all-girls production workshop at the arts centre teaching Ableton and getting a bit more work like that so I’ve got my fingers in many different areas making music and its really cool, but yeah I’m not the kind producer that works on one track I generally have a lot going on and lots beats happening at the same time.

S: I’ve listened to the Album a couple times over the last few days and correct me if I’m wrong but sometimes when I listen to your music I can hear things that make me think that there’s a marrying elements heard in pop, like a Michael Jackson vibe and then there’s this kind Avalanches feel to it, especially the track Bella; there’s this side chain on the vocals that really has a Michale Jackson resonance to it.

A: Aww! That’s amazing, I haven’t heard the Michael Jackson influence yet, that’s amazing though. When I was writing this I was listening to a lot producers like Kaytranada and J Dilla and so when I was kind writing that one especially, it’s interesting that you say that because I started with the drums, that really slow beat with he skippy sort high hats and then I really wanted to write this song about a friend mine who is like the happiest stoner in the world who gets up and smokes a joint and just slowly cruises on through the day with no dramas. It’s interesting that you say Michael Jackson because like I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan but I sort wasn’t really into him at the time writing this.

S: I really love that track, Bella’s probably one my favourites apart from Chasing Stars which is on repeat at the moment.

A: Oh sick! Well yeah, Bella’s the last track on the first side the vinyl, it’s the fade out before you flip it over and I kind wrote it to break up the album. It’s so good that you appreciate that track that makes me so happy. Even like bands like Pheonix they have that instrumental track in the middle to break it up and I really wanted to do that, I’m a really big fan that.

S: You do that in your live sets as well don’t you?

A: Yeah totally. I’m a really big fan interludes. I guess when I’m playing live I don’t ever stop playing, my sections continuously flow from start to finish so an interlude just gives everyone a chance to breathe.

S: There’s definitely a lot ‘journey’ written into your individual tracks and we’ve talked about it in reference to your album on a larger scale. Is there a particular type journey you’re trying to take the listener on with your album?

A: I want it to be more subjective to the person that’s listening, I wanted it to sort carry someone. What I did when I was writing this was I had a bunch songs that I wanted to put together, and I chose the ones I wanted on this album and then I pieced it together and wrote songs in between to help it flow. I kind want people to sit down and listen to it and get spat out the other side and just be like ‘yeah cool’ I’m not kind wanting to direct people on the journey, more for them to experience their own journey.

S: You’re about to go on your own journey where you’re about to go pretty much everywhere on tour. Can you give us a bit a rundown your next few shows and tell us a bit about your support acts?

A: I’m doing the old east coast run and Perth and Adelaide, the first date is on the 16th February at the Hudson Ballroom, Sydney and I’m bringing a soul-rapper Nasti Mars with me and he’s fucking amazing, I saw him a while ago at Howler and he played with a live band the Good Morning Guys and that absolutely blew me away, so I’m really stoked to have him. Oh Boy is opening in Sydney who I met when he was touring with Mallrat and with me at Howler I’ll have Francois and Sophiegrophy. Francois is amazing, I met him on an APRA song hub workshop for a week, really nice guy and his music is amazing and Sophigrophy is just unreal and a really great artist. Howlers’s unreal and I decided to put four bands on the bill and a few special guests from the album coming on stage so I’m super excited so Howler is going to be like a little festival. Then hitting up Adelaide and Perth and then doing Panama music festival and then I’m going to be at SXSW for a week and then come back and play Hills Are Alive Festival and then we’re doing Bendigo after that. So the next couple months is looking pretty hectic.

Alice Ivy talks the benefits  collaborating, Sia and her debut album

S: Is this your biggest tour?

A: Yeah as a headline act yeah definitely my biggest tour. What I really want to try to do is visit more rural towns. I was really lucky to go on tour with Urthboy last year and Urthboy took me to Darwin and Alice Springs and Central Coast and all these places I hadn’t visited before. I think all Australian artists should venture to those places.

S: So I think one thing about your music and your beginning specifically, it reminds a lot another very skilled writer and producer Sia. She started with albums that were sort this electronic hip-hop vibe and you know this was well over fifteen or sixteen years ago and Lorde’s sort done the same thing. Do you feel some form affinity with what they’ve done?

A: I’m a huge Sia fan, I saw Sia a couple weeks ago and that show blew me away. My ultimate goal would be to be in a situation with what Sia does. She has so much power over her own career and has the ability to decide what she wants. If she wants to go on tour or not but she’s continuously writing and surrounding herself with music and also being able to hide from it and have the power to do that. I feel when you look at artists like Sia in particular, I guess who knows what goes on behind the scenes but it seems to me that her team has so much control and I’d love to be in a position like. It’s pretty interesting, that journey you know could be on the cards, I’m looking to overseas in the next couple years and just see where it goes.

S: You know I tend to call artists like that from our side the world that really dominate globally the ‘Oceania Royalty’ and I really hope to see you become part that.

A: Oh haha thank you! Yeah as a small goal I’d love to be able to push myself to the extent where I can live f my music and be able to write and have control over my career, that’s the ultimate goal, but I feel like I’m already doing that. Every person on my record is a total legend, I chose them because I think they’re amazing artists and they’re amazing people. I perform with equally amazing artists and people and my team is incredible and I sort have been able to do that and the ultimate goal is to keep that up.

S: Well congratulations on all your hard work and I look forward to seeing what happens with the album over the next six months and where you’re at later on after the tour.

A: Yeah let’s catch up after the tour!

Listen to Alice Ivy’s debut album ‘I’m Dreaming’ in full below, and be sure to catch her on tour across Australia.

Tour Dates:

FRI 16 FEB Hudson Ballroom, Sydney w/ special guests Nasty Mars & Oh Boy

FRI 23 FEB Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane w/ special guests Nasty Mars & Keelan Mak

SAT 24 FEB Howler, Melbourne w/ special guests Nasty Mars & The Martians, François, Sophiegrophy and more TBA

FRI 2 MAR Rocket Bar, Adelaide w/ Strictface & Skivvybeats

SAT 3 MAR Mr Lonely, Perth w/ special guests TBA

THU 29 MAR Star Bar, Bendigo w/ special guests TBA

Calvin Harris Punked Us All With Latest Single, "Nuh Ready Nuh Ready"

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Calvin Harris just totally punked the entire dance music community. After weeks teasing an that was Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1, we thought Calvin Harris was finally done with . Most in the dance music community were less than enthused by his most recent album and hopeful we would get some quality Calvin once again.

Boy were we wrong. After teasing his new single “Nuh Ready Nuh Ready“, he finally dropped it today and it’s literally no different than Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1. This is still pop music, it just has more an R&B flair to it. Technically there is a beat in the background, but it’s no different than you’d find in any hip-hop or R&B track. There’s really nothing more to be said.

At this point it appears that the only “experiment” Calvin Harris is finished with is dance music. RIP Calvin Harris, we’ll remember the good times.

Kappa FuturFestival locks Joseph Capriati, Derrick May, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola, Luciano, more

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Kappa FuturFestival has dropped its phase one line-up for 2018. Joseph Capriati, Derrick May and Adam Beyer are among those locked to perform the Italian festival’s seventh edition.

Marco Carola, Solomun, Ilario Alicante and Luciano were also included in the initial 2018 artist announcement. According to a press release, 30 more artists are yet to be announced.   

The premiere electronic music festival is expected to draw 50,000 techno lovers. In 2018, the organisers are adding an extra stage alongside the iconic hangers, thus expanding the whole festival area from 45k sqm to 65k sqm.  

The festival has also partnered with 28 European organizations for a research project into the Internet of Things technologies. This project spans ticketing and on-site cashless system.

Kappa Futur runs 7th through 8th July in Torino, Italy. A weekend pass is only €60. €40 for single day passes.

The official 2017 Kappa Futur aftermovie can be viewed below:

Listen to a preview of Flying Lotus and Denzel Curry’s new track!

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From releasing two critically acclaimed albums to catching the eye rap giants Odd Future, Denzel Curry has proved to be one the most talented figures in the current hip hop landscape. After a string energetic performances following his last full length album ‘Imperial’, the Florida rapper shows no signs slowing down, posting a video to his Instagram yesterday teasing only a 14 second clip a brand new track with the caption ‘Thank You Flylo’, directed at the eccentric hip hop producer Flying Lotus. 

Whilst nothing is set in stone just yet, it seems as though Flying Lotus is either hard at work on his sixth full length LP, or this is a snippet Denzel Curry’s upcoming album ‘Ta13oo’ scheduled to be released this year. From listening to the snippet, we can see that Flylo and Curry are the ideal team with a snippet a grim, organic old-school beat blessed by Curry’s signature high octane lyrical flow.

Details about upcoming music from the two are yet to be announced, but for now you can listen to the snippet below.

Shift K3Y Returns with His Vocals in New Track 'Only You'

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Shift K3Y Returns with His Vocals in New Track 'Only You'











Seeing a DJ singing the vocals to the song he produced might be one the coolest things ever. Well, if you ever see Lewis Jankel aka Shift K3Y you might get the chance to witness it. London based Shift K3Y is a songwriter, vocalist, DJ and producer that has released tracks on Dim MakFool’s Gold, and Night Bass. If you don’t recognize his name you might recognize some the artists he has collaborated with. He “boasts songwriting and production credits for platinum selling projects with Tinie TempahJess Glynne, and Zara Larson“. But his first release in 2018, ‘Only You‘, is a return to form with Jankel 100% in control all production aspects. In a statement he explained that following was his intent with the new track.

‘Only You’ is a bouncy, vocal laden, feel good house track. Piano melodies frame the introduction Jankel’s vocals before dropping into a chunky bass line. The return the piano and some chopped up vocals push the positive vibes towards euphoria. The actual words the song draw out an image two people in love, dancing happily to the beat the track, locked in each others eyes as the song takes over control.

‘Only You’ is out now on Ultra Music in the United States as well as Columbia UK. Check out the lyric video below and give Shift K3Y’s newest track a listen. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Modern Machines Remixes Krewella & Yellowclaw's 'New World'

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Modern Machines Remixes Krewella & Yellowclaw's 'New World'

Krewella – New World (Modern Machines Remix)

has released a remix to Krewella and Yellow Claw‘s . If you don’t have a solid background on Modern Machines, you should. He’s a resident DJ at some the biggest clubs in New York, including Marquee, Tao, and Lavo. Modern Machines has earned praise from Tiësto and The Chainsmokers, and the producer has also had releases on Republic Records, Atlantic Records, and Armada Music.

‘New World’ already was a hit, and the hits seem to be the tracks that are always remixed. It takes a unique talent to make something that was already good even better, but Modern Machines accomplished that with their remix to the track. Between Krewella’s vocals, Yellowclaw’s production, and Modern Machine adding his trap influence, the remix certainly stands out. Make sure you listen below!

Krewella & Yellowclaw – New World (Modern Machines Remix) |

Joyryde Teases His Upcoming Collaboration With Skrillex

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English DJ and Producer John Ford, better known as JOYRYDE, has enjoyed a steady rise up the dance music totem pole since first signing onto Skrillex’s label OWSLA in 2016 with his track . Since then, he has been annihilating festival stages across the globe with his high energy brand bass house, not to mention his consistent level quality releases on a highly successful dance music label in OWSLA. With all his success as JOYRYDE over the last two years, it only makes sense that he would link up with his label boss for his first release 2018. Joyryde recently uploaded a brief clip showing him in the studio with Skrillex, backed by the highly recognizable drop the upcoming release.

There has been plenty excitement building around the status this track for almost six months, since Skrillex opened his set with it at Burning Man. Joyryde was also filmed giving the track a spin in his sets late last year. You can see the short clip the two in the studio below. The video is captioned “soon,” so hopefully we’ll be getting the full release shortly. Until then, you can see the videos Skrillex playing the yet to be named tune at Burning Man, and Joyryde dropping it at Tramps Like Us in San Diego. Stay tuned for updates on the ficial release this absolute heater. 

Lane 8 Shares His Process for Creating Track 'Skin & Bones'

Filed by Antonio AlbertyAntonio Alberty

Lane 8 Shares His Process for Creating Track 'Skin & Bones'Lane 8 is a breath fresh air in a dance music scene and has been quickly climbing the charts. The Anjunadeep label’s breakout star recently released his second album, Little By Little, on January 19 to widespread acclaim from dance music fans everywhere.

To accompany the album, Lane 8 decided to share some behind-the-scenes workings each track on Little By Little.

Taking to his Facebook page, dance music’s newest superstar shared some insights into the creations each track. Yesterday, he shared some background on how he created one his standout ambient tracks ‘Skin & Bones,’ a collaboration with Patrick Baker.

The most surprising part the creative process behind ‘Skin & Bones,’ is that Lane 8 finished the song in just a couple hours after Baker sent the demo over. Clearly, Lane 8 is a master his craft and this reaffirms it.

In addition to the widespread critical acclaim his music, Lane 8 also gained a legion loyal fans through his live shows. Last year saw him embark on the This Never Happened Tour, where he notably disallowed the use cell phones during his show. You can now catch him on the Little By Little Album Tour. Dates and tickets can be found


ARTBAT & Dino Lenny Drops Their New Single "Sand In Your Shoes"

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ARTBAT & Dino Lenny Drops Their New Single "Sand In Your Shoes"

ARTBAT & Dino Lenny – Sand In Your Shoes (Original Mix)

The Ukranian duo ARTBAT are known for their unique sounds and quality music they bring to the stage. Partnering up with London-based DJ/producer Dino Lenny, these artists are excited to drop their new single “Sand In Your Shoes“. This collaboration sets f with the deep house vibes that will easily get you hooked. Released by Diynamic Music, the simple beats, melodic synths, and keyboard creates the perfect essential mix!

ARTBAT and Dino Lenny produced elements their own style into this massive hit. The track begins with the clean beats and it syncs together with the low synths. As the song progresses, the male vocals blend in with the keyboard sounds. This eight-minute track continues to run smoothly and it executes all its musical components.

Check out and relax to “Sand In Your Shoes” down below.

ARTBAT & Dino Lenny – Sand In Your Shoes (Original Mix)