Stalley – Squattin

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Stalley whips the 911 during the scary hours in his new video for “Squattin”, f the Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil project.

Stalley Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil (Album Stream)

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Stalley  Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil (Album Stream)

Stalley clearly had alot to get f his chest over these past few months as he has now delivered his third new project the year in the form the 7-track EP, Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil. This go around he’s joined by Migos on the previously releases single “My Line,” while Young Scooter shows up for the only other guest appearance on “Green Eyed.” Stream the project in full below.

Watch Miss Blanks’ boss new video for ‘Haters’

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After releasing her fiery and dynamic debut EP Diary Of A Thotaholic last November and wrapping up the year with a number festival appearances and shows under her belt, Brisbane native Miss Blanks has dived into the new year with a video clip to her tune Haters. 

Directed by the talented Aislinn Lowe and teaming up with Aywin, the video clip screams boldness and an ‘I don’t care what you think’ attitude while Miss Blanks and her clique walk through the streets Sydney’s inner west. In the clip, Miss Blanks is doing her thing but encounters and takes polaroid shots people that sport judgemental looks around her therefore making them one her ‘haters’. With the video carrying a fun and quirky concept, it’ almost like a big ‘fuck you’ to those who constantly give f a negative energy.

“It was important that I/we channeled everything that was being felt at the time into the track and then also for the video. I think when creating the track, I had so much anger inside me for all these people that did me wrong in the past and presently, but moving into 2018, I had to also look at myself and what I was doing to me that was also essentially self-harming/hating. Haters is a screw you to all the bad people out there that are trying to bring you/others down and a reminder to ourselves not to bring ourselves down.” – Miss Blanks

Miss Blanks will be making an appearance at this year’s Laneway Festival along with a string headlining shows so be sure to catch her because her stage presence is absolutely glorious and energetic.

Check Miss Blanks and Aywin‘s video clip to Haters below!

Technics unveil their “most premium turntable ever”

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Technics unveiled their “most premium turntable ever” during this week’s CES Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The equipment is a revival of the brand’s SP-10 player that originally debuted in 1970.

Carrying the SP-10R name, the new turntable and its $10,000 ($US) price tag, is aimed at the wealthy audiophile searching for the premier in home hi-fi listening. Equipped with a 7kg, rubber and aluminum platter and the same advanced direct-drive motor featured in the SL-1200 GR, the SP-10R is reportedly leading the field in stability and signal-to-noise ratio. It plays at 33 1/2, 45 and 78rpm, and the rotation can be viewed on its OLED display.

Additionally, the model will be interchangeable with previous SP-10 models. Owners of the MK2 or MK3 turntable can upgrade to the SP-10R using their current base and tonearm.

Panasonic, Technics’ parent company, used the conference to launch the SL-1000R model as well. Now complete with a base and tonearm, the model has doubled in price.

In August, Doctor Mix shared a detailed video on the process behind the SL-1200 build.

Technics unveil their “most premium turntable ever”

Technics unveil their “most premium turntable ever”

Dirtybird Announces Phase 3 Of East Coast Lineup And New Compilation

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Dirtybird Announces Phase 3 Of East Coast Lineup And New CompilationCalling all Dirtybird’s everywhere, the third and final phase the East Coast Dirtybird Campout Lineup is finally here. The epic fest is set to take place in a couple short months in St Cloud, FL on February 2-4

Joining the lineup will be intergalactic hip-hop aficionado Barclay Crenshaw alongside Dirtybird mainstays, Justin Martin and Shiba San. These additions are also joined by the announcement Showcase Stage Takeovers featuring Keinemusik’s &Me, Rampa, and Adam Port, Crew Love’s Soul Clap, Wolf+Lamb, Pillowtalk, and Nick Monaco, This Aint Bristol’s Billy Kenny, BOT, and Maximono, Brazil Team’s Bruno Furlan, Ciszak, DJ Glen, Danny Kolk, Lalaland’s Green Velvet, Prok & Fitch, Walker & Royce, and Get Real.

Aside from the lineup, East Coast Campout is hosting a wide range over sixty activities such as Costumed Canoe Races, Hyphy Hula Hoop Championship, Swamp Survival Series, a Double Dutch Workshop, talent shows, comedy nights, beatbox competitions, kickball, potato sack races, 3-legged races, tug-o-war and much more.

In anticipation the festival, Claude is dropping a Dirtybird Campout East Compilation on January 19th with tracks from Nick Monaco, BOT, Justin Jay and Maximono, as well as collaborative works from Claude VonStroke & Bruno Furlan, brothers Dateless & Lucati, plus Claude’s West Coast Family Set pick from newcomers Damiz & Baley. If you can’t wait to get your hands on this stacked compilation, listen to BOT’sDifferent Is Beautiful‘ to hold you over. This simple yet quirky house track is a perfect teaser for what is to come on January 19th.

Dirtybird Records always knows how to keep us on our toes. With a complete epic lineup and a constant flow new music, they are on their way to the top (if they aren’t there already). Be sure to grab your tickets for Dirtybird Campout East , listen to BOT’s ‘Different Is Beautiful’, and pre-order the East Coast Compilation .

BOT ‘Different Is Beautiful’ | 

Dirtybird Campout East – Phase 1 + 2 + 3 Lineup (ABC):
Abi Getto
Adam Port
Barclay Crenshaw
Billy Kenny
Biz Markie
Bruno Furlan
Christian Martin
Claude VonStroke
Danny Kolk
Deron Delgado
DJ Glen
DJ Tennis
Elevator Musik
George Fitzgerald
Get Real
Green Velvet
Hector Romero
Ivy Lab
Just Blaze
Justin Jay
Justin Martin
Lee K
LTJ Bukem feat MC Armanni
Madam X
Marshall Jefferson
Nick Monaco
Pearson Sound
Persian Empire
Prok & Fitch
Roni Size
Ryan Forever
Ryan Hemsworth
Sage Armstrong
Sébastien V
Seth Troxler
Shiba San
Soul Clap
Stööki Sound
Sven Lochenhoer
Vangelis Kostoxenakis
Walker & Royce
Will Clarke

Vinyl record sales have reached yet another all time high

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As 2017 came to an end, Neilson’s Music reports stated that last year, record sales reached another all-time high making it its 12th consecutive year that sales went through the ro.

2017 saw 14% the album market with 14.32 million sold making it a 9% increase from the year before. On top that, many underground artists still repping the vinyl DJ culture also stack up on wax from boutique labels and producers. Even though that’s at the very bottom the sales, it shows that there are DJs/Producers who are still very much in touch with the more ‘traditional’ side mixing as well as the passion and understanding what wax culture stands for.

Will this year see another rise or will sales slowly start to decline? When was the last time you bought a record?

Martin Garrix Supports The Work Of Late Fan Jonas Nesse

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It was Jonas Nesse’s dream to become a producer, and during his young life he was incredibly inspired by young phenom Martin Garrix‘ music. Nesse had hoped to collaborate with Garrix one day in his career, but, the sixteen year old aspiring producer passed away unexpectedly on January 1st. According to his parents, one Nesse’s last wishes was for Garrix to atlas hear his music, so following his untimely death, his parents took to social media to try and get Jonas’ latest track to Garrix.

Their post did not go unnoticed and caught the attention producer Owen Norton, who has received support from Garrix. Norton optimistically reached out to Garrix with the intention getting Nesse’s music to him, and received this heartfelt response.

Martin Garrix Supports The Work Of Late Fan Jonas Nesse
It’s certainly an inspiring story to know that one dance music’s favorite producers granted the wish the late Jonas Nesse, and we feel it’s our duty as well to share Jonas’ last track with you, and send our condolences to Jonas’ family.

Holy Ship! forced to officially warn punters not to have sex with pizza

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Holy Shippers have been warned the vessel’s unlimited pizza slices are for eating and not fornicating. The official memo was distributed by Holy Ship!’s long-time operating partner Norwegian Cruise Line.

“OPEN PIZZA BAR FOR CONSUMPTION ONLY” reads the warning’s capitalized and bolded heading.

The note continues: “Due to incidents on previous sailings in which patrons engaged in uncouth behaviour in the cafe, we feel it is our duty to remind our guests that pizza is for eating, not fornicating. Sexual acts with our handcrafted pizza can bring unintended health consequences and can pose a safety hazard for other passengers aboard our journey.”

Not to disclude anyone from the adventure, Norwegian Cruise Line does ask for all those impacted by Sitophilia, or the sexual desire to fornicate with foods, to “please inquire with one of our specialists in the medical bay below deck”.

In other Holy Ship! news, Porter Robinson surprised 10.0 with an unannounced Virtual Self set.

Holy Ship! 11.0 departs today (10th January).

Find a photo of the warning memo below:

Holy Ship! forced to officially warn punters not to have sex with pizza

Nine Ibiza venues have been forced to close due to noise crackdowns

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Nine yet-to-be-detailed Ibiza venues will be forced to close down during summer 2018. The closures are central to the San Antonio region and last for upwards of two weeks.

The area’s venues will be further impacted by restricted hours, soon forced to close at 3am opposed to 5am. The announcement comes following an October 2017 revision to the area’s sound ordinances by local officials.  

The local council will vote later this month on further limitations to music emanating from San Antonio terraces. Terraces currently hosting music until 2am could be forced to turn down by 11pm nightly.

According to local publication Diario de Ibiza, the nine undisclosed spots have been issued fines totalling £8,036 for “acoustic contamination”. Ibiza council has 44 unresolved noise complaints it is working through from last summer, which may result in an additional £30,000 in fines and closure orders to the sum of 93 days.

Venue owners, at odds with the local legislation’s opinion their presence diminishes the reputation of the region, are anticipated to quickly appeal the decision.

The region of San Jose saw repeated attempts in 2017 to silence dancefloors as well.

This move is at odds with new nightlife legislation in New York City, which recently saw the repeal of antiquated cabaret (“no dancing”) laws.

More news on these Ibiza clubs as they arrive.

Throwback Track: SBTRKT – Hold On ft. Sampha

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Going back in style for our first throwback the new year with one my favourite tracks from the past decade in SBTRKT’s ‘Hold On’ featuring Sampha.

Released on SBTRKT’s debut album back in 2012, ‘Hold On’ acted as an introduction for me to the London artist, leading me to the album which is nothing short incredible.

The throbbing bass line and angelic Sampha vocals are just some the factors that make ‘Hold On’ such a timeless record, which is why I am slapping myself on the wrist for putting this throwback f for so long.

Revisit it below and enjoy.

John Digweeds Stalker Was Caught And Forced To Pay A Fine

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One the legends dance music and progressive house, John Digweed, has a ton fans all over the world. That comes naturally with a long and successful career like he has had. But what’s a little unnatural is the lengths fandom one those people went to. A woman stalked John aggressively, and was recently convicted in court stalking and sentenced to 120 days in prison.

Sharon Rennie Dundee, Scotland sent Digweed sexually explicit emails and even managed to kiss him while he was performing. It’s also reported that she even showed up at his home one day and tried to get his phone number his agent. Her emails ranged from expressions admiration to fensive and abusive words. It is not clear what triggered this kind behavior. On top her jail sentence she also was given a five year restraining order to stay away from Digweed and his family, and had to pay him 100 pounds which is about $135.

John Digweed has an essential place in dance music history, so it’s not surprise that some people love him and his work, but this was obviously a case someone taking it too far. While we have a great time following our favorite DJs, we have to remember they are still just people like us too.

Porter Robinson dropped a surprise Virtual Self set on Holy Ship!: Watch

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Porter Robinson surprised Holy Ship! 10.0 with an unannounced Virtual Self set. It was only the second live performance from the newest Robinson alias.

Virtual Self singles ‘Ghost Voices’ and ‘EON Break’ proved to be precursors for the project’s debut EP release in late-November 2017. The five-track offering contained an array of experimental productions ranging from deep house-basslines and trance to EDM-caked D&B and left-field house.

On 29th December, Robinson made a clear declaration about his forthcoming live set: “no virtual self music at porter shows, no porter music at virtual self shows! eveeeeeerrrrrrrrr”

Holy Ship! 11.0 sets sail today 10th January.

Clips from the performance can be found below:

Presence is a gift. Very special surprise set from VIRTUAL SELF! #holyship

— Holy Ship! (@HOLY_SHIP) January 8, 2018


— Brownies & Lemonade (@TeamBandL) January 8, 2018