Larry June Offers Laid Back 'Recaro Seat' Video

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San Francisco, CA – San Francisco-based lifestyle rapper Larry June has been applying pressure all year and recently raised the stakes yet again with the release his Product the Dope Game mixtape

And in typical fashion without missing a beat, Uncle Larry delivers the video for the second track the tape “Recaro Seats.” The visual opts for an extremely laid back vibe as June shares Bay views from his apartment while smoking on “something slight” and displaying the immaculate interior his vintage ASC McLaren — the inspiration behind the vibes.

The 14-track solo effort features production from Harry Fraud, K. Fisha, Sledgren, among others. Product the Dope Game serves as his fifth release the year and serves as the follow-up to last months Out the Trunk mixtape.

Catch the full video for “Recaro Seats” above and also check out the “Around the World” remix featuring Too $hort below.

Apple Music Releases 'Dr. Dre's 2001: The Making of a Classic' Documentary

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Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine have pulled back the curtain on the timeless album 2001. In a sit-down interview with Apple Music, the Beats co-founders reflect on the process behind its creation, including hits such as “Forget About Dre” and “Still D.R.E.”

Noting The Chronic Dre’s iconic debut – was a concept album, Iovine poses the question, “What were you thinking when you made 2001?” Dre then delves into detail, saying the approach was similar in that he didn’t want to feature himself too strongly.

“I’m trying to put myself in the studio with a bunch great artists, as far as the microphone work goes,” he says. “I’m trying to just get on a song or two, here and there. My first album, The Chronic, and the 2001 album, I believe I might be on (only) like four or five songs.”

He continues: “I didn’t want to appear on the album at all. To be honest, I just wanted to find artists and produce them. The D.O.C. talked me into getting on the mic.”

While 2001 was an exercise in starting over with a fresh group artists for Dre – like he did with with The Chronic – he highlights how Iovine made the difference the second time round, specifically when picking the lead single.

Dre says they were already celebrating wrapping up the album, when Iovine stepped in saying, “You need one more song.” Iovine wasn’t satisfied with Dre’s idea to push “The Next Episode” as the first single, despite being a fan it.

“It was a great song,” he said. “I just felt the album needed something coming out from a different way. He added that he felt, “that’s great, but we can do something better and different.” Dre gave another nod to Iovine’s touch for executive oversight, saying, “again, he was right about it.”

Dre also emphasizes the instrumental role his protégé Eminem in making the album, describing him as “the missing link.”

“He was hungry. I was hungry,” he says. “And it was just like that, you know, spontaneous combustion. We just clicked, and that just brought everybody and everything together that was happening at that time.”

He continues, “Then we found out what we were doing, it really works. And that’s all we really needed. It’s like, OK, the Slim Shady LP, they really like that. Now that we know that it works, wait ’til they hear this.”

Listen to Dre’s 2001 on Apple Music here and watch the video above.

Lil Reese Resurfaces On Instagram Live After Being Shot In The Neck

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Chicago, IL – Lil Reese is evidently on the mend. Days after being shot in the neck, the 26-year-old Chicago native resurfaced on Instagram Live, although his face was mostly covered up by a hoodie.

In the clip, he appears to be sitting in a car and listening to some R&B. However, he doesn’t say a word.

Reese — real name Tavares Taylor — was reportedly shot at a busy intersection in County Club Hills, a south suburb Chicago, on Monday afternoon (November 11). Investigators revealed a car pulled up on Reese and fired multiple rounds with an AK-47.

Witnesses say Reese left in a separate car and was discovered by police at South Suburban Medical Center in Hazel Crest. He was later transferred to a Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn in “critical condition.”

The suspect reportedly fled in a white or grey Chevy Malibu with tinted windows and Wisconsin plates.

Roc Nation's Paper Planes & Too Fly Foundation Will Fund Youth To Study Abroad With PEACE Program Line

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Redefining the acronym P.E.A.C.E. to mean “please educate all children equally,” Roc Nation’s brand Paper Planes and the Too Fly Foundation are out to encourage young creative students to travel abroad.

Founded by Bola Ibidapo, Brian Millage, and Brandon Miller, Too Fly Foundation is an extraordinary program than connects the dots between underserved communities and opportunities to travel/study abroad.

Providing passports, resources, and travel grants to minority youth who dream having global perspectives beyond the classroom, Too Fly Foundation has launched the 2019 P.E.A.C.E. Program clothing line, with support Roc Nation‘s Paper Planes.

Hoodies and t-shirts will be on sale with portions the proceeds going directly to the cause.

For more information visit and follow @tolyfundraiser on Instagram.

The Game & Anderson. Paak Tear Up L.A. In “Stainless” Video

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Los Angeles natives The Game and Anderson .Paak are no strangers to representing their city in their music videos. For the visuals to their latest collaborative effort “Stainless,” the pair takes viewers on a late-night drive down Sunset Boulevard.   

In the Aaron Green-directed clip, the Compton rapper seems to be deep in thought with his pistol at his side as he’s driving a custom baby blue Lamborghini that also pays tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle. Paak, on the other hand, is being driven in a sleek, red Mercedes-Benz while crooning his way through the song’s smooth chorus. The pair then meets up with the homies in a parking lot filled with souped-up sportscars and bouncing, candy-colored lowriders. The L.A. vibes in the video fit perfectly with the song as you can hear Game namedrop several notable West Coast figures like Ice Cube, Suge Knight, Dr. Dre and more.

The clip also features a bit nostalgia from The Game’s earlier years. The superstar gives a nod to his first two albums The Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate with a scene that features him recreating the album covers by rapping while sitting on top two gold-plated rims. 

The Big Duke-produced song will be featured on Game’s forthcoming album Born 2 Rap which is expected to drop on November 29. Check out the video above. 

Naturi Naughton Clap Backs At 50 Cent’s Mortal Kombat Meme

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Naturi Naughton is done with 50 cent’s shade. The Power actress and movie star responded to Fiddy’s latest troll with a jab her own, pointing out his apparent Instagram timeout.

In an Instagram post that shared her original response to 50’s reaction-garnering tweet, Naughton said, “there’s so much I wanna say but… you don’t even have an Instagram account so… why waste my characters or come out my CHARACTER!”

50’s post features the Mortal Kombat character ‘Goro’, and is clearly intended to make fun Naughton’s hairline. The tweet – which is just the latest in a long line social media trolls by the Power executive producer – received serious backlash from fans.

The rapper and mogul has recently found himself without an Instagram account, after presumably violating the social media site’s policies.

Many showed their support for Naughton, emphasizing her natural beauty and status as a successful black woman. Actress Bresha Webb, known for her role in Love That Girl!, commented, “Yes you are! This is so dumb!”

Despite the diss, Naughton also appeared to take the opportunity to throw in some promotion for her upcoming book, which may be titled ‘What Not To Do When You’re A Boss.’ She writes, ‘But do pick up a copy my upcoming book: #whatNOTtoDoWhenYoureABoss.

It’s not clear, however, whether this might be another shot at Fifty, who’s perceived as the ‘boss’ at Power, as well as being a published author.

Kodak Black Reportedly Hit With 2 New Felony Gun Charges

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Miami, FL – Miami-Dade prosecutors have reportedly charged the incarcerated Kodak Black — real name Bill K. Kapri — with two new felony gun charges. Both charges carry a maximum sentence 30 years each.

According to Miami New Times, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle slapped the chart-topping rapper with two felony counts possession a firearm by a felon.

On Thursday (November 14), the publication noticed sealed charges against Black appeared to have been uploaded to the county criminal court website, however, a staff member at the county’s felony records unit said she was “unable to discuss anything about the case.”

Ed Griffith, a spokesperson for the State Attorney’s Office, echoed those sentiments.

The 22-year-old artist was just sentenced to three years and eight months in prison for lying about his criminal history while attempting to buy a firearm on two different occasions earlier this week.

Kodak was arrested in May a few hours before he was supposed to take the Rolling Loud Miami stage. He’s still facing sexual assault charges in South Carolina.

Lil Kim Reminds Everyone She Hated Naturi Naughton In 'Notorious'

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Hollywood, CA – Lil Kim hasn’t been shy about her disdain for The Notorious B.I.G. biopic Notorious over the years. But during a recent sit-down interview with Hollywood Unlocked, she reiterated what made the film so cringeworthy for her.

First and foremost, she was unhappy with Naturi Naughton’s portrayal her.

“I’m going to touch on this briefly ’cause I think everybody already knows my answer to this, but I hated everything about that movie. I hated it. Wasn’t involved in it. I actually had to get my lawyers involved in which I ended up getting a check from it — that was the only reason why, whatever. But it was greenlit and shot without my permission. Everybody knows this already. We talked about it. 

“How do you even pick somebody Naughton] — because I’m sorry. That wasn’t … I was not OK with that … I would have never picked her. Never, ever, ever. She has nothing in common with me. Nothing. We have nothing in common. No, seriously … And I don’t like the way she’s been disrespectful about it because I wasn’t even basically blaming her. But she did a whole documentary coming at me. I’m like, ‘What the heck is this?’”

Kim continued, “I’m like, ‘OK boo. You don’t want this smoke.’ Cause at the end the day, I really could really go there. But I been letting her … Because her thing is, she just wanted me to be OK with it, but if I’m not OK with you playing me in the role, either you’re going to do it — ’cause I can’t tell you not to take a role and get your money, right? — but don’t say ‘Oh, I love her’ this, that and the third when you were like, ‘I don’t care what she think. I’m going to still do this movie.’

“So basically, you’re doing it without my stamp approval. So you’re doing it for a check or you’re doing it to come up. That’s fine. But don’t make it seem like I’m hating on you because I don’t want you to do it … All that talk she did on the documentary, I felt it was very disrespectful.”

Naughton appeared on an episode TV One’s Uncensored in April and discussed Kim’s criticisms the film.

“I would never take on a role real person that is alive and well and not try to speak with them and reach out,” she said. “Let’s clear the record. At the time, there was a manger who was managing Kim. I called, I left multiple voicemails …  I was at the production fice in Brooklyn, Kim comes f the elevator, I happen to be there for rehearsal. Huge, beautiful fur. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, the queen is here.’ She walks right by me with her crew. She goes into the director’s fice. They close the door.

“All I hear is, ‘What the fuck?!’ They’re arguing. They’re yelling and I’m like, ‘I hope this is not about me.’ But it was. I guess there was some miscommunication about the casting process. But again, I’m just an actress. I was just hired to do a part. So I was hoping and praying. I reached out phone. I was there, that time in person.”

Naughton added she thought maybe Kim took issue with her dark complexion.

“Maybe my look had something to do with it,” she continued. “Again, it started to replay the memories 3LW saying I’m not good enough or because I guess she thought I was darker than the character should have been. I just wanted to have her blessing. I really did.

“To this day, I have nothing but love and respect for Lil Kim. she really is what spawned the careers Nicki Minajs and Cardi B. They just took from that book and did it now. No disrespect to any these artists. But please give her her just due. So for me, I have nothing but love and respect. And I hope that she knows I was honored to play her. And I hope one day she can see that and really know that.”

Revisit the Uncensored episode above.

Fabolous Channels Michael Jordan's Drive On 'B.O.M.B.S.' Single

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Back when Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were dominating the NBA throughout the 1990s, the six-time championship team used to drive fear into visiting opponent’s hearts when they entered the United Center as an ominous sample The Alan Parsons Project’s “Sirius” blared through the sound system.

Brooklyn’s own Fabolous is attempting to bring that feeling back with his new single, “B.O.M.B.S,” an acryonm for “back on my bullshit” and what he says is the first taste for his upcoming mixtape, Summertime Shoutout 3.

“I’m that bull in the hood/New Lamb truck, got the bull in the hood/Black and red lookin’ like the Bulls at the hood
23’s on it, got the Bulls sitting good,” he quips.

According to the song’s outro, the aforementioned project will be released in 2020 when it gets warm.

Stream Fabolous’ “B.O.M.B.S” above.

Interview: Westside Gunn Talks Foresight, Sacrifice & Legacy: "Give Me My Roses"

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Buffalo, NY – Much like fashion, music comes in waves — and ten goes full circle. While the genre’s history is full iconic figures that made an impact, there is only a handful that shifted culture, and even fewer that have managed to do so on the level Buffalo Caesar, Westside Gunn.

Turning his back on mainstream politics, the Griselda mastermind rejuvenated the raw Hip Hop sound yesteryear — simultaneously shattering the culture’s invisible age border —and created a music empire without the support television or radio. Not to mention the impact he’s had on modern-day vinyl culture, creating digital sales demand likened most closely to the more alluring sneaker drops the past decade.

With a deep catalog that can be held up amongst the most consistent in Hip Hop’s timeline, and entering his last year as a rapper, he is only weeks away from the release Griselda’s ficial major-label debut, What Would Chine Gun Do? (seven years removed from his first project, Hitler Wears Hermès).

While he plans to go out with a blast in 2020, hanging up his mic is poised to only accentuate the pure brilliance West: his over the top business acumen.

In conversation with HipHopDX, it becomes clear how intensely methodical his success to date has been.

“It was my duty to change the whole landscape this shit,” West says. “That’s what people don’t understand.”

As he explains the change, he points to the symbolism he embedded into the artwork his seminal cult-classic, Flygod — which depicts an animated, younger WSG wearing a crown thorns (an allusion to Christ).

“It’s deeper than people think,” he says. “Flygod is like the second coming Hip Hop. I’m making sacrifices and bringing it back to where it needs to be … I’m putting everything on my back so that it can be smoother for people coming after me.

“Check the blueprint,” he adds. “This was all planned.”

Much like the stories Christ, he notes, people didn’t immediately see the vision, which was incredibly vivid in his mind. “I already knew it was going to be the same as the story Jesus … nobody’s going to believe it,” he says with a laugh. “Next thing you know, I gotta turn the water to champagne to make these niggas believe me.”

To hear him recount his thought process f the rip is quite similar to uncovering vintage videos Steve Jobs describing what would become Google.

Still, being signed to both Shady Records and Roc Nation, it’s harder than ever to deny him. It’s not far f to make allusions to the career paths JAY-Z and fellow Eminem signee 50 Cent in terms the grandeur their movements.

West, in contrast, isn’t flipping platinum success into other avenues revenue. Every move is in tandem, organically fitting into each other like Balenciaga patterned LEGO blocks. More impressively, everything up to this point has been Griselda — and done under his watchful eye.

“I had to rap on DJ Premier and drive a Maybach … I rhymed with MF DOOM while driving a Lamborghini,” he says. “I had to rap on a fucking Pete Rock beat and go shop at TV Johnny. I don’t have a song on the radio or a song in the club. I don’t have a video on TV. I’m showing you it can be done.

“Every legend you can think has co-signed,” he adds, noting that he doesn’t have any dream features left on his list.

“I’m in the middle Times Square. I brought you Conway. I brought you Benny … I brought you a whole new fucking wave music,” he adds. “I sold out vinyl when motherfuckers weren’t even thinking about selling vinyl — selling $2,000 records man . I’ve done it all. I’ve got nothing else to prove. Nothing.”

It’s a unique position to be in, considering he’s (in many ways) just getting started. He describes Hitler Wears Hermès 7 as the beginning the next phase his career — a stage that’s set to see him make his mark outside music. Though it’s something he’s been doing since Griselda’s inception, it will ultimately become his legacy.

With the continued growth his merch lines — including 4th Rope — and most recently his involvement with House Of Glory, he’s more than sowed the seeds for diversified generational wealth.

But the most significant accomplishment, he says, is Westside Gunn Day in his hometown Buffalo. Though it’s early and there’s a lot upcoming milestones ahead it, he says it’s going to be something the residents the city will never forget.

“It’s going to be a legendary day,” he says. “Something that the city has never seen before. Something fun for everybody. I don’t even have to think about it yet … but I could already guarantee out my mouth that it’s going to be a day that people will always remember.

“People will look forward to it every single year. We’ll get started with a bang … the city man, they need to see it. So you know, I’m going to give them that.”

West’s aura and confidence are infectious; if he were to tell you he was going to build a spaceship, there’s little reason not to believe him.

The number artists able to sustain themselves and provide better for their families based on the trail Westside Gunn has blazed is multiplying continually. Given the trajectory the industry, it’s likely that he’ll be remembered (in hindsight) as one this generation’s more significant figures.

But hindsight isn’t West’s style.

With his team’s Shady debut finally set to drop, Flygod is letting it be known that he (humbleness aside) he wants his presence to be appreciated while he’s able to bask in the glory.

“I gotta make these fools give me my roses while I can smell them,” he says with a chuckle. “They don’t want to … but I’m going to make them.”

This interview is part one a two-part series.

Vivica A. Fox Disses The Thought Of A 'Set It Off' Remake

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Vivica A. Fox is not a fan Issa Rae’s forthcoming remake the 1996 cult classic film Set It Off

When asked about her thoughts on Rae’s reimagining on Entertainment Tonight Fox spurned the idea. “Leave it alone, there’s absolutely no reason to try to re-do it,” she said. “It’s been done and we did it so well that people are absolutely going to compare it to that and I think that’s her taking on a tremendous chore because that film has become a cult classic and some things are just better left.” 

The original Set It Off, directed by F. Gary Gray, took in a hefty $41 million gross on a $9 million budget at the box fice. In the film, Vivica A. Fox, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, and Kimberly Elise star as four best friends who embark on a journey robbing banks successfully around the Los Angeles area.

Fox continued with her thoughts remaking the film, and reboots in general, advising the actress to tap into the creative juices she’s shown on her hit show Insecure. “If you want to do a new film girls robbing banks, create your own thing,” Fox says in the clip. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it if they do something that goes into the next chapter the story. It’s when they try to recreate it and it’s already been done and that magic’s been captured in a bottle. It’s very hard to capture that.”   

Check out the interview in full above. 

EDC Orlando 2020 Future Owl Passes Officially Go on Sale

Filed by Rebecca RobertiRebecca Roberti

Last weekend, EDC Orlando 2019 took place throughout three magnificent days. In less than a week since the festival came to the end, Insomniac is already selling passes for next year’s event. EDC Orlando 2020 is planned to be a very special one. This event will mark the 10th year anniversary of EDC’s Orlando home.

Truthfully, EDC Orlando 2019 was definitely special; not only was the festival extended to three days, but the land was expanded even bigger than it ever was before. This expansion even led to the addition of another stage. Certainly, with the 10th year anniversary coming around, Insomniac will make even more exciting changes or surprises to the festival. They certainly don’t play around when it comes to celebrating special anniversaries.

You can secure your pass for EDC Orlando 2020 here. Payment plans for GA, GA+, and are starting at a deposit of $10. That is a deal that is not worth missing. If you have never gone to EDC Orlando before, but debating on attending next year, check out our You can also check out some of the special changes that they brought to the festival .

Stay tuned for more updates on EDC Orlando 2020.