Black Coffee and Big Sean head to Hungary for Balaton Sound next month

Filed by Abbey ShoreAbbey Shore

Balaton Sound Festival is back on the idyllic shores Lake Balaton in Hungary this July.

Only 110 km away from the country’s capital, organisers are expecting this to be the festival the year.

The five-day experience includes artists from all over the world, featuring an eclectic mix musicians and DJs, ranging in genres and energy.

The line-up boasts EDM powerhouses like Alesso and David Guetta, alongside Big Sean and The Chainsmokers, while Mixmag favourites Scuba, Black Cfee and Camelphat also appear.

Day tickets start from €65 and you are guaranteed a non-stop beach party all day.

Check out the and teaser below.

Eris Drew involved in serious road traffic collision in Albania

Filed by Antonio AlbertyAntonio Alberty

Eris Drew says she is “lucky” to have only suffered minor injuries after she was involved in a serious car accident while travelling from a festival in Albania to the airport on Saturday.

Another car lost control on the road and crashed into the van she was in. Several vehicles were involved in the accident, causing multiple people injuries.

Drew made it to her next tour stop Oslo and was treated for whiplash and concussion, and is now on her way back from to America after being cleared for travel. She told she will be able to play her scheduled gig at The Bunker Pride in New York this Friday, June 29.

Writing about the incident on , she said: “I was freaked out yesterday. Honestly it is some the most intense fear I have experienced. Someone died in the accident (not my car) and one car was sliced in half. I am lucky. I am going to be fine and my records were recovered despite the impact and gas spurting everywhere. Being trans and injured far away from home is some really triggering stuff.”

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Carl Cox on Avicii: "He just wanted to be free to make music"

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Carl Cox has spoken about Avicii’s tragic passing and the pressure he faced, in an interview with BBC Radio 1.

In the wake Avicii’s death earlier this year, Cox called his track, ‘Wake Me Up’, “poignant”, saying “it’s sad to even hear that record now cause in some ways it was a shout for help”.

Cox says Avicii, ‘just wanted to be free to make music’, and that he was “very, very sad” to hear his passing.

He tells the story when he first met the Swedish DJ, when he was supporting him at a street parade in Zurich, and that Avicii thanked him for letting him play before him.

Cox said that he could see Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, was not in control himself but in the “control others who didn’t understand what he was crying out for, that was just to be understood”.

“I saw this flyer, to say that he was playing for I think two months, all over America nearly everyday, and I said to my friends at the time, I said have you seen this? He’s not gonna last half that tour you know, it’s too much, even for a young guy his age, and at the time he was, I think, 23, so pressure was put onto him then, and he died when he was 28, so can you imagine from 23 until 28…”

Cox has spoken before about the gruelling schedules touring DJs these , as well as having detailed to us here at Mixmag his top tips for DJs on how to look after yourself .

Have a listen to the full interview .

Seelo ft MissFly - When Ever You Need

Filed by Judi PeartJudi Peart

Canadian DJ/producer Seelo follows up his remix Adam K’s ‘You’re Not Alone’ released on Hotbox Digital, with his latest ‘When Ever You Need’ featuring Miss Fly.

Dark and deep is how Seelo likes his house music, reminiscent Malaa, Tchami, Oliver Heldens and Tom Bull’s style. It’s in Alberta where he’s become a fixture in the underground electronic music scene, with releases on Canadian label AtomicSky Recordings, and support from Don Diablo and  Judge Jules on his ficial remixes for Like Mike, and Adam K.

Follow Seelo on Spotify for more music.

Byron Bay pinger-slinger starts annual pre-Splendour stocktake

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B-Side is our latest news section breaking the stories you won’t read about anywhere else. Hard hitting news f the back a truck that we published without fact checking.

Evan Brown, known by friends as Aurora has announced his annual stocktake pingers, caps and tabs is underway as Splendour In The Grass closes in.

The 27-year-old Byron Bay local has been the go-to man for last minute gear at Splendour for 5-years now, basing himself in his retired ‘Wicked Camper’ van on the outskirts the Northern parklands and selling what he describes as “bucket loads” to visiting festival goers.

“Yeah, it’s usually about a month’s work to get everything in order” he told B-Side today. “I spend about two weeks counting the pingers before moving onto caps, which takes about a week, then finishing up with a few sheets tabs. The eastern suburbs kids love the tabs.”

He said that once all the product is in order he is ready to put the feelers out to the community.

“Well yeah, a big part it is getting the word out to new Splendour goers. All the old heads know I’m the man about town for the job, but part the gig is getting the business the newcomers.”

It’s always a pritable time the year for Aurora, who explained that aside from Splendour and Falls Festival, it’s “pretty dire up here”.

“I’ll make enough over that weekend to keep my lifestyle going til Falls so I gotta be ready.”

Snails Begins His Very Own Record Label

Filed by Alvera CastaldoAlvera Castaldo

News has recently surfaced that Dubstep DJ, Snails, has begun his very own record label titled, Slugz Music. The label is set to release it’s very first track on June 27th. “Shake the Ground” was created by the very own, Snails, along with artists Kill the Noize and Sullivan King. This is a collaboration that is definitely not one to miss. As we know from the slug masters previous work, this will surely have you breaking your neck in an instant. Make sure to mark your calendars for Slugz Music’s first initial release. Stay tuned for the track’s review next week.

Five People Overdoses at Escapade Music Festival

Filed by Donte DishnerDonte Dishner

This weekend, five attendees were reported to have overdosed at Escapade Music Festival last night. Located in Ottawa, Canada, the music festival is completely against drug use at their event. However, their staff was trained to handle situations such as these.

Out the five reported attendees, one was reported to be in serious condition and another in critical. The others were reported to have suffered a minor overdose. The overdoses were reported to be caused by a drug known as GHB.

Thankfully, there were no deaths related to these incidents. As day 2 finishes up, let’s hope that every attendee is safe today.

Photo credited to Escapade.

Ibranovski Schools The Mainstream On The Hood Philosophy In Wild New EP

Filed by Malissa FranzMalissa Franz

Ibranovski has returned for the fourth installment The Ghetto Mainstream f CONFESSION. This time around the EP is called The Hood Philosophy and is arguably his best effort yet. The EP runs near 8 minutes and is composed two songs, ‘Symmetry’ and ‘Tic Tac’.

Ibranovski – The Ghetto Mainstream The Hood Philosohpy

Both tracks f the EP embody the Ghetto house sound perfectly. Using sharp and poignant sounds Ibranovski has produced an EP that is a throwback to the golden era house while simultaneously injecting urban modern day vibes.

‘Tic Tac’ is the standout out the EP. The song is just absolutely bonkers. I would say half the sounds used in productions are just environmental noises built into a cohesive song. This is nothing short impressive and incredibly entertaining. Whether it is gunshots, vocal samples or a creaking bed, half the fun ‘Tic Tac’ is trying to identify the many different sounds used throughout the record.

CONFESSION has once again found a shining star house music. Check out the full EP below.

DJ Hanzel Releases Director's Cut Of One Deeper Talks With Alesso

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Dillon Francis and his alter ego DJ Hanzel are one EDM’s most beloved memes. His digital series aired on TBS’ digital streaming services, One Deeper Talks, brought on some the world’s best artists to be ruthlessly roasted by DJ Hanzel himself. Now after the series has ended, Dillon has started to upload the director’s cuts these interviews.

Last week we saw the full clip Calvin Harris’ interview where he threatened to backhand DJ Hanzel into the netherworld. This week we get to see the extended cut Hanzel’s interview with Alesso.

One Deeper Talks With Alesso (Director’s Cut)

In this episode, DJ Hanzel revisits old tweets, forces Alesso to dress up as Sia, and course, interprets art with him. The entire thing is hilarious and reminds me how absolutely incredible DJ Hanzel is in every way. We all need a little more DJ Hanzel in our lives.

Check out the director’s cut One Deeper Talks with Alesso below.

Steve Angello Rips Apart Racists In Sweden For Abhorrent World Cup Comments Following Loss To Germany

Filed by Judi PeartJudi Peart

The World Cup is a time excitement and intense passion. There is no doubt about that. Just yesterday Sweden lost to Germany 2-1, and many blamed Swedish player, Jimmy Durmaz. Durmaz helped set Germany’s victory by fouling a player who was subsequently awarded a free kick, which would go on to become the goal that did Sweden in. The loss was devastating but it should be known that it was not the end Sweden by all accounts. We are still weeks away from elimination play.

Sweden Social Media Gets So Racist, Charges Are Filed

Sweden social media expressed their upset about the loss and widely blamed Durmaz. Understandably so in a way, but when things turned disgustingly racist, it quickly got out hand. Social media channels were filled with horrific racist comments, death threats, and horrifying memes. Things got so terrible that Sweden was forced to announce criminal charges against some those involved.

Steve Angello was so embarrassed by the country’s overall reaction that he took to social media to explain his disdain for the racism. Below you can see his original post, as well as a translation.

Watch Deadmau5's Hour Long Full E3 Afterparty Set

Filed by Rebecca RobertiRebecca Roberti

Deadmau5 and video games have always had a relationship. Joel is known for his many live streams on Twitch both playing games and debuting new music. So it seemed only natural that Deadmau5 would be picked to headline the ficial E3 Afterparty in 2018.

E3 this year saw many exciting announcements. Including games such as Assasin’s Creed Oddessy, The Last Us 2, and a reboot Resident Evil 2. Can you tell I am a PS4 guy?

No announcement was as exciting for EDM fans though, as the fact that Deadmau5 would be shutting down the festivities with an hour-long set.

Deadmau5 closes down E3

While Deadmau5 didn’t debut any new music during his set, it is still an hour long rip-roaring good time. Check out the full tracklist and video below.

0:45 deadmau5 – Rio (Intro Edit)
2:04 w/ Pig&Dan – Growler DIYNAMIC]
9:08 deadmau5 – FML (Intro Edit) ULTRA/MAU5TRAP]
16:07 deadmau5 – Three Pound Chicken Wing MAU5TRAP]
22:06 deadmau5 – Avaritia MAU5TRAP]
27:52 deadmau5 – Imaginary Friends MAU5TRAP]
33:45 deadmau5 – Take Care Of The Proper Paperwork MAU5TRAP]
35:21 w/ deadmau5 – Some Chords (Special Intro Edit) MAU5TRAP]
36:28 w/ deadmau5 – Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix) MAU5TRAP]
40:37 deadmau5 – Maths (Cobra Effect Remix) MAU5TRAP]
44:32 deadmau5 – Moar Ghosts N Stuff ULTRA/MAU5TRAP]
w/ deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire – Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff (Acappella) ULTRA/MAU5TRAP]
47:10 w/ deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire – Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff ULTRA/MAU5TRAP]
50:46 deadmau5 – Speed, Violence, Momentum

Marshmello Teams Up With Disney Channel's DuckTales For New Music Video

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Marshmello has always had a unique branding about him. As most mystery artists can say – the enigma their identity helps drive excitement around their music. Even after the mystery Marshmello’s identity was solved, the artist has worked tirelessly to stand out from the pack in creative ways. Even though Rolling Stone rated his most recent album, Joytime II only 1.5/5 stars, fans have been exceptionally pleased with his return to EDM.

Rolling Stone has notoriously hated anything that falls into the “having fun” category for dance music. While the publication continues to struggle with the new generation music fans, Marshmello hasn’t look back. In his latest music video for the track ‘Fly’, Marshmello recruited the help Disney Channel’s original series, DuckTales.

Marshmello and DuckTales Team Up For Music Video

Get ready for a healthy dose nostalgia as this music video almost entirely features scenes from DuckTales. Marshmello has always been a kid friendly artist, and this music video hits that point home ever farther. Even if you are not the biggest mello fan, this one will absolutely make you smile. Check it out below.