EDMTunes Miami Music Week Guide 2018: Tuesday March 20

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As Miami Music Week approaches, EDMTunes is scouring the interwebs to find you the best parties for every day MMW2018. We’re kicking things f with Tuesday March 20, but stay tuned as we cover each day for our Miami Music Week Guide 2018.

Boombox Cartel Is Back With Their New Single 'Whisper (feat. Nevve)'

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Boombox Cartel Is Back With Their New Single 'Whisper (feat. Nevve)'

Boombox Cartel – Whisper ft. Nevve

Mexico-born artists Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina have built a name for themselves as Boombox Cartel. They are a bass heavy “must watch” duo, highly talented and up-and-coming. With backgrounds in electro house, americano dubstep, and trap, the pair has unleashed a new track opposite their usual style. As their music typically follows the Mad Decent label style turnt, this song was the complete opposite. ‘Whisper‘ shows just how incredibly diverse their musical background is.

“It is really different to what we usually put out, but it just felt right,” the duo mentioned on Twitter. Cruise down the street, in the rain, or wherever you are to ‘Whisper‘, the guitar strumming in the beginning sets the mood. Nevve’s voice lights warmth in your soul. Small elements their dubstep pull the chorus together. But the whole song is strung together with the continued guitar solo. This track shows some influence from Kaskade, unlike their previous Skrillex inspired tunes. Drum machines and synthesizers are not as apparent in this song. There is only mind, body and soul.

Emotional fans are taking to Twitter to let the duo know. “The only escape is your voice in the rain…and that’s when you whisper” sends chills down your spine. Whether you feel happy, sad or mad, this track will take you along for the ride. Boombox Cartel combines their love and passion for music to produce innovative and quality sound. What started out as a simple SoundCloud account with two friends from high school is now the eclectic and unique song stylings BC. Listen to the track below.

Boombox Cartel ft. Nevve – Whisper |

Porter Robinson Discusses Virtual Self

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Porter Robinson Discusses Virtual SelfIn an interview with Michelle Lhooq Fader, Porter Robinson goes into detail about the work that went into Virtual Self and his inspiration behind the project. Yesterday he released the video for ‘‘, and he is well on his way to building a completely different brand music for new fans.

Porter spent two years at “peak obsessiveness”, listening to every song across a range genres from jungle, drum and bass, techno, and the entire trance catalogue on Beatport to come up with sound for Virtual Self. The goal was to create music that would alienate people, something different from Worlds, and something that was nostalgic to him.

After listening to all these songs he spent a year working on recreating the sounds the early trance era. The other aspect the music is that even though the sounds are all from 1999-2003, the format the songs follow a more modern format. He says “‘Ghost Voices’ starts out with the hook, but if it was a song from back then, it would start with three minutes intro drums and bass.”

Regarding the atmosphere he has created around Virtual Self from two characters making the music, random strings text with seemingly ethereal meaning and digital-sounding words, Porter admits he took a lot imagery and design tropes from the 1999-2003 internet era. Back when the internet was the wild west Kazaa and Limewire, and the “digital grunge maximalist abstract art” lens covered everything, Porter sees a way to visually connect listeners with the the sounds he has created. He loves immersion and escapsim. As for the cryptic writing and answers to questions on the Ghost Voice video, he he had this to say:

“I used a few techniques to generate a lot them, like writing sentences and translating them into Russian into Czech into Korean and back into English using Google Translate, and seeing how the mistranslations would introduce a new word or change the grammar in a way that I liked. I used another similar technique called Markov chain, an algorithmic process that takes a large body text and tries to generate new sentences from patterns it sees.…] I took all the texts I’d written and ran them through Markov chains and generators, and picked the ones that felt the most ethereal and cyber.”

He has a lot more Virtual Self music written, but he also has a lot Porter Robinson music written, he just doesn’t know if and/or what will be released. He is always writing music, always exploring. If Virtual Self doesn’t continue, we know that he has put all his effort into it and whatever is next will be just as curated.

Read the full interview .

Martin Garrix Reaches Gold and Platinum Records This Week

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Martin Garrix Reaches Gold and Platinum Records This WeekThere’s no questioning Martin Garrix‘s unbelievable talent in music production. Being able to accomplish all that he has done in his career at such a young age makes him a once in a lifetime story. While 2017 was an incredible year for the young superstar DJ, 2018 seems to be coming along just as well.

Just last week, Garrix released a brand new single with David Guetta and Brooks called ‘Like I Do‘. Now this week, two his singles reached Gold and Platinum Records. His collaboration with Dua Lipa, ‘Scared To Be Lonely‘ has been streamed over half a billion times on Spotify since it’s release last year and now with over a million copies sold, the track has achieved Platinum status in the United States. Another major track that Garrix produced last year was his collaboration with Troye Sivan, ‘There For You‘. Having been streamed over 300 million times on Spotify and is now certified Gold with over 500,000 copies sold in the United States.

These are just two more things to add on to a long list accomplishments Garrix has achieved in his short career. There is no doubt that he will have many new hit tracks coming out in the near future.

Oriental Cravings start the weekend right with brand new heater

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Young Perth duo Oriental Cravings have picked up in 2018 exactly where they left last year, releasing a fresh new banger ‘Toxic’. 

The track, featuring ACT up and comer Ned Philpot highlights a step in the right direction for the young producers, who shot to fame last year with their next level remix  RL Grimes’ belter ‘Stay For It’ with fellow Perth native Twerl. 

Toxic sees the lads develop upon this sound – reaching similar levels filth, with an impressive level production to boot. The track is available on all platforms, check it out and hear it at your favourite club this weekend!

Nina Kraviz speaks on gender equality at music festivals

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The queen techno Nina Kraviz has had her say on the current debate surrounding gender equality on festival bills. Speaking to English TV station Channel 4, the Siberian DJ discussed the need for equality for all people in the music scene – saying individuals should be judged on their talent and not their gender. She said, “what I will do is support talented people all sorts… I think it’s some kind reverse sexism, you know… When you only support groups (women) and not on their talent… what about some young (male artists) that are not getting that extra support but are also really talented. I would just like it to be fair – to support all talented people.”

She continued by saying, “I’ve been challenged a lot in my pressional life. It’s not been always easy, as you might imagine. To be a successful artist requires a lot effort. Look at the greatest artists. Can you say any one them had an easy life? No. Some them sacrificed their whole life, literally. It’s not only this glittery aspect being famous. It’s just bloody hard sometimes.”

Watch the full interview below and let us know your thoughts on the issue!

House legend Roger Sanchez is playing a club show in Brisbane this weekend

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New York selector Roger Sanchez is down under for a string that kick f tonight alongside Erick Morillo, and has thrown in a cheeky club gig at in Brisbane on Saturday.

With a reputation that has been built up over 20-years, Sanchez has proved he is not one to miss; with a back catalogue mixes and original tracks handcrafted for the club, and his ongoing Release Yourself guest mix series that has seen a plethora renowned artists over the years.

Be sure catch Sanchez at The MET on Saturday night for the Legacy Series. For more info, click and enjoy his Boiler Room mix from 2017 below.

City of Sydney wants to know where you go out and how it be can improved

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The City Sydney website has shared a new survey that, put simply, is asking your views on “where and when late-night trading should happen in Sydney.”

The survey is in line with a plan that promotes an ongoing management late-night trading in certain areas, depending on the “location and character the area”.

Late night trading areas include:

The survey asks you if you go out, how late you are out and the areas you frequent when you go out. They go on to ask you a string questions for each selected area on how these areas could improve.

This follows the recent news that City Sydney is building a panel ‘, in a bid to improve the city’s nightlife.

For more info, head to their where you can also find and complete the survey.

Rinzen gives a glimpse into his personal crate with release of debut mixtape, 'The Prologue'

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 has a proven A&R knack for spotting emerging talent, and historically, he’s equipped them to go f and take over their own corners the ever-growing EDM empire. If the career trajectories artists like or serve as any indication, then we have another star on our hands with .

The LA-based recruit, currently riding his breakthrough wave on the recent “Prologue” tour, has now dropped f his debut mixtape the same name, giving fans a glimpse at his crate current personal favorites. Rinzen blends tracks from Mind Against, , and , along with two unreleased original pieces and a handful additionally sophisticated tech house selects.

So far, the burgeoning beatmaker has delivered exceptionally conceptual projects, and “The Prologue” mixtape is no different. There’s an underlying theme equal parts trepedation and thrilling excitement that plays across the hour-long mix as it dips into deep house, progressive, and tribal territories. The mix reflects the process by which Rinzen continues to find his footing in this first chapter his career as he sets out on what’s clearly going to be a momentous journey for the emerging producer.


Lane 8 Uploads Spring 2018 Mixtape To Soundcloud

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Lane 8 Uploads Spring 2018 Mixtape To Soundcloud

Lane 8 – Spring 2018 Mixtape

Daniel Goldstein is one the biggest names in deep, feely house music. Better known by his stage name, Lane 8 saw his rise to fame on the Anjunadeep label. His debut album Rise in 2015 cemented Goldstein as a member the dance music community. More recently he has released his sophomore album Little By Little. Out on January 19th, Goldstein’s newest album is hosted by his own label . Lane 8’s recent events have also followed the theme the label name, taping over the attendee’s smartphones and trying to immerse fans in the moment instead taking pictures and videos. And now he has uploaded an impressive three hour Spring 2018 Mixtape to SoundCloud.

If you want an idea what tracks you will hear during the next leg Lane 8’s tour schedule you will want to listen to this mix all the way through. Full favorites from the Anjunadeep label and other tracks that are not as well known, this mixtape will give fans a solid dive into the deep end.

Listen below to Lane 8’s new Spring 2018 Mixtape to hear all his deep house favorites going into March. And if you haven’t been to a This Never Happened event you should treat yourself- grab tickets ! Letting yourself go from your phone and really living in the moment provides for a magical musical experience.

Lane 8 – Spring 2018 Mixtape

21 Savage, Offset, Metro Boomin – Ric Flair Drip

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First f, woooo, best song f this album am I right? The same day that this project dropped, which was right around the time that Ric Flair episode 30 For 30 came out on ESPN, I was listening to Rosenberg interview Flair and he mentioned this song to the legendary wrestler, so it’s cool to see Naitch actually show up for the visual.

21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin Release Without Warning

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21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin Release Without Warning

21 Savage and Offset have teamed up for a surprise joint project scored by Metro Boomin. The new tape, appropriately titled Without Warning, is 10-tracks deep and features appearances from Quavo and Travis Scott. Stream in full below.