Skrillex Reveals That Pendulum Was The Reason He Began Producing EDM

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Skrillex released his remix Pendulum’s ‘The Island Pt. 1′ today, and immediately we fell in love with the exciting new future bass take on the classic track. But it seems that this remix held a bit a special place in Skrillex’s heart for a different reason.

It turns out that Pendulum can be credited for being the straw that broke the camels back when it came to Skrillex deciding to produce electronic music. One Twitter the legendary DJ recounted a story when he was only 16 and on tour with his band, From First To Last.

While the group was in Salt Lake City preparing for a gig, a the owner a record store played Skrillex (or at the time, Sonny), some records. One them being ‘Hold Your Color’ by Pendulum. Skrillex was so take by the track that he knew at that moment he needed to take a chance and go head first into dance music production.

Thank god he did…check out the story below.

Pendulum Inspires Skrillex…

At The Cross Roads Of Indie, Pop And Electronic, PRXZM Debuts 'Come Alive' EP

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PRXZM is a little duo that I only recently became familiar with. Immediately I was drawn to the seemingly honest nature their productions. Each track that I would listen to had an authentic quality about it. PRXZM was never trying to replicate the success other similar groups. Instead, they were focusing on paving the way with their unique and captivating sound. After a series impressive singles the duo that met during their classes at Indiana University have released their very first EP, Come Alive.

PRXZM – ‘Come Alive’ EP

The group comprises Nick and Emma. A producer and a vocalist. Come Alive gives ample opportunities for both parties to shine brightly. It seems that the duo traded on and f on records in terms whether the production or the vocals would be the featured elements. This is a piece what makes PRXZM stand out as unique. In the opening notes each track, you are not sure what you are going to get. But there are constants – soaring synths, sultry if not playful lyrics, and course a heavy dose emotion.

Things don’t get much better than ‘Through The Night’ on Come Alive. The bold, euphoric melody Nick was able to create for this tune is on the levels what M83 was able to accomplish on ‘Midnight City’ many moons ago. Emma’s natural talent as a lyricist is more clear than ever on this track as her vocals keep the track grounded through the sky-high synths.

While PRXZM is still finding their footing in the world electronic music, their sound is incredibly accessible. Merging genres and sounds, pulling inspiration from all corners music, and course being unapologetically themselves – PRXZM are definitely ones to watch as 2018 continues to play out. Check out the EP below.

Cosma Releases A Free Trap Banger To Kick Off The Summer

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As global warming continues to heat up our atmosphere and every summer gets hotter than the last, so do the singles that come out around this season. Cosma decided to travel through the depths space and time to bring us his newest track “Enter the Wormhole”. First we’re greeted by some cheerful, yet eerie chords powered by a beautifully designed saw lead. Soon after that perfect half time groove kicks in to get your body moving. When the drop hits you’ll find yourself face to face with a multitude different and unique bass leads that are calling and responding perfectly with one another. The drums help for smooth transitions between the A and B parts the chorus that make for an all around cohesive song. Check out “Enter the Wormhole” below and enjoy the free download!

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BROHUG Continues It's Brohouse Dominance With New Single 'Charlie'

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Continuing their quest to create ground-breaking music with influences from all genres, the masterful trio BROHUG bring us their latest single ‘Charlie’, out now on Tiësto’s label, Musical Freedom.

‘Charlie’ is a house banger with an unrelenting bass and a drop that is set to destroy today’s dancefloors. But BROHUG doesn’t stop there. With a full-on explosion strings and horns that deliver an extra exciting disco funk facet, Charlie perfectly exemplifies how BROHUG are in their own lane as unique, multi-genre extraordinaires.

Talking their latest release on Musical Freedom, BROHUG explain: “We took things back to when House was House. ‘Charlie’ includes everything we fell in love with: the baseline, the beats, the disco influence.”

Listen to ‘Charlie’ below!

Armin van Buuren Drops 4 Track 'Blah Blah Blah EP'

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It hasn’t even been that long since Armin van Buuren’s ‘Blah Blah Blah’ took the world by storm, but that didn’t stop trance king Armin van Buuren from adding three more highly anticipated cuts to the equation. Now also comprising ‘The Last Dancer’ (with Shapov), ‘Just As You Are’ (as Rising Star) and ‘Popcorn’ (with Alexander Popov), the ‘Blah Blah Blah EP’ has arrived to set the dance music realm on fire.

Whereas title track ‘Blah Blah Blah’ gathered over 4 million views on YouTube in less than three weeks and has proven to be an essential asset to many top DJs’ festival live sets, ‘Just As You Are’ is a song fans have been waiting for since Armin van Buuren last spoiled them with a Rising Star record two years ago. The song features the dreamy vocals Fiora (known for linking up with Armin van Buuren on songs such as ‘Waiting For The Night’ and ‘Breathe In Deep’) and a sparkling, beguiling melody that sets the hearts and minds many Trance music fans alight.

‘The Last Dancer’ was made in collaboration with Shapov and released a few months back, reaching #1 in Beatport’s Trance chart shortly after while notching up many live plays from the world’s most popular acts at a host prestigious festivals. Rounding out the EP is ‘Popcorn’, a top-drawer collaboration with Alexander Popov that mimics the festival appeal 2014 smash ‘Ping Pong’ and merges it with the power and energy the leading Trance productions the moment. All in all, the ‘Blah Blah Blah EP’ fers a quartet sensational cuts Trance fans won’t be able to stop talking about.

Listen to Armin dominate once again below!

Armin van Buuren – “Blah, Blah, Blah EP”

Jauz Drops Bass House 'Diamonds' Collab with Kiiara

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After releasing hit after hit like “Gassed Up” with DJ Snake, “MotherF*ckers” with Snails, and even a remix Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s massive “One Kiss,” Jauz graces listeners with yet another hit collaboration. “Diamonds” featuring Kiiara is the newest from the bass-music homestay, and is now available for your listening pleasure.

A full length Jauz album is on the horizon

Jauz manages to combine elements from house music, bass, and even some trap influences in his newest track. His masterfully crafted instrumentation pairs beautifully with Kiiara’s airy, entrancing vocals. Even when straying slightly from his signature bass-filled sound, Jauz still manages to make this track completely his own. “Diamonds” is yet another impressive hit for Jauz in his already packed playbook.

As 2018 marches on, we fall closer and closer to Jauz’s impeding album release. Check out “Diamonds” below, and keep an eye out for Jauz’s LP.

Faux Tales Drops Powerful Track in Origins

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Nestled within the Swiss Alps is a dynamic producer by the name Faux Tales. Ok, truth be told, I cant verify that he lives up in the Alps, but judging by the beauty his melodies it would not surprise me one bit if that is where the Switzerland based producer resides. If you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone about music and they say they like Faux Tales then you should probably pay attention because that person knows what they are talking about. Faux Tales is a criminally underrated producer who creates some the most dynamic musical landscapes I have ever heard.

Origins, the latest release by Faux Tales, is a cinematic track with an expansive sound that takes you on a melodic journey. The song starts with an elegant melody on the piano. Violins and thunderous drums march their way to the tumultuous drop. Melodic dubstep always transports me into a fantasy world and nobody does it better than Faux Tales. His growling bass and powerful synths contrast with the delicate strings and tender piano. This is another huge track released by one the most talented producers out there. Listen to Origins below and see for yourself.

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Nicky Romero Puts Festival Flair On Afrojack & Jewelz & Sparks 'One More Day'

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Emerging just in time to turn this year’s flurry next-level festivals into even more a scene-defining escapade, Nicky Romero unleashes his a beautiful festival house spin onto the new single Afrojack and German duo Jewelz & Sparks. Premiered by the Wall Recordings head honcho himself at EDC Las Vegas and played as the final track his live set at The Flying Dutch last weekend, Nicky Romero’s remix adds a fresh scent magic to their latest fering, ‘One More Day’.

Right in time to blow this summer’s festivals f their hinges, Nicky Romero provides dance music lovers with a wonderful and above all blistering rendition. Turning ‘One More Day’ into a super-addictive Progressive House masterpiece, the Dutchman proves again why he’s widely considered one dance music’s top acts. I personally think this remix blows the doors f the original and I was a big fan that as well.

Check out the remix below and let us know what you think.

Afrojack & Jewelz & Sparks – One More Day (Nicky Romero Remix)

SoDown Releases A New Gorgeous And Thoughtful Summer Anthem - 'My Love' [EDM Sauce Premiere]

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SoDown has had some serious success the past few years. First starting with small shows around local venues in Colorado, to now being mentioned in the same breath as innovators such as Pretty Lights and Griz. SoDown’s innate ability to release across a variety genres while still maintaining his signature style is no doubt a major factor in his success today. His latest track, ‘My Love’, which we have the privilege premiering today, demonstrates this idea perfectly.

SoDown – ‘My Love’

While SoDown is most associated with the more bass inclined side organic electronic, his use live instrumentation has helped him evolve past being labeled under any singular sound. ‘My Love’ is a thoughtful song which will lull you into a sense deep relaxation. The saxophone hook that dances throughout the track, gives the tune a chilled out quality. This is the kind tune that begs to be played out on the back porch during a warm Summer night.

The airy vocals supplied by Jonny William elevate the tune to new heights. ‘My Love’ lies at the intersection tropical house and electronic funk. The song is just so good, you will find yourself questioning why this combination hasn’t be explored further by artists. If I had to guess, it is because breaking boundaries and exploring uncharted territory requires an amount risk. SoDown didn’t let the fear producing outside his comfort zone inhibit him while crafting this one, and his courage can be heard in each measure.

Summer Tour 2018

In between producing the soundtrack to your summer, SoDown will also be hitting cities all across North America. He also was honored with the privilege performing at BOTH weekends Electric Forest. Just imagine hearing this sexy tune in the depths the forest. It is easy enough to get lost in the daydream, so I cannot imagine how immaculate the experience will be in person. Check out the tune, tour dates, and SoDown’s social links below.

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SoDown Releases A New Gorgeous And Thoughtful Summer Anthem - 'My Love' EDM Sauce Premiere]

Don Diablo Drops New, Iconic House 'Anthem' And His Largest Headlining Show Ever

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A few days ago I reported that Don Diablo had a major announcement on the way. I guessed that it would be some new music. In actuality, Don took things a step further and announced a seriously major event. Taking place in his home country, FutureXL will undoubtedly be the biggest headlining show Don Diablo has ever played. On the heels this announcement, Don has also dropped a new single – ‘Anthem’.

Don Diablo – ‘Anthem’

The new single has been heard in Don Diablo’s set for quite a while now. Fans have been desperately begging for its ficial release. Don finally dropped ‘Anthem’ today and by all accounts, it is truly epic.

The song contains many Don Diablo’s signature album and a vocoder sample which drives the tune throughout. Once again Don Diablo has perfectly merged the world both house and big room. There’s a good reason why Don Diablo is one the most admired electronic music producers in the world today. Check out the new single below.

Marshmello Returns To EDM In New Production, But Does It Live Up To The Hype?

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Marshmello is undeniably one the biggest stars in music today. His high prile collaborations with some pop and raps biggest stars helped rocket him into the conscious the mainstream. A few months back Marshmello announced that he was working on an album which would mark his return to his OG style. Today we have gotten a chance to hear the first single. But the question still lingers. Does Marshmello’s classic sound still measure up to his past work?

Marshmello – ‘Tell Me’

One Marshmello’s defining hits was ‘Alone’. The chilled out trap arrangement complete with major chord progressions and an incredibly catchy vocal hit paved the way for his incredible success. I bring up ‘Alone’ because mello’s latest single, ‘Tell Me’, immediately evokes the classic hit.

While many may be f put by the similarities, I think Marshmello delivered exactly what he promised. A new upbeat, catchy single that will get festival crowds going all Summer long. Check out ‘Tell Me’ below and drop your thoughts in the comments.

Skrillex Breaths New Life Into Future Bass With Stunning Remix Of Pendulum's - 'The Island Pt. 1'

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This remix has been when the most anticipated releases in all 2018 so far. Pendulum’s incredible hit record, ‘The Island Pt. 1′ set a brilliant precedent for all vocal-driven electronic productions the 2010’s. Rob Swire’s immaculate vocals mixed with one the most recognizable hooks in all electronic music made for a truly one a kind track.

Pendulum began teasing an ficial remix album a few months ago and ever since singles have been dropping. The remixes have been getting mixed reviews, but the one that has hit the streaming services today is near perfect. Of course, I am talking about Skrillex’s remix The Island.

Pendulum – ‘The Island Part 1′ (Skrillex Remix)

Skrillex’s remix is not what you might expect. While many hoped his remix would be a full-on assault bass, Skrillex instead took a future bass approach to the track. Now I know what you are thinking – “Future Bass really? Hasn’t that been overdone?”. While I would usually agree, Skrillex has breathed new life into the sometimes stale genre.

The incredible production quality and unique take on traditional future bass arrangements have turned this song into an instant classic. I really cannot speak highly enough about this tune. Check it out below.