Marshmello Teases New Song Dropping Friday, That Is Pure-EDM, Old School Marshmello: LISTEN

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Marshmello is the hottest dance music artist in the world right now. I think this is literally the 4th article I have written about him in the last 24 hours. That is seriously above the average folks. That being said, he just keeps doing newsworthy things. We know that Marshmello was going to release new music come Friday that would be on Joytime II, an album which he promised would be entirely old school, EDM Marshmello. But today we finally get a listen.

Marshmello – ‘Tell Me’

Marshmello has not disappointed with the teaser his latest release. ‘Tell Me’ is classic, feel good, EDM Marshmello. Not vocalists or rappers to get in the way the euphoria this time. This teaser obviously has made fans twice as excited for what is to come when the album drops in full.

Marshmello also announced yesterday that he will be dropping a new tune which he produced for Vic Mensa, and G-Eazy this Friday. So both sides Marshmello fandom can rejoice come Friday. The man in white does his best to make everyone happy. Check out the teaser for ‘Tell Me’ below.

Porter Robinson Scraps Virtual Self Performance At Spring Awakening, Will Perform As Himself

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What an interesting title that was to write. We all know that Porter Robinson favors his latest moniker, Virtual Self to his normal production. If you have been fortunate enough to witness Virtual Self live – you know why. He has been billed on festivals all over the world as Virtual Self this summer, and there has much debate whether the artist would ever perform under his own name ever again. Virtual Self is his passion project, and his happiness can be heard through his music which has been nothing short incredible. He was scheduled to perform as Virtual Self this weekend, but some issues arose.

Porter Will Perform As Porter Robinson At Spring Awakening

Due to technical issues involving the stage, Porter has decided to scrap his Virtual Self set at Spring Awakening in Chicago this weekend. Instead, he will play a regular Porter Robinson set. This is interesting for one main reason. Porter obviously only wants to play the Virtual Self music if he can curate the entire sensory experience. Therefore we know he will continue to keep both his past productions entirely separate from those he has released as Virtual Self.

Fans are a bit disappointed, but many are just as excited as it appears a classic Porter Robinson set will be a rare find in the Virtual Self era. Check out the announcement below.

Skrillex's Remix Of Pendulum's Mega Hit 'The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn)' Is Officially Releasing This Friday

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This one has been a long time coming folks. Fans have heard whispers a Skrillex remix one EDM’s most recognizable songs for quite a while now. A few weeks back fans learned that the remix did exist, and even got to hear a short clip. Naturally, it lived up to and surpassed most expectations. The following week Pendulum took to social media to announce that the remix would see an ficial release. Today, we have finally learned that Skrillex’s remix ‘The Island Pt. 1′ will be released this Friday.

Pendulum – The Island Part 1 (Skrillex Remix)

Skrillex has taken a future bass twist on ‘The Island’ in his remix which has fans instantly excited. The Island is one the most recognizable tracks and acapella’s in the dance music world today. Artists like Madeon have remixed the tune with spectacular success, and it seems that Skrillex is finally the next up to the plate. Check out the teaser the remix here if you haven’t already. Below you can find confirmation Skrillex himself, that the remix will drop this Friday, June 8.

KJ Sawka x Noya - Rising Sun

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Behind Pendulum and Destroid is the drummer KJ Sawka whose performances have rocked the world for many years. On his own, his productions have done the same, but this time around he enlists the help Noya for “Rising Sun.” Released on Kannibalen Records, this dubstep single is a hot one, even by the esteemed label’s standards. With all the upcoming festivals you’re likely going to hear this one be dropped in front masses headbangers. Get your neck ready!

Jengi Releases Soulful Remix of SŸDE's "Above The Clouds"

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Jengi has proven to be an artist that you definitely should keep your eyes on. He has been dropping track after track, each one in a realm its own. With some moving originals and stellar remixes, Jengi seems unmatched with his flowing beats and melodies.

This “Above The Clouds” remix is exactly what you need for the summer, it provides the vibes that are surely missing from your life. Jengi captures every nuance the song perfectly, each sound comes f crisp and clean in a flowing and creative way. It is a take on the original track that keeps things fresh but also maintains the integrity the original.

Make sure to check out Jengi’s new remix “Above The Clouds” below…

Four Under Shares Beautiful New Single 'Not Over’

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EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records’ newest release comes from the up and coming producer Four Under. With his new song “Not Over,” we sat down with the artist to talk about this new release.

When asking him how he started to make music, he said “I started producing music about 2 years while I was in Massachusetts playing hockey. There was a lot downtime when I wasn’t on the ice so I figured I would try to learn how to make music. I then came to Indiana University where I was really able to dive into my music and develop my own style and sound.”

The inspiration for working on this song and with this vocalist was something that actually did a 180 once the vocals were put on the track. “Originally it was a completely different style but once I heard Thomas’ idea for the lyrics I knew the production behind it needed to change. I wanted to capture the emotion oh his voice and really tell a story with the instrumental behind it. I think the horns in the drop really helped me bring this out. I originally had heard Thomas Daniel on one my friends tracks a couple years ago and knew I wanted to work with him some day. So in February I finally wrote something that I thought would fit him perfectly. I sent it to him and we hit it f instantly. Within a few weeks we had the vocals recorded. It was great working with him and I love how the song came together.”

Stream Four Under’s “Not Over” below:

Four Under – Not Over

Stream on all platforms and your free download here.

Yellow Claw Scraps Collaboration With Skrillex, DJ Snake Finishes Project - 'Public Enemy' [Out Friday]

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Skrillex and Yellow Claw’s collaboration ‘Rawhide’ was one the most anticipated releases this year. Fans were dying for the track to be finished and ficially drop. But at some point, the wheels fell f the project. We are not sure if it was conflicting schedules or a loss interest but it quickly became apparent that the collaboration would not see the light day. Instead scrapping the project entirely, Yellow Claw decided to ring up another friend to help finish out the track.

DJ Snake Saves The Day

DJ Snake has stepped in to finish the track, which now exists under the name, ‘Public Enemy’. While many fans voiced their disappointment that Skrillex was no longer part the project, the overwhelming majority were just thrilled that it would finally be released. Let’s be real here too…if you can’t have Skrillex, DJ Snake is literally just as good.

The track is set to be released on Friday, check it out below.

The Chemical Brothers just dropped a snippet of new music!

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After a 3 year hiatus on their last Electronic Battle Weapon release, The Chemical Brothers are back at it again teasing us new things to come with EBW 12.

The 14-second snippet is just enough to hint that the next album will be pure madness. As if entering into a dingy haunted house, you’re met with a strobe unidentified faces, echoing laughs to chill the spine and an ominous yet electrifying beat that induces ultimate rave antics.

It’s safe to say the album to follow probably won’t be your PG sound like that their grooving Salmon Dance rather you’ll find yourself recognising the sample in the basement some underground club five red bull vodkas deep.

Get hyped with the snippet here and don’t forget polish the speed dealers:

ACT duo to entertain NSW and QLD league fans in Victoria tonight

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B-Side is our latest news section breaking the stories you won’t read about anywhere else. Hard hitting news f the back a truck that we published without fact checking.

The rugby league world is set to be rocked tonight, with the State Of Origin pre-game entertainment going to none other than Peking Duk.

The Canberra born duo will be jetting down to Victoria to perform for 80,000+ NSW and QLD rugby league fans at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground that… Wait.. What?

Regardless, B-Side editor Micky McClure spoke with Adam Hyde Peking Duk in Melbourne today, who says they’re “pumped for tonight, yew”. “We love footy, and there’s no place to watch some rugby league among the die-hard NSW and QLD supporters like the MCG, here in sunny Melbourne.”

He added that despite being from boring Canberra, both members Peking Duk are die-hard Blues supporters, and hope that their pre-game musical showcase can bring the boys some luck.

A spokesperson from NRL admits they are aware the confusing, inter-state blur that tonight is building into, and explains they “felt like we had to get Canberra involved somehow”.

Origin kicks f at 8pm tonight on Channel 9. Tune in early for Peking Duk’s performance and Gus Gould’s monologue.

SOPHIE is dropping her debut album next week!

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SOPHIE has shared the release date her debut album, OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES which is due out on the 15th June. That’s next week!

Off the back exciting, genre-bending singles like ,  and Faceshopping, the hype for this album is massive, and massive is what we can only assume the album will be. Put bluntly, there are no artists in the game challenging us with pop-fuelled-electroncia like SOPHIE is and has been for a while now, so we’re beyond excited to see hat her debut album brings to the table.

On top the album release date, SOPHIE has shared a string o finternarional tour dates. Revisit her single Faceshopping below and peep the dates.

Tour Dates
June 9 – Milan, Italy – Radar Festival
June 15 – Barcelona, Spain – Sonar by Day
June 22 – Brooklyn, NY – LadyLand
June 23 – Mexico City, MX – Traición
July 7 – Trencin, Slovakia – Pohoda Festival
July 12 – Lisbon, Portugal – NOS Alive
July 13 – Bilbao, Spain – Bilbao BBK Live
August 17 – Hasselt, Belgium – Pukkelpop Festival
September 14 – Los Angeles, CA – 1720
September 15 – San Francisco, CA – August Hall
September 16 – Vancouver, BC – Westward Music Festival @ Imperial
September 26 – Toronto, ON – The Mod Club
September 27-29 – Montreal, QC – POP Montreal

Mall Grab switches it up on new remix of FOLD’s ‘Marimba Echoes’

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Mall Grab has added another sublime remix to his catalogue, this time flipping London producer FOLD’s track,  Marimba Echoes Aus Music.

The nearly five minute rework sees the Aussie producer steer away from the popularised, lo-fi house sound you may recognise him for, while still maintaining a heavy club influence that comes infused with an array soothing instrumentals.

This is the first remix from Mall Grab in a minute, and once again showcases diversity in his arsenal, following on from stellar remixes for and in the past. Dive into his remix Marimba Echoes below and enjoy.

Throwback Track: Alice DeeJay – Better Off Alone

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As one the catchiest dance tracks in modern history, we couldn’t continue avoiding Alice DeeJay‘s Better Off Alone.

The Eurodance-meets-trance jam was released back in the year 2000, as part Alice DJ’s Who Needs Guitars Anyway? album and was an instant summer hit, circulating throughout Europe and then the world and stamping it’s place in dance music history almost instantly.

Relive Better Off Alone below, and we apologise in advance for getting this stuck in your head for the next 3 days.