sergioisdead - All Of The Things ft. Hyara

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NYC based producer sergioisdead has just released his newest track the ever-flourishing label PRMD Music. “All Of The Things” follows on from “1Night,” which arrived at the start the year and is a collaboration with vocalist Hyara.

sergioisdead’s production is a sight to behold, and this release has left us truly captivated. Hyara’s lightly undulating tones cascade over a smattering electronic bleeps and divine streams melody.

It’s a hit from us. Check it below.

Kota Banks flexes her Italian heritage on new track ‘Fiorentina’

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Kota Banks has had quite the year. After signing on with NLV Records in 2017, the Sydney-based artist has unleashed nothing but heat, and that hot streak continues today with her new track Fiorentina.

The track features North London MC Capo Lee, and is another showcase Kota’s powerful and confident vocal range as the lyrics detail her plans to take over – which we can only agree is plausible given the impact she’s had in such a short amount time. Production wise, Fiorentina is host to another refreshing, neo-pop instrumental that we have come to expect given her label mates are Swick, NLV and Strict Face among others.

This Speaking on the single, Kota says “Fiorentina is just me flexing and repping my Italian heritage”. “I’d been working with Swick for months on the mixtape, and knowing he loves to play FIFA, I’d been telling him I was going to make a song about it. It actually started as almost a joke for me, but as we worked on it, I realised how much I resonated with it culturally, and how much I needed a song on the project that evoked Italian flavour. This song is probably my favourite on the tape. My nonna gets down to it when she cooks.”

Is Kota Bans Australia’s most exciting pop prospect? We have no reason to doubt it. Listen to Fiorentina below and see what you think.

There are ‘Snapchat’ pills in circulation and they’re no laughing matter

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Police in the UK have issued a warning against a batch potentially harmful ‘Snapchat’ shaped pills, after two young women were hospitalised in West Yorkshire over the weekend. The small rectangular pills are said to bear the logo the infamous social media app, Snapchat.

Alarmingly, those hospitalised where schoolchildren aged 12 and 13, who are now in a stable condition. A 13-year old boy has been arrested on drug-related fences as a result.

West Yorkshire Police have released the following statement:

This news adds to a growing list incidents involving pills around the world, including recent reports a dodgy batch  as well as lethal dose  round ones.

Make sure you stay safe out there guys and if you can, test your pills…or better yet, don’t take them at all.



NSW Police Dogs are going on strike after relentless campaign against them

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B-Side is our latest news section breaking the stories you won’t read about anywhere else. Hard hitting news f the back a truck that we published without fact checking.

The NSW Police Dog Union has announced they will be going on strike following a relentless campaign against them from the general public and the media.

This breaking news follows a string negative campaigns against the use Police Dogs – particularly the dogs in the narcotics department – that has become all too much for the once strong union to bare.

Union leader for NSW Police Dogs, Buddy has spoken directly with B-Side’s law enforcement editor, detailing the high level stress that has spread like a poison throughout the union as a result anti-Police Dog organisations such as Sniff-Off.

“I don’t understand” he said. “I’m a good boy. We’re all good boys and good girls. Why do all the humans hate us so much?”.

“My colleagues in the narcotics department are finding it near impossible to stay motivated with their work. We have had 3 dogs take a mental health leave this week alone, and we simply can’t afford to be down on numbers leading into the on Saturday night. The media slander has to stop! If they don’t like what we do, why don’t they try sniffing a blokes nuts.”

He went on to explain that the sheer confusion between the praise their police humans and the overwhelming hate from general public and Australian media humans has created something an existential crisis amidst even the most veteran Police Dogs in the union.

There has been no set date for the strike as yet, however the Director Media Relations for NSW Police Dogs, Roxy says she will be in touch.

Tchami Drops Rip-Roaring New Mix - CONFESSIONS #7 [Stream]

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When it comes to house music, none are held in higher regard than Tchami and his brilliant label CONFESSION. His touring act alongside Malaa, No Redemption has been selling out cities all over the world, and headlined some the most renowned festival stages in the world. Tchami is showing no sign slowing down either. He has doubled down on his success with a wild 7th installment his mix series, CONFESSIONS.

Tchami – CONFESSONS #7

Featuring artists including Chris Lake, Diplo and label newcomer Kramder, this mix quite literally has it all. Tchami really highlights his innate talent when it comes to selecting the use samples. There is nothing more fun than a solid intro that primes your ears for an hour long mix, and in CONFESSIONS #7 Tchami does not disappoint.

Celebrate your weekend a little early. Turn the volume up and hit play, and before you know it, it will be 5pm Friday. We really cannot wait to see and hear what comes next from both Tchami and CONFESSION, as if this mix is any indicator the future is looking as bright as ever.

Dash Berlin Cancels Festival Performance For Undisclosed Health Complications

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Spring Awakening is taking place this weekend in the windy city Chicago. The festival which has grown exponentially year to year since its inception following the one-and-done EDC Chicago has curated one the most impressive lineups in all Festival Season. That being said 2018 has come with a few challenges so far. Spring Awakening and their incredible active Twitter account have smoothed things over time and time again.

Spring Awakening Replaces Dash Berlin

First Porter Robinson changed his set from a Virtual Self performance to just a Porter DJ set after issues with stage design. Now Dash Berlin has canceled his performance because undisclosed health concerns.

The festival has promised to announce the replacement for Dash tomorrow, but trance fans who are planning to attend are understandably upset. We have full faith that Spring Awakening will bring in some heat to fill the void, and wish Jeff a quick and speedy recovery from whatever is plaguing him!

Truth x Lies & Holyman Release Groovy New Single "9 To 5"

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New York based producers Truth x Lies alongside fellow Brooklyn based house producer Holyman have come together to bring us a disco and vibe filled track that is sure to make you wanna dance all night long. Entitled “9 To 5” the track is a house single perfectly representing the style and creativity these talented artists.

“9 To 5” takes us back to an age complete with electrifying dance floors and heart stopping rhythms. The track is a flowing piece house music with a driving kick and moving bassline that will take you into a whole new atmosphere. The Perfect Havok released single is bound to make anyone move their hips almost instantly and will take your night into a whole new gear full uplifting dance music antics.

Check out Truth x Lies & Holyman’s new single “9 To 5” below…

Ryan Browne Releases Genre Bending Remix Of "Everytime We Touch"

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LA based producer/drummer Ryan Browne is bringing the metal to your ears again, and not only that but plenty other genres along with it. He has recently released a new remix “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada and it is a tantalizing mix rock and hard electronic goodness.

Ryan Browne, known for his stellar drumming skills, incorporates a lot his skill and precision into this wild ride a remix. The song is a progression into the unknown complete with a rock/metal intro going into a unique and unexpected drop filled with influences hardstyle, dubstep, and trap. It is a different take on this very popular song that we certainly haven’t heard before.

Make sure to check out Ryan Browne’s drum cover the song and his full remix below…


Space Laces Shows Out With Insane Debut EP "Overdrive" Via Never Say Die

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Space Laces has come quite a long way since his humble beginnings and now it seems he is about to take over the world. The Never Say Die artist just released his debut EP “Overdrive” and believe me when I tell you it is an absolute scorcher. Each track is a hard hitting monster, ready to set fire to any festival it is being played at.

The EP has a total 4 tracks, each one inherently stands on its own but they all also comes together nicely to create a cohesive compilation music. It includes a collaboration with Getter and also a remix by rising french producer IVORY. The project is a thunderous excitement sounds and is filled with crisp and clean sound design. This talented producer has certainly outdone himself with this one and I’m sure it will be a very pleasurable dubstep experience for any fan listening to it.

Check out Space Laces debut EP “Overdrive” below…

Stream/Buy Link!

Crazy Double Breaks through right before Summer with High Energy Latin Dance Track

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Whats up dance music community? Thanks so much for tuning into an action packed Thursday for all your alternative dance music up and comers. This week we’re brining you a fire, latin influenced track, drawn up by Crazy Double, a killer dance music cross over group that brings their own spin to the scene. Their most recent track, Pipa, really brings all the elements a Summer hit from the synth breaks, vocals, moohmbah beats, and overall fiesta feeling. This track can go a long way if it hits the mainstream and shows that just about any up and comer can break into a scene with such a high energy track. We encourage you to check out the track below!

The Official 2018 Lost Lands Trailer is Here

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Headbangers prepare to become even more excited for Lost Lands because the ficial trailer is here. 

Last year Excision’s own dinosaur-themed festival shook Legend Valley to its core —and we’re ready to do it again. Get ready to step into a prehistoric world filled with headbanging dubstep, 400,000 watts bass and a ton huge freaking dinosaurs.

Check out the full trailer below.

The 2018 lineup boasts bass music behemoths Flux Pavilion, Rusko, 12th Planet and course several sets from Excision. The three-day festival takes place September 14-16 in Thornville, Ohio and fers camping. Tickets are on sale at

After 20-years, dance legends Stardust are working on new music!

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One time French wonder group, Stardust, are reportedly working on new music together for the first time since 1998. It looks like the group, which consists  Thomas Bangalter (one half ), & Benjamin Diamond, are putting in a shift at Translab Studio Paris with the help Swiss house artist, Chab.

The news is welcomed with open arms by dance music lovers some 20 years on from the group’s first release. 1998’s blissful formed an integral part the disco revival that era and added a significant notch to the belt Bangalter, Braxe and Diamond at the time. If their first cut is anything to go by, we should be jumping out our skins to hear what is in the pipeline for Stardust…hopefully in 2018!