Wendy Williams Claims Diddy Once Sent Total To Jump Her?

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New York, NY – Before Wendy Williams became the colorful talk show host she is today, she was knee-deep in radio. During her time on the air, she claimed Diddy once sent the three women from the group Total to assault her. Total was one the signature acts on Bad Boy Records at the time.

She recalled the incident on a recent episode The Wendy Williams Show but didn’t name names.

“Once upon a time, there was music mogul who sent his all-girl group to beat my ass in front the radio station,” she says around the 21:30-minute mark. “I finish my shift, round up my headphones to see everyone lined up on the side the window, looking down at the sidewalk.

“And I’m going downstairs, and my new boyfriend at the time, the bad Kevin … and I go downstairs to see this girl group jump out a gypsy cab to come after me to kick my ass. I’m like, ‘For what?’ You know what I said was true. You all are broke and you were living in projects and that was that.”

Williams assured her audience the story would be played out in her Lifetime documentary. She told the same story several years back on the radio but identified the women by name.

She said “them Total bitches” — “three fighting broads” — did take a taxi to confront her while her coworkers encouraged it. Her then-boyfriend Kevin Hunter ultimately stopped the fight.

Listen below.

Aaron Paul Compares The Breaking Bad Ending To The Game OF Thrones Ending | El Camino – Extra Butter

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Aaron Paul is back as Jesse Pinkman in a new Netflix movie called El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie. The movie starts right where Breaking Bad left off with Pinkman’s dramatic escape from captivity that we see close out the Felina episode. In El Camino Jesse must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future. This gripping thriller is written and directed by Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad and believe it or not while Vince has directed 5 episodes of Breaking Bad, 5 episodes of Better Call Saul and 2 episodes of The X Files, this is his feature film directorial debut.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Aaron Paul to talk about El Camino and reprising the role of Pinkman, The role that garnered multiple awards and Breaking Bad as a whole garnered over 50 nominations. Aaron recalls “I get a call from Vince, as I was walking the streets of New York, and he says I have an idea for a movie, I want to tell the story of what happens to Jesse after he escapes the compound.” Vince would go on to ask Aaron if he would be interested in this role, “I said of course. I say this all the time, I would follow Vince into a fire.”

Paul goes on to explain how much the character of Jesse Pinkman means to him, referring to him as a real person and ending with how he loves the guy. Breaking Bad is widely considered the best show to ever air on television with a lot of people thinking it’s only rival is Game Of Thrones. I asked Aaron about the Game Of Thrones finale and the backlash it got vs the perfect ending of Breaking Bad.

He opened up saying, “The thing is people, don’t want good things to end. So everyone is looking t this art under a big magnifying glass so they are so picky. But it is very hard to nail the landing.” Adding how the Breaking Bad team did an excellent job of wrapping up the show. He also goes on to say he loves how Game Of Thrones ended saying he watched the last episode 3 times. Then naming the second to last episode as “some of the greatest hour and a half of cinema I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Now those are big words.

Interview: 7xvethegenius Talks "7xve is Love" & The Other Side Of Buffalo's Story

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Buffalo, NY – There are two sides to every story — and the city Buffalo is no different. For those who have never set foot on the holy grounds that birthed the almighty Griselda conglomerate, they’ve primarily had a singular and consistent narrative life in the city.

Rapper 7xvethegenius is looking to diversify that, with the release her opus 7xve is Love, which

“Buffalo is a huge ghetto, and all that grimy shit certainly exists, but there is another side to the story,” she tells HipHopDX. “A more hopeful side, the side that creates Keisha Plum poems and Rick James pizzazz.”

7xve has been bubbling for a while now, coming up in proximity to Griselda — most recently hitting the road to support longtime friend Benny The Butcher.

“We’ve had multiple talks throughout the years just about how to get in the doors the industry … We both knew as soon as somebody figured it out, it would be over,” she says. “Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, and Benny figured it out, now I gotta introduce the world to a different lens the same city you’ve heard a lot about from the Griselda Family.”

Her 10-song follow-up to April’s The Calm Before mixtape was purposely titled 7xve is Love to help people understand the spelling her name. “I am the definition what love is,” she says, breaking down the project’s mantra.

“I wanted to create a body work that represents every dimension how I perceive love to be. Love is calm, love is aggressive, love is playful and upbeat … but, love is also a real feeling and connection to the soul,” she explains. “That’s what I wanted this project to invoke: all the feelings what love is or is perceived to be.”

Beyond the conceptual vision, she also points to the fact that as a female MC (a term she suggests should be retired), she feels compelled to represent others like her from her hometown accurately. It’s a niche she suggests isn’t currently being filled.

“I appreciate the content, sound and style other rappers, I really do, but there is a whole other existence and side women out here, that to me, hasn’t been correctly represented, according to my perspective,” she says.

“The ‘on the grind, high achieving, feminine, educated, from the hood to the CEO, money-making’ type woman. We need a soundtrack for our lives too. One that’s not overly conscious, and we can listen to while we roll-up. That’s what this project is.”

Ultimately, the project is meant to etch her name into the tapestry Buffalo’s elite. Or, as she confidently labels it, “A calm introduction to the highest quality lyrical street art,” from the city’s east side.

“Conway always tells me it’s my turn, that they opened the doors for me and others from the city to come through,” she notes. “I’m here to introduce the world to the rest the story.”

Stream 7xve is Love by 7xvethegenius below.

Interview: 7xvethegenius Talks "7xve is Love" &  The Other Side Of Buffalo's Story


  1. “1998”
  2. “McCarthy Park”
  3. “Drug Dreams”
  4. “Pop Off” feat. Hoodstar Jack
  5. “Gem in Eye” feat. Quadir Lateef
  6. “You Should Be Proud”
  7. “Who Are They?”
  8. “Pray”
  9. “Too Godly For A Title” feat. Skyzoo
  10. “Black Soul”

These Photos Are Proof That Cardi B Had The Ultimate Glo’ Up

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Can you believe it’s only been two short years since Cardi B r announced that she would not be returning to Love & Hip Hop: New York. It’s actually kind of hard to remember a time when the larger than life star wasn’t one of the biggest names on the planet. We’ve seen her go from a ‘regular degular smegular’ girl from the Bronx, to a Grammy Award winning rapper and one of this decade’s most sought-after personalities.

In honor of the star moving on to bigger and better things, ans turning 27-years old today, check out these photos of Cardi B’s glo’ up from BX beauty to reality, rap royalty.

2. Never had shame in her game.

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3. Oldie but goodie.

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5. New fame Cardi

These Photos Are Proof That Cardi B Had The Ultimate Glo’ Up


6. Great Advice.

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7. Green On The Scene

These Photos Are Proof That Cardi B Had The Ultimate Glo’ Up


8. BET Hip Hop Awards 2017

These Photos Are Proof That Cardi B Had The Ultimate Glo’ Up


Young Cardi & Trina

9. Fresh Off Of Bodak Yellow

These Photos Are Proof That Cardi B Had The Ultimate Glo’ Up


10. The glow up

These Photos Are Proof That Cardi B Had The Ultimate Glo’ Up


11. Now, she’s a star

These Photos Are Proof That Cardi B Had The Ultimate Glo’ Up


13. And a mother

14. Not much has changed though

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15. HBD Cardi B.

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Big Bardi

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Press Play: New ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Trailer, Plus The Official Soundtrack Features Normani, Chaka Khan And More

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If you haven’t heard, Charlie’s Angels is getting a third installment, due in theaters next month.

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska will follow in the footsteps of Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore, as they take on the franchise in the new Elizabeth Banks-directed film. Here’s a short synopsis, courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment:

“In Banks’ bold vision, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska are working for the mysterious Charles Townsend, whose security and investigative agency has expanded internationally. With the world’s smartest, bravest, and most highly trained women all over the globe, there are now teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosleys taking on the toughest jobs everywhere. The screenplay is by Elizabeth Banks from a story by Evan Spiliotopoulos and David Auburn.”

Watch the newest trailer up top. More interesting, in my humble opinion, is the soundtrack, which features some our favorite names. Available November 1, Chaka Khan, Kiana Ledé, Kash Doll, Normani, and more are lending their vocals to the project. Check out the full tracklist below.

#DXCLUSIVE: Rome Streetz Teams With Planet Asia For "Stay Golden" Video

Filed by Alvera CastaldoAlvera Castaldo

Rome Streetz and Planet Asia joined forces for a collaborative track titled “Stay Golden” on the former’s album Noise Kandy 3: The Overdose. A few months after the LP dropped, the two have reconnected to deliver some visuals for their Wavy Da Ghawd-produced song.

“Planet Asia and I met through a mutual friend,” Rome tells HipHopDX. “We kicked it for hours before we did any music … he has great energy and it was an honor to work with someone I look up to and salute as a legend in the game.”

Asia adds, “Rome Streetz is the now and the future!!!”

Watch Rome’s “Stay Golden” video featuring Asia above.

#DXCLUSIVE: Evidence, Stalley, Nottz, Khrysis & More Join Big Cousin On "Blue Money" EP

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HipHopDX Premiere – Big Cousin is ready to make his indelible mark on Hip Hop culture with his debut EP, Blue Money. 

Boasting guest vocals from Stalley, Evidence and Shateish and production by Nottz, Eric G and Khrysis, the six-track project adheres to the sounds several Big Cousin’s influences, including Little Brother, Kanye West, JAY-Z and Cam’ron. At the same time, it effortlessly

“The EP is about grinding no matter what the circumstance is to get what you want in life,” Big Cousin tells HipHopDX. “These are my thoughts, my perspective and how I made it through to get where I’m at now.“

The title track is also accompanied by a visual, which finds directors Deevelop Media following the two MCs around Hollis as they spit their verses, capturing the blue-collar vibe the track and the artists themselves.

The Blue Money EP is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms Big Cousin’s own label, Global Not Local Records.

Check out the “Blue Money” video up top, EP stream, cover art and tracklist below and cop it here.

#DXCLUSIVE: Evidence, Stalley, Nottz, Khrysis & More Join Big Cousin On "Blue Money" EP
  1. Intro
  2. Blue Money f. Stalley
  3. Say It Ain’t So f. Shateish
  4. Thats Why Baby
  5. Love Games
  6. Bleed Respect f. Evidence

Sebastian Park impresses with an unique blend of future house and bass on his latest release “Never Gonna Be”

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With an unique twist, Sebastian Park’s latest release featured a plethora surprises, ranging from the beautiful pop-like breakdown, the groovy and energetic future house drop and then the surprising switch to a future bass beat, making the track that much special and unique. The selection synths is great and the vocals sit in the mix just right, the whole track feeling just as atmospheric as it is energetic and powerful. Thanks to the constant switches in approach while still maintaining the same vibe and patterns, the tune stays fresh and captivating all the way throughout from start to finish and it’s a banger you wouldn’t want to miss out on, no matter what genre you are into!

Get grooving to Saladin’s latest future house tune “Bizarre Love Triangle”

Filed by Ryan FerroRyan Ferro

With an intoxicating groove, great atmosphere and a catchy vocal, there’s nothing not to like about this tune. The drops are energetic and groovy at the same time, with a powerful typical future house bassline and a catchy little synth melody on top to give the track that little extra and make it really special. The mix is tight and powerful and the transitions between drops and breakdowns are well executed, giving the track good cohesion and a nice atmospheric feel to it, letting it flow steady from start all the way to the end. The vocal is a nice touch, giving the tune extra depth and making it more unique, keeping the listener hooked all throughout the track. Definitely check this one out!

Lil Kim Returns After 14 Years With "9" Album

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Lil Kim is back. The Queen Bee has released 9, her first album since 2005’s The Naked Truth.

Kim’s comeback LP was originally scheduled to drop in May but was pushed back by her label eOne Music. The nine-track project features collaborations with Rick Ross, City Girls, O.T. Genasis, Rich The Kid and Musiq Soulchild.

Check out Kim’s 9 stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Lil Kim Returns After 14 Years With "9" Album

1. Pray for Me f. Rick Ross & Musiq Soulchild
2. Bag
3. Catch My Wave f. Rich The Kid
4. Go Awff
5. Too Bad
6. You Are Not Alone
7. Found You f. O.T. Genasis & City Girls
8. Auto Blanco
9. Jet Fuel

Box unleashed a superb electronic pop tune with latest release “I Let You”

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Featuring beautiful vocal-infused verses, emotional synths and strings and a cool future bass beat to give the track some much needed energy, “BOX” delivers a soaring happy tune, fit for both radios and club dance floors alike. The tune transitions from section to section smoothly, giving in turn the track great cohesion and reinforcing the special atmosphere build with the synths and beat. The vocals are mixed very well and fit right there in the instrumental, giving the track extra uniqueness and depth, while also keeping it from ever becoming boring to the listener. Definitely a must-hear this one, so go check it out for yourself right now!

Def Jam's YK Osiris Delivers Debut Album "The Golden Child"

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YK Osiris has dropped The Golden Child, his debut album for Def Jam Recordings.

The R&B singer’s first LP is comprised 15 tracks, including his hit single “Worth It” and a remix the Billboard Hot 100-charting song. The project features collaborations with Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla $ign, Russ, Kehlani and Jah Vinci.

View Osiris’ The Golden Child stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Def Jam's YK Osiris Delivers Debut Album "The Golden Child"

1. Worth It (Remix) f. Tory Lanez & Ty Dolla $ign
2. Shakira
3. Fake No Mo
4. Sexual
5. Ride f. Kehlani
6. Mind Games f. Russ
7. Change
8. Make Lovelude
9. Make Love
10. Exotic
11. Closer f. Jah Vinci
12. Ballin
13. Everything You Do
14. Valentine
15. Worth It