50 Cent Basks In Blocking Wendy Williams During His Tycoon Party: "Bitch Wait Outside"

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Elizabeth, NJ – 50 Cent held a massive pool party on Sunday (August 18) which he dubbed the “Tycoon party.” Snoop Dogg, Fabolous, Trey Songz and Jacquees were among the many notable artists on hand for the New Jersey-based event.
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But according to TMZ, at least one person was blacklisted — Wendy Williams.

Fiddy and the longtime talk show host have been at odds for years so naturally, the Power mogul didn’t roll out the red carpet for her. In fact, he shared Instagram video Williams walking into the party and took issue with her mere presence.

“you can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me,” he wrote in the caption. “BITCH wait out side.”

Williams reportedly brought her son Kevin Jr. to meet Tha Doggfather for his 19th birthday. With the help the Elizabeth Police Department, she was able to avoid 50 and his security to make it happen.

Once she snapped the photo, she quickly left. Sources at the party says she was in and out in 20 minutes.

Despite the party crasher, 50’s event looked like it went f without a hitch.

Check out some the photos below.

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Interview: Fat Joe Wanted Dre Of Cool & Dre To Drop A Solo Album — & He Finally Listened

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Miami, FL – Prolific producer Dre Grammy Award-winning production duo Cool & Dre speaks with pure confidence as he takes a call with HipHopDX from his Miami compound for a conversation about his forthcoming project Family Ties with Fat Joe.

“We have an album it’s called Family Ties and we just released the first single f the project featuring Lil Wayne and it’s called ‘Pullin,’” he tells DX. “We plan on dropping the album, hopefully, before the summer’s over. Shortly after that, I’m gonna drop my solo album.”

This isn’t the first time a producer has soused in the idea becoming a performing artist. It’s actually been Fat Joe’s idea for the Miami-based sound architect to finally become a solo artist.

Considering the fact that Dre and his partner Cool have been quietly slanging hits all across the Billboard charts and radio stations across the nation this past year (including work on Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s EVERYTHING IS LOVE) since the superfluous success Joe Crack’s and Remy Ma‘s chart-topping smash “All The Way Up” in 2016, it makes sense the record producer, born Andre Christopher Lyon, didn’t have much time to dedicate to the development himself as a solo musician.

“Joe and I had to let go a record a year and a half ago called ‘So Excited‘ and it was like a top-five record on the R&B charts. I did the hook but it was supposed to be a reference. Joe loved what I did so much and was just like stop being shy nigga everybody wants you to drop music. We put the record out and it really well then another with Chris Brown ‘Attention.’”

On many the records that feature Dre, such as Rick Ross cut “Blow” f his platinum-selling 2006 debut album Port Miami as well as his own tracks like 2005’s “Naomi” and “Chevy Ridin’ High” from 2009 featuring Rozay himself, listeners will find that he has a tight grasp on melody, soothing vocals and impressive raps.

Once Dre fully steps onto the arena on producers-turned-artists with his solo project, he will join the ranks prominent music creators Pharrell and Kanye West. Dre has no fear about making the move and could care less about stigmatized labels.

“People are going to always try to put you in a box,” he says. “When they tell you you can’t do something remind them that part being a producer is you’re also being an artist.”

Fat Joe has been Dre’s biggest supporters and tapped in with him straight high school back in 2001 and it’s been in ever since.

“I love Fat Joe,” Dre elates. “He opened up a huge drawer opportunity for us to be able to hustle and get to where we’re at now. I feel as though, for someone who released his first record in 1993 and it’s 2019, 26 years later to still be relevant and still be making music relatable to the new generation now and still have his fans for 20 years love it. We don’t really speak about that enough. I think about the guys that dropped music in 2010 that’s not doing shit right now. For him to be doing it for so long, I just don’t think he is in the conversation as much as he should be and this album is going to be something that is going to cement his legacy and is going to introduce everyone to what I’m capable doing.”

Dre is super positive that the project will be a huge cultural moment just like “All The Way Up.”

“We feel as though we have two those on this album,” he says. “If people were impressed with my verse on ‘Pullin,’ be ready cause I feel as I’m one the nicest niggas in the game when it comes to the wordplay.”

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Behind The Scenes: Gabrielle Union Will Take On Interracial Relationship In Upcoming Rom-Com

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Gabrielle Union might find love outside her race thanks to a new flick she’s producing and starring in.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Union is partnering with writer and director Chester Tam for a new untitled romantic comedy that follows the relationship of a newly single African-American woman and a recently divorced Asian-American man.

Tam, who’s known for writing and directing the Netflix movie Take the 10, is also set to write and direct this movie. Though details are still limited, the story is supposed to show how a drunken one-night stand leads to a secret relationship that eventually goes public. The friends and family of the two leads are filled with surprise considering their dating history. The story is said to be inspired by a real-life relationship Tam experienced.

Union will produce with Holly Shakoor Fleischer alongside Tam and Trevor Engelson. There’s no word yet on who will play Union’s Asian-American love interest.

Screen Gems is the company behind the film. They secured the spec script that Union has been developing with Tam for more than a year now.

Some folks pointed out that this isn’t the first time a Gabrielle Union character has been in a relationship with a Asian-American guy. In the 2009 ABC sci-fi show Flashforward, Union’s character Zoey Andata was in a romantic relationship with John Cho‘s Demetri Noh.

Naturally, fans of Flashforward are hoping that Cho will get the lead role in this Chester Tam flick.


Union definitely wasn’t opposed to the idea.


We’ll find out what happens!

Until then, if you want a taste of Tam’s past work, you can check out his flick Take the 10 on Netflix.


Funk Flex Says He Confirmed JAY-Z Told Jermaine Dupri Not To Get Involved With NFL

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New York, NY – Funkmaster Flex has inserted himself into the controversy surrounding JAY-Z’s recent partnership with the National Football League.

According to a recent Instagram post, the longtime Hot 97 host spoke with Jermaine Dupri and confirmed Hov told the So So Def founder getting deeply involved with the NFL would be a bad look.


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This subject matter has been weighing on me for a sec… I’ve spoken to Jermaine, Fat Joe, Nessa, Pio and TT…. My opinion is probably not what the people I have relationships want to hear but it’s bothering me so I need to discuss… Colin has taken an incredible unselfish stand for bringing light to social injustice that will never be duplicated… and even though his settlement was under 10million for him and Eric (Which covered mostly lawyer fees) I’m not 1,000 percently ok that Colin excepted the deal because it feels that since the deal Colin hasn’t been as aggressive as he once was… I know I’ve been 1,000 percent better with Rocnation as late so I hope I can be honest and continue our positive relationship… We are never past kneeling… the “fear the Kneeling” is what pushed the NFL to get more aggressive with unlawful tactics (hence is why they settled with Colin) To dismiss his efforts in front the NFL Commissioner (the one who spearheaded the Colin corruption was an extreme slap in the face!) Jayz In our world is our “Michael Jordan” decided by the people who respect/cherish his accomplishments. Watching that Commissioner’s body language and feeling his desperation to open the Season with the “STRONGEST AFRICAN AMERICAN POSSIBLE WITH CREDIBILITY” was obvious! If Jayz saw what we all saw in the press conference and feels working from the inside while being paid and receiving a “stake” in a team is the answer and can spearhead social justice from the inside he is our HERO for life!!!! BUT if he and the air personalities/social media influencers that Rocknation manages or wants to be managed by them have spun the “believe in Jayz… give him a chance” campaign to line pockets… this will be remembered and NOT swept under the rug in a few months! TRUST! Time will tell!#JustMyOpinion

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Flex then went into detail about his opinions on the situation, pointing out Kaepernick hasn’t been as driven or committed to fighting racial injustice since he agreed to a settlement with the NFL.

“This subject matter has been weighing on me for a sec… I’ve spoken to Jermaine, Fat Joe, Nessa, Pio and TT,” he wrote in the caption. “My opinion is probably not what the people I have relationships want to hear but it’s bothering me so I need to discuss… Colin has taken an incredible unselfish stand for bringing light to social injustice that will never be duplicated.

“and even though his settlement was under 10million for him and Eric (Which covered mostly lawyer fees) I’m not 1,000 percent ok that Colin excepted the deal because it feels that since the deal Colin hasn’t been as aggressive as he once was.”

The veteran radio personality also made it clear he heard about Hov saying “we are passed kneeling” and suggested the Hip Hop billionaire’s motives are key to his alignment with the NFL.

“I know I’ve been 1,000 percent better with Roc Nation as late so I hope I can be honest and continue our positive relationship,” he continues. “We are never past kneeling… the ‘fear the Kneeling’ is what pushed the NFL to get more aggressive with unlawful tactics (hence is why they settled with Colin) To dismiss his efforts in front the NFL Commissioner (the one who spearheaded the Colin corruption was an extreme slap in the face!) Jayz In our world is our ‘Michael Jordan’ decided by the people who respect/cherish his accomplishments.

“Watching that Commissioner’s body language and feeling his desperation to open the Season with the ‘STRONGEST AFRICAN AMERICAN POSSIBLE WITH CREDIBILITY’ was obvious! If Jayz saw what we all saw in the press conference and feels working from the inside while being paid and receiving a ‘stake’ in a team is the answer and can spearhead social justice from the inside he is our HERO for life!!!!”

Flex concludes, “BUT if he and the air personalities/social media influencers that Rocknation manages or wants to be managed by them have spun the ‘believe in Jayz… give him a chance’ campaign to line pockets… this will be remembered and NOT swept under the rug in a few months! TRUST! Time will tell!#JustMyOpinion.”

Hov and Roc Nation are expected to help with the NFL’s social justice campaigns and act as the league’s “live music entertainment strategist.”

Little Brother Announces Reunion Album "May The Lord Watch"

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Little Brother’s return is in full effect. Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh have announced a new album titled May The Lord Watch, which is scheduled to drop at midnight.

The duo’s soon-to-be-released LP will be their first project together since 2010’s Leftback. The album is set to arrive just a few months after Phonte and Big Pooh revealed they had reformed Little Brother without producer 9th Wonder.

Little Brother has recently built up the hype for their reunion with a series short documentaries. One detailed the making their debut album The Listening. The other told the story their impromptu performance at the 2018 Art Of Cool Festival.

May The Lord Watch is Phonte’s second release 2019 following March’s surprise EP Pacific Time. The new Little Brother LP is Big Pooh’s first project since 2018’s collaborative album RPM with producer Focus…

View Little Brother’s May The Lord Watch cover art and tracklist below.

Little Brother Announces Reunion Album "May The Lord Watch"

1. The Feel
2. A Word From the President
3. Everything
4. Right on Time
5. Black Magic (Make It Better)
6. Life After Blackface
7. Goodmorning Sunshine
8. Dyana Change My Life
9. What I Came For
10. Inside the Producer’s Studio
11. Sittin Alone
12. Picture This
13. Niggas Hollering
14. All in a Day
15. Work Through Me

Interview: Rapsody On Embracing Aaliyah’s “Tomboy Femininity” For New “EVE” Album

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Writer and poet L. Lamar Wilson headed to Rapsody’s hometown Snow Hill, North Carolina for an interview with the Grammy Award-nominated wordsmith last year. As they were driving around the small southern town, Wilson told the 36-year-old she was an “extension” legendary North Carolina icons Nina Simone and Roberta Flack — and a lightbulb went f.

Although she didn’t initially understand what Wilson meant, she eventually realized she embodied many Nina and Roberta’s attributes, and the idea for the EVE LP was born.

Rapsody’s second album for Roc Nation, which arrives on Friday (August 23), highlights 15 strong black women who have influenced her in some way. From the “tomboy femininity” she admires in Aaliyah to the potent poetry Maya Angelou, EVE truly captures who Rapsody is through the lens some her heroes.

During a recent conversation with HipHopDX, Rap — as she’s known to friends and family — admits it wasn’t exactly easy to whittle the list down to just 15 women. In fact, she originally had 40 different songs named after 40 different women, so she wound up leaving 25 finished tracks on the cutting room floor (at least for now).

As EVE inches closer to its release, Rapsody is busy doing press rounds and found the time to discuss the album, the magic Lauryn Hill and why balance in Hip Hop is so crucial for young women.

HipHopDX: What you represent to me as a woman in Hip Hop is hope. When I hear your music and what I see you present to the world, it makes me proud to be a woman in this space. 

Rapsody: Thank you so much. I’m just trying to do my part. That makes me feel good. Thank you, child.

HipHopDX: I’ve listened to the new album four or five times already and to say I’m impressed would be an understatement. I want to talk about “AALIYAH” because I love how you rap about “tomboy femininity.” Why did you feel like that was an important song to include?

Rapsody: For me, especially in a time when we see music before we hear it, a lot people judge us on our image and our appearance. I want] to redefine what sexy is. People think because I’m a tomboy and I’m fully clothed, that that’s not sexy. But there’s a tomboy sexiness in that. I grew up in a time where Aaliyah was the biggest thing out and one the sexiest things out. She wore baggy jeans. She wore big, oversized jackets. She was that tomboy femininity. So, I wanted to just talk about, you know, ‘Don’t forget this image that you see, don’t think that’s the only image.’

Being a woman and what’s sexy comes in all different forms, and it looks different in many different ways. There’s nothing wrong with showing your body, but there’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy either. There’s sexiness in that, too. To me, the best and most creative way that I could do it was to do it through Aaliyah. So, that’s why I chose her. She was one my inspirations. 

HipHopDX: For a long time, woman have had this pressure to be some kind sex symbol and it’s just not sustainable. We all get older.

Rapsody: Gravity takes its course. You ain’t never lie laughs].

HipHopDX: On “CLEO,” you talked about how women are being “raped” and enslaved in other ways — like being expected to show skin on television shows, in music videos, ads, etc. I’m so glad you’re bringing that to light and using your platform to get that message across. Do you feel that it’s important to show young women that there are other types role models out there?

Rapsody: Definitely. Representation matters and balance is the most important thing. You know, this is not about me coming down on anybody for how they choose to share their art or their image. It’s about letting people know that there’s balance and women are not model thin. We all don’t have to look alike, dress alike, sound alike, talk about the same things and have the same attitude. We all can be respected and appreciated for just being individuals. So, you know, we have to be what the world really looks like and the world is different. Women in the world are different.

So, yeah, it’s important to me to talk about balance and to talk about all the different sides and aspects what being a black female, or just females in general, on a broader scale looks like. You know, because there are younger people looking up to us and who may not have somebody in their homes to teach them. The next place they look to are the artists and whether you want the responsibility or not, the responsibility comes with it.

To have balance in what you do, that was what I loved about even like Tupac. Tupac could make a “bang-bang, shoot ‘em up” song, but he can also make a keep your hands f your mama song. I just think it’s important to have representation in all forms and show that it’s really a spectrum, you know what I mean? We are all spectrums.

HipHopDX: Speaking Tupac, I noticed he pops up throughout the record and obviously it ends with a song about his mother Afeni Shakur, which is such a powerful way to end the album. I like the part where you say, “We ain’t your hoes or your bitches.” Tupac had some misogyny in his work, so how do you juggle those two things in your mind?

Rapsody: That he’s human, you know? And as an artist, all you can do is talk about your experiences and the life that you’ve lived. He’s not perfect. I don’t expect him to be perfect, but what I appreciate is he was honest, he was truthful and he tried. For every song that talks about women in a light that we may not favor, there was another song that reminded you who raised him. That’s why it’s important to showcase Afeni, his mother, to showcase who kind made Tupac, who he was, why he was so outspoken, why he was so brave and why he could make a song like “Keep Your Head Up” because he was raised by a strong, black woman.

She struggled in her own right and she wasn’t perfect. None us are perfect, you know? But it’s just important to show that we are human and that the best thing that we can do is listen to each other and try and respect each other in the best way that we can. That’s what it is. That’s why I wanted to really showcase Afeni, and it’s not so much about Tupac, but Tupac is a part it because Tupac was the man he was because the woman who raised him.

HipHopDX: Absolutely. And, course, her story is so powerful, too. She had to overcome a lot. That was a well deserved placement on your record. I was reading an interview you did with NPR, and you said you had an epiphany where you suddenly realized you were an “extension” every black woman and that’s what kind what sparked this whole concept album, is that correct?

Rapsody: Yeah, definitely. The guy who interviewed me, we were riding around listening to Nina Simone and Roberta Flack, and he was the one that said, “You’re an extension. You come from a direct lineage. You come from Nina Simone and Roberta Flack.” I’m thinking, “Bro, what are you talking about? How?” But it dawned on me what he meant, and that just took me into a wormhole crazy ideas just thinking about what I drew from a bunch different, phenomenal black women, so that was the beginning it.

HipHopDX: Was “NINA” the first song you wrote for the album? 

Rapsody: “AALIYAH” was the first one.

HipHopDX: Was it pretty easy to come up with that list, or was it like, “Oh my god, this is really hard to pick just 15 women?”

Rapsody: Oh, it was hard to narrow it down for the album. I recorded probably about 40 songs about 40 different women. I knew I wanted to start f with “NINA.” That was the perfect intro. I knew I wanted to keep “AFENI,” and then it was just plug and play. What are the best songs that we had? I know I’m in love with the concepts and the names these songs, but what are the best songs that we have that compliment the sound that we’re going with?

I released “PHYLICIA” for Mother’s Day and I love that song, and I really wanted it to be a part the project, but it didn’t fit the sound that we had built. At one point, I was just like, “Man, maybe I could do EVE Part I and EVE Part II, so this sounds this way and I can come back with another one that the sound is not as experimental, but I can fit all these other women. I have songs in the can — like I have a “SPINDERELLA” song. I have “PHYLICIA,” which is out. I have one for Eartha Kitt, I have a Maxine Waters and I have Keisha from Belly. But we decided just to do this one.

HipHopDX: Ok, no EVE Part II but maybe something like, ADAM laughs].

Rapsody: I could, you know.

HipHopDX: That would be interesting. I was also really intrigued by “MAYA.” I really love that you used Erykah Badu’s “Green Eyes” for the song. Does 9th Wonder] already have the music and then you just write to it?

Rapsody: That worked in different ways. 9th had already flipped that beat and so I had it in my stash in my box things. He’d text it to me like, “Yo, here’s one,” and I’d just put it in my playlist , ‘OK, I’m going to write to this. This is one the ones that I write to.’ The same with Eric G. He would send me four or five beats a day and I would just find the one that just moved me at that time. And then there’d be sometimes where like with “AFENI,” I’d called Eric G and be like, “G, I’ve been wanting to do this forever and I think now’s the perfect time. ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ is one my favorite songs. Could you take this part the song and make a beat and put Tupac in it?’

So, it just worked in different ways. Sometimes, we had those conversations. Sometimes, I’d be like, I want a song about … let me think, like “MICHELLE” for instance. I was like, “Man, I want to do something that feels like Groove Theory singing].” So I hit 9th and was like, “9th, do you have anything that feels like that? Because I want Michelle being captured, the Michelle Obama who likes to dance that I see at Chicago house parties. I want something that feels like that.’

We’d just played around with different things. Sometimes they would just send me beats, sometimes they would have ideas, sometimes I would have ideas. There are no rules for us when we make music. It’s like we just throw paint at the wall from all directions.

HipHopDX: The Fugees were one my favorite groups back in the day. I grew up on them. What about Lauryn Hill makes her your greatest influence?

Rapsody: I think just what she represented for me at the time. She reminded me more myself than any other artist that I could think because she had that tomboy side, but she did have that sexy, feminine side where she would present herself in the most classy way and that’s how I looked at myself. Like, I was never too much one or the other. I loved that she was so raw in her rhymes, too. I loved that she was lyrical. I love her words, and I love her metaphors.

I also love the honesty in her music and the truth that she spoke . And it was just a love for the culture that I saw in her that I just resonated with. It was just different. She was just somebody that I connected with. Again, when I looked at her, I saw myself. I saw like, “Yo, that’s what I want to embody as a person — not just in music but as a person. So, you know, that’s what it was. She was human and she wasn’t afraid to be human. The first time I heard “Zion,” I was like, “Man, this is so powerful and naked at the same time.”

HipHopDX: Did you look at her and think, “Yeah, I could do that.” Did that make you kind want to pursue it even more?

Rapsody: Definitely. I said I at least want to try to do that. I always thought I could do the best I can, but I can’t do what Lauryn does. To be able to sing and rap and produce, she’s just brilliant. You know, there’ll only be one Lauryn. I used to say prayers like, “Dang, I wish I could sing so I could get down like Lauryn. But, I’m thankful for the gift that I’m …

HipHopDX: But you did! You sang, “Trying to catch a wave singing].”

Rapsody: Laughs] That was like … that was so f pitch. It was the most beautiful accident. It’s crazy. I’m so surprised he left that in.

HipHopDX: I thought that was so cool! I’ll sing along laughs].

Rapsody: Laughs] Thank you.

HipHopDX: You have this album coming out. Here you are signed to Roc Nation, you’re Grammy nominated. What’s next for Rapsody?

Rapsody: Man, the possibilities are endless. I would just say, “To be continued.” That’s all I got to say right now. There’s even more to come. Definitely going to tour this album. When we’re done with this wave, we’re just ready to get on the next one, so “to be continued.”

HipHopDX: In a way it’s like you’re just getting started. You’re still young. We’ve got decades, girl laughs].

Rapsody: Laughs] Put it on me, put it on me.

HipHopDX: Congratulations on the new album and may you have lots continued success.

Rapsody: Thank you. I wish the same for you and happy to have you with the DX family. I love them so it’s good to connect with people.

What They Really Want: The DMX Challenge Has Folks Drooling Over Black Women’s Beauty

Filed by Ellamae AlewineEllamae Alewine

Let’s face it…

DMX‘s voice will forever be stamped in hip hop history thanks to his signature catch phrases (“WHAT!”), impromptu growling and off-kilter cover songs. Even in 2019, people are still celebrating a memorable moment from his 2000 hit, “What They Really Want” featuring Sisqo. 

Right off of DMX’s 1999 album And Then There Was X, the song has a signature breakdown in the second verse when DMX lists all the women he’s supposedly had a fling with.

And the list is looooong.


Considering all these ladies came with their own personalities, some women on the Internet thought it would be fun to match a different hairstyle with the names of the ladies DMX listed. Whether braids, short cuts or a colorful wig, there’s clearly multiple hairstyles to match with Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia, and all the rest of them.

Thus, the #DMXChallenge was born.


Some folks didn’t even limit the challenge to hair. Full get-ups were showcased thanks to DMX’s varying tastes.


Black women were getting all the praise for showcasing their many styles of beauty. I mean truly, if anyone can pull off any look, it’s most likely a Black woman.


But of course, when some people saw the #DMXChallenge, they thought it was going to be something totally different….like a detailed montage of growling dogs.


But in the end, there were those who were just thankful for the inspiration Black women were serving.


Thank you Black women, DMX, and the ladies who dealt with him.

GotDAMN! The Hottest Celebrity Black Girl Bikini Moments Of Summer ’19

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Outta town 🐆

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Summer isn’t over just yet, but it’s definitely coming to a close — and we think we did Meg Thee Stallion‘s call to Hot Girl action justice.

From entertainment to politics, Black women are the crème de la crème and the summertime just makes our glow brighter, us being the melanated queens that we are and all. Just before the warm weather dips out, we thought we’d pay homage to the Black celeb beauties who’ve been showing off and showing out all season. Meg is an obvious contender, as well as Lizzo and all that JUICE, but you might also be surprised to find your fave reality star or socialite sitting pretty on this list.

Check out the hottest black girl moments in Hollywood below and stay tuned as we continue to update it.


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Can we keep goin?

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Python Princess 🐍🐍

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#WobbleUpVIDEO out now 🎀🍭🧁

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I'LL take that joyful hot girl summer thank you🌞✨

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Choose your fighter 😤😜

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Need vs Want #revolvesummer @revolve

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Handle me? Who gone handle me? 👅

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Natural ting

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Dior circa. 2000

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Freddie Gibbs Says “Fuck Colin Kaepernick” While Defending JAY-Z

Filed by Donte DishnerDonte Dishner

JAY-Z’s recent alignment with the NFL has created division among both his fans and peers. Some believe it’s a slap in Colin Kaepernick’s face while others applaud the Hip Hop billionaire for the bold business move.

According to a recent Instagram Live post, Freddie Gibbs falls into the latter category. The Madlib collaborator hopped on the social media platform over the weekend and fully backed the Roc Nation boss.

“Imma ride with JAY-Z,” he says. “Straight up, man. Fuck Colin Kaepernick. All y’all niggas march for Colin Kaepernick and he took a settlement and didn’t tell y’all what he got or nothing. You know what I’m saying? He settled. So, let it go. Y’all hatin’ on JAY-Z for trying to own something in the NFL. Y’all some muthafuckin’ crabs.”

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#freddiegibbs speaks on #colinkaepernick x #jayz

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Last week, Roc Nation announced the company was partnering up with the National Football League for the Inspire Change initiative, a campaign created in the wake Kaepernick’s  national anthem protests. Hov’s label will also serve as the NFL’s “live music entertainment strategist,” which includes consulting on productions such as the Super Bowl halftime show.

But it appears Jay wants more. The Hip Hop mogul is reportedly planning to become a co-owner a NFL team, although the name team hasn’t been specified.

Sources told TMZ Sports Hov is not only a “huge fan” the NFL team but also wants to continue to be a “change agent” for the pressional football league.

A Miracle: Heartbroken Parents Get To See Deceased Son’s Final Moments After Scuba Diver Finds Missing GoPro Camera [Video]

Filed by Alvera CastaldoAlvera Castaldo

A scuba diver by the name of Rich Aloha deserves all of the praise after he brought joy and closure to two parents mourning their son. Rich found a GoPro camera belonging to Richard Ragland, the 22-year-old who died while diving in the Forest Falls Recreation Area back in 2017. He then delivered the footage to Richard’s parents, who got to see their son’s final moments.

From NYPost:

A treasure-hunting scuba diver in Tennessee found a GoPro camera — allowing him to share with grieving parents the final joy-filled moments of their son who had drowned two years earlier. Rich Aloha was floored when he found Richard Ragland’s missing camera after the 22-year-old died in 2017 while diving in the Forest Falls Recreation Area, according to WSB-TV. “I strongly believe that God led me to this GoPro because the only thing I saw was the end tip of the thumbscrew and everything else was just covered in muck,” he told the station. “I was going through the footage and I said, ‘Oh my God, this is the guy.’” The camera’s footage showed Ragland smiling and laughing in the Marion County waterfall with his friends — his final moments before he drowned that day. Aloha, who calls himself a treasure hunter, tracked down Ragland’s parents in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and delivered the precious footage to them. Grieving mom Robin McCrear called it “an out-of-body experience” to see the footage of her son, who she said was “full of love, full of energy. What we’ve seen so far is Rich being Rich, living life to the fullest,” she told the station, saying they had not watched it all but hoped it may provide answers as to what happened.”

They were moved by the diver’s kindness, as are we.

“For him to go through his efforts to do his research, make numerous phone calls, he didn’t give up until he got in touch with us and that means the world to us,” the grieving mom said.

“My heart 💔 breaks for the family and friends of Richard L Ragland III I’m beyond amazed that God used me as a vessel for His glory to return such a priceless GoPro to the family!!! #Miracles happen and #Prayers really do get answered! Trust me!,” Rich Aloha wrote on Facebook.


FHONO Releases The Debut EP 'Like Children'

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While there is not much known about the artist known as FHONO except for their racking up hundreds of thousands of views on Spotify and charting in different parts of the world, FHONO has just debuted the ‘Like Children.’

On FHONO’s bio it states “Much love for letting us begin to share our hearts with you this year. See you in 2019 as the mystery begins to unfold.” While we wait to hear what news FHONO brings us about who might be behind this anonymous identity, stream FHONO’s “Like Children” on Spotify and SoundCloud below.

Ehallz Teams Up With Nick Bonin On 'Get Away'

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Following the release of “Astral,” Ehallz is back with his latest EDM/Rap single featuring the infectious vocals of Nick Bonin. For the release of “Get Away,” Ehallz teamed up with Chroma Records and Esydia to release an all around original sound which combines EDM, Rap, Rock, and more.

Stream Ehallz’s “Get Away” on SoundCloud and Spotify below: