Steve Aoki & Will Sparks Unite on Festival-Ready Single "Send It

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Dim Mak boss joins Will Sparkson festival-ready single “Send It.” By incorporating Aoki’s vocals over a tech-leaning production, the duo brings a much-welcomed update to the Melbourne sound that Sparks helped establish.

“Send It” marks the first time the world-renowned DJs have released a joint single. It follows Will Sparks’ remix of Steve Aoki’s Neon Future II single, “Anything More (feat. Era Istrefi).” The features several action sports stars “sending it,” including skateboard Tony Hawk, Olympic snowboarding gold medalist Chloe Kim, and big wave surfer Kai Lenny. Check out this monster collab below!

Steve Aoki & Will Sparks – Send It

Nipsey Hussle Biography In The Works

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Nipsey Hussle’s life story will be immortalized in a biography. Former Vibe magazine editor Rob Kenner is writing a book titled The Marathon Don’t Stop: The Life and Times Nipsey Hussle about the slain MC.

“The last time I spoke with Nipsey Hussle, he told me, ‘I ain’t outside giving out jewelry or dropping f bags money on people, but I’m giving out game,’” Kenner told Complex. “This book is my attempt to help fulfill that intention. The Marathon Don’t Stop will also place his accomplishments in proper historical context, giving Nipsey Hussle his rightful place in the history hip-hop, Los Angeles, and America. It will include interviews with people who haven’t spoken before, as well as insights into the forces that shaped Hussle into the man he became.”

The Marathon Don’t Stop is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2020. The biography will be published by Atria Books. Atria’s Michelle Herrera Mulligan will serve as the book’s editor.

“Nipsey has inspired an entire generation people who have felt invisible in their communities,” Mulligan said. “This book will share the blueprint Nipsey’s success, drawn on the streets where he was raised.”

The late rapper, whose real name was Ermias Asghedom, was shot and killed on March 31. Days later, Eric Holder was arrested and charged with Nipsey’s murder.

City Girls' JT Released From Prison

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Tallahassee, FL – The City Girls are back at full strength as JT is no longer behind bars. The Quality Control Music artist, whose real name is Jata Johnson, announced her prison release Instagram along with plans to drop a new single titled “JT First Day Out” on Tuesday (October 8).

“BITCH IM RIGHT ON TIME FOR THE SEASON CHANGE #firstdayout #jtfree,” she wrote.

Fellow City Girls member Yung Miami shared her excitement about JT’s return in her own Instagram post.

“YOU BITCHES IN TROUBLE!!” she declared. “MY BITCH HOME! @thegirljt TONIGHT @ 10PM.”

JT was out on bond while the City Girls’ popularity initially began to soar, but she turned herself into authorities during the summer 2018 to serve her time for a credit card fraud charge.

“Did more than I thought I could imagine in this short period time out on bond,” she wrote on social media before beginning her sentence. “Now it’s time for me to knock this down & come back strong forever. Hold my baby down y’all @yungmiami305.”

JT was originally scheduled to get out prison in March 2020 yet secured an early release. She was imprisoned at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahassee.

Interview: Doobie's Dark Side Enhances His Art

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Los Angeles, CA – Few artists come into the Hip Hop game with a sense musical maturity but Doobie stands as one the real ones.

His new project Faithfully Faded finds the Ohio native eagerly playing in a macabre sandbox; embracing the darkness around him.

However, don’t get it twisted like one his joints. Doobie is a very social, highly functioning artist who loves to rap, his fans and get stoned — in no particular order.

During his chat with HipHopDX, he was able to clear the air on the source his artistry.

HipHopDX: Congratulations on everything. I listened to the album. You got the midwest melody popping f, so good job there.

Doobie: Oh, I appreciate that. Appreciate that, Man.

HipHopDX: I feel like you have an underlying, vampire alter ego, but not like a vampire in the blood-sucking sense. Who would you say, Doobie represents?

Doobie: “Doobie” is just a way that I can show people who I am really am, for them to understand me, and basically I’m just, I don’t know. I’m kind a different type person, very intricate, very weird. And I like darker things.

But at the same time, I’m not an evil person, at all.

I’m an outspoken person, I just love to make good music, for real. So Doobie is just someone that I can show you who I really am, that you will get it, without me just being a regular person, just walking on the street.

HipHopDX: So, you know, when you say “being drawn to the dark side things”, did that get you into trouble growing up, at all?

Doobie: No, I mean, sometimes, yeah. But not anything that I necessarily didn’t ask for. So it’s like, you know, it just is what it is.

HipHopDX: Well I watched the “Hate Song” video. That’s definitely as dark as it gets.

What was the passion behind writing that song? You know, was it just emotion that you got from other people? Or was there like an actual breakup that made you just go insane?

Doobie: So basically I don’t write anymore.

I just go in there and just let my feelings do the talking. But I thought about, people have relationship problems and problems with people? And sometimes they wake up like “Man, I want to kill this muthafucka”, you just get mad and say shit, but you don’t mean it. You’re just saying it like “Ah, I want to kill this muthafucka … shit like that.

And basically I want to portray like if that actually happened. Like what if you actually snapped one day, and killed your significant other, or whatever? What would happen, you know, I wanted to make a song that was the complete opposite I love you. I wanted it to like I hate you, and that’s why I love you, type situation. Because you know how people love what it’s good, a lot, you know. Or isn’t necessarily the best for them.

HipHopDX: That makes sense. I can see how you took a spin over there.

Tell me about where you’re from in Ohio. How does Doobie see the world? Is it a good place, is it a place where dark stuff happens? What’s your outlook?

Doobie: I feel like, overall, the world’s a beautiful place. But at the same time, you know, it has its downfalls too. But that’s just anything in life. I feel like the world is a crazy place. You can get lost in it. And that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But ultimately, I don’t know, I enjoy being here. And seeing where my life takes me. The world is crazy. It’s crazy.

It’s dope though. So much going on in the world, especially coming from Columbus. It’s big, but it’s small, at the same time. Compared to like Hollywood, Hollywood is crazy, but it’s everything. Like I love living out here, to be honest with you.

You know, everything’s out here, so it’s more where I need to be.

HipHopDX: I think I can relate.

Doobie: Yeah, for sure. Yeah, you’re from Columbus, right?

HipHopDX: Yes, sir.

Doobie: Yeah. So, you know.

HipHopDX: Speaking Columbus, what’s the best pizza place back home?

Doobie: Donatos. Facts.

HipHopDX: Hands down. I got another Ohio question for you. Who’s your favorite Bone member? I see you was rocking their shirts.

Doobie: Oh Bone? That’s easy, Bizzy and Krayzie.

HipHopDX: So would you say everybody from the midwest tried to rap fast, but there’s only a select few. I see you creeping up in that lane being able to spit it with clarity. Would you say Bizzy helped influence your style?

Doobie: Not like a big influence, but definitely, yeah. Like Bizzy, I always fuck with Bizzy, like always. It’s funny because me and Lil Bizzy are good friends, too.

Interview: Doobie's Dark Side Enhances His Art

Photo: Hustle Mode

HipHopDX: He’s good.

Doobie: He sounds just like his father. It’s insane.

HipHopDX: You’re about to hit the road and everything. What can people expect from a Doobie show? There’s a million rappers these days. There’s a show every night. What separates your set from the rest?

Doobie: Well, first f, it’s pure rock and roll. A lot rappers nowadays, they be wearing rock shirts and saying their rockstar. But it’s kind reaching, for real. We’re real-life rock and roll, this is real rock and roll. Like when you come see us, you going to get it. Like we’re diving f shit. I just jump] f balconies, like shit is real rock and roll, like they going to get a good show. Like you’re going to get a show, not somebody just fucking singing a song.

Doobie is currently on the Faithfully Faded Tour. Click here for tickets and schedules and follow him on Instagram @doobie.

Drake Says He's "Hurt" Over Father Saying He Made Up "Absentee Dad" Lyrics

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Drake’s ever-eccentric father Dennis Graham was a recent guest on Nick Cannon’s Power 106 show, Close Conversations. During their discussion, Graham claimed the 6 God embellished his lyrics about his father to sell records.

“I have always been with Drake,” Graham said roughly five minutes into the interview. “I said, ‘Drake why are you saying all this different stuff about me, man? This is not cool.’ And he goes ‘Dad, it sells records.’”

He ad, “I exposed him to every aspect life. I never hid anything from him … I showed him this side life. I showed him that side life.”

Drake took to his Instagram Stories to respond to Graham’s allegations, explaining everything he wrote about his sometimes strained relationship with his father was factual.

“Woke up today so hurt man,” he wrote. “My father will say anything to anyone that’s willing to listen to him. It’s sad when family gets like this but what can we really do that’s the people we are stuck with … every bar I ever spit was the truth and the truth is hard for some people to accept.”

This story is developing.

Drake Says He's "Hurt" Over Father Saying He Made Up "Absentee Dad" Lyrics

Judge Sets Tekashi 6ix9ine's Sentencing Date

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New York, NY – A judge has set a new sentencing date for Tekashi 6ix9ine. According to Complex, Judge Paul Englemayer has accepted a motion to bump up the original date and will determine the embattled rapper’s fate on December 18, 2019. The date had previously been set for January 24, 2020.

6ix9ine served as the government’s star witness last month in the case alleged Nine Trey gang members Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack. As a result his testimony, Ellison and Mack were both convicted multiple felonies.

Ellison was found guilty kidnapping in aid racketeering as well as racketeering conspiracy and maiming and assault with a dangerous weapon in aid racketeering, while Mack was found guilty racketeering conspiracy and narcotics trafficking.

Ellison and Mack will be sentenced in February.

6ix9ine pleaded guilty to several crimes that carry a minimum 47 years in prison. But due to his cooperation with the feds, it’s possible he could be out as early as the top 2020. He’s been behind bars since his November 2018 arrest. 

Kanye West Suffers Another "Leak" As Possible "Yandhi" Album Appears On Spotify & TIDAL

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Another day, another Kanye West “leak.” Fans the prolific artist received an unexpected surprise when an album titled KANYE DROP YOUR ALBUMS appeared on Spotify and TIDAL early Tuesday morning (October 8).

The 15-track project is speculated to be a leak West’s long-delayed follow-up to Ye, Yandhi. There are no details as to who posted the album, but the copyright holder is listed under “Faygo Records.” It’s unclear whether these are the ficial tracks West had been working on with Ronny J, but several the cuts have Ronny’s signature tagline attached.

The leak reportedly features an impressive guest list with artists such as Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla $ign, Post Malone, Chance The Rapper, A$AP Rocky, Young Thug, and the late XXXTENTACION, among others.

The album has ficially been deleted by both Spotify and TIDAL but was up for a few hours.

Kanye West Suffers Another "Leak" As Possible "Yandhi" Album Appears On Spotify & TIDAL

This hasn’t stopped users from finding ways to record the tracks, though many those versions have been hit by copyright claims and taken down. Several the songs on the project match up with other leaks found on and YouTube that were taken down previously.

These “leaks” come in light West indefinitely delaying the release his Jesus Is King album, which was originally expected to drop on Friday (September 27). Jesus Is King was also leaked after someone recorded the project during a listening party in New York City and uploaded it to YouTube.

There’s no way to ficially confirm these are tracks from Yandhi, but the amount leaks West has endured after delaying both this project and Jesus Is King shows fans won’t rest until they get their Kanye fix.

Master P Becomes Owner Of Professional Wrestling Company

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Master P is getting back into the pressional wrestling business. Two decades after signing a deal with the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling, the No Limit Records founder has stepped back into the ring as the new owner House Of Glory Wrestling.

The Hip Hop mogul announced his ownership the company Instagram, posting a video himself being interviewed by TMZ.

“We are making history by bringing Hip Hop to wrestling,” he wrote. “We don’t own the NFL, NBA, or MLB but we do own House Glory aka ‘HOG.’ Join the movement #weallwegot @hogwrestling.”

House Of Glory is a New York-based company that was founded by pressional wrestler Amazing Red, who is best known for his time in Impact Wrestling (formerly known as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling). A spokesperson for House Of Glory confirmed Master P’s ownership in a statement to Fightful.

Fittingly, the promotion’s next event has been titled No Limit. It is scheduled to take place at the NYC Arena in Jamaica, Queens on November 16.

HipHopDX has reached out to Master P for a comment on his return to the wrestling business.

Revisit his past appearance on WCW Monday Nitro alongside his No Limit Soldiers stable below.

Deezer Launches Dedicated ADE Channel Just In Time For Next Week

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Deezer, the global music streaming service, has partnered with Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) to bring exclusively curated content from the festival’s official lineup, in the run-up to one of the most exciting dates in the electronic festival calendar.

Deezer’s brand new ADE channel gives fans access to over 70 exclusive crafted playlists. These include personal track selections from 70 performing artists like Floating Points, Ellen Allien, David Guetta, , Paula Temple, ANNA, Tiësto, Modeselektor, and Joris Voorn. Each artist has hand-picked their tracks from electronic sub-genres like house, techno, and drum & bass.

Deezer’s love for electronic music comes to life in its ongoing curatorship program that brings in influential dance music labels and artists like Warp, Ninja Tune, Calvin Harris, and . Deezer’s flagship dance playlist ‘PULSE’ also regularly invites some of the greatest DJs to curate content, including the likes of David Guetta, and Lost Frequencies.

Gijs Matthee, Amsterdam Dance Event, commented: “Deezer has been a huge supporter of the electronic music scene on a global and local level. Discovering, exploring and finding new acts, sounds, and genres is a fundamental part of ADE. We’re glad that we can keep providing music enthusiasts with curated playlists from on their platform, covering a wide selection of electronic genre and sub-species.”

Robin Wilms, Deezer’s Dance, and Electronic Music Editor added: “We have a lot of love for electronic music at Deezer and want fans to enjoy the very best electronic content out there. This is the second year in a row we have partnered with ADE to offer fans a unique experience leading up to one of the most influential weeks of electronic music of the year. Together we’re bringing fans personal curated tracks from the amazing ADE artist lineup, paired with some really interesting Deezer events that I hope will intrigue and excite fans during their time at the festival.”

Deezer also hosts its own ‘Original’ podcast series ‘Trailblazers’ in further support of electronic music, focusing entirely on electronic music heroes. Across two series, the podcast showcased iconic dance figures such as Gary Newman and Fatboy Slim, with a new season currently in production.

Deezer will also take over an entire building in the center of Amsterdam for the duration of ADE. There will be special events including an exclusive music party and a one-off ‘Barbershop’ experience for fans to enjoy brand new unheard albums while getting a free haircut.

To explore the ADE Channel, visit here or discover more at

Questlove Has Proclaimed These Hip Hop Artists To Be The Most Underappreciated Of All Time

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New York, NY – Questlove made an appearance on the podcast Fired Up With Brad Jenkins to promote his upcoming show Hip Hop: The Songs That Shook America, which premieres this Sunday (October 13) on AMC.

During the hour-long interview, Jenkins asked The Roots drummer to name the most underappreciated Hip Hop artist all time. Questlove selected De La Soul and explained why he picked the trio Posdnuos, Dave and Maseo.

“We have taken from the tree De La Soul so many times and they have never gotten credit for it,” he said. “I’ll say that. Just as far as – I’ve watched them use samples that later been used and built empires. I’ve seen them do concepts. Everything that De La Soul has done, I’ve seen other people come in and do afterwards and it’s like, ‘Ah!’ So yeah, De La Soul.”

Questlove also spoke about his signature afro, recalling how he wanted to cut it as a child but was convinced to keep it by his parents.

“When I was a kid, kids were relentless in their teasing, I remember a lot tears , ‘I want to cut it, I want to cut it,’ he noted. “There was a point in 1978, 1979 where people were cutting their afros and stuff and mine just kept growing. It wouldn’t stop growing. And every night you have to braid it and pick it. And my parents they tried, you know, ‘Well that’s your crown! We named you Ahmir for a reason. Ahmir means prince and that’s what you’re going to be.’”

Listen to Questlove’s entire interview on Fired Up With Brad Jenkins below.

Behind The Scenes: David Oyelowo To Play President Of The United States In Upcoming Project

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Actor David Oyelowo has already played some big names, including Martin Luther King Jr. in the 2014 movie Selma. Now Oyelowo will take on the President of the United States in the upcoming Showtime series The President Is Missing. 

The show is an adaptation of the novel by former president Bill Clinton and author James Patterson. So far, Showtime has only greenlighted the project to a pilot episode, but if it receives good feedback it will be ordered to series. According to Deadline, Oyelowo will also serve as an executive producer along with Oscar winner Christopher McQuarrie, Anthony Peckham who wrote the adaptation, Heather McQuarrie, as well as Patterson and Clinton.

According to Deadline, the project’s description reads:

“A powerless and politically aimless vice president (Oyelowo) unexpectedly becomes president halfway into his administration’s first term, despite his every wish to the contrary. He walks right into a secret, world-threatening crisis, both inside and outside the White House. Attacked by friends and enemies alike, with scandal and conspiracy swirling around him, he is confronted with a terrible choice: keep his head down, toe the party line and survive, or act on his stubborn, late-developing conscience and take a stand.”

The bestselling book that the show is based on became the No. 1 novel of 2018 and it sold more than 2.3 million copies in North America alone.

“David brings such enormous depth, sensitivity and power to every role he plays,” said Gary Levine, the President of Entertainment at Showtime Networks. “Having him as our lead ensures that our series will have the exhilarating suspense of a political thriller along with the juicy complexity of a character drama.”

Summer Walker Drops Posh New Visual For “Playing Games” Featuring Bryson Tiller

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After releasing her debut studio album Over It to rave reviews, Summer Walker hit fans with a new visual for the extended version of her single “Playing Games.”

While the track features Bryson Tiller‘s vocals, he doesn’t appear in the Christine Yuan-directed clip. Instead, Summer is juggling different boy toys, all of whom seem to be under her full control. Her lyrics tell a different story, though. Paying homage to Destiny’s Child, she sings…

“So won’t you say my name, say my name/If you claim you want me, it ain’t no thang/You acting kind of shady/You ain’t been calling me baby/Boy, you gon’ stop playing games…”

ALSO READ: The Verdict Is In | Here’s What Fans Are Saying About Summer Walker’s Album Over It

In a photo celebrating the release of her project, Summer told fans on Instagram I had my life all planned out, guess I just gotta go w the flow now. 🤷🏽‍♀️”

Watch her latest visual up top and let us know what you think.