New EDM Release Radar | November 15th | WTF Is Coming Out Friday?

Filed by Antonio AlbertyAntonio Alberty

The post that needs no introduction…the New EDM Release Radar! Every week for over two years now we’ve given you the deets on releases before they come out, then when they drop, we hit you with the playlist.

Check out the list below, it’s created via, , Beatport & Traxsource info, & social media. Let me know if I forgot anything massive!

New EDM This Week Playlist


Albon, Nathan Brumley – All Over Again

Alex Kenji – Don’t Give Up

Allan Berndtz – Longing For Her

Andrew Meller – Strings

Antho Decks – Tambor

Ant LaRock – Want You Love

Arkam, Diego Morrill – One Night In Mexico

Autograf – Ain’t Deep Enough

Blakey – Real Life (Sebb Junior Remix)

Brock Edwards, RYME, Poupon – They Know

Chris Lake, Solardo – Free Your Body

Crossnaders – Tecno

Curbi, RayRay – Don’t Stop

Damaged Goods, NeverGlow – Home

Dancing Divaz, Ashley Benjamin, Tameka Jackson – Freedom

Danny Avila – Chase The Body

David Guetta, Morten, Raye – Make It To Heaven

Deadmau5 – SATRN

DEL-30, Brett Gould – Trip

Diego Morrill, NEOS – Overcome

, Ummet Ozcan, Brennan Heart – Beast

Dina van Diest – Holding On

Dirty South – All I Need

DOLF, Green Tree, LexBlaze – Family Affair

Dom Dolla – San Francisco (Eli Brown Remix)


Dustin Husain – HM02 [Fly]

Eliminate – Mind Control

Envine – All Around Me

Firebeatz, Oliver Heldens – Lift Me Up

FreedomB – State of Mind

Henri (BR) – Come Back

Jaksan – Might As Well

Jaxy – Right On The Dancefloor

Jeremy Olander, MOLØ – Vanadis

Jonas Blue, Retrovision – All Night Long

Jonas Rathsman, Lazarusman – Take Me There

Jonathan Landossa – Master G

Jordan Jay, JLV – Movement

Julian Jordan – Next Level

Karma Fields, Alex Hosking – That Emotion

Koala T – Hold On Me

Kolonie – Genesis

Kompany – Skullcrack

KSHMR, – The People (Dimatik Remix)

KYANU – Cook It Up

Liam Melly, Ciaran Dolan – Pea Sauce

Louie Vega, The Martinez Brothers, Marc E. Bassy – Let It Go

Luca Debonaire – Tropica Mamba

Marco V – Come Back Home (The Remix)

Mark Lower, Yenni – Live Like This

Marnik, KSHMR, Anjulie, Jeffrey Jey – Alone

Michael Milov, Claire Willis – Saving Grace

MK, Sonny Fodera, Raphaella – One Night

Mo Falk, Zoopreme – Tastes Gud


Nord Horizon – For You

NYOR – Rest

Of The Trees – Honeydusy

Paco Caniza – We Move

Pastlife – Anything (We Could Be)

Pirate Copy – Bloc Party

Plusniners – Freedom For You

PRAANA – Asylum

R3hab, Zayn, Jungleboi – Flames

Roger Horton – Back To Funq

Rogerseventytwo, Rebecca Ferguson – I’ll Be There

Roman Messer, Cari – Serenity (Ahmed Helmy Remix)

Ruben Mandolini – The Revelator

Sid Cisse – Save Me

Siege, Chuck Roberts – Haus

SIIK, Flexin – Feel You

Siwell – Body Move

Slushii, Kaivon – Sober

Soulvation, Mr. V – Free Your Mind (Block & Crown Studio 54 Mix)

StadiumX- Where Are You Now

Stefano Noferini – Nice Break

Steve Darko – That’s Hot

Steven Caretti – Feel Good

The Cube Guys, Olav Basoski – Disko Selekta

Thomas Krings – Open Over

Tom Ferry, DFUX, Nick de la Hoyde – Lullaby

Tony Romera, ATRIP – Hot

Trilllion – Gizeh

Trivecta – Talk

Versus, Abigail Bailey – Nihon

VINAI, Aly Ryan – 5am

VINNE, Audax – Free Falling

Whipped Cream, Lil Xan – Told Ya

Yeadon – Leaving Mars

Yves V, Robert Falcon, Loud About Us – Show Me

Zary – It’s Over

Albums, EP’s, Remix Packs

ALISHA – Existence (EP)

Alon Mor – Lands of Delight (EP)


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Nipsey Hussle Artist Killa Twan Threatens Wack 100 & Blueface

Filed by Ellamae AlewineEllamae Alewine

Los Angeles, CA – Killa Twan is apparently still bothered by Wack 100’s inflammatory comments about the late Nipsey Hussle. Shortly after the longtime music manager appeared to justify Eric Holder’s actions — not once but twice — Twan has issued an ominous warning Twitter.

“On NicKersons I’ll fuck over @bluefacebleedem in a head up squabble,” he wrote. “LiL nigga betta wach his muhhfuckin mouf…him & wack!!”

In a leaked audio clip that started making the rounds last month, Wack said Holder, Nip’s alleged killer, had no choice but handle his business.

A couple days later, he apologized at the suggestion Nip’s former manager Eugene “Big U” Henley but then doubled down on his commentary during an interview with the No Jumper podcast.

“In this situation, you have a rapper and you have a dude who is a straight, authentic gang member,” he said. “His whole life are these blocks. In the culture gangbanging, when you call a muthafucka a bitch, a snitch, a rapist, a pedophile — when you call somebody these things in this jungle, it’s no different than you being a football player and going on the field without your helmet on. You’re going to get hit.”

Nip, course, was shot and killed on March 31 after he allegedly called Holder a “snitch.”

Twan is signed to Nipsey’s All Money In imprint, so it makes sense he has Nip’s back in both life and death.

Check out his tweet above.

Lou The Human Claims Interscope Asked Him To Urinate On Black Baby To Go Viral

Filed by Malissa FranzMalissa Franz

Lou The Human has reached a breaking point in his career.

The Interscope Records artist aired out his grievances with his label Twitter on Sunday (November 10). In a message written on Apple Notes, Lou announced he’d no longer release music under his rap moniker and accused Interscope once asking him to urinate on a black baby in an attempt to go viral.

Lou vented his frustrations about the lack support he received from Interscope, describing how his positive outlook on the label came crashing down over the years.

“I signed a contract when I was younger to what I thought was the biggest record label and my dream come true, while I only had one or two songs out,” he wrote. “I was sold a dream, told I’d be the biggest artist in the world, told to wait my turn, and I played along.”

He continued, “As things started to progress I was asked to do things that didn’t align with my values. They asked me to piss on a black baby in a music video in an attempt to go ‘viral’ … I started to feel like I wasn’t in charge myself or what ‘lou the human’ represented anymore. I didn’t complain though I just exercised my right to say ‘no’ more, which left me with the reputation ‘being difficult and dysfunctional.’”

Lou explained how he intended to change personas with each project he dropped, but Interscope allegedly kept pushing him to stick with horrorcore content and provided him “Eminem-style” cover art. He claimed he began hearing “less and less” from the label and his management, eventually getting to the point little to no contact.

“The label I am signed to has all but given up on me,” he asserted. “No type help releasing my music, project pushed back literally years, no pr work, press, simple things a label does. To be honest I have no fucking idea what a label does at this point. All I’ve gotten was ignored, maybe one photoshoot where my idea was slaughtered anyway lol, can barely get video budgets or another budget to start my album, I literally can’t even get anyone on the phone lol.”

Lou claimed he spent his whole advance on August’s Painkiller Paradise project and used his own money to fund videos. He then declared he’s retiring his stage name and may never release music again.

“I am not releasing anymore music under ‘Lou The Human,’” he wrote. “I may not release anymore music period. But whatever you know me from I’m sorry to inform you but this is the end.”

On Sunday, HipHopDX reached out to Interscope for a comment on the allegations made by Lou. The label hasn’t responded to the accusations as Tuesday (November 12).

Read Lou’s message in its entirety below.

#DXHitList: Dave East, TeeFlii & Reese LaFlare Top This Week's Spotify Playlist

Filed by Rebecca RobertiRebecca Roberti

Spotify – If you missed all the latest releases in music this week, the #DXHitList has got you with new bangers from Dave East, TeeFlii and Reese LaFlare.

Kicking f the #DXHitList is Dave East with “On Sight” featuring Ty Dolla Sign f his new album Survival. Though the song drowns in west coast flavor, Dave spits bars with his true-to-self Harlem essence.

Next up, TeeFlii‘s new joint “I Can’t Stop.” The melodic tune lives on his latest self-titled EP with a fresh verse from Dom Kennedy. It’s been a minute since the South Los Angeles crooner dropped his debut album Starr, but he’s never short releasing a mixtape with all the right vibes.

Also landing on the #DXHitList this week is “What’s Real” by Reese LaFlare, formerly Two-9, f his new project Final Fantasy. Produced by DrugMoneyMusik, “What’s Real” is a humble braggadocio on his journey navigating the music industry.

New music hailing from Doja Cat, Lil Mosey, Smoke DZA, and Vince Staples is also featured on this week’s playlist.

Press play and follow the #DXHitList below.

Armin van Buuren Breaks Down Each Track On His New Album 'Balance', Exclusively On Deezer

Filed by Bunny RobertiBunny Roberti

Trance legend DJ sat down with streaming service Deezer to chat about what inspired his new ‘Balance’. The recorded Deezer Originals session was done at ADE, where Armin opened up about the things he’s learned and what makes this album different.

“It’s a departure from the trancey Armin van Buuren that you may know” – Armin van buuren

One of the most fascinating glimpses into Armin’s thoughts was the story behind ‘Wild Wild Son’ ft Sam Martin. It’s one of Armin’s favorite tracks on the album and it speaks about the love for his child.

Speaking about it exclusively with Deezer, he said: “It refers to the love I feel for my own son…the message is don’t be afraid to live, don’t be afraid to make mistakes – I will love you whatever happens”. He admits this is “it’s a ballad really and a departure from the trancey Armin van Buuren that you may know”. Snapping back into trance mode, Armin moved on to ‘Mr. Navigator’. “With a 138BPM, it’s a track in every set I play and it destroys the dancefloor,” he said.

Below we’ve pulled out some bits from the talk we think are pretty cool. We’d love you to give Armin van Buuren’s ‘Track by Track’ a proper listen. And remember it’s only available on Deezer!

Here’s Armin Van Buuren speaking about…

Trance roots – “I’m a trance guy and I’ll never forget my roots. So the DJ Armin Van Buuren is a little different than the artist Armin Van Burren. As an artist, I have a wider range of sounds so I’ve been experimenting a lot with ballads, with pop with hardstyle. But in the end, I always come home to trance – half of the album is what you expect from Armin Van Buuren and the other half is experimenting .”

The importance of learning – “I’m learning every day and that’s also the reason why the album is called Balance – the most important thing in life is you have to challenge yourself and keep learning. Otherwise, the grey mass in your head stands still and you’re not moving forward”

His production workflow – “We sometimes find out the earlier versions are better, we constantly save with different version numbers…we went with a version 20 but we had 57 renders” “There’s a big truth to sometimes not working on a song too long, you can ruin excitement from it”

Making an album as a DJ – “The struggle is that as a DJ I am stuck to certain rules on the dancefloor, people expect for me to play what they want to hear” “As an artist, I feel the 128-40 BPM is restricting me creatively because there’s so much more to discover outside of that range. Having an album gives me that creative freedom. So it’s not just made for a dancefloor, it’s when you’re sitting on a train or on holiday”

Featurings – “There’s not a standard way of featuring…I met James Newman in a writing camp in Italy but we didn’t really write a finished song but we connected and he sent me a few tracks after and that’s how we started”

Lil Reese Reportedly In 'Critical Condition' Following Shooting

Filed by Judi PeartJudi Peart

Country Club Hills, IL – Rumors started circulating online that Lil Reese had been shot in a Chicago suburb on Monday afternoon (November 11), but it wasn’t confirmed. Now, ABC7 Chicago reports the man shot was indeed Tavares Taylor, better known as Lil Reese.

Police said ficers responded to the intersection 167th Street and Pulaski Road in south Country Club Hills after they received reports a shooting. Once they arrived on the scene, they discovered the victim had already been taken to the hospital.

Officers found a vehicle with fresh blood in the driver’s seat and on the ground next to the door. Police checked nearby hospitals and located a male with a gunshot wound to the neck area at South Suburban Hospital’s emergency room in Hazel Crest. He was ultimately transferred to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

Hospital ficials reportedly confirmed Reese’s identity and revealed he’s in critical condition. No arrests have been reported.

Lil Durk added confusion to the situation when he tweeted “Reese good” but didn’t provide any further details.

HipHopDX has reached out the Country Club Hills Police Dpartment and Durk’s management.

This is a developing story.

Snoop Dogg Affiliate Bad Azz Dies In Jail

Filed by Abbey ShoreAbbey Shore

Blythe, CA – Bad Azz Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips has died at the age 43. Fellow West Coast OG Kokane, who collaborated with Bad Azz and Snoop Dogg on “Wrong Idea,” confirmed the news Facebook on Monday night (November 11).

“Gone too soon … rest well lil bro,” he wrote. “U will be missed.”

Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger and KXNG Crooked echoed Kokane’s sentiments on social media.

“Damn,” Snoop captioned a photo Bad Azz. “R. I. P. To my young. D. P. G. L. L. G. L. B. C. Crew original @badazzlbc gone 2 soon.”

The Jail Information Management System website for the Riverside County Jail states Bad Azz — whose real name is Jamarr Antonio Stamps — was arrested on Thursday (November 8).

Jail records state he was charged with a felony indicated by the code “INFLIC CORP INJ SPSE/COH,” which means he allegedly willfully inflicted “corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant,” essentially domestic violence. “Corporal injury” means any physical injury, whether serious or minor, according to the Kraut Law Group. 

Snoop Dogg Affiliate Bad Azz Dies In Jail

Details surrounding his death are still pending.

“Wrong Idea” came from Bad Azz’s 2001 album Personal Business and also featured Lil 1/2 Dead. The song peaked at No. 75 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart that same year.

We at HipHopDX send our condolences to Bad Azz’s friends and family.

Snoop Dogg & 50 Cent Gang Up On T.I. For Policing Daughter's Gynecologists Trips

Filed by Malissa FranzMalissa Franz

T.I. raised a few eyebrows after he admitted he accompanies his 18-year-old Dayja Harris to the gynecologist to “check her hymen” in an effort to ensure she was still a virgin. His admission resulted in plenty social media backlash — and jokes. Lots jokes.

On Sunday (November 10), Snoop Dogg shared a meme clowning Tip’s strange confession.

In one image, Taylor Armstrong from the The Real Housewives Beverly Hills is screaming “I’mma virgin” while the other features Tip’s head at a dinner table with the caption, “Lemme see.”

Instagram troll king 50 Cent evidently found Snoop’s meme hilarious and commented, “Yeah man, the fuck was T.I. talking about LOL.”

Snoop Dogg & 50 Cent Gang Up On T.I. For Policing Daughter's Gynecologists Trips

Tip made the comments during a recent appearance on the Ladies Like Us podcast. Following the public outcry, hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham issued an apology Instagram and removed the episode from the internet completely.

Revisit their post below.

Drake Returns With Epic Comeback After He's Booed Off Camp Flog Gnaw Stage

Filed by Kristina ClearKristina Clear

Los Angeles, CA – Drake apparently wasn’t too bothered by the boos coming from the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival crowd over the weekend. According to a recent Instagram post, the multiplatinum-selling artist just signed a new contract with the Camp Flog Gnaw powers that be.

“Plot twist…just signed a 10 year residency at Camp Flog Gnaw,” he captioned the photo. “sorry kids see you EVERY SINGLE YEAR till you are 30.”

Drake was the surprise guest at Tyler, The Creator’s annual festival on Sunday (November 10). The audience was expecting to see Frank Ocean and made it clear they weren’t pleased with the 6 God’s appearance.

Subsequently, Tyler berated those who booed Drake Twitter.



It appears the joke is on them.

Rick Ross Praises Rival 50 Cent's Bars From 'Hate It Or Love It'

Filed by Jenette DanieleJenette Daniele

The longstanding feud between Rick Ross and 50 Cent isn’t stopping Rozay from enjoying his rival’s music.

The Maybach Music Group boss praised his old foe’s verse from The Game’s 2005 single “Hate It Or Love It” in an Instagram Stories video on Sunday (November 10). Ross singled out 50’s line “Coming up I was confused, my mommy kissing a girl” in particular.

“I liked how that nigga said his mama was kissing a girl,” Rozay noted. “That shit was hard.”

Although Ross showed love to 50’s old work, fans shouldn’t expect to see these two bury the hatchet by collaborating any time soon. Earlier this year, Rozay claimed his adversary lacked value in today’s musical landscape.

“Honestly, I’m a businessman,” he said in an interview with REAL 92.3’s Big Boy. “If 50 Cent still had value, I may have been done it. But not being funny, homie just ain’t that dude no more.”

50 fired back by stating he had zero interest in working with Ross in an interview with Complex.

“I don’t know what his value is to music culture at this moment,” the G-Unit leader said. “I never made music with him. I don’t have interest in making music with him. You watch guys, a lot these guys, even when you make reference to music culture and stuff like that, they’re one trick ponies, so they’re going to be gone.”

He added, “In Hip Hop, they say, ‘It’s not what have you done, it’s what have you done for me lately,’ right? So you could get next to the guys that got momentum and try and survive based on that, but it’s not a lot going on there.”

YG Enlists Help Of Stormy Daniels For 'FDT' At 2019 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

Filed by Elsa MajewskiElsa Majewski

Los Angeles, CA – YG and the late Nipsey Hussle gave the Hip Hop community its most memorable anti-Donald Trump anthem “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” in 2016. During a performance at the 2019 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival on Sunday (November 10), YG upped the ante his diss by getting an assist from someone with intimate knowledge Trump: Stormy Daniels.

Before the Compton-bred rapper performed the song at the Tyler, The Creator’s festival in Los Angeles, YG brought out porn star Stormy Daniels — Trump’s most infamous accuser infidelity.

“My name is Stormy fucking Daniels and I am the reason that Donald Trump is fucked!” she quipped to the raucous festival crowd.

After Daniels introduced herself, the stage’s backdrop had a brief montage that included a TV news report about the alleged affair with Trump, a half-naked photo the porn star and a photo the two together.

The short conversation between Daniels and YG continued as he tried to act unfamiliar about who she is.

“Wait, you’re Stormy Daniels? You the one that fucked Donald Trump?” he asked.

She replied, “I wouldn’t really call it ‘fucking.’ I just laid there.”

Daniels caused a media firestorm when her alleged tryst with Trump went public. The adult film star was fered $130,000 in hush money from the president’s former lawyer and current prison inmate Michael Cohen, but the sexual encounter still went public and was eventually confirmed by Daniels.

Trump vehemently denied the affair, which allegedly occurred months after his wife Melania gave birth to their son Barron in 2006. The president also insulted Daniels Twitter, calling her “horseface.”

Embed from Getty s

How To Upload Music to TikTok

Filed by Jenette DanieleJenette Daniele

Move over Instagram, TikTok has arrived and is taking the world by storm. Today, TikTok has millions of users around the world creating and uploading their own short videos to reach more than 1 billion people using the app around the world. As of 2019, there are 500 million users on TikTok and 500 million users on the Chinese app Douyin. In fact, there are 96 million users from the United States alone.

While you may be familiar with TikTok already, TikTok (formerly Musically) allows users to upload short videos from 3 to 15 seconds long. While more and more celebrities jump on the app, it is one of the best places that up and coming musicians can promote their music to gain exposure.

Table of Contents

How to Upload Music to TikTok

For the longest time, it was almost impossible to get your music officially uploaded to the TikTok music library. While TikTok had struck deals with many of the world’s biggest record labels, many independent musicians had to resort to uploading their own sound in the database. While a song could still go viral, user’s personal sounds aren’t tied in with the Apple Music API which shares data to Apple if a song is gaining virality. In this article, we will share just how you too can take advantage of getting your music onto TikTok.

Sign Up for Music Distribution

As mentioned before, there have been many challenges with distributing your music to TikTok. Luckily to the craze and also TikTok’s ever-expanding workforce, music distributors have begun to allow its users to easily upload their music onto the platform.

Click here to sign up on Routenote for your music distribution account.

Create a New Release

Now, distributing your music to TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music, Naver, Tidal, and YouTube is easier than ever. Routenote has announced just recently the ability to distribute your music to directly to TikTok.

Once you have filled created a new account, head over to the Distribution > Create New Release menu option. Once you have filled out your release title, be sure to upload your Audio, Artwork (3,000 x 3,000 pixels), and Album Details.

Distribute to Music Stores

Finally, you’ll want to click the Manage Stores section. In this tab, you can either choose to upload your song/album to all stores, or you can upload your song to just TikTok.

Once you have completed these 4 steps, you will have the option to pay for store delivery fee, or you can choose free delivery and split the revenue income with Routenote.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links where would receive an affiliate fee. This does not persuade us from using this service as this is the service we have chosen for our releases.