Oh Word? More People Have Spotted André 3000 Playing The Flute In The Most Random Places

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André 3000 seems to be on a flute tour and folks across America are getting a free concert.

The celebrated rapper was first spotted in L.A. by NPR radio producer Antonia Cereijido. In a June 14 Twitter post, Cereijido said she saw a man walking around her terminal playing the flute for 40 minutes and eventually, she realized it was Three Stacks.


Twitter user @zliebbb also said he ran into André in in L.A., sharing the news with Pigeons & Planes on Twitter. 


New York was blessed with André and his flute’s presence as well.


Now, folks across Philly seem to be getting the biggest taste of André’s woodwind serenades, and The Philadelphia Inquirer was courteous enough to document the sitings.

Hit the flip for people’s hilarious encounters with Mr. Benjamin.

Tay-K Pleads Guilty To Aggravated Robbery As Capital Murder Trial Begins

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Fort Worth, TX – Tay-K’s capital murder trial got underway in Fort Worth, Texas on Tuesday (July 16) according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. 

The day before the trial began, Tay-K pleaded guilty to two counts aggravated robbery by threats in connection with the 2016 robbery Ethan Walker’s girlfriend and another man inside the Mansfield home.

Walker was shot in the stomach during the botched home invasion and later died.

Authorities are still trying to determine if Tay-K anticipated or should have anticipated a murder would be committed when he participated in the robbery.

Tay-K has also pleaded not guilty to capital murder and to a separate count aggravated robbery for the robbery and shooting Walker’s roommate, Zachary Beloate. Beloate was shot in the shoulder during the robbery.

One Tay-K’s three defense attorneys, Jeff Kearney, told jurors in opening statements Tuesday morning that “Tay agreed to participate in a robbery. Tay participated in a robbery.”

Kearney pointed out he’s already “accepted responsibility” for the robbery through his plea. He added the evidence won’t support Tay-K thought Latharian Merritt “was going to go in and intentionally kill for no reason, intentionally kill Ethan Walker.”

The now 19-year-old is one seven defendants — three juveniles and four adults — accused in the robbery and fatal shooting. Although Tay-K was only 16 when the incident occurred, he was certified to stand trial as an adult.

The once-burgeoning rapper is also charged in a second capital murder case out Bexar County and an aggravated robbery case in Tarrant County that occurred while he was on the run.

Officials allege he robbed and fatally shot 23-year-old Mark Saldivar at a Chick-fil-A in San Antonio in April 2017. The following month, he allegedly attacked and robbed 65-year-old Skip Pepe who was walking along Fish Creek Trail in Arlington’s Cravens Park at the time.

Tay-K was ultimately taken into custody in New Jersey in June 2017. Since his incarceration, he allegedly started a “Rug-Rats” jail gang and was charged with possessing a cellphone inside a correctional facility.

The capital murder trial is to continue at least through this week.

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Reportedly Trying For 2nd Child

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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are reportedly hoping to expand their family.

According to People magazine, the couple is trying to have a second child after welcoming their first daughter Stormi into the world last year.

“Kylie loves being a mom and can’t wait to give Stormi a sibling,” an insider reportedly told People. “Everyone thinks Kylie will be pregnant with her second baby soon. They are trying.”

The source also claimed Scott and the reality TV star may get married.

“She and Travis are discussing marriage,” the insider asserted.

People’s report comes after Jenner expressed her desire to have another child a few times over the past year. Last October, she confirmed she wanted a sibling for Stormi during a Snapchat Q&A.

“Have I thought baby names for my next baby? I have, but I haven’t found anything that I love love,” she said. “But I definitely want another girl, hopefully, and I want her to have a really feminine name.”

More recently, she mentioned having another kid with Scott in an Instagram post from April celebrating his birthday.

“Watching you evolve into the partner, friend, son, and father you are today has been so fulfilling,” Jenner wrote. “my real life bestie & hubby all wrapped into one. i love you and I’m so so proud you. happy happy birthday let’s fuck around and have another baby.”

Woman Suing Drake Says Thrown Beer Bottle Caused Serious Brain Injury

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New York, NY – A concertgoer who attended Drake and Future’s Summer Sixteen Tour in 2016 claims a beer bottle struck her during his set causing serious brain injury, so she’s seeking unspecified damages, The Blast reports.

The plaintiff, 24-year-old Amanda Giovacco, attended the sold-out show at Madison Square Garden on August 8, 2016 and claims the crowd got “rowdy” when she “was violently struck by a beer bottle,” allegedly causing brain damage.

Giovacco’s traumatic brain injury has apparently prevented her from attending medical school and she now suffers from seizures.

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As a result, Giovacco reportedly filed suit against the Grammy Award-winning artist, Live Nation, Madison Square Garden and an employee named Joseph Picco for negligence, “failing to properly make sure people weren’t overserved liquor, and failing to put the drinks into plastic cups instead bottles.”

Furthermore, Giovacco claims nothing was done to prevent “aggressive and/or violent behavior at the concert” since “they knew Drake] has history violence at his concerts.”

Her lawyer Joseph Napoli says “Madison Square Garden, the promoter and Drake should have prevented bottles from coming in or circulating within the building and being thrown at a concert.”

H-Town Hottie: All The Times Beyoncès Accent Was As Thick As Her Thriving Thighs 

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There are so many amazing perks that have come out of the Lion King promo this week. Sure, we get to hear from the cast and director of the highly anticipated flick — but most importantly, we get an actual Beyonce interview out the whole thing.

That’s right. The queen Bey is using her speaking voice as she chats with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts about her role as Nala, and how the Lion King soundtrack, which she curated and produced, is “a love letter to Africa”.

We also get new music from the star, whose clearly gunning for her Emmy and Oscar this year.

And let’s not forget the glorious, voluptuousness that is her new MILF bod. Those thick thighs are certainly out here saving lives.

But back to that interview, though! It’s been years since we’ve seen an actual sit down interview with Bey. The most we’ve heard her speak in the last decade was when she was receiving an award. In case you forgot about her deep, sultry, southern voice, hit the flip to check out some of the times Beyonce’s accent was THICKKK.

Ed Sheeran and Skrillex team up for “Way To Break My Heart”!

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A few days ago, Ed Sheeran decided to release his fourth album, which is called ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’. The production features collaborations with many amazing artists, going from Justin Bieber and Cardi B, all the way to Eminem and Travis Scott. For his latest album, Sheeran has also decided to join forces with the amazing Skrillex, for “Way To Break My Heart”, a track that has already garnered over 5 million plays on Spotify. The tune is a pretty mellow one, but it is sure to reach hit status in an instant!

If you haven’t heard it thus far, press play below and let us know what you think!

Freddie Gibbs Clarifies Jeezy Mention On "Crime Pays"

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New York, NY – Midway into Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s catchy Bandana single “Crime Pays,” there’s a perceived shot at Jeezy, who the celebrated lyricist dissed on his initial MadGibbs project Piñata five years ago.

On the tale end the second verse, Gibbs raps, “And Roc, he done went and bought Jeezy a pair new shoes, that nigga was dick-sucking.”

During his Breakfast Club interview on Tuesday (July 16), Gibbs revealed that wasn’t the case.

“It was a show in Chicago and Jeezy] wanted some Timbs to go with his outfit,” Gibbs recalls, admitting he wasn’t there because his former boss SnowGlo didn’t want to pay for his stage time.

“But my homeboys were dick-ricking and they wanted to go to the show,” he continued. “I guess they standing there looking in awe at the nigga and Jeezy] is like, ‘I need some shoes’ and he just used them to get some Timberlands and then they came back with the shoes, Jeezy] was like, ‘These the wrong ones’ and just tossed them to his homeboy.’

When Gibbs’ friends hit him the next day to inquire about being down $200 and everyone got the icy shoulder.

“That was one the straws that broke the camel’s back,” Gibbs stated before adding, “I ain’t got no problem with Young Jeezy. Not at all.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Gibbs was asked about his reaction to the perfect rating Bandana received by HipHopDX to which he cooly replied, “As they should.”

Watch the full Freddie Gibbs Breakfast Club interview where he also discusses Madlib’s unorthodox studio practices recording with Mos Def a.k.a. Yasiin Bey and how Tunji Balogon helped lift his blackballing throughout the industry.

Snoop Dogg Recalls Working With Tupac: ”It Was More About Fun Than Work”

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Los Angeles, CA – In the most recent episode HipHopDX’s interview series Crook’s Corner, KXNG Crooked stopped by Snoop Dogg’s studio to chat about his upcoming LP I Wanna Thank Me and much more.

In a bonus clip, the two share a moment — reminiscing on a time they were both in the studio with the late Tupac Shakur.

“I walked in there and seen y’all two standing at the booth. I was like, damn, I can’t believe this shit,” Crooked I told Snoop. “It took my mind to a whole nother place. Like they can, maybe you can make it one day.”

As Crook explained, the two were in the studio recording the audio for their 1996 St. Ides commercial, which was part the 90s brand campaign produced by the iconic DJ Pooh.

“I was lucky and blessed,” he continued. “I ain’t know how blessed I was.”

Snoop quickly responded, “We never do. I didn’t either … we never do. You know, we always got hindsight when we look back at it and be like those are some precious moments.”

As Snoop explained, Pac was incredibly funny — adding they had a light clash, though it was never serious.

“I remember those moments with him more being about fun than work. Like he would always let it be fun.“

He also broke down how Pac’s well-documented work ethic rubbed f on his own process.

“Back then, you’d make a record, you listened to it for a week and you just keep listening to it. He’d] make a record and be like, ’All right, we heard it move onto the next one,’” Snoop says.

Watch the full clip, above.

#DXCLUSIVE: Grammy Award-Winning Trumpeter Keyon Harrold Talks New Nas Single: “It’s Fire To Me”

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New York city, ny – There has been a lot love (and hate) for the new Nas single, “Jarreau Rap (Skatt Attack),” which serves as the first taste his highly anticipated The Lost Tape 2.

Though many may have expected Nas to deliver a very specific type track (considering the bar set by the previous Lost Tapes), Grammy Award-winning trumpeter Keyon Harrold notes that going against the grain is what makes the song so powerful.

“People are entitled to their opinions good and bad,” Harrold tells HipHopDX. Having played both trumpet and flugelhorn on the track, he explains the true brilliance was Nas’ foresight that people were ultimately expecting the old same thing.

“This record is innovation. It is a progression in artistic prowess. Everyone has heard Nas do the legendary joints, but nothing like ‘The Al Jarreau Rap,’” he continues, specifically noting he was tapped by Nas about a month ago to contribute his talents. “I am honored to be a part this groundbreaking record … Nas, chops Al Jarreau, and my horn. It’s fire to me and I hope it opens people up musically.”

Harrold is no stranger to the Queensbridge legend, having been brought me in to the Mass Appeal family back in 2017 — dropping his album The Mugician on the imprint.

“Nas instinctively knew what I could bring to ‘Scatt Attack’ musically. He called me in to the studio and the rest is history,” he says.

Harrold’s career in jazz Hip Hop fusion began in 2000 After landing his first touring opportunity with Common — supporting the Chicago MC’s Like Water for Chocolate LP.

“As a jazz trumpeter, this changed my entire view the trajectory how I saw my career unfolding … I jumped out the preverbal ‘jazz club’ wanting to be a part something bigger musically,” he explains. “That experience made widened the scope what I was listening to musically.”

As he dived deeper into the production side, he found himself blessed with the opportunities to work with some the biggest names in Hip Hop — from JAY-Z, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, and LL Cool J to Common, dead prez, Kanye West, and Mac Miller.

“It was beautiful to work on ‘Stay’ with Mac Miller,” he recalls his experience with the late rapper. “He was a true talent and the epitome a lab rat (he loved the recording studio) … a phenomenal musician/artist who was always searching, always working and creating visceral art. Rest in Power Mac.”

Though he may not have always imagined his career taking an unorthodox and ultimately powerful turn nearly two decades ago, he insists that he always knew he’d work among greats.

“When I first started, I had my mind set on being the best musician/artist that I could be with no limitations and no genre bias. Good music is good music period,” he states.

“I looked up to names like Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, and Marvin Gaye — but, at the same time I esteem the brilliance JAY-Z, Biggie, Tupac, as well as producers like Timbaland, Dr. Dre, J Dilla, Pete Rock, and Rodney Jerkins. I believed that I had the same musical convictions and spirit … It was simply a matter when it would happen.”

From the perspective a true jazz musician, being billed on a song beside an icon like Al Jarreau is particularly exciting. “It is posthumous validation and it is modern day homage,” he says proudly. “I do not take it lightly. Shout out to Nas for having me on this one.”

Harrold is currently on a Summer tour, which wraps on August 9 at The Detroit Institute Of The Arts.

Press Play: Laura Dern Talks Over-The-Top ‘Big Little Lies’ Character, Beyoncé Nominated For SIX Emmys, And More

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Big Little Lies actress Laura Dern hit up Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk all about the hit HBO series and more.

Dern tells us how she really feels about her character Renata, dishes on Meryl Streep being left out of their cast group chat, and reveals Nicole Kidman changed her life. Get into her interview up top.

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Congratulations are in order for Beyoncé, whose Homecoming documentary got her nominated for a total of six Emmys!

The 2019 Netflix film is in the running for: Outstanding Directing For A Variety Special, Outstanding Music Direction, Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded), Outstanding Writing For A Variety Special, Outstanding Production Design, and Outstanding Costumes.

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See the full list of nominations here. Congrats Bey!

Speaking of Netflix, after years of debate the streaming service has decided to cut the infamous suicide scene from its 13 Reasons Why series. The show was a topic of concern for many parents who argued the graphic scene was triggering for kids who deal with mental illness in real life. Some even claimed the scene, in which main character Hannah slits her wrists in a bathtub, romanticizes suicide.

From the NYPost:

The updated scene is far tamer, with Hannah taking a long look at herself in the mirror before cutting to her devastated parents, apparently just after having discovered their daughter’s death. All depictions of the act of suicide have been wiped.

In this week’s statement, Yorkey says they’d hoped the original scene would make it so “ugly [and] painful” that “no one would ever wish to emulate it,” but went on to admit they’d not been successful in their intention.

“As we ready to launch season three, we have heard concerns about the scene from Dr. Christine Moutier at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and others, and have agreed with Netflix to re-edit it. No one scene is more important than the life of the show and its message that we must take better care of each other. We believe this edit will help the show do the most good for the most people while mitigating any risk for especially vulnerable young viewers.”

Stay tuned.

Diplo Playing Area 51

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JK. Crazy part. Y’all believed me for a second. With hundreds of thousands of people set to “storm Area 51”, Diplo took to Twitter to feed into the latest fad.

Diplo Playing Area 51

Let’s take a minute to appreciate how bonkers this is. Like legit crazy. You realize what is going to happen, right? The Air Force is legit going to wipe you off the face of the planet. Dead ass. Whether you believe in extra-terrestrials or not, stay the fuck home. Go watch Invader Zim or some shit. The Air Force, believe it or not, is a pretty serious thing. Like, they have plans, drones, drop nuclear bombs… I know, crazy concept. Now let’s take a step back, that all changes if Diplo is serious about playing the “Area 51 Stage”. I mean, the dude does play every main stage out there. So could it be? Nah, y’all are crazy.

Swedish House Mafia unveil details about a collaboration with A$AP Rocky!

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A few days ago, Ingrosso and Steve Angello Swedish House Mafia took to their socials to unveil that they have a collaboration with A$AP Rocky, which is called “Frankenstein”. Both guys shared a short teaser the track on their Instagram story, while Axwell chose to stay quiet on the matter. It looks like Angello and Ingrosso decided to share the teaser because they stand with A$AP Rocky, after he was arrested a couple weeks ago because he got into a physical altercation in Stockholm.

You can check out below what the guys shared on their stories and stay tuned for more details!

Swedish House Mafia unveil details about a collaboration with A$AP Rocky!