WYLIN Drops Wonky New Track "Oompa Loompa"

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Remember the trippy “Tunnel of Terror” scene from “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”? If that scene had its own theme song, the new release from WYLIN would’ve been it. The Minneapolis resident’s “Oompa Loompa” is a dark, heavy, yet banging tune that will make you see the film’s most memorable character in completely different way. The “Oompa Loompa” sample is layered over some gritty electric guitar chords, and then slowly builds into a dubby drop that will send your green wig flying as you bang your head. Overall, “Oompa Loompa” gives a gripping modern, dark twist to an already wicked movie character.

WLYIN – “Oompa Loompa” is available now as a free download!

Michelle Williams Talks Not Being A "Favorite" In Destiny’s Child

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Michelle Williams still deals with performance jitters and insecurity about not being a fan “favorite” in her famed group.

The Destiny’s Child star caught up with Billboard — right before she was revealed on FOX’s The Masked Singer last Wednesday (December 4)– and explained how feeling overshadowed by Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland still affects her today.

“Because I’ve done a lot gospel, so I’m kind insecure because mainstream fans] don’t know my voice,” she said. “Apparently I don’t have the most commercially appealing voice or whatever. People have their favorites, but vocally I was not a favorite in the group, and that stuck with me.”

Williams, who checked herself into a treatment facility last year after battling depression, admitted that even as a seasoned performer, feelings self-doubt still make it a challenge to get on stage.

“It’s still a struggle,” she revealed. “At the same time, you have to go up there and be you, not bend or conform… and] do it the way God gave it to you. Be who you are.”

Last year, during an appearance on Good Morning America, Williams revealed she’d fallen into a deep depression shortly after reuniting with her Destiny’s Child sisters at Beyoncé’s 2018 Coachella performance. Williams opened up about her decision to pursue treatment and used her story to advocate for those struggling with mental illness.

“I suffered by myself, I didn’t want to tell anybody,” she said. “That’s what stops people from getting treatment — because someone might find out.”

Puma & Lauren London Honor Nipsey Hussle In “Forever Strong” Campaign

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Los Angeles, CA – Lauren London and Puma are celebrating the life Nipsey Hussle with their new campaign, “Forever Strong.”

On Wednesday (December 11), the multinational athletic brand released a three-minute warm visual Lauren speaking about love and life, as a tribute to the late Nip Hussle The Great. The poem heard spoken by Lauren in the video was written by Nip’s younger sister, Samantha Smith, with the score by Grammy Award-winning musician Rance from 1500 Or Nothin.

The video also takes viewers around Nipsey’s beloved Crenshaw and Slauson neighborhood, while London dons various looks such as a red crop top Puma hoodie and black running tights for one look and a West Coast-inspired khaki two-piece for another.

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To the Most High. I Give Thee.

A post shared by Lauren London (@laurenlondon) on

“This piece was a creative vision Lauren wanted to bring to life to signify the continuation her marathon alongside Puma. Forever Stronger,” her YouTube caption reads.

Nipsey was shot and killed outside his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles on March 31. He left behind two children, three-year-old Kross Asghedom, whom he shares with London, and 10-year-old Emani Asghedom from a previous relationship.

His debut album Victory Lap hit No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts upon its release and also was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 61st Grammy Awards.

Watch Lauren London in the Puma “Forever Strong” campaign up top.

Tyler, The Creator Gets $275K Ben Baller Igor Necklace

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Los Angeles, CA – Tyler, The Creator rewarded himself with an IGOR-inspired necklace that came with a $275,000 price tag, according to TMZ. The chain is highlighted by an iced-out pendant  his alter ego.

Celebrity jeweler Ben Baller, who made the blinged-out piece, said it’s comprised 18K gold. Tyler’s new jewelry features multiple types diamonds, including blue, black, white, chocolate and cognac. The clasp is a diamond-encrusted “T” and “IGOR is inscribed on the back the pendant.

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Today felt like a good day to shut down the internet. FYI: You can’t just book me to make you a piece. Out 100 people who ask, I say NO 100 times. I have to super fuck with you to get down on a piece in this day. T has never got a piece from anyone else. This is my last piece 2019. My last piece this decade. So I knew I had to fucking crush it. I’m not even gonna get into specifics. Just know it’s heavy as fuck. Made out 18K gold and has a lot cognac, chocolate, blue, black and white diamonds. The gradient levels brown to match T’s skin tone and especially when different shades light hit it? 🤧. The overall aesthetic and how you can kinda see the curvature the nose but also can’t see it. The VVS1 D color 1 carat solitaire earring in IGOR’s ear tho 👀😤 Thank you T for always trusting me. Even though I hate your guts in person, but I also LOVE YOU! I have seen you grow into something insane. Congrats on all your success. You deserve it 100% Luck had nothing to do with where I am today, this was all meant to be. #IGOR #BenBallerDidTheChain #IFANDCO

A post shared by 𝐁𝐄𝐍 𝐁𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐑 🇰🇷 (@benballer) on

In an Instagram video posted by Baller, the jeweler points out the details the expensive necklace and how the colors appear when hit by sunlight. He also noted Tyler’s pendant was his last work the decade.

Tyler’s IGOR album sold 164,866 units in its first week, much to the dismay DJ Khaled. The project debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.

Dallas Rapper Mo3 Says He Was Shot In The Head & Documents It For Instagram

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UPDATE: It’s become apparent this entire incident was a publicity stunt for Mo3’s “Why?” video.]

Dallas-bred rapper Mo3 says he was shot in the head on Tuesday night (December 10). Not only did he clearly survive, he immediately took to Instagram Live following the incident to let his fans know he was going to be alright.

In the clip, Mo3’s white t-shirt is covered in blood, which also dripped on to the multiple chains around his neck. Someone in the background appears to be begging Mo3 to get out the street and presumably over to a hospital.

“Man fuck that,” he says. “I’m good. Nigga just shot me in my head and grazed my back. Man, I’m good.”

It’s important to note Mo3, who is a father three, has been plugging his forthcoming album Osama on social media over the past few days.

In a 2016 interview with the Dallas Observer, he explained what sets his music apart from other rappers.

“I tell the truth in my music,” he said. “I’m not talking about standing in the trap and whippin’ foreign cars or having designer this, designer that. No, I’m talking about how my mom couldn’t pay her bills and when we didn’t have anywhere to sleep and stayed eating noodles every day.”

Osama is expected to arrive on Friday (December 13).

#DXCLUSIVE: Yo-Yo Explains Why She Embraced AARP's Hip Hop Campaign

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The moment the letters A-A-R-P are spoken, there’s an immediate connotation to “old people.” But if we’re being real, the architects Hip Hop culture are inching toward 50, if not already there — and that’s O.K.

In an effort to pay homage to the artists who helped shape this culture, the higher ups at AARP (American Association Retired Persons) recruited legends such as Yo-Yo, DMC Run-DMC and Cypress Hill’s B-Real for its Hip Hop video series, “Hip Hop’s 2nd Act.”

Ice Cube’s former protégé, who recently joined the cast Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood for Season 6, was slightly confused by the fer as she’s still in her 40s, but she ultimately warmed up to the idea participating in the series.

“I was excited to do the interview,” Yo-Yo tells HipHopDX. “But course, yeah. I was thinking, ‘Wait, I’m not 50 yet laughs].’ Hip Hop is so grown and I was excited about it once I found out that they were working with interviewing Hip Hop artists.

“Hip Hop has grown so much and Hip Hop is AARP. My generation Hip Hop is older and AARP cares about people. I don’t feel like enough people care about Hip Hop yet. They have found a way to use Hip Hop for every avenue their business.” 

During the AARP interview, Yo-Yo talks about her work at Yo-Yo’s School Hip Hop and the importance bridging the generational gap. In fact, that was a crucial component in her decision to join the cast  Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. 

“When we were coming up, we didn’t really have a lot role models or leaders,” she says. “So in the interview, we talked about bridging the gap with Hip Hop in this new generation. They’ll get to know who I am on the show. For example, I work with the Yo-Yo School Hip Hop, literacy programs and the National College Resources Foundation where I’m the ambassador for the Black College Expo.

“The kids don’t know who I am when I’m teaching them how to turn a rhyme into an essay or how to turn a sentence into a paragraph and a paragraph into an essay. They have no idea, but it’s called ‘How to Get As in English Through Hip Hop with Yo-Yo.’ They don’t know who I am, but by the time we leave, I’ve created a new fanbase.”

Often times, the kids will leave her programs and do some additional research at home.

“They’ll hit me up and say, ‘Hey, I listened to your music’ or now, they’ll see Love & Hip Hop or figure out I was Keylolo on Martin,” she explains. “The programs were always packed but now since we added Love & Hip Hop, we use that platform as well.”

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Tune in tonight @loveandhiphophollywood.vu @vh1

A post shared by YoYo (@yoyearless) on

Now at 48, Yo-Yo wears her age proudly and shares the knowledge she’s gained as she enters each new phase life.

“As you get older, you hear a lot people talk about levels in life, right?” she says. “You talk about these levels. What I’ve learned is not only am I getting older, but I am also figuring out what it takes to unlock the next level. I’ve never stopped because I am constantly looking for more — be it education-wise, giving back-wise,  receiving — I am open to all that.

“I was so worried about turning 30. I was like, ‘Damn, I don’t want to be rapping when I’m 50.’ That’s what I was thinking. But at 30, I wanted to build my confidence, so I went back to school. All the things I felt like I didn’t know about, I learned about. Me understanding that I needed to work on myself and take those steps to do it at 30, allowed me to unlock another other level in my life. Even though I was trying to learn how to act or learn how to build my confidence, what I learned was how to live with my truth, how to be real with myself. And so that was the next level.”

At 40, she noticed vanity took a front seat.

“I was just thinking like, ‘Dang, how do I look?’” she remembers. “I was so concerned with my looks like, ‘Wow, do I look older? I started thinking like, ‘Dang, I have to make some changes in my life. I need to start thinking about a foundation. Like, ‘Oh God, I need retirement and all that.’ You’re like, ‘Wait shit, I need to pay attention to my life.’”

But Yo-Yo wasn’t above doing whatever it took to take care her children and stay above water — even when that required humbling her ego.

“There were some months when I wasn’t very successful and I was struggling,” she admits. “My kids were going without health insurance and I had to figure out a way to humble my ego as an artist and what people see me as and say, ‘OK, I have to be a big girl.’ I had to do what women do.”

As far as no rapping after she turns 50, that remains to be seen. However, Yo-Yo did just drop a new single and video for “Out Of Control” last week, so it doesn’t look like her Hip Hop career is ending anytime soon.

“Getting back into music was something I didn’t intend to do,” she explains. “I got to the point where at 38, I wasn’t even thinking doing music. I was building this foundation and working to give something back. I wanted to be behind the scenes. I needed to be this business woman that I know I’m capable being.

“I guess that was my giving back phase, which allowed me to open up another level my life, elevate to another level. I didn’t know the more you give, the more you receive.”

At the end the day, Yo-Yo’s passion for Hip Hop and giving back is always strong.

“My blessings are not just for me and my children,” she says. “My blessings are not just for my space in my house. I was made to bless others as well. My blessings have to be shared. I didn’t realize that was part my growth. With that being said, God gave me the desires my heart. My dedication was there and I was sacrificing.

“God came to me one night and said because my obedience, he’s going to give me the desires your heart. I’m thinking, ‘OK, now I can buy a new car. OK, now I can go get a new refrigerator or new carpet. But then I get a call and low and behold, who’s going on the road? Eric B. & Rakim.”

From there, Yo-Yo was billed as an opener for several dates on Eric B. & Rakim’s reunion tour last year, but she wasn’t initially sure she was ready.

“I’m thinking to myself, ‘I’m in no shape,’” she explains. “First all, I haven’t been rapping. I haven’t been on the road since I don’t know when. I don’t even have a security guard’s number to take. I didn’t have Hip Hop nothing. I’ve been over here in business suits, trying to look presentable like I got my life in order.”

But she accepted the gig and it got things rolling again. Now, Yo-Yo is enjoying a resurgence sorts. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood airs on VH1 every Monday and stars Ray J, Lil Fizz, Omarion and more.

Check out Yo-Yo’s AARP interview above and DMC’s below.

Lil Durk & OTF Release 'Family Over Everything' Mixtape

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Lil Durk showcases his Only The Family imprint by dropping a mixtape titled Family Over Everything. The project features OTF members King Von, Booka600, Memo600, JusBlow600, Doodie Lo, OTF Ikey and, course, Durk himself.

The crew’s new tape is comprised 16 tracks. Outside the collective, guests include G Herbo, NLE Choppa, Polo G and Lil Tjay.

Check out Durk and OTF’s Family Over Everything stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Lil Durk & OTF Release 'Family Over Everything' Mixtape

1. Gang Forever – Lil Durk & King Von f. JusBlow600
2. High Tolerance – Lil Durk f. NLE Choppa
3. Brazy Krazy – Lil Durk
4. Career Day – Lil Durk f. Polo G
5. They Be Talkin’ – Lil Durk & King Von
6. The Hood – Booka600
7. Blika Blika – Lil Durk
8. On Stone – C3
9. Riot – Lil Durk & Booka600 f. G Herbo
10. This A Story – King Von
11. Fake Love – Lil Durk f. Lil Tjay
12. Whole Lotta – Lil Durk
13. Better – MK
14. One Mo Chance – Lil Durk
15. Bad Bitch – OTF Ikey
16. Hang Out – Doodie Lo & Memo600

Chris Brown Welcomes Baby Son Into The World

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Chris Brown introduced his second child to fans and other social media onlookers on Wednesday (December 11). Breezy unveiled a photo his baby boy on Instagram, revealing his son’s name in the caption.

“AEKO CATORI BROWN,” he wrote.

Brown previously hinted at the birth his son last month. On November 21, he posted a photo himself with what’s presumed to be his child’s date birth.

“11-20-2019,” he captioned the pic.

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A post shared by CHRIS BROWN (@chrisbrownficial) on

Ammika Harris, Brown’s ex, is the mother the baby boy. She shared Breezy’s picture their son on Instagram Stories and added her own comment about the new addition to her family.

“Forever won’t be enough with you,” she wrote.

Aeko is Brown’s second child. The veteran singer also has a five-year-old daughter named Royalty. Her mother is Nia Guzman.

Brown used Royalty’s name as the title his seventh studio album. The LP’s cover art also featured a picture his then-infant daughter in his arms.

View a photo Brown and his eldest child below.

MC Eiht Stresses Importance Of Authenticity While Announcing "Official" LP Release Date

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Los Angeles, CA – MC Eiht is currently prepping his next solo album, Official. Ahead its release, the Compton’s Most Wanted MC has unveiled the pertinent details surrounding the project.

According to two Instagram posts, the double LP boasts 27 tracks and features guest spots from his fellow West Coast brethren Xzibit and Tha Chill as well as singer Cherell. In one the captions, he promised no “goy chit,” once again stressing the importance remaining authentic.

“With the Hip Hop scene being so versatile and vast, there are many choices to acquire or please new audiences,” he explains to HipHopDX. “But in the aspect tryna stand alone above the many artists and different elements, one must stay true to the foundation what acquired fans in the first place.

“My dope era consisted many notable forefathers, legends and pioneers — Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5, Roxanne Shanté, Sparky D, Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Gang Starr, Heavy D, Eric B & Rakim, EPMD, Uncle Jamms Army, King T, Ice-T and so forth.” 

The Compton-raised MC added Official will adhere to his West Coast gangsta rap roots in an effort to please his fans as well as school the younger crowds.

“In respect to my fans and future generations, I just felt I did a project that just followed my specific roots my establishments in West Coast rap, so I put together the double project Official.

“I maybe have one more project I’m gonna drop next year called Lessons, which is more about tryna speak to the young homies and lessons learned going through gang banging, then indulging in Hip Hop and ultimately tryna gear towards the right lane, so stay tuned. Geah.”

Eiht dropped his last solo album, Which Way Iz West, in 2017. The project was executive produced by DJ Premier and included contributions from Lady Of Rage, Kurupt, B-Real, WC and Outlawz, among others.

More recently, Compton’s Most Wanted returned with its first album in 13 years called Gangsta Bizness. 

Official is expected to arrive on Friday (December 27). Until then, check out the cover art and tracklist below.

MC Eiht Stresses Importance Of Authenticity While Announcing "Official" LP Release Date
  1. Once Upon A Time
  2. Bring Em All f. Cherell
  3. Prile f. Xzibit
  4. Bacc In The Day
  5. How You Do That f. Chill
  6. Neighborhood Feelin’
  7. Compton f. Chill
  8. You The One f. Chill & Cherell
  9. Good Day
  10. Bluestamp Anthem f. Chill
  11. Up That
  12. Hustle f. Chill
  13. Notorious
  14. True Story f. Chill & Cherell
  15. How We Do f. Tinigi Star
  16. Mission Complete f. Chill
  17. Shoot Em Up
  18. Sirens f. James Savage
  19. Intermission
  20. Bang On Em
  21. Why f. Chill
  22. Long Time Comin’
  23. Victim Pt. 2
  24. Neighborhood Reup f. Chill
  25. My Thang
  26. 3Eihty
  27. Official

Dallas Rapper Mo3 Gets Shot In The Head & Immediately Goes To Instagram

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Dallas, TX – Dallas-bred rapper Mo3 was evidently shot in the head on Tuesday night (December 10) — and survived. In fact, he immediately took to Instagram Live following the gruesome incident to let his fans know he was going to be alright.

In the clip, Mo3’s white t-shirt is covered in blood, which also dripped on to the multiple chains around his neck. Someone in the background appears to be begging Mo3 to get out the street and over to a hospital.

“Man fuck that,” he says. “I’m good. Nigga just shot me in my head and grazed my back. Man, I’m good.”

He eventually made it to a hospital where was listed in stable condition.

Mo3, who is a father three, has been plugging his forthcoming album Osama on social media over the past few days.

In a 2016 interview with the Dallas Observer, he explained what sets his music apart from other rappers.

“I tell the truth in my music,” he said. “I’m not talking about standing in the trap and whippin’ foreign cars or having designer this, designer that. No, I’m talking about how my mom couldn’t pay her bills and when we didn’t have anywhere to sleep and stayed eating noodles every day.”

Osama is expected to arrive on Friday (December 13).

Fat Joe’s Taking No Responsibility For Reigniting Eminem & Nick Cannon Beef

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New York, NY – Fat Joe is taking zero culpability for reigniting the beef between longtime foes Nick Cannon and Eminem on the Family Ties cut “Lord Above.”

TMZ caught up with the Terror Squad vet on Tuesday (December 10) in New York City where he took the “it’s Hip Hop” defense.

“I didn’t plan nothing,” he explains in the video clip. “I’m an innocent bystander. I’m not responsible. Are you crazy? I’m taking the high road. Let me tell you something, I love Nick Cannon. He’s a good guy and Eminem is a very good friend mine and they got their little personal Hip Hop thing going, you know?

“Nick Cannon is a money magnet. He’s a talented man. He’s a beautiful person but then when you talk rap, Eminem’s a GOAT. He’s an alien in this rap game … with Eminem, he do what he want and I guess Nick Cannon gotta respond the same way.” 

Fat Joe is also asked if Cannon’s claim about Em only being on the track because Cannon’s friendship with Joey Crack is true.

“That’s not true,” he says. “I’m honored to be on a song on my album with Eminem and Mary J. I look up to Eminem lyrically. Nick Cannon, I’ve done two singles with him. He’s a good friend. I love them both. I think this is fun stuff going on right here.”

When questioned about the #RIPNickCannon hashtag that was trending on Twitter, he quickly puts the paparazzo in his place.

“I didn’t say that!” he snaps. “I never said that. I did not say that. Let the people decide what they want. That’s what this is — Hip Hop.”

He then refused to get lured into a conversation about Wild ‘N Out and whether or not Em should go head-to-head with Cannon on the show.

“Listen, whatever happens happens,” he adds. “I can’t answer that one. I’m about to leave. Get the drip. Family Ties.” 

Cannon has fired f two diss tracks in the wake “Lord Above” — “The Invitation” featuring Suge Knight and “Pray For Him” with The Black Squad.

Em has yet to respond to the latest.

Joyner Lucas Pulls 50 Cent, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar & More Into Eminem & Nick Cannon Beef

Filed by Antonio AlbertyAntonio Alberty

Shortly after Obie Trice stepped into the ring for Eminem, Joyner Lucas has put his gloves on and hopped into the Nick Cannon & Shady e-fight — despite Cannon’s assumption that Em “has no friends.”

On Tuesday night (December 10), Em’s “Lucky You” collaborator hit Twitter and pulled a laundry list contenders into his arsenal, including 50 Cent and Royce Da 5’9.

“Aye @NickCannon you better stop rap jumping my nigga marshall before me, 50, Royce, crooked i, Lloyd banks, j Cole, Kendrick, logic, tech n9ne, big Sean, and king los get busy on yo ass…. pause,” he wrote. “keep playin.”

The tweet was accompanied by a pen emoji, hinting at a future posse response cut. 

King Los was noticeably taken f guard and replied to Lucas’ tweet with, “Hold up, am I in this now?”

The Cannon-Em beef was reignited last week with the Fat Joe cut “Lord Above,” which features Eminem going in on the Wild ‘N Out host and his ex-wife Mariah Carey.

“I know me and Mariah didn’t end on a high note,” he raps. “But that other dude’s whipped, that pussy got him neutered/Tryna tell him his chicks a nut ‘fore he got his jewels clipped/Almost got my caboose kicked/Fool, quit, you not gon’ do shit/I let her chop my balls f too before I lost to you, Nick.”

After taking a few stabs at Shady on his Power 106 show, Cannon recruited Suge Knight for his first Em diss track called “The Invitation” and then nabbed The Black Squad for a second diss track titled “Pray For Him” earlier this week.

While Em has yet to respond to the latest on wax, he did fire f a couple tweets on Monday (December 9) and demanded an apology.

Revisit “Lord Above” below.