Sy Ari Da Kid Releases 'It Was Unwritten' Album

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Sy Ari Da Kid has dropped a new album titled It Was Unwritten. The project serves as the follow-up to his collaborative mixtape 2 Sides Of A Story with Paxquiao.

“This It Was Unwritten album is not for clout/radio,” Sy Ari wrote on Twitter. “I did this 1 not only for myself & the people but for those who truly appreciate & miss that true 90s hip hop music. When a story was being told from the soul an artist to as soon as you hear it you feel their pain.”

The former Cash Money artist’s latest LP features collaborations with T.I., Big K.R.I.T., CyHi The Prynce, Quentin Miller and more. Production is handled by Freddie Foxxx a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles, Statik Selektah and Ninety Four, among others.

Check out Sy Ari’s It Was Unwritten stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Sy Ari Da Kid Releases 'It Was Unwritten' Album

1. Never Write Always Right
2. Two Parent Household f. Rama
3. Entrepreneurship
4. A Dream A Plan f. Big K.R.I.T.
5. Reap What You Sow f. Statik Selektah
6. Under & Over the Influence f. Paxquiao
7. Chain Reaction
8. Sway at Night & Smack DVD URL (Interlude) f. Nu Jerzey Twork
9. Didn’t I f. Quentin Miller & Translee
10. Temporary Love f. Jasmine Janai
11. Aria
12. Verbatim (Remix) f. CyHi The Prynce & T.I.
13. Pioneer/Peace

DJ Screw's Biopic Series 'All Screwed Up' Unveils 1st Trailer

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Houston, TX – Houston Hip Hop luminary DJ Screw — born Robert Earl Davis Jr. — is getting his own biographical series titled All Screwed Up.

All Screwed up, which is produced by IYO Visuals with direction by Isaac “Chill” Yowman, is slated to be released sometime this year. Lil Keke the Screwed Up Click is named as one the producers the series along with D-Reck Wreckshop Records and Screw’s sister Michelle Wheeler.

The groundbreaking DJ and leader the Screwed Up Click (S.U.C.) is one the forefathers the slowed-down effects heard across genres today, popularizing the style with his chopped and screwed technique.

In the 90s, Screw revolutionized the game with his beloved Screw Tapes featuring his signature style and the impeccable freestyle work S.U.C. members Big Hawk, Big Moe, E.S.G., Lil Keke and Fat Pat, among others.

Screw died at the age 29, succumbing to a codeine overdose in November 2000. Yet his influence on music has continued over the past two decades.

The chopped and screwed sound has become a staple in pop culture and inspired multi-platinum artists such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky.

Screw’s influence has also been made apparent in Travis Scott’s Grammy Award-nominated album Astroworld, which includes the song “R.I.P. Screw,” as well as Barry Jenkins’ Academy Award-winning film Moonlight, which featured the screwed up sound in various scenes.

Now, Screw’s own story will get a moment in the spotlight with the late DJ’s life detailed in the upcoming television series.

Watch the trailer for All Screwed Up above.

Follow On “All Screwed Up” on Instagram: @AllScrewedUp

Diddy Slams Recording Academy At Gala: 'Black Music Has Never Been Respected By The Grammys'

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Beverly Hills, CA – Diddy had some stuff to get f his chest during his acceptance speech for the Salute to Industry Icons Award. The Hip Hop mogul put the Grammys on blast at Clive Davis and the Recording Academy’s Pre-Grammy Gala on Saturday (January 25).

Inside the ballroom the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California, Diddy criticized the Recording Academy for the lack respect shown to Hip Hop over the years

“I say this with love to the Grammys because you really need to know this,” he said. “Every year y’all be killing us, man. Man, you talk about the pain. I’m speaking for all the artists and executives. The amount time that it takes to make these records, to pour your heart out into it and you just want an even playing field. In the great words Erykah Badu, we are artists and we are sensitive about our shit.”

Diddy continued, “Truth be told, Hip Hop has never been respected by the Grammys. Black music has never been respected by the Grammys to the point that it should be.”

The speech elicited cheers from an audience that included many Diddy’s peers, including JAY-Z. The reprimanding the Academy also came with an ultimatum.

“For years we’ve allowed institutions that never had our best interests at heart to judge us and that stops right now,” Diddy stated. “I’m ficially starting the clock you got 365 days to get this shit together.”

The Bad Boy Records founder threw his name into the mix to help the Academy fix the issues that have been plaguing it since Hip Hop was recognized as a category for the Grammys in 1989.

“I’m here to help make a difference and help us have a positive outcome,” he noted. “I believe all my brothers and sisters out there will be willing to work on getting this right.”

He then dedicated his award to the artists such as Missy Elliott and Nas, who didn’t win Grammys for their classic albums Da Real World and Illmatic.

Hip Hop Reacts To Shocking News Of Kobe Bryant's Death

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Calabasas, CA – Retired NBA superstar Kobe Bryant was reportedly killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California on Sunday morning (January 26). According to TMZ, everyone onboard the flight was killed. Kobe was traveling with at least three other people in his private helicopter when a fire broke out.

Although emergency personnel responded as quickly as possible, they were unable to save anyone’s life. Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, was reportedly not one the passengers on the flight. Bryant is survived by his wife Vanessa and four daughters.

Bryant has famously travelled by helicopters for years. He routinely flew from Newport Beach, California to Los Angeles Stapes Center in his Sikorsky S-76 chopper when he played for the L.A. Lakers.

Throughout his tenured 20-year career with the Lakers, Bryant made 18 All-Star teams. He was a first-round pick in the 1996 draft and won five NBA championships, two NBA Finals MVPs and he was the league MVP in 2008.

Hip Hop has come out in droves to express their sympathy and disbelief Twitter.

Check out the reactions below.

"Moksi and Haj pair up on the undeniably catchy ‘Fade Away’

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Last year, after releasing their full-length ‘The Return Of House Music’ Moksi had reinvented themselves as more than just a bass house act.

Their new track ‘Fade Away’ is a perfect example of ‘Club meets Pop’ where real pianos, violins, and intricate melodies make an organic, radio-friendly tune that you can’t help but be humming for days after you heard it. While they will keep on delivering their famous bass house sound, the world can expect more of their versatility in 2020. It’s clear that Moksi is here to stay.

Moksi, Haj  – Fade Away

Machine Gun Kelly Claims Eminem Is Desperate To 'Be Relevant To The Youth'

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Eminem decided to participate in the latest Twitter challenge by posting a meme his Facebook, Grindr, Instagram and LinkedIn prile photos as part the #DollyPartonChallenge.

Machine Gun Kelly eventually caught wind Shady’s post and pulled a tweet and delete, clowning Em in the process.

“50 year old artists tryna be relevant to the youth by posting trending meme’s is something i never thought i’d see #2020,” he wrote on Friday (January 24), only a few hours after Em’s initial post.

The bad blood between the two artists reached a boiling point when Em dissed MGK on 2018′ Kamikaze, prompting Mr. Richard Colson Baker to release the “Rap Devil” diss track. After careful deliberation, Em fired back with “Killshot” and the rest is history.

On Shady’s latest album, Music To Be Murdered By, Em claims their beef is over on the track “Unaccommodating.”

“But when they ask me is the war finished with MGK? Of course it is,” he raps. “Cleansed him his mortal sins, I’m God/I’m the Lord, forgives even the devil worshippers.”

Shortly after the album arrived, MGK took his thoughts to Twitter where he wrote, “mad af I just stepped out a loud room to hear this bullshit. He’s been rich and mad for 20 years.” His sentiments were capped f with a trashcan emoji and laughing emoji.

Music To Be Murdered By is expected to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and if so, will make Eminem the first artist in the chart’s history to earn 10 consecutive No. 1 albums. Em’s 11th studio album arrived on January 17 and boasted appearances from Royce Da 5’9, KXNG Crooked, Q-Tip, Joell Ortiz and more.

Check out Em’s #DollyPartonChallenge post below.

Pete Rock Calls Out Oprah Over Russell Simmons Sexual Assault Doc

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Legendary Hip Hop producer Pete Rock shared a video to his Instagram account that makes his feelings about Oprah Winfrey crystal clear. The billionaire talk show host mogul made headlines earlier this month when she stepped down from her executive producer role on a documentary about one Russell Simmons’ sexual assault accusers, Drew Dixon.

The Def Jam Recordings co-founder publicly called out Oprah Instagram for signing up for the role in the first place. Oprah has since denied the public pressure had anything to do with her decision.

The video, which Rock posted to both Facebook and Instagram, features several video snippets Oprah. In one, she appears to defend disgraced Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein whose been accused multiple sexual assaults by dozens women, including Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rose McGowen.

“If we make this just about Harvey Weinstein, then we will have lost this moment,” she says.

Elsewhere in the video, an Entertainment Tonight story about the singer Seal, who called out Oprah in a 2018 Instagram post and accused her knowing about Weinstein’s predatory behavior, pops up on the screen.

“Oh I forgot, that’s right…’d heard the rumours but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young starry-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into,” the post reads. “My bad.”

The text is written across a photo Oprah kissing Weinstein’s cheek and reads, “When you have been part the problem for decades, but suddenly they all think you are the solution.”

Pete Rock Calls Out Oprah Over Russell Simmons Sexual Assault Doc


That clip is then followed by a snippet Oprah’s recent interview on Good Morning America where she was adamant she couldn’t be silenced by Simmons, which is coupled with a story about Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct involving actress Lupita Nyong’o.

At the end the video, the words, “We will expose this agenda TARGETING the BLACK MAN.. OPRAH. And EXCUSING the System WHITE SUPREMACY” is written across the screen, a sentiment Rock apparently supports.

KXNG Crooked Is Already Tired Of Hearing About Lord Jamar Vs. Eminem

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KXNG Crooked, who appears alongside Eminem, Royce Da 5’9 and Joell Ortiz on the Music To Be Murdered By track “I Will,” is apparently sick hearing about Lord Jamar.

Shortly after the Brand Nubian MC appeared on VladTV to voice his disdain for Shady once again, the Slaughterhouse vet is speaking out Twitter. While reminding his fans Eminem is still celebrated by legendary MCs such as Rakim, he appeared frustrated that people only want to discuss Lord Jamar.

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion,” he wrote on Friday night (January 24). “The God Rakim said he fucks with Eminem as a lyricists but people on my timeline rather talk about how Lord Jamar doesn’t.”

During Lord Jamar’s latest sit-down with DJ Vlad, he reiterated his firm belief that people “in the hood” don’t listen to Eminem.

“Guess what? Muthafuckas still ain’t listening to that in the hood,” he said. “Nobody came to me in the hood and was like, ‘Yo, I just heard this Eminem song where he went at you.’ No, they gotta read about it on MTO and shit like that. Because again, my point is proven, nobody listens to your fuckin’ shit. So I’m chillin’ right now. You could talk about me a million times.”

Lord Jamar was apparently fired up after Shady dissed him on “I Will” with the lines, “Your group is f the chain, but you’re the weakest link” and “Got a crown thorns, but it won’t fit around the horns/But I’ma keep it a buck like a dollar store/I’m more than you bargained for and I am far more worse/Than a forty-some bar Lord Jamar verse.”

Although many people assumed the first line was about Joe Budden, the podcast host himself insisted it was about Jamar in a recent episode The Joe Budden Podcast. 

“The Em line in that song, when he was tearing Lord Jamar’s ass up on old group flips, that led to ‘Your group is f the chain, but you’re the weakest link,’” he said. “In a song featuring Slaughterhouse, I could see how that looked like it was about Joe. Joe says it was not. That’s about Lord Jamar, obviously, if you listen to the eight bars coming before it. You get your panties out the bunch.”

Check out the song below.

Megan Thee Stallion Kicks Off ’Suga’ Album With ‘B.I.T.C.H.’ Single

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Megan Thee Stallion has dropped a new track called “B.I.T.C.H.”  The single arrived on Friday (January 24) and serves as the first song f Megan’s debut studio album Suga. Meg announced the arrival her first ficial album last year, discussing the project at length with NPR.

“B.I.T.C.H” will serve as Suga’s album opener, setting the project’s tone early. The song, which was produced by Detroit super producer Helluva, is a modern-day flip 2Pac’s “Rather Be Ya N.I.G.G.A.”

The 24-year-old Houston rapper will coincide the album’s release with the debut a new alter ego named Suga. Following her NPR Tiny Desk concert in December, Megan discussed her latest persona.

“My next project I will be introducing a new lady,” she said. “Her name is Suga. She’s besties with Tina Snow.”

Suga, which doesn’t have an ficial release date yet, has several confirmed features. California crooner Kehlani is set to appear on the project and a SZA feature was confirmed in a Zane Lowe interview on Friday morning.  Megan was also spotted in the studio working on the LP with legendary producer Pharrell Williams. 

The rapper, who earned HipHopDX’s 2019 Level Up the Year Award, is gearing up for a busy 2020. Her song “Diamonds” featuring Normani is the lead single from DC’s Harley Quinn movie Birds Prey.

In addition to the upcoming release Suga, Megan is set to headline the 2020 Broccoli City Festival and Coachella 2020. She also was recently nominated for the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Award for Best New Hip Hop Artist.  

Watch the “B.I.T.C.H.” video above.

Meek Mill Reportedly Gets Into Heated Confrontation With Ex-Nicki Minaj & Her New Husband

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West Hollywood, CA – Former couple Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj reportedly ran into each other on Friday (January 24) at the high-end clothing store Maxfield in West Hollywood where chaos ensued. According to TMZ, Nicki and her new husband Kenneth Petty were casually browsing around the store when they bumped into Meek.

While it’s unclear what prompted it, a shouting match quickly erupted with Petty calling Meek a “pussy” and Meek returning the sentiment. Then it sounds like Petty screams, “You ain’t talking to her no more! You can’t talk to me one-on-one!” Nicki appears to jump in and call Meek a “bitch.”

Fellow rapper ReTcH, who happened to be in the same area, snapped two separate selfies with both Meek and Nicki. After the alleged incident popped f, he approached Nicki who initially thought he was part Meek’s crew. She got in his face at first but then apparently realized who he was.


ReTcH reportedly went into more detail on his Instagram Live where he confirmed Nicki, Petty and Meek did indeed “start beefin.”

Meek was ultimately escorted out the store by his own security team and store employees.

50 Cent To Taraji P. Henson: 'If You Don't Roll With Me, You're Gonna Get Rolled The Fuck Over'

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50 Cent has decided to address some recent comments Empire actress Taraji P. Henson made on T.I.’s podcast — in typical 50 Cent fashion.

On Saturday morning (January 25), the Power co-founder headed to Instagram where he fered some harsh criticism shrouded in an apology. He also attempted to bully Henson into joining forces on his next television venture.

“I saw @tarajiphenson on @troubleman31 podcast, this is my sincere apology I did not mean to hurt your feelings in anyway,” he captioned a photo himself. “I love your work and I think you are amazing. I’m sorry no one is watching your show anymore. I realize I have to work on the fact that I have less empathy then others.

“I have met with the top executives at Fox and sold them(The Notorious Cop) it’s the show that is replacing yours but I really want to work with you. I mean your awesome we would work well together but if you don’t like the idea I understand. if you don’t roll with me, your gonna get rolled the fuck over.”

In a follow-up post, 50 shared a clip the Henson’s original comments and accused Tip fueling the fire.

“this is @troubleman31 ‘s fault,” he wrote in the caption. “he is already signed on to the show FOX is replacing them with. TIP You grimey man.”

In a third post advertising his upcoming Walk Of Fame ceremony, Fiddy threw one more jab, making a slick reference to Tip’s podcast, expediTIously. 

“you guys are all invited expeditiously,” he said. “yeah catch POWER tonight it’s lit.”

The feud between Hanson and 50 has been ongoing for years. During the recent podcast, Tip asked the seasoned actress, who plays “Cookie Lyon” on the long-running FOX series, about the bad blood between them.

“Our show has nothing to do with his show,” she said. “We’re talking two different subject matters. Then again 50, do you know what the fuck I had to do to get here? Why tear down another black person? For competition? There are a million other shows you can compete with. To do that publicly? It’s embarrassing.”

Revisit the clip above.

Calvin Harris is back with brand new music!

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As promised a few days ago, Calvin Harris is back with brand new music. The music producer has released a few brand new tracks, “Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)”, “CP-1” and edits these two singles. However, these new tunes have been dropped in collab with a new alias, which is Calvin’s brand new project, Love Regenerator, which will be focusing more on the techno/house-influenced sound.

You can hear the new singles below and let us know what you think!