This New Layton Greene Song “I Love You” Is The Heartfelt R&B Content We Crave

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Layton Greene is one of my favorite artists out right now and her latest offering is a testament to why I, and so many others, feel that way.

After dropping her summer anthem “Leave Em Alone” featuring PnB Rock, Lil Baby, and City Girls, Layton is back with a new single titled “I Love You.” Like her 2018 track “Myself,” “I Love You” is an honest reflection of how she sees herself and the man she’s in love with. Accompanied by piano, Layton cowrote the track with G. Styles, who teamed up with The Exclusives to produce it, according to a press release.

WATCH: Layton Greene, Lil Baby, City Girls, And PnB Rock Hit Up Quality Control University For The Official “Leave Em Alone” Visual

“I loveeeee this record😩 I was really going thru it when I wrote it,” she said, announcing the new song on Instagram. Check out the track below and more photos of the rising star on the flip.

Madison Mars Brings Fresh Sound With 'New Vibe Who Dis'

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The ever inventive Estonian dj/producer Madison Mars returns on a wave of fresh sounds, as he presents ‘New Vibe Who Dis’, a highly potential hit tune, out now on Spinnin’ Records!

Madison Mars is on fire. Following several hit singles this year alone (just check out festival favorites like ‘Back To You’ or the Lucas & Steve collab ‘Lunar’) while touring relentlessly, the Estonian tastemaker keeps delivering striking new records, always a step forward in his musical evolution.

This new single isn’t the exception. Initially, he lays down a funky house groove that already breaks with some of his heavier tunes from before, then followed by a classic 80’s melody (Yazoo!) and similar cool vocal lines, courtesy of Little League, providing a touch of 90’s hip house. The result is an incredibly catchy record. ‘New Vibe Who Dis’ breathes classic dance music, winks to pop music and a strong contemporary house appeal.

“This is a totally different kind of track from me. I used the main melody from the famous ‘Don’t Go’ by Yazoo and mixed it with refreshing rap-alike male vocals. The result is somewhat unexpected, a crossover track between pop and house. Very curious to see the reactions for this one!” – Madison Mars

#DXCLUSIVE: Holly Reveals How Gunplay Ended Up On His "On Me" Single

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In 2013, Miguel Oliviera wasn’t known as Holly and wasn’t even making music his own yet, but was inspired by former Maybach Music Group member Gunplay.

Since then, Holly has made a name for himself worldwide as an EDM turntablist, was named one the top producers the year by DJ Mag and Run The Trap, and now, he has a song with Gunplay and OKAY! KENJI called “On Me.”

“Gunplay has been one my favorite rappers since I first heard “Ghetto Symphony” in 2013.” Holly said in a press release.

“It’s crazy how I used to listen to his music before I even began making music on my own, and now we’re on the same record together. I can’t thank OKAY! KENJI enough for helping bring this track to life as well.”

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Back in July, the 24-year-old Portuguese producer/DJ unleashed his thunderous “Til I Die” single featuring A$AP TyY and Vancouver producer NXSTY, from his forthcoming EP, Alameda 1000.

Much like “Til I Die,” “On Me” fuses the inherent boom-bap bounce synonymous with sounds in today’s 808 tinged Hip Hop production with brain-scrambling EDM style drops and bridges.

Holly communicated with HipHopDX over Email about how the track came together and his approach to producing from both an EDM and Hip Hop perspective.

HipHopDX: Your techniques sound more Hip Hop-based than a typical EDM turntablist. What equipment do you use?

Holly: Thanks! I use FL to make beats and Ableton for live shows. I do almost everything inside both DAW’s and actually, don’t use much gear besides a MIDI controller!

HipHopDX: Gunplay always makes for an interesting guest choice. Why him?

Holly: My homie that is also featured on the song, OKAY! KENJI had this unreleased acapella from a Gunplay studio session that he used to work at in Atlanta. When he showed me that, we started working and building out an instrumental around his vocals. I’ve been a huge fan his music for years so it feels really great to have him on my record.

HipHopDX: Are you aiming for a trap classic with the EP? Explain what makes this particular project unique.

Holly: I’m just aiming to blend a series different sounds that I’ve been working with since I started making music, which is exactly what makes this project unique. I’ve been taking electronic influenced music and mixing it with Hip Hop & rap vocals to create a totally different sound from what so many producers are doing right now.

Holly’s Alameda 1000 is currently set for release Insomniac Records on September 13.

Stream “On Me” above.

Little Brother Celebrates Their Return With "Black Magic (Make It Better)" Video

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Durham, NC – Little Brother announced their triumphant return earlier this week with a surprise album called May The Lord Watch. Like clockwork, Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh have shared a video for “Black Magic (Make It Better)” to coincide with the project’s release.

Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Focus… and featuring guest vocals from Madison McFerrin, the track is described as a “love letter to the beauty and resilience black people.”

The visual itself was shot in their home state North Carolina and is dedicated to the “late” fictional character Percy Miracles.

“We wrote ‘Black Magic (Make It Better)’ to inspire,” Rapper Big Pooh says in a press release. “No matter your personal struggle or where you are starting from in life, waking up gives you another shot at being better than you were the day before. We wanted a visual that felt organic and represented us and showed love to the city that birthed Little Brother: Durham North Carolina.”

Throughout the video, Phonte and Pooh effortlessly showcase their top-notch lyricism, reminding their fans why they were so sorely missed.

Watch the “Black Magic (Make It Better)” video above and check back next week for HipHopDX’s interview with Little Brother.

Royce Da 5'9 Slams Lord Jamar For Eminem Slander: "I Don't Want To Have To Fuck Nobody Up"

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Lord Jamar is one Eminem’s most outspoken detractors and VladTV has provided the perfect platform for the Brand Nubian MC to spew his vitriol at Slim Shady for years.

But Royce Da 5’9 has evidently had enough. On Thursday (August 22), the Slaughterhouse alum went on a nearly 10-minute diatribe slamming both Jamar and DJ Vlad for continuing to criticize Em.

“If people knew how much money he made f this shit they’d probably look at it different,” Royce begins “Especially Lord Jamar. You a legend in the game, you part a legendary group. You going and sitting in this man’s couch, sitting in this man’s chair, and you running up these views cause you got so much controversial shit to say about one fuckin’ person. Vlad] walks away with the cheque and you walk away craving attention. I don’t even like seeing niggaas in that space. I don’t like seeing you in that space brutha.

“Talking about Em like ‘real niggas don’t listen to his music. First all, you not the measuring stick who’s real, who’s cool. I don’t know what you think about us over here, or you think about me. I understand you said you respect 50, but the other niggas know who I don’t respect. I don’t care about none that shit. You don’t have to respect me just don’t disrespect me. I don’t want no problems with nobody and I don’t want to have to fuck nobody up.”

Royce also questions when Jamar became the metric for what people listen to in the hood.

“You’re not cool to me, you’re not tough to me, you’re not the measuring stick what street niggas listen to,” he continues.”I don’t look at you like no type street nigga. I look at you the same way you look at Marshall Mathers]. You say he talk about a bunch shit he don’t do? I feel like you rapped about a bunch shit you never did, and you still ain’t doing. What’s really the difference?”

He then challenges Jamar to highlight one bar from his rap career that gives him the right to rip apart a gifted lyricist like Eminem.

“Please tell me one line you have said in your career that qualifies you to critique a top tier lyricist?” he says. “I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like his music, the muthafucka is in everybody Top 5. You don’t get there just by being a white rapper.”

Nickel Nine also disagrees with both Nick Cannon and Jamar’s claim that nobody bumped Em in the streets.

“There’s a small community muthafuckas that went to the Hip Hop shop before we got on,” he explains. “We was the backpack niggas. All us, we listened to Em’s album. Everybody in the hood was listening to Em’s album that was into lyrics.

“Every real nigga ain’t street and every street nigga ain’t real. Every nigga in the hood ain’t a street nigga that only want to listen to Jeezy. Every nigga that sit his broke ass on DJ Vlad couch don’t qualify to speak for real niggas. Ya’ll niggas ain’t fuckin’ cool man, ya’ll goy as fuck!”

The 42-year-old wraps up his comments by touching on JAY-Z and his alignment with the NFL while wondering why he’s the only Hip Hop billionaire.

“It ain’t never been about no tough guy shit,” he concludes. “It’s about what can yo fer the culture? What can you do that’s gonna make you last? Are you gonna make a classic album? I don’t give a fuck about your radio song. I don’t care about that dog. I’ve been here for 20 years. I’ve seen niggas come and go.

“Would you rather make $700,000 for 20 years straight or would you rather make $2 million for two years straight and then fall f? That’s depression and suicide waiting to happen.”

Fire!! Listen To Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” Remix Featuring DaBaby

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DaBaby has proven himself to be a formidable contender in the Hip-Hop arena and now the rising star joins Lizzo on “Truth Hurts” for a remix you’re sure to bop more than once. We know that Lizzo is 100% THAT B*TCH. Now, DaBaby drops a few caption-worthy bars for his verse as well.

“I just took a DNA test and it told me I’m the realest, pretty chocolate n*gga out here with some good d*ck,” he raps. Don’t act surprised… after his joint effort with Meg Thee Stallion, y’all KNOW how he gives it up.

WATCH: DaBaby Bodies The Beat In XXL Freshman Cypher With YK Osiris, Meg Theee Stallion, And Lil Mosey

“And I could have a b*tch from Harvard with a 8-year degree, I’d prolly still-a-rather pull up with a hood b*tch,” he spits. Tune into the track up top and let us know what you think. Lizzo hit Instagram to announce the remix. Check that out below.

Saladin delivers a great mix of tracks on his latest podcast episode “PHUNK Radio 068”

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Featuring a fine selection bass house and groovy tunes, this latest episode PHUNK Radio is just the right thing if you crave a house music fix. The transitions between tunes are smooth and well executed, giving the whole mix an excellent flow and energy. The selection tracks is also great, the whole mix having a cohesive vibe and atmosphere.

Tune In: Summer Walker Drops New Destiny’s Child-Inspired Single “Playing Games”

Filed by Malissa FranzMalissa Franz

Summer Walker is back with a new single and it’s fire.

Giving us “Should’ve Known Better” Monica vibes as she starts off the track by letting her man know she never asked for anything extravagant, she sings… “Did I ever ask you to take me to go/ shopping in Paris, or go/sailing over seas and just drape me in Gucci? No.” Her tribute to the R&B singers who forged the way for this generation doesn’t end there.

“So won’t you say my name, say my name/If you claim you wan’t me, it ain’t no thang,” she sings in true Destiny’s Child fashion, adding her own sultry flair. “You acting kinda shady/You ain’t been calling me baby/Boy, you can go and stop playing games, playing games.”

Check out the track up top. “Playing Games” is the follow-up to Summer’s 2019 Clear EP. Her “Girls Need Love” remix featuring Drake has also been taking over the charts. Tune into her latest and catch her on The First and Last Tour, with special guest Melii, coming to a city near you this Fall.

#DXCLUSIVE: Brazilian Rap Phenom NIKO IS Links With Curren$y For "3rd World Money" Video

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HipHopDX Premiere – Brazilian artist NIKO IS has recruited Curren$y for his “3rd World Money,” video, which was shot partly in Texas, New Orleans and Florida. Directed by Trapsolutely, the visual finds the two veteran MCs chillin’ and smoking spliffs as they swap potent verses.

“Open new doors to perception,” NIKO says to HipHopDX. “How much does it take to feel rich? How much does it take to feel safe? Third world money, recorded with love and peace. Survival the chillest. Cheers. I hope you live a 100 years.”

#DXCLUSIVE: Brazilian Rap Phenom NIKO IS Links With Curren$y For "3rd World Money" Video


“3rd World Money” was produced by Thanks Joey and recorded partly in São Paulo, Brazil. It comes from NIKO’s latest project UNIKO, which boasts features from longtime collaborator Talib Kweli, Tego Calderon and, course, Spitta Andretti, among others.

Watch the “3rd World Money” video up top and revisit the UNIKO album stream below.

Saladin delivers a great mix of tracks on his latest podcast episode “PUNK Radio 068”

Filed by Elsa MajewskiElsa Majewski

Featuring a fine selection bass house and groovy tunes, this latest episode PHUNK Radio is just the right thing if you crave a house music fix. The transitions between tunes are smooth and well executed, giving the whole mix an excellent flow and energy. The selection tracks is also great, the whole mix having a cohesive vibe and atmosphere.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History

Filed by Antonio AlbertyAntonio Alberty

Sure, the VMAs are about videos and music — but many of us tune in to see our favorite celebrity couples hit the carpet together. It’s kind of a big deal to be apart of a super star couple during award season. Everyone is tuning in to observe your chemistry, see if your outfits are and sync, and most of all, to see if anyone from the pair runs into a famous ex.

It’s different for people like Kanye West though. He went from drinking Hennessy on the VMA red carpet with Amber Rose to giving her a shoutout on stage while he was with then new wife Kim Kardashian.

Nothings more epic than seeing a couple you ship attend an award show together looking happy, coordinated and in love. We can’t wait to see which lovebirds hit the carpet together at this year’s Video Music Awards, which air Sunday night on MTV.

But until then, scroll down for some of the most iconic couple moments in VMA history.

1. Before swag was swag, J.Lo and Puff Daddy had it. They were definitely the hottest couple at the 2000 VMAs, and may still hold that title even today.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


2. 2003 was a great year for 50 Cent. He and Vivica A. Fox were a sexy couple before things went awry.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


3. Beyonce & Jay Z are the GOAT couple of every award show.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


4. Kanye West & Amber Rose at the 2009 VMAs will forever go down in history.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


5. Ahhh Meek & Nick. What a time.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


6. Chris Brown & Rihanna were the “IT” couple of 2007. They even hit the stage to perform “Umbrella” together at the VMAs that same year.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


7. New generation of epic coupledom.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


8. 2005 was such a different time. Ciara was virtually unknown to the masses, and Shad Moss was Bow Wow with a ponytail.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


9. Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake were basically royalty in the late ’90s. This photo of them at the VMAs in 2000 looks more like a prom pic than an award show. Adorbs.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


10. New love. Still iconic.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


11. ‘Member these two were a thing?

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


12. Ariana and one of her many VMA dates.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


13. Who knew back in 2007 that Katy Perry would be a huge star and Travis McCoy would be missing in action?

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


14. Gucci & Keyshia always show up and show out.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


15. Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey were the cutest couple in Hollywood before reality TV fame. Here they are at the 2005 VMAs during happier times.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


16. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were just kids when they hit the VMA red carpet together in 2011.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


17. Ice T & Coco always bring lots of energy, wherever they go.

17 Epic Photos Of The Greatest Couples In VMA History


How To Upload Music To Spotify? The Ultimate Guide

Filed by Elsa MajewskiElsa Majewski

One of the best career choices we have ever made was to learn how to upload music to Spotify with our EDM Sauce Copyright Free Records label.

If you’re looking for a free, easy and step-by-step guide to follow on how to upload music to Spotify, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll share with you how to get through this.

You’ll learn how to upload music to Spotify in 7 easy steps that will take less than 10 minutes.

My decision to learn how to get my music on Spotify and begin making money from the label is what lead us to create a brand new record label. And today, we’re going to walk you through my easy to follow instructions on how to put your music on Spotify.

: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission.

So, how do you get your music onto Spotify?

How to Upload Music to Spotify in 7 Easy Steps

Once you have your song completed and the artwork, it’s time to upload your music onto Spotify. Let’s dive into the process.

Step 1. Sign up for a distributor

After testing more than 10 different music distributors, such as The Orchard, Tunecore, Routenote, and many others, I have concluded that Routenote is one of my favorite experiences while uploading music to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and many more.

-> Click here to head over to Routenote. When you get to Routenote, click the green Sign Up button on the top right.

Once you have clicked to Sign up, Routenote gives you the option to conveniently sign up to its service with Google, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, or just your email address. When signing up, please just remember to use this string of numbers in the Referral Code: 2f76a771.

Step 2. Schedule your release to Spotify

Now that you have signed up for Routenote, hover over the tab and click “Create New Release.” Once you have landed on this page, enter in the name of your release into the field “Release Title*:”. This will be the name of your EP or , or the name of your song if you’re only scheduling a single song for release at the moment. If you do not have a UPC or EAN at the time of uploading the track, don’t worry, Routenote will create one for you.

Step 3. Add your Song or Album Details to the ‘Album Details’ screen

Once you click on Album Details, be sure to add the Album/Single/EP Title, if you have a specific album version (not required), whether it is a Compilation Album, the Primary Artist Name(s), what the Primary Genre of the album/song is, who holds the Composition Copyright, Sound Recording Copyright, name of the Record Label (or self-released), the Sales Start Date which should be the same date as Originally Released, when the Pre Order Date should be, and if the song contains any Explicit Content. Take a look at our screenshots below to ensure you set up your Album Details correctly.

Step 4. Upload your audio file(s)

On this step, you’ll be able to upload all of your tracks on the album/EP/single that you wish to release. Once you have added the Track Name and click “Choose File” to select the song to upload, you have the option to click “Add Track” which will give you the option to add other songs in your album/EP. Since we are giving the example of how to upload a single on Spotify, we are only going to use the first field. Be sure that you are only uploading a high-quality 320kbps – 44.1khz MP3 here. Once you have added all of your tracks, click continue.

The next screen will show you the Audio Metadata of the song. We have nothing to change on this release, so we’re going to just click ‘Save and Continue.’

Step 5. Upload the song or album artwork

It’s probably best to have your song artwork ready to go once you get to this stage. If you haven’t thought about your artwork yet, head over to to create your 3000px x 3000px song artwork. I highly recommend getting pictures from and using those photos in your song or album artwork. Be sure to not include your Website URL, contact information, any hashtags, pornographic imagery, pricing information, copyrighted images, a scan of a CD, or any blurry or pixelated images in your song artwork in order to be accepted for your release on Spotify. Once you have uploaded your image, click ‘Save and Continue.’

Step 6. Choose which stores to distribute your music to

This step is one of my favorite steps when uploading any music through Routenote and you’ll see why soon enough. On this screen, Routenote shows you all of the different stores they have on their platform. You can select all stores on the top right, or you can choose from DSPs such as iTunes & Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Google, Anghami, Deezer, Tidal, Juke, Shazam, Pandora, Napster, 7Digital, Facebook, Naver/Vibe, Netease, Tencent, AWA, and YouTube. If you wish to not distribute throughout the world, be sure to select this option at this time. Once you have filled out and selected all of the proper channels, click ‘Save and Continue.’

Step 7. Choose which distribution model to use

Routenote is one of the few distribution platforms that allow for Free Distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. You can opt for the Free distribution model where Artists will keep 85% of the total royalties, or you can opt for the Premium Distribution model where Artists keep 100% of the royalties and pay just $10 for Singles, $20 for EPs, $30 for Albums, $45 for Extended Albums, and then just $9.99 annually. The best part about Routenote is you have the ability to switch distribution models at any time. So if you notice that a song is going viral, you can change your distribution model from Free Distribution to Premium Distribution so that you can collect 100% of the total royalties.

Be sure to add your PayPal information on Routenote so that Routenote can properly pay you 3 months from the month of your streams.

Now that you know how to upload your music on Spotify, be sure to share this article with your friends so that they too can learn how to upload their music to Spotify. Whether you want to create your own label or just release music for yourself, get ready because it can be very addicting!