San Francisco, CA – The shockwaves from Colin Kaepernick’s protests are still being felt all across the country.

His former teammate Antone Exum Jr. (who records pressionally under his all-caps last name) knows those waves all too well and during a recent NFL season (the pick-sixing safety couldn’t remember which one), the 28-year-old Hip Hop alternative artist jotted down his thoughts which culminated into the anti-police brutality anthem “oFFICER kAEPERNICK,” premiered by HipHopDX.

“I think it was one or two years ago,” EXUM recalls the song’s origins to DX. “I would say probably one or one and a half years ago when I wrote this record, but it wasn’t recent at all. It was, actually, going to be a throwaway, but for some reason, I didn’t throw it away because it just meant … it goes.”

San Francisco 49ers' Antone Exum Jr. Pummels Police Brutality On "oFFICER kAEPERNICK" Single

The high-octane record exudes rage, frustration, defiance — some the various emotions that are associated with rogue cops (and the system that protects them) and EXUM was clear to specify that he’s not lyrically targeting all law enforcement.

“Kaepernick did not take a knee for our good serving soldiers like yourself or even the good cops out there that we have,” he explained. “Good cops, the government ficials, good judges, good… prison workers like all that stuff. That’s not why he took a knee he simply was taking a knee for the catastrophic instances that went down. You know what I’m saying?”

As a five-year pressional athlete, the notion being “a rich guy in the studio” isn’t lost on Exum but if you visit his SoundCloud, you’ll see an instant musical kaleidoscope with the handful ferings; a craft he takes very seriously.

“I want to use music to attain more a voice you know, so I can be able to change the world,” he admitted. “To be a voice that can change the world, you know what I mean? And preach things like love, equality, peace, creativity, spirituality things like that.

“That’s why I’m out here trying to reach the highest levels those for myself and also just trying to just rub that f onto others so. In fact, when you listen to my music it’s not really the regular content that you hear out here like mainstream culture stuff right now.”

Stream EXUM’s “oFFICER kAEPERNICK” up above, follow him on Instagram @ExumGod and look out for his upcoming debut LP.