Monstercat veterans RIOT introduce their most epic project to date, the storyline-based, immersive sonic journey known as “Dogma Resistance.” In the form a ten-track studio album and accompanying visual comic book by company HERØRIOT brings to life the story  Raymond Colt and his descendants in a fusion past and future. “Dogma Resistance” begins in the year 1936, when Colt and his sidekick accidentally uncover a nefarious force evil that the world has never seen before. Fast-forward to the year 2045 and this evil, known as Deinos, has been ruling the world for over a century. Follow along as Colt‘s descendants rage a war to fight for all the humankind against the alien enemy, an adventure that will test them to their very limits and brings them into contact with things legend, such as the protector the long-lost city Atlantis.

Each  RIOT‘s ten tracks evokes a different phase the plotline, beginning with the adventurous and assaulting “Jungle Fury” and the drum & bass influenced “Disorder,” which signifies the rebirth  DeinosRIOT explores a myriad sound and genre inspirations on the album, from eastern exotic instrumentals in “Desert to Desert” to fury-filled bass in the climactic “Overkill.” A storyline this complexity is truly an artistic achievement, something that RIOT has been hard at work on for quite some time. You can check out the album below and pre-save the comic book here: