EDMsauce Exclusive Interview: Lorna James

EDMsauce Exclusive Interview: Lorna James

Prolific pianist and composer Lorna James is ready to take over and show off her signature sound and style. Music is second nature to this masterful musician who found a way to mix seamlessly her passion for Electronic Dance music and Classical music. Her seemingly effortless compositions give proof of her talents and give more than one reason to keep her name high on the list of artists to follow up close.

While her releases certify instant hits, she continues to amaze with every release, taking her music to new places and sharing her skills and sound with listeners all over the world. We asked some questions to this up-and-coming talent that has a lot in store for the coming months, as this is just the beginning of her fantastic musical journey.

Hello Lorna James, how are you?

I’m great thanks! Let’s do this!

Can you tell us more about yourself? where are you from, what do you do?

I live on the South Coast of England, and I’m a pianist and multi-tasking professional, wife and mother!

 How were you first introduced to music? How did you know this is what you wanted to do?

I started writing music at about the same time that I began to talk. My parents were given a piano as a wedding present and I started playing it when I was two years old.  We always had music on in our house, and I was brought up to an eclectic mix of the Rolling Stones, Vangelis, Clannad, Dire Straits, folk music and a lot of classical piano music. 

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Who are your biggest musical influences?

Chicane, Hans Zimmer and 90s Acid House. 

What’s your top 3 favorite songs ever?

Almost an impossible question to answer, but if I had to choose just three tracks they would be: The way it is by Bruce Hornsby and the Range, Saltwater by Chicane, and the Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams. 

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Happiness in sound, or more specifically uplifting Melodic House.

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

Taking the decision to start releasing music! I’ve been composing music for decades, and I always used to wait until I was alone before I sat down at the piano. When, by accident, during the depths of the pandemic another musician heard what I was writing I was encouraged to start recording and releasing my compositions. I was lucky enough to be signed to Subsume Records, who released my first house track ‘Dance Would be a Fine Thing’, and since then I’ve collaborated with DJ /Producer Andy Galea on ‘Outside Dance,’ and ‘Ready 2 Dance’ which is to be released at the end of July 2022. I’ve also released several classical piano compositions on Spotify.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

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I would absolutely love to work with Fisher, Marsh, Nora en Pure and Chris Lake. 

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I am entirely happy with some Cadbury’s crème eggs and a bottle of champagne.

What’s in store for Lorna James for the coming months?

The Fear and Loathing remix of my track ‘Dance = To Dream’ was released through Subsume Records on July 8th, which is a summertime banger! My second collaboration with Andy Galea (aka Sol Brothers) ‘Ready 2 Dance’ is coming out on white label at the end of July. It’s an energetic main room track with a hat tip to the early 90s.  I have several more tracks scheduled for release with Andy Galea for the second half of 2022, alongside my classical releases. I’m a prolific composer on a mission to create as much uplifting music as possible, so who knows what else is in store this year? I’m always happy to provide piano chords or harmonies on other people’s tracks (see earlier response re: crème eggs and champagne).

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