Tech Reviewer MKBHD Tours Deadmau5's New Studio

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Technology guru or Marques Brownlee, recently had the chance to explore Deadmau5‘s state–the-art melodic mecca for the second installment his studio tour series, and stated the short film covering deadmau5’s studio would air sometime in 2018. Originally, the release was planned for 2017, but Linus Tech Tips .

“This new series is dedicated to touring other creative people’s hubs and looking at the tech behind how they do what they do,” stated Brownlee.

The first episode featured , YouTube casanova and Co-Founder the intermedia corporation Beme; at 3,505,033 views, Brownlee’s ten minute video turned heads.

In 2013, former Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra named MKBHD, “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now.” , so you don’t miss a beat, and stay tuned sometime later this year for what should be an impressive review deadmau5’s new studio.

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4.1 million vinyl albums were sold in the UK in 2017

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4.1 million vinyl records were sold in the UK during 2017, reports BPI. That tops all sales marks dating back to 1991.

While vinyl sales continue to climb toward pre-digital-era heights, they still only account for 3% of all music consumed.

Additionally, the vinyl resurgence hasn’t meant a boon for new or emerging artists. 14 of the top 20 vinyl records of 2017 were reissues, with Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ landing within the top 5 for a third consecutive year.

In total, the top 20 vinyl albums sold in the UK during 2017 is comprised of two Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks, a fondness for ‘90s alt-rock, ongoing love for the Gallagher brothers, the classics from rock and pop’s legends and more contemporary adulation for Rag’N’Bone Man and Ed Sheeran.

The influx of demand resulted in some major delays in vinyl production during 2017. You can explore the world’s best record shops here.     

Check out the complete list below and see how your collection ranks.

Top 20 vinyl albums sold in the UK in 2017: 

1. Ed Sheeran – ‘Divide’
2. Liam Gallagher – ‘As You Were’
3. Fleetwood Mac – ‘Rumours’
4. Guardians Of The Galaxy – ‘Awesome Mix 1 Original Soundtrack’
5. Amy Winehouse – ‘Back To Black’
6. Rag’N’Bone Man – ‘Human’
7. Pink Floyd – ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’
8. Beatles – ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’
9. Oasis – ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory’
10. David Bowie – ‘Legacy’
11. Radiohead – ‘OK Computer’
12. Bob Marley & The Wailers – ‘Legend’
13. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying – ‘Who Built The Moon’
14. Stone Roses – ‘The Stone Roses’
15. Nirvana – ‘Nevermind’
16. Beatles – ‘Abbey Road’
17. Queen – ‘Greatest Hits’
18. Nirvana – ‘Unplugged in New York’
19. Guardians Of The Galaxy – ‘Awesome Mix 2’ Original Soundtrack
20. David Bowie – ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust’

Grime is now an official genre on Spotify

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2017 marked significant evolutions in hip hop, pop, and electronic music. The year also saw the infiltration grime music into the mainstream through the acclaimed efforts such artists as , , Giggs, Wiley, and even the facetious efforts on the viral hit “Man’s Not Hot.”

Emerging in London in the early 2000s, grime’s origin stems from the UK underground, where the genre was heavily influenced by the soundscapes UK garage and jungle, as well as ragga, hip hop, and dancehall. Grime initially spread through the underground scenes on pirate radio stations such as the now infamous Rinse FM or Sunshine 855.

The genre has been described as the “most significant musical development within the UK for decades,” so its only fitting that  is aligning with the times by ficially recognizing grime as a genre on their platform. The update will categorize grime music and make it easier for fans to listen to and discover their favorite grime artists through curated playlists and more.

Photo Credit: GoodMoMusic

Grime is now an ficial genre on Spotify

Deadmau5 Hints At New Orchestral Project With YouTube Teaser

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Deadmau5 Hints At New Orchestral Project With YouTube TeaserJoel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 started 2018 hinting at a potential orchestral project. As fans might know he teased an orchestral remix to Strobe, however, Zimmerman said it has nothing to do with the remix. Deadmau5 is known for his flamboyant comments and snide remarks on social media outlets, not only his own opinions but also known to attack other EDM artists for their music and productions.

Deadmau5 Hints At New Orchestral Project With YouTube Teaser

It is such riveting news, that only on reddit in relation to this news. It would be fitting for Deadmau5 would add a new an exciting edition to his plethora music styles and attempts at other compositions. Fans can revel and live in the experience what could soon happen in 2018. Listen to the teaser below.


Avicii shares new video for ‘Friend of Mine’: Watch

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Avicii and his team continue to produce artistic visual accompaniments for his recent ‘Avīci (01)’ singles. Tobias Leo Nordquist is the directorial force behind newest music video offering, ‘Friend of Mine’.  

Commencing in hippie-era California, the video drastically skips toward present day celebrations… leaving the video’s male protagonist wondering where time and love have vanished.

After a series of heart-warming moments between the video’s aging lovers, viewers are left with the stark image of a family dealing with the trauma of Alzheimer’s; a realization in dark contrast to the song’s uplifting melodies featuring Vargas & Lagola.   

Given the emotional and physical trauma from which Avicii continues to recover, one can empathize with his current outlook on growing old.

The video follows that of ‘You Be Love’, which used highly-detailed statures to symbolize the enduring strength of human passions.

Watch the video for ‘Friend of Mine’ in full below:

The full lineup for Costa Rica's Envision Festival is finally here

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Costa Rica’s rising tropical festival, , is just weeks away. In its eighth year, the festival continues its mission to awaken human potential with art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and fundamental connection with nature.

From Feb. 21-25, thousands will flock to Uvita to experience a stellar lineup music, which has been announced in full. In addition to headliners , , and more who were announced in August, Envision has revealed the addition acts like and t to the lineup.

The full lineup for Costa Rica's Envision Festival is finally here

“We really wanted to bring in best in breed artists from every corner the globe,” says festival co-founder and music director Josh Wendel. “But we also wanted to create a platform for some the best emerging talent in Costa Rica and its neighbors. In addition to being our most intentional lineup yet, the artists we’ve got coming for Envision 2018 are both world famous and driven to achieve the same impact we want to make in the world. Through language and culture we’re united by the dream we share, and that just makes the experience coming together on the same dancefloor so much more special.”

Though Envision 2018 is already 70 percent sold out, four-day general admission tickets can still be purchased .

The full lineup for Costa Rica's Envision Festival is finally here

Deadmau5 says he’s working on “the most epic thing I've ever done with my music”

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Deadmau5 lit a spark beneath his forthcoming 2018 efforts with the 2nd January statement: “literally hauling ass on what’s probably going to be, seriously, the most epic thing I’ve ever done with my music. Sooon.”

The initial tweet (found below) was accompanied with a photograph of what appears to be a make-shift mobile workstation, which featured two laptops, Native Instruments’ Komplete and a video game controller.

Following demands for hints on his next project, the mau5trap-boss responded: “Sure, maybe one… an actual 60 piece orchestra.”

In mid-December, Deadmau5 teased an orchestral version of ‘Strobe’ via Twitch. The DJ/producer now reporting there is no connection between that remix and the new project.

The orchestral endeavor follows that of Pete Tong and Haçienda Classiçal. Those have received mixed responses.  

Check out the tweet below: 

Well… so much for free time… literally hauling ass on what’s probably going to be, seriously, the most epic thing I’ve ever done with my music. Sooon.

— Goat lord (@deadmau5) January 3, 2018

Atlantic Records Finds Loophole To Help Save Money

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Recording Producer Eric Dan the Pittsburgh area is accusing Atlantic Records intentionally labeling full length albums as something different, like a “street album” or “commercial mixtape” to avoid having to pay out the full fee to artists and producers.

He referred to a project he did with Wiz Khalifa as one example in an interview with BeatStars:

“The Khalifa album, I don’t know what they called it, a ‘street album?’ They came up with some really clever name that essentially meant, ‘Everyone involved, your going to get paid half what you normally do.’ I’ve seen it happen ten over the last few years. Anything to save a buck for these labels.”

The same scenario occurred with Dan in 2013 with a release by Snow Tha Product. Dan said they called it a mixtape, which he described as their way not paying me a whole lot.”

It’s unlikely Atlantic Records is the only major label doing this, as saving costs is a completely normal aspect everyday business. But if artists and producers are being taken advantage , this should not be acceptable. Other artists have also commented that they have had similar experiences with other labels as well, not only Atlantic.

Tomorrowland's Official Pre-Registration Clip Has Been Released

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Mark your calendars, ravers. Tomorrowland has ficially released their pre-registration video for the world to see, and the date is coming sooner than one might have thought!

As always, everyone absolutely can’t contain their excitement. The anticipation regarding one the world’s most notable and largest music festivals is through the ro. Ever since the very recent release the clip, electronic dance music lovers from around the world are planning ahead for the opportunity the lifetime to potentially participate in the breathtaking event.

The highly anticipated pre-registration will begin on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018, at 17h00 CET – that’s right, as early as next week!

The festival is known for their incredible performances and settings. This year, they are ready to set sail on a new journey entitled “The Story Planaxis”. Music enthusiasts from across the globe are counting down the days (and their dollars) in hope that this year will be bigger and better than the last. Will you be participating?

Rob Swire Confirms Knife Party and Pendulum Music Coming in 2018

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Australian drum and bass band, Pendulum, was founded in 2002 by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, and, as you probably know, is the duo behind Knife Party. Over the years, the band has produced an array successful tracks their fans have come to love, such as ’, ‘’ and ‘’.

Over the years, fans Pendulum and the band themselves have experienced one heck a roller coaster together. Back in June 2012, Rob Swire announced that there would be no further Pendulum live shows, and that there were no plans for a new album in 2013 as he and McGrillen would be focusing on the Knife Party project, which subsequently set the dance music world ablaze. Then, in December 2015, it was announced that Pendulum would at the 2016 Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida. The band closed the music festival with a joint performance with Knife Party.

Following the reunion the live band, Pendulum did a full slate DJ sets in summer 2016 orchestrated by band member Paul ‘El Hornet’ Harding, and then Rob Swire teased fans with the idea the band creating more music when, in, Swire took to Twitter to announce that an album was in the works.

Now, with the arrival 2018, Swire has announced that fans will not only be getting a new Pendulum album this year, but they will also be graced with a brand new Knife Party EP as well!

This is great news for Knife Party fans, as well as Pendulum fans, who have probably dreamed this moment since the release Pendulum’s last album in 2010. Stay tuned for further updates on the status these upcoming projects.

Pendulum is also scheduled to play at this year’s , confirming that the live band will continue to play in 2018.

Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto forge a raunchy tech trance mix in Prism Volume 2 - Dancing Astronaut

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knows how to knock his audiences back with his raunchy selection techno and trance, and shows no mercy on his latest Outburst compilation. He comes out swinging on his portion on Prism’s second iteration, opening with a raunchy “Any Time”— an original he made alongside David Forbes under their newly-minted moniker, Thick As Thieves. With such a powerful opener, one could sense that the mix would take them on a wild ride, and Sherry didn’t disappoint. Dark, pounding kicks serve as the one constant throughout the mix, as the ears are thrown about by sinister synth work, titillating samples, and tense breakdowns.

The Outburst boss chose Tempo Giusto as his collaborator on Prism, Vol. 2. Faced with the pressure creating his debut compilation contribution, Giusto rose to the challenge in spades with an equally impactful mélange tech trance flavors. He takes advantage his invitation onto the series by featuring an array his own originals and re-works — each which remind listeners why he’s been such a favorite among the underground. Additionally, he packs a punch with pieces like Alex Di Stefano’s “What’s The Catch,” and a brief moment respite with Robert Nickson’s “Euphorica.”



Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto forge a raunchy tech trance mix in Prism Volume 2 - Dancing Astronaut

Be Svendsen - Getula [EP Review] - Dancing Astronaut

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Be Svendsen ended his year on a sensual note “Getula.” Through jazzy keyboard riffs, Eastern-inspired instrumentation, and carnal rhythms embedded in a mid-tempo foundation, the Danish producer proves once more that electronica doesn’t need to be pounding and high-charged to create an irresistibly move-able atmosphere. Its hypnotizing layers serve as tentacles that keep the listener hooked until the very last beat.

“Getula” also received remixing treatment from rising Italian/Canadian duo KMLN, who created a more atmosopheric feel with their added synth work and balaeric guitar samples. Yet, their version is also heavier than the original, as KMLN chose to anchor the finished product with pronounced bass-lines and slightly tougher kicks.

Given “Getula’s” mystical nature, it was only natural that the piece be signed onto Sabo’s Sol Selectas label. Both Be Svendsen and KMLN are known collaborators with the Sol Selectas brand, and their work certainly embodies the imprint’s ethos.



Be Svendsen - Getula EP Review] - Dancing Astronaut