EDC Has Released The Info On Their New Shuttles

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EDC Has Released The Info On Their New ShuttlesEDC Las Vegas has finally announced details on their long awaited new shuttle service. They have switched to outsourcing the service to a different company this year in a big change from years past and hope this will allete some issues from the past.

If you have used Insomniacs shuttle service for EDC in the last few years, you know where the complaints are sourcing from. Insanely long wait times and lines, shuttles with no A/C, shuttles that breakdown, shuttles that get lost on the way. The list goes on. But no festival will ever be able to transport thousands upon thousands people to a venue without logistical issues, so some that had to be expected. Nevertheless EDC grew to a size where Insomniac had to get help for this and they have now brought in that help.

Even though they won’t name the company they have decided to use they assure us it is a world class business that specializes in this kind work. They will fer standard shuttles and premier shuttles similar to years before, but one difference this year is it looks like there will less shuttle stops available. Hopefully that is due to having more shuttles at each stop. It also looks like the shuttles will leave once every hour, which is less ten than before. Remember now that Insomniac will have camping at the venue location everyone is betting on significantly less traffic on the road to EDC. Standard shuttle tickets start at $90 and the premier shuttle ticket starts at $199, fering a few more perks. Check out their post below and click the link for more info.

EDC Has Released The Info On Their New Shuttles

Watch as Armin van Buuren Performs from an Upside Down DJ Booth

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Watch as Armin van Buuren Performs from an Upside Down DJ BoothWhether it be playing tracks that aren’t usually played or performing a gimmick such as Steve Aoki’s cake throw, DJs are always trying to keep things fresh. Beloved Dutch DJ, Armin van Buuren, recently decided to explore the idea performing a DJ set upside down. The rotating stage made it’s debut at Rotterdam Ahoy last week as apart the Vreiden van Amstel event. For those you guys unfamiliar with the Vreiden van Amstel event, it is a Dutch music event where the biggest music artists come together for 14 days festivity to perform their musical talents. Armin van Buuren was scheduled to make 4 appearances across these 14 days and he definitely made them in style as he performed the first ever upside-down DJ set.

The impressive stage took approximately 2-3 months preparation before it was ready for action. The sphere shaped stage can be maneuvered in all different angles and directions as it drifts the across the crowd 15,000 attendees. Of course, no DJ is ever prepared for a performance like this so it definitely required Armin to participate in hours practice and training before he can finally perform upside down. In Armin’s latest VLOG, he takes you on the journey how this incredible idea came to full fruition. Hopefully, we get to see Armin harnessed into this 360-degree stage a few more times before the year is up but for now, check out his vlog and clips the stage in action below.

Samsung's Galaxy S9 Will Be Unveiled Next Month

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Samsung's Galaxy S9 Will Be Unveiled Next MonthSamsung has sent out an announcement teaser for what’s next to come in the android world. Set to take place in the Mobile World Congress, Samsung has hinted that it’s set to unveil to the world the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung's Galaxy S9 Will Be Unveiled Next Month

Above are images leaked what is set to be the design the new Samsung Galaxy S9. The display the phone is set to remain the same Infinity Display used on the S8 but the rear the phone has still not yet been seen and thats where most the new changes are expected to be made. Displays are set to use the Super AMOLED panels and are set to measure in at 5.8 inches for the S9 model and 6.2 inches for the S9 Plus.

As for the specs, both devices are set to differ with the S9 packing 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space and the S9 Plus to pack 6GB RAM and 128GB onboard storage space. Both devices are set to be powered by the Snapdragon 845 chipset or Samsung’s Exynos 9810 SoC.

With the invitation reporting that Samsung has stated that they are set to reimagine the Camera, here’s what we can expect. The camera 12MP sensor is set to feature a “variable aperture” which switches between f/2.4 and f/1.5 & include the ability to shoot “super slow-mo” videos. The Galaxy S9 will feature just one camera sensor, while its big brother counterpart will see a second 12MP added. Another change being reported, The entire camera module itself will be orientated vertically, while Samsung will move the fingerprint scanner to the middle the device, making for a more convenient and natural experience.

Expect for the phone to be covered more in depth once the reveal finally happens on February 25th and the devices to go on sale beginning on March 16th.

Moby, the Patriot: Examining his 'inside information' on Russian conspiracy - Dancing Astronaut

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presidency has been a widely divisive issue among the American public, to say the least. Support or dissent aside, intense media speculation has given way to surreality, as vast amounts scandals and controversy have surrounded the chief state since he assumed fice in January 2017.

One the most-contended topics around Mr. Trump involves rumors his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia — a matter currently under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Enter : iconic forefather contemporary electronic music, animal rights activist, and an outspoken dissenter the United States’ 45th president. He expressed disdain for the real estate mogul’s antics all through his campaign for fice, later implying that his victory would cause the country to “” before criticizing citizens’ aversion to facts for letting such an event occur.

As headlines collusion with Russia cast a shadow over the POTUS’ first months in charge, Moby’s statements grew increasingly grandiose — ironically, close to the level the very person he was speaking out against. Such declarations culminated in an on January 13, where he claimed that “active and former CIA agents” he liaises with requested that he “sound the alarm” on the conspiracy’s validity. The reason why, he continued, was due to his greater social media following and ability to use his platform to get the word out.

Such a risky and, quite frankly, outlandish confession begs the question, “Why would he confirm these rumors in such a manner, especially with no pro to back it?” Moby later clarified that his “CIA connections” were actually “friends in other intelligence agencies” and stened his tone, but he is still putting these supposed friends at risk by revealing their relationship and concerns to the public. Furthermore, he’s putting himself at risk for libel charges, or worse.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how this will all serve him either, other than his name briefly taking over discussion before being plunged back into the annuls dance music legends. Perhaps his account is true, and he is simply a patriot who’s willing to martyr himself in order for the truth to be known by all. Or, maybe he’s running a social experiment that simultaneously critiques persistent mob mentality in people by amassing his own malleable cult followers that behave as the antithesis to Trump’s crowd.

Whatever the answer may be to this question, has compiled a timeline Moby’s comments on the Russia/Trump development, looking into his supposed relationship with Washington “insiders” and others’ reactions to his claims.



June-December, 2016 — the Steele Dossier

A man claiming to be a former British intelligence ficer by the name Christopher Steele circulated an expansive document to various elected ficials and high-tier press ficials that earned the nickname, “.” He’d claimed to be covering the Trump path to the presidency, compiling information he’d tracked down from June-December 2016. In addition to outrageous claims, one which was the infamous “golden shower fetish,” the report also detailed multiple ways in which the Trump campaign and his family established ties to, and cooperated with Russia to win the election.

Journalists running the story made sure to point out the document’s inconsistencies and that the information was largely unconfirmed.


February 2017 — Moby spends weekend in DC, gains ‘insider information’ on Dossier

The producer took to Instagram in 2017 to state he’d spent the past weekend “with friends in DC,” and could “safely (well, ‘accurately…’) post the following things” about President Trump’s administration, and the Steele Dossier. He first advised that the dossier is in fact very much real, and that the president is being blackmailed by Russia on multiple “nefarious things.” Moby then went on to imply that the country was being steered in a direction war with Iran, and that even Republicans were now plotting to rid him the government.




January 10, 2018 — WFPK interview: “‘active and former CIA agents’ are ‘truly concerned’”

Naturally, the current president came up in an on his forthcoming album. “They were like, ‘This is the Manchurian Candidate, like Putin] has a Russian agent as the President the United States,’” he told his interviewers about the “former and active CIA agents” he’d come in contact with. “So they passed on some information to me and they said, like, ‘Look, you have more a social media following than any us do, can you please post some these things just in a way that… sort put it out there.’”


January 13, 2018 — Moby clarifies: “The CIA didn’t ask me to post about Russia. But…”


He backpedaled from his original story a few days later, explaining that he hadn’t been directed by the CIA to tell the public that the rumors were true about Russian collusion before once more alluding to his friends at “other intelligence agencies” that he’d spoken to as the ones who verified the claims he made in February 2017.


Late January: Fallout and critique


Despite clarifying his claims, the damage had already been done in the media’s eyes. Moby soon found himself under immense scrutiny, with various outlets and journalists emphasizing the potential falsehood his claims, and even questioning his mental stability. Those at the other side the spectrum called out Moby for his “fake news.”

The Washington Examiner also put in on the claims: “First f, while there are credible indications Russian influence over President Trump and the Trump Organization, much the details these indicators are not in the public domain. In turn, CIA ficers or analysts are highly unlikely to have released any that information to a celebrity singer. They wouldn’t be stupid enough to risk a prison term for the sole benefit flippant remarks on Moby’s social media feed.”


So, what do we really know about the President & his ties to Russia?

We can’t necessarily dismiss all Moby’s sensational assertions; the investigation into collusion is still ongoing, and some ties between the President’s camp and Russia have been unveiled to the point where the deems it somewhat verified in a broad sense. For as many accuracies, however, there lie apparent inaccuracies. Ultimately, only time will tell what the conclusion to the ongoing investigations will be.


Photo credit: Jason Kempin

Dexter's Beat Laboratory Vol. 25 - Dancing Astronaut

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Since it came out a few days ago, ‘s track “The Wayfarer” with Pauline Herr hasn’t left my rotation. There’s something completely riveting about this track — from Herr’s haunting, melancholy vocals to the journey-like soundscape Mielo’s composed. Every time I listen, I find myself completely caught up in “The Wayfarer” and its pure beauty.

This one was discovered because a repost, which makes perfect sense given their “electronic rock music” branding. This track by newcomers Crymynals and  is a fierce electronic tune that dips its toes into elements rock ‘n’ roll along the way. With a driving bassline and powerful vocals from Fatherdude, “One More Day” caught my ear immediately.

‘s debut album, , has been out for a full week now, and I’m still hooked on almost every track. For me, nostalgia hard with this LP, as Kayzo’s incorporated elements punk rock into almost every track. Songs like “Alright Then” feature The Zealots’ , whose voice matches up impeccably with Kayzo’s heavy style.

London producer has been making huge strides over the past year, from with to his sophomore studio album in April last year. His latest track, “Decompression,” is another fine example his drum & bass priciency. Wilkinson skillfully builds and drops the track throughout its length, drawing the listener in with computerized sound bites and a fast-paced drum & bass pattern.

Continuing with the UK drum & bass theme, have released a sweltering remix their standout 2017 track, “Electric,” by . This incredible take on “Electric” is part The Prototypes’ Get Hype Remixed EP, which is chock full bold, energy-packed reworks like this one.

Alesso, Alison Wonderland, Prydz among artists added to Tomorrowland 2018 line-up - Dancing Astronaut

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Crowned recently as the world’s social media event,  is ramping up for it’s 14th iteration with a bevy  announcements this month. For this year’s duly themed edition, dubbed “,” expect to see spectacle performances from headliners , Hardwell, , Netsky, RL Grime, and a fresh new face in , along with  from , , Tiësto, and .

The illustrious global gathering is known for showcasing the top talent in dance music, and 2018 is shaping up to be no different with the announcement  , , , , , and .

Tomorrowland returns to Boom, Belgium from July 20–July 22 for its first weekend, revisiting from July 27-July 29 for its second. Tickets and travel packages are still available .

Full the full list Tomorrowland 2018 artist additions:



Alison Wonderland

Ben Nicky

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Recondite (live)

Mark with a K

Eric Prydz


Jamie Jones

Martin Solveig

Richie Hawtin


Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

Tale Of Us

Vini Vici

French Montana

Yellow Claw

Dirtybird Campout East releases 2018 set times

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Campout is set to embark on a new chapter with the inaugural edition their East Coast Campout. The festival — which features sets from , , Biz Markie, and the bird boss himself Mr. .

Now, campers can begin planning their weekends as the festival has released their ficial set times and activity schedule for 2018. With sets from Dirtybird heavy hitters bleeding into early morning, and activities such as tye dye, kayaking and volleyball occupying the sun filled hours, the first East Coast Campout will likely never have a dull moment.

The festival is set to feature showcases from Green Velvet (La La Land), Billy Kenny (This Ain’t Bristol), Crew Love (Soul Clap), Brazil Team (Bruno Furlan) and Keinemusik (&ME).

Start planning your schedules!


Above & Beyond release new album, ‘Common Ground’: Listen

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Above & Beyond have released their new 13-track studio album, ‘Common Ground’, via Anjunabeats today. You can listen to it below.

The trance trio revealed the tracklist and release date for the album last month (December).

Above & Beyond’s ‘Common Ground’ features tracks with long time collaborators Zoë Johnston, Richard Bedford and Justine Suissa.

Above & Beyond are set to perform at a 15,000-capacity stadium gig in May as part of Creamfields’ ongoing Steel Yard event series.

They also revealed details of a documentary titled Above & Beyond Acoustic—Giving Up The Day Job, that’s in the works for early 2018 and focuses on the trio’s 11-city live tour in 2016.

Listen to Above & Beyond’s ‘Common Ground’ below.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.

Omnia & Alex Sonata Team Up For Their New Single 'Titans'

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Omnia & Alex Sonata – Titans

Trace lovers, we have a treat for you. ASOT‘s own Omnia, and Alex Sonata are a powerhouse team on their newest collaboration ‘Titans‘. The dynamic song has an effortlessly captivting cinematic touch embedded in the trance sound you know and love.

It’s safe to say that many trance songs have this effrovescent cinematic element to them, but ‘Titans’ stands out. The angelic vocals are reminescent a moody scene in a fantasy or anime film. It really makes you pause and take in to what the track has to fer. The drawn out pauses ambient sound lead into a pop centric club sound that brings the track full circle. Stream and listen to ‘Titans’ below!

Omnia & Alex Sonata – Titans |

James Blake has returned with gorgeous, experimental new single

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Out nowhere, James Blake has dumped a brand new single on our heads with ‘If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead’; his first ficial release in two years.

The glitchy, ambient track sees Blake take an unexpected, experimental approach, particularly in the way his famed vocals, which are chopped up and filtered into a shakey, layered culmination that is more like an added instrumental than the driving vocal force we know him for.

The track comes paired with an equally as abstract music video under the direction Alexander Brown, who grabs hold the obvious car theme but executes it in a way that not only supports but enhances the listening experiences through the use some vivid, kaleidoscopic editing.

So does this mean a new album is on the way? I’m betting on yes. Check out the music video for ‘If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead’ below and see what you think.

Meek Mill ft. Joyner Lucas – Run It (Prod. by Timbaland)

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Meek Mill ft. Joyner Lucas – Run It (Prod. by Timbaland)

Meek Mill remains incarerated but a new track featuring Joyner Lucas over a production by Timbaland has surfaced as the weekend arrives. Listen to “Run It” below.

Cozz Ignorant Confidence

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Cozz  Ignorant Confidence

Dreamville’s Cozz is getting ready to drop his new tape Effected next week and today he’s bringing that “Ignorant Confidence” on the latest track from the project. Check out the new song, as well as the previously released “Badu” featuring Curren$y, below.