Trippy Turtle talks 'Last Leg' tour and why he's chosen an eco-conscious lifestyle [Interview] - Dancing Astronaut

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With a penchant for eclectic musical productions and environmentalism, has made waves within dance music over the last few years. Following years touring the globe alongside the FoFoFadi animals, Trippy has acquired a fanbase that extends from North America to Asia.

Having reached the pinnacle his career, Trippy Turtle has partnered with Dancing Astronaut to reveal his final venture: the “Last Leg” tour With stops in nearly each major city throughout the US, the Jersey Club producer has planned for an unforgettable last run in his touring glory.

We sat down with Trippy Turtle to discuss the finer details his final dates on the road, the importance adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle and what we can expect post-tour.



2017 has been a very busy year for Trippy Turtle, especially in contrast to the lower output the last few years. What inspired you to tackle so many ambitious projects this year? 

I’ve been sitting on new music for a while and my Family really inspired me to start putting music out again. These crazy animals are always showing up to the studio. A bunch them even helped me write some them, like Pretty Panda’s. They helped with “Super Song.”

You’ve stated that your upcoming 2018 tour will be your last, and that you hope to use it as an opportunity to raise awareness about environmental protection and hearing health. Why are these issues important to you? What do you hope to communicate to your audiences about them?

These issues have affected me personally on so many levels. My home, our world’s oceans, that shits messed up these days. My grandparents used to have a place down under on the Great Barrier Reef, used to go there all the time as a kid. It’s absolutely destroyed now. I used to use so much plastic. I had no idea it didn’t break down. Drank plastic bottled water, smoothies in plastic tumblers, chips from plastic bags, sipped from straws, had all my cfees in takeaway cups and always grabbed a lid. Single-use plastic consumption is seriously getting out hand. The stuff I want comes packaged like that, so who are we to think differently when we virtually don’t know better? It’s time to wake up, people! Plastic could take over 1000 years to biodegrade. I bet you’re wondering where all this plastic goes…either on landfills that could be used to plant beautiful flowers and vegetables, or straight into our world’s oceans. A recent study indicates approximately 52% turtles worldwide have eaten marine debris. Plastic bags are one the most dangerous pieces rubbish in our oceans, rivers and beaches.

What are you hoping to accomplish artistically/creatively with this last tour?

I finally got to bring all my party animals with me. The whole fo crew – coming out to all the shows, playing with me. This has been my dream since a lil’ hatchling. I] never thought fo would get this big that we would be able to take it there. We’re bringing the party, we’re bring a good time, and we’re doing it together as a family.

Can we expect continued studio output from you once you’re done with touring? If so, do you think that the separation from the concert environment will change your songwriting?

I don’t usually play that many shows anyway, so I don’t think it will change my musicianship not playing clubs. I’ll definitely still be involved on the musical front. I own a record label, Fadi Records, and almost everything we do is a collaboration with all the animals. I have some demos that haven’t made it out into the ocean yet, and I know I’ll be in the studio with my crew. Just because I can’t tour doesn’t mean it’s the end the music.

Breaking: Trippy Turtle to set out on final tour in 2018 - Dancing Astronaut

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Less than a year after re-surfacing from a nearly four-year hiatus and releasing his debut five-track EP, , Trippy Turtle has revealed plans for his final tour set to take place in 2018.

Trippy Turtle has remained fairly active within the last six months, spanning a new EP, a tour and a bass-heavy Halloween remix compilation, which was released on his own FoFoFadi Records. While it may appear as though Trippy Turtle was only just getting started, parting ways with touring has been on the Jersey Club producer’s mind for quite some time. In an effort to raise awareness surrounding environmental protection and hearing health, the Last Leg tour has partnered with EarPeace, Dancing Astronaut and Electric Family.

Dancing Astronaut readers will gain special access to a pre-sale starting Friday, December 8 with the password “DancingAstronaut”.

Breaking: Trippy Turtle to set out on final tour in 2018 - Dancing Astronaut

Trippy Turtle releases Halloween remix compilation on FoFoFadi Records - Dancing Astronaut

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FoFoFadi Records have just released a colorful remix compilation themed for Halloween. It features a major part the FoFoFadi crew, with their alliterative aliases and abundance musical talent.

The four-track compilation leans heavily towards thick, hip-hop inspired tunes, a fact that is extremely evident from the first notes Faded Fox’s distinctly 90s remix. This tantalizing trend sticking to bass-heavy clearly continues over the course the collection, as  , , and   himself all chime in with ravishing, remixed renditions each other’s work, which makes for an intriguing listen — especially for bass music fanatics.



Claude Vonstroke & Bruno Furlan - The Book Is On The Table

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Manila Killa - Everyday, Everyday (feat. Nevve)

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Manila Killa - Everyday, Everyday (feat. Nevve)

Manila Killa – Everyday, Everyday (feat. Nevve)

A new year means some awesome new music. And Manila Killa is definitely not one to disappoint. From kicking f 2018 with some stellar performances at Holy Ship! to this first release the year, he is definitely starting f strong. For this first track he’s teaming up with vocalist Nevve, who has been on a hot streak lately with recent releases with the likes DROELOE and Robotaki.

Everyday, Everyday‘ is the perfect example the magic that can happen when a vocalist’s sound meshes beautifully with an artist’s style. And the resulting track in this case is definitely something special. The track just dropped on Moving Castle so give it a listen and be sure to grab your own copy in the link below.

Manila Killa – Everyday, Everyday (feat. Nevve) |

Here’s how dance music ranked in the Hottest 100 this year

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The Hottest 100 has come and gone, but before we start hunting for next years hits let’s take a look back at our list and see how our beloved electronic stacked up.

By comparison, dance music took a little hit this year, with 19 electronic tracks/tracks from electronic artists making the countdown which is 5 less than 2017s efforts. Perhaps there was less music to choose from last year or perhaps Gang Of Youths really were just too good.

Regardless, here is the list dance tunes from this year’s countdown. Check out the full list right . Did any tracks you love kiss the count?

7. PNAU – Go Bang

12. Peking Duk & AlunaGeorge – Fake Magic

15. Vera Blue – Regular Touch

20. Peking Duk – Let You Down {Ft. Icona Pop}

29. Vera Blue – Mended

31. Touch Sensitive – Lay Down

32. Hayden James – NUMB {Ft. GRAACE}

37. Calvin Harris – Slide {Ft. Frank Ocean/Migos}

42. CamelPhat & Elderbrook – Cola

60. Charli XCX – Boys

63. E^ST – Life Goes On

66. N.E.R.D. & Rihanna – Lemon

80. The xx – Say Something Loving

84. Vallis Alps – Oceans

90. Flume – Hyperreal {Ft. KUČKA}

91. Stormzy – Big For Your Boots

93. The Presets – Do What You Want

99. Flight Facilities – Arty Boy {Ft. Emma Louise}

100. Snakehips & MØ – Don’t Leave

Cosmic Gate and Markus Schulz's 'AR' Gets Remixed by Patrick White

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Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz – AR (Patrick White Remix)

Cosmic Gate released their Materia Chapter. Two album early 2017 and it included many first time collaborations. The explosive album had a list top notch singles, but the song that has stood out and received the most attention is their collaborative single with Markus Schulz, ‘AR’. The trance song was selected to be remixed for Cosmic Gate’s “AR Remix Contest” back in November and after nearly 200 submissions, Patrick White from Poland’s remix came out on top.

White’s remix takes the trance song to another level. His remix ‘AR’ has blaring synths and a buzzing bass line that makes the track even more powerful and energetic than before. With epic drops and pure trance elements magnified, White shows he has a talent worth looking out for. The win for the young DJ comes with a host prizes including an opening DJ slot with Markus Schulz on the Groove Cruise Miami, a commercial release on Black Hole Recordings, Native Instruments Bundle, and more. Listen to the high octane version ‘AR’ below.

Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz – AR (Patrick White Remix)

Loston - Disappear

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Loston - Disappear

Loston – Disappear

Australian producer Loston made a splash when he released some massively popular reworks for the likes London Grammar, James Blake, and more. But then two years ago he just disappeared from the scene. And now he’s back once again to release a fittingly titled track, ‘Disappear‘. And more than that, this track is to be the first single f his forthcoming six track EP entitled Echoes. He had this to say about his time away and his return to producing:

“I feel like there is room in modern music for creative expression, rather than trying to work within the constraints what works for ‘Playlists’, or how it is going to play out at festivals. I began singing and sampling my own voice, using that as a starting point and building song structures or passages around it, intentionally ignoring any thoughts the environment that it would be consumed in by the listener. Walk away, roll the dice, be different….What I was left with was a much more honest and real record, with no focus on a single.”

So give the track a listen below and be on the lookout for the other five tracks from his soon to be released EP.

Loston – Disappear |

Meet the counselors of Dirtybird Campout East: Ciszak

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 has grown past a simple gathering and into a phenomenon that has gained national interest.  and his flock have created a truly unforgettable experience that harkens back to childhood memories while also fering an immersive transformational festival experience — complete with an endless supply rage-worthy music. 2018 marks a milestone year, in which the Campout ventures eastward for its first time to enjoy a sunny jaunt in Florida amidst the winter months. Ahead its , we assembled a batch artist “counselors” from the roster and grilled them on camping memories, their careers, and more.

boasts an entirely new breed tech house mainstays. His rinsing in the genre from an early age in Brazil saw that he embarked into the musical sphere early on, with releases on both 303Lovers and Go Deeva. His insatiably danceable style stuck instantaneously, as both tunes went onto top ’s tech house charts.

Come 2015, Ciszak had gained the attention the zaniest flocks birds. ’s nest overseer, , released the f-kilter “Hypnose” number on the label and the tune soared to the top the Beatport charts yet again. Since Ciszak moved into the label, he’s solidified his eccentric M.O.  with releases on a number labels, including Mihalis Safras’ Material Music,’s Cajual Records, and with the rising UK outfit Suah.

Ciszak is perhaps best known for his 2016 Dirtybird hit “I Want,” though, which laughed the label’s brand new sister label, Dirtybird Select. He’s continued to delight in a number EP’s since and released two just last year. Both I’m Down and Pants On Fire continue to see Ciszak’s fitting in just fine with the Dirtybird flock.

We had a chance to catch up Ciszak ahead his promising fervent deliverance at the inaugural Dirtybird Campout East where he touched on the simple moments that make him happy, defining moments, his lack support for spiders, and more.

What has been your proudest career accomplishment thus far?
“There have been so many moments. Each moment in one phase my life and career. in each phase, that acomplishment was my proudest thus far so its hard to determine only one, but signing my first track with Dirtybird is definitely at the top the list.”

Where do you find the most inspiration to create new music?
“For me, the most simple moments in my life turn into inspiration for new music. Happy moments with friends, moments with my family, etc.”

Describe a defining moment/time that inspired you to keep going down the road electronic musicianship?
“Receiving a lot support from fans and other artists in the electronic world. Recently I saw a fan with a homemade t-shirts with my lyrics on it, really inspired moment for me.”

What essential camping items can you not live without?
“Any kind speakers, a flashlight, some insect killer (I can’t support spiders haha)”

How would you survive if you were stranded in the woods for a week?
First thing I would do is look for water, next scope out what food might be around and lastly something to defend myself. Once you have that, you should be fine!

What is your craziest camping memory?
In Brazil we dont have the habit camping. Can you believe that I never camped in Brazil? So i really don’t have much experience camping outside the Dirtybird Campouts.

If you could recommend three artists to catch from the lineup, who would you pick?
Hard choice, we have so many good artists this year. I really want to see , and course, .

Join the camping fun and find out more about the lineup 

Laxx feat. Dion Timmer - 'Join Me' [Q&A]

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UK-born DJ/producer (aka James Churchill) gears up for his forthcoming debut album with the release “Join Me,” featuring Amsterdam-native . Churchill, who’s gone from creating original film soundtracks to producing hard-hitting bass music and remixing for some the best in the game — including and  — decided to team-up with the favorite to hype up his very first artist album.

Timmer, who’s had a knack for dubstep since the age 10, saw his career sky-rocket at the age 16, with releases f , an for ‘s imprint, and more. After catching the attention bass-head legend Excision, along with a few explosive and a , Timmer is now set for a massive 2018, already embarking on alongside Excision with dates booked through March.

In light the release, sat down with Timmer to discuss the new single, his growing career and plans for 2018:

Hey Dion! Thanks for hanging with us for a bit. Let’s start f by talking the new release…how did you and LAXX link up for this?
Whats up! Me and Jamie have been good friends for a while and we’ve been working on this tune for a good while as well. It started out with a demo I sent him a while ago. He revamped it and made a drop for it and we finished it f going back and forth.

What went into the creation process? Did LAXX’s focus on Internet culture for the upcoming album play a big role?
The creation process really links with the theme the album; we have never sat in a studio together. The entire tune was made by sending each other bits and pieces over this year.

We were listening to some your releases over the past year (the ‘Textacy’ EP in particular). It seems like you dabble into electro/house on tracks like “Textacy” and “Cyan” with The Arcturians. Other than your signature hard-hitting bass sound, is there any genre you’ve been trying/would like to experiment with a bit more?
I’m definitely looking into doing a drum and bass/halftime tune.. really love those vibes.

Growing up in the Netherlands, what was the music scene like for you and what were you listening to?
I grew up listening to a lot Eurobeat and happy rave stuff. The Dubstep stuff started to catch my attention around 2012.

You’re still young in your career, now touring around with Dubstep legend Excision with some great years ahead you…Where do you think the dance music scene is headed and what do you hope to accomplish this year?
I feel like dance music is pushing itself into the mainstream right now.. I’m definitely trying to push out this new stream unique material I’ve been working on.

Laxx’s debut album Fake Friends will be available to stream on February 2nd. Click for the Spotify pre-save.

Blinded Hearts Drops New Single 'Brand New' Featuring Louise CS

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Blinded Hearts Drops New Single 'Brand New' Featuring Louise CS

Blinded Hearts – Brand New (feat. Louise CS)

Nothing makes you long for summertime more than laid-back and melodic deep house. The st melodies and groovy percussions are perfect for nodding your head during long evening drives. And even though it may benn the middle winter, Blinded Heart’s new track, ‘Brand New‘, has everything in it to bring you that warm summer feeling.

Brand New features the vocals Louise CS, and is a must add to any playlists. The track works its way around Louise’s vocals and a rhythmic guitar pluck that acts as the leading melody. The track’s downtempo melody makes for an easy listen, whether you’re on the dance floor or driving in your car.

Overall, the track is short and sweet. It delivers the exact amount infectious elements before moving onto the next section. By the end the song, you’re already reaching for the repeat button.

Blinded Hearts – Brand New (feat. Louise CS)

A State of Trance Celebrates 850 with Above & Beyond

Filed by Judi PeartJudi Peart

Today’s the big day. Above & Beyond see the release their fourth artist album, Common Ground. As fans around the world begin to celebrate and listen to the new album, Armin van Buuren and the people at A State Trance helped celebrate the release Common Ground by hosting Jono Grant Above & Beyond to do a special one hour guest mix on their special ASOT 850 show.

During the ASOT 850 broadcast, Jono played a few tracks from the new album before coming on at the end the show for the hour-long mix. During the first appearance, he only played originals from Common Ground. Jono started with ‘The Inconsistency Principle’, ‘Always’ featuring Zoe Johnston, ‘Is It Love? (1001)’ featuring Jono’s own vocals, and ‘Northern Soul’ featuring Richard Bedford.

Once Armin finished up the first two hours the show, A&B returned for the final third hour. Here, Jono got a bit more creative with his song selection. He started the set f with Spencer Brown’s remix ‘Northern Soul’. Then upped the tempo with ‘Chocolate’ by FATUM followed by Common Ground songs ‘Tightrope’, ‘My Own Hymn’, and the Ilan Bluestone remix ‘We Are All We Need’.

It wouldn’t be a high energy Above & Beyond set without some new Anjunabeats tracks. You’ll hear a new Cosmic Gate remix ‘The Only Road’ by Gabriel & Dresden, a new collaboration track from Kyau & Albert and Genix, and a brand new Sunny Lax banger. And to finish f the set, Oliver Smith’s fan favorite from ABGT 250 ‘Lovingly’.

If you’re planning on catching Above & Beyond on the , you should know that every ticket sold comes with a copy Common Ground. You can catch A&B at Echostage in DC tonight and Barclays Center in Brooklyn tomorrow night. Common Ground is out today, and you can check out Above & Beyond’s special ASOT 850 guest mix below.