Listen to Dro Carey’s eclectic new cut ‘Glow Now’

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Dro Carey is back with his first release for the new year, teaming with Taliwhoah and Genesis Owusu for ‘Glow Now’.

This feel good track sees the Melbourne based artist move deeper into experimentation with his production, teaming the versatile vocals Taliwhoah and driving lyrics Gensis Owusu with his eclectic, UK garage inspired sound.

Speaking on the track’s collaboraters, Dro Carey writes: ‘I first discovered Taliwhoah someone on Twitter linking to the music video for her song ‘Alright,’ which really blew me away, as it was R&B but with a lot other musical elements going on too, and I just really loved that song (and then everything else I heard from her).

With Genesis Owusu, I had heard ‘Sideways’ on the radio which immediately put him on my radar, but not at all necessarily for ‘Glow Now’, especially given how stylistically different it is to ‘Sideways’. It was only after delving a bit deeper online and hearing tracks from his CARDRIVE EP, especially his verse flows on the track ‘Drive Slow’ that I thought it was worth asking him if he wanted to feature on ‘Glow Now’

Listen to the track below, and expect big things from Dro Carey in the near future.

Porter Robinson: ‘Electronic music’s convergence with pop has stopped artists taking risks’

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A leaked promotional message from Porter Robinson has revealed what the producer really thinks about the current state of electronic music.

The message, which you can read in full below, sees Robinson criticise fellow producers for chasing hits and using “inoffensive” pop hooks to get said hits.

He also explains why the he chose to explore a more exciting electronic timbre with his new alias Virtual Self.

“As electronic music essentially converged with pop in 2016 (for the second time in the last 10 years, the other time being 2011), I think it’s pushed a lot of artists away from risk-taking and passion projects,” the promotional message reads.

It’s clear that the current trend of combining pop tropes and electronic music isn’t something that the breakout producer is interested in doing at all.

“In the last two years, for most artists, all they really had to do was compromise their style by like 30% and add a safe, inoffensive tropical vocal to have a chance at having a hit — and I think for many, that temptation was too much.”

Robinson recently performed an unplanned Virtual Self performance during this month’s Holy Ship, which went down really well according to those in attendance.

You can read the producer’s unedited promotional message in full below.

Virtual Self is my new side-project. With this E.P., I want to convey a certain kind of ‘new nostalgia’ and resuscitate some things that have fallen out of fashion, especially from the early 2000s.

Musically, the project is super super inspired by rhythm games and electronic music from that time period. I could talk endlessly about the techniques that I learned to make stuff sound like it was written in 2001, but that’s probably boring to you — but I tried to authentically incorporate IDM-y, jungly drum breaks, era-accurate trancy supersaw sections, early hardcore and j-core elements, but all morphed into something that sounds kind of ‘big’ and thoroughly produced. In other words, I wanted to morph 2001 tropes into a 2017 production sensibility.

Finally — and this might be the goal that’s dearest to me — is to push electronic music in a different direction. As electronic music essentially converged with pop in 2016 (for the second time in the last 10 years, the other time being 2011), I think it’s pushed a lot of artists away from risk-taking and passion projects. In the last two years, for most artists, all they really had to do was compromise their style by like 30% and add a safe, inoffensive tropical vocal to have a chance at having a hit — and I think for many, that temptation was too much.

In my opinion, electronic music is at its best and its healthiest when new, exciting, unexpected things are happening. This is a genre that thrives on novelty. And to be totally clear, I don’t think that Virtual Self, early 2000s trance, or digital abstract art are the solution or the future at all. But!! I DO think this style is something unexpected, and something I’m uniquely poised to make, because I love it. And that’s the precedent I want to set, or at least the approach I want to remind other artists of.

I really, really, truly, love electronic music, and I want it to be as good as it can be. I hope that by doing something unexpected, I can shake things up and hopefully inspire other artists to do something weird. Anyway, please listen and enjoy! Thanks for taking the time to hear about all this.

– Porter Robinson

Dyro & GTA Finally Release Bass Heavy Track 'Talkin' Bout'

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Dyro & GTA – Talkin’ Bout

Dutch DJ/producer Dyro has teamed up with the American Duo GTA for ‘Talkin’ Bout’. The record is surprisingly released through Spinnin’ Records. It is surprising because we usually hear Dyro’s music through his own label, WOLV.

After waiting almost two years for the collaboration to be released, the track is ready for festivals and clubs. The bass heavy track is a great combination Dyro’s melodies and synths with GTA’s hard hitting drops.

We can expect this trap song to be played at every trap set in this upcoming festival season. Finally, you can stream the song down below or download it .

“Mind-blowing” unreleased Prince music is currently in the works

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A treasure trove of “mind-blowing” unreleased Prince tracks are currently being mixed and will be released soon, according to Troy Carter, the official adviser from Prince’s estate.

Ever since Prince passed away in 2016, music fans around the world have been clambering for information on his unreleased music, which is said to be extensive.

“He was a guy who practically lived in a recording studio, and once we started going through [the unreleased material] we really started finding some gems,” said Carter in a recent interview with Variety.

“I heard some music the other night that was pretty mind-blowing and we’re getting some stuff mixed right now. We’ve got great projects in the works that I’m excited to talk about,” he added.

Details one when this “mind-blowing” music will be released are still a bit thin on the ground, but Carter did tease that the unreleased gems will be released “soon”.

Last year, DJ Mag’s staff got their heads together and selected the very best Prince edits to rock a dancefloor.

Spotify will now credit streaming numbers to remixers

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Digital Trends

Big news for remixers today with Spotify rolling out a feature that will credit artists’ remixes tracks. Remixes will be added to the monthly stream count, meaning artists can collect song-level insights, giving them invaluable data to engage with fans and evolve musically.

“For the first time, streams your remixes will count towards your monthly listeners,” . Remixes that date back as far as 2015 will be credited.

As the Spotify update rightly eludes to, remixes can build bridges across genres and cultures, and there’s no better example than the legend Louie Vega, one half Masters at Work. His recent remix  Loleatta Holloway’s song  was nominated for a Grammy.

So remix whatever you can get your hands on and know your work always has, and always will be appreciated. Here’s one our favourite remixes late below.

Pioneer has a new app that will record your live mix to your iPhone

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Thanks to Pioneer DJ it will now be a hell a lot easier to record DJ sets on your iPhone or iPad. With the , and any the company’s compatible DJM mixers equipped with a send/return feature, you can record a live mix using a USB cable.

The app can also work as a simple live-stream tool, letting you broadcast over YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and Snapchat. The recorded mix (a WAV file) can be quickly uploaded to MixCloud, SoundCloud and Dropbox.

Pioneer has a new app that will record your live mix to your iPhone

The small catch is that the DJM-REC is only compatible with some Pioneer’s mixers. The very least you’ll have to fork out is $US699 for the DJM-450 if you’re not fortunate enough to already have the right mixer.

At the moment the DJM-REC is only available on the US App Store, but watch this space — it’ll be a lifesaver for DJs who forget their portable recorder.

Robbie Rivera Amps Up the Energy in 'This Is My Sound' Vol. 2

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Robbie Rivera – ‘This Is My Sound’ Vol. 2

Robbie Rivera is a house music veteran known for his signature tribal house tracks. After the success his breakthrough single ‘Bang’ in the early 2000s, his music has been seen on some the biggest labels including Spinnin’, Axtone, Doorn and Armada. Rivera has developed a following for his Juicy-themed shows in Miami and earned a spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ poll in 2009. Now with a number Beatport Number 1 songs, he comes back with ‘This Is My Sound’ Vol. 2, a four track compilation house tracks with Miami flare.

‘This Is My Sound’ Vol. 2 showcases an old school 90s house sound with latin elements. ‘Humming‘ sets the tone with pulsating drums beats and infectious syncopated rhythms that you won’t be able to resist dancing to. The core the collection, ‘Alien Unicorn’ and ‘This DJ Is The Shit‘, utilize minimalistic sounds to keep the party going. Lastly, ‘Me Gusta Miami‘ brings everything to full circle and embodies everything that is Miami thorugh the vocal ad libs, rhythm, and synths. You’ll definitely want to give this EP a spin at your next party.

Robbie Rivera – ‘This Is My Sound’ Vol. 2

Eric Prydz teases the return of his hologram show

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Eric Prydz has shared a new teaser for his spectacular 3D hologram show, with a big announcement expected this Wednesday (31st January).

The Swedish progressive don has been pioneering work with holograms for a while now with his spectacular EPIC shows, which is now in its 5th incarnation.

It would seem that the next version, EPIC 6.0, is ready to roll, potentially in time for this summer’s festival season.

During the footage (below), you can see a luminous lighting array floating inside of an empty warehouse — and it looks incredible.

Check back on Wednesday for more information on Prydz’s new spectacular hologram show.

Last year, DJ Mag Ibiza sat down with Prydz to talk about his first ever proper Ibiza residency at Hï Ibiza which is expected to return this summer.

Listen: Yotto's BBC1 Essential Mix

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Listen: Yotto's BBC1 Essential Mix

Yotto, the Finnish house artist whom  deemed a “man many sounds,” just released his highly anticipated BBC1 Essential Mix.

Yotto made a name for himself in the house music scene with his versatility, which is nothing but evident in this Essential mix. He starts the mix f with a reprise from the classic Beach Boys and it only gets better from there.

Listeners can expect to be taken on a two-hour journey full special tracks and surprises you won’t hear just any DJ drop. I won’t spoil what those surprises are so you’ll just have to listen for yourself. Be sure to keep an ear out for plenty unreleased Yotto tunes as well.

The producer quickly caught the ear Anjunadeep after releasing multiple singles and remixes and signed with them. He can now be found frequently touring with the Anjunadeep squad.

Listen to Yotto’s ethereal BBC1 Essential Mix below!

Next In Line: Bad Computer

Filed by Malissa FranzMalissa Franz

Next In Line is a series focusing on Australian artists on the way up.

Queensland producer Bad Computer is yet to catapult into the Australian music world, but that might be because he is too busy killing it on a international level.

Taken under the sturdy wing Monstercat last year, Bad Computer has been steadily building his name in the global electronic scene with his forward thinking yet nostalgic take on production.

His latest release, ‘Disarray’ was further pro for us that this guy is the real deal, creating a sound that could be considered the musical lovechild early Deadmau5 and Porter Robinson, both which he admits have inspired him along the way.

We caught up with Bad Computer this week to learn more about his musical inspirations, his interpretation his sound and the direction Aussie dance music is heading.

When did you start making music and why?

I had only recently gotten a PC, and was only just discovering the power the internet when I started in 2011. Finding new music online quickly became a pastime mine. I think I fell in love with electronic music after a friend from school introduced me to the ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ Album by Skrillex. It sounded so rebellious and I hadn’t heard anything like it before. Coincidentally, another friend introduced me to FL Studio soon after, and I quickly became fixated on writing my own electronic music.

Who are your musical influences? What were/are you listening to?

In the beginning, I was listening to Deadmau5, Skrillex, the old Porter Robinson, Feed Me, Mord Fustang, and heaps more. Basically anything that sounded super complex and hard-hitting, I would find enjoyable.

Right now I’m listening to a lot DnB, House, Techno, IDM, and a bunch unique artists that are difficult to classify like Culprate, Koan Sound, Moody Good, AWAY, Grey, and so many more.

Next In Line: Bad Computer

How would you define your sound?

I’m writing music that is heavily inspired by the trends EDM back from around 2010-2012. It’s a form house music that intends to bring all the nostalgia yesteryear into a modern context. It should sound familiar, but different, hard-hitting at times, but soulful, and self-expressive. Each song mine I associate with a particular setting. Though not always a real one, I’ve noticed that it’s quite ten a cold day in a place that I’ve frequented at some point in my life. I always try to express my current emotion/s when I’m writing.

Artistic integrity is super important to me. I’m not all about club ‘bangers’, and although my music is ten 128bpm house, it’s rarely DJ friendly. The common tempo is intended to evoke those feelings nostalgia more than anything else.

What are you currently working on?

You should expect a lot more singles from me on Monstercat this year. I’m over the moon to be on board with them. I’m also working on a collaborative piece with my good friend & fellow Australian, Zac Waters. I’ve also got a few other things up my sleeve, but I can’t say too much right now.

What is your view on the Aussie dance music scene right now?

To be honest, I think it could be improved a lot. I want to see a lot more innovation; I want to see a higher standard sound/mix engineering; and I want to hear dance music with an artistic backbone – not something that will become irrelevant in a year’s time. That being said, I definitely think that the Aussie dance music scene is improving, and that it will continue to improve over the coming years. There are a heap underground Australian dance musicians that are killing it right now. Shoutout COPYCATT, Lockjaw, Mr. Bill, Willaris. K, Odd Mob, and Zac Waters.

Check out our last piece in the Next in Line series with Ninajirachi right .

The Chemical Brothers are playing at an observatory this summer

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Bluedot Festival will be returning to Jodrell Bank Observatory in leafy Cheshire — the home of one of the world’s largest radio telescopes — for four days of science and music, it has been announced.

This year’s headliners will be The Chemical Brothers who will be joined by the likes of Flaming Lips and Future Islands for the four-day festival which blends world-class music alongside science talks held by some of the world’s most-celebrated scientists.

Elsewhere, there will be an orchestral performance of the BBC’s hugely popular Blue Planet from the Halle Orchestra set against the backdrop of footage from the awe-inspiring nature documentary on the opening night.

Also playing the festival will be The Orb, Little Dragon, Roni Size: ‘New Forms’ Live, Booka Shade, Adrian Sherwood, Gary Numan and Gilles Peterson.

“Heading into our third year we really wanted to go above and beyond and we’re absolutely delighted to announce Blue Planet in Concert for our new Thursday night opening,” said Bluedot’s festival director, Ben Robinson.

“Our mission is to not only erode the boundaries between science, culture, art and technology but to also highlight the beauty and fragility of our planet Earth, and what a better way to achieve this by opening proceedings with such a remarkable and enlightening spectacle. It’s going to be truly incredible and a real festival highlight.

“To be able to offer to these curious minds the return of The Flaming Lips is one thing but to set the stage for The Chemical Brothers to showcase their innovative and ever evolving artistry as both musical innovators and purveyors of world class light and visual stage productions is a true honour and will be a weekend not to miss. The full line-up of musical acts for this year is truly spectacular with so many innovators and diverse sounds and shows throughout the weekend.”

For tickets and more information about the family-friendly Bluedot Festival, head here.

Boys Noize and Virgil Abloh just dropped an absolute banger

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Boys Noize and fashion designer Virgil Abloh are no strangers to collaboration, in fact, the pair worked on a range if clothing back in 2016 that turned heads in both the fashion and music world, so it comes as no real surprise that they are now making music together.

The first ficial release from Abloh, ‘Orvnge’ sees the American DJ/designer flaunt his taste in techno, working closely with Boys Noize who helps bring the club track to a new level.

Speaking on the release, Abloh says it was “Birthed out mutual admiration our points views in music and art alike, we made a track to score the moment… This first track ours sums up that awesome vibe we’ve shared in my studio in Berlin,”

This is just the start more to come as mentioned by Boys Noize, who describes ‘Orvange’ as “a club banger sui generis. And it’s the beginning.” Listen below and enjoy.