Hot on the heels the release his long-awaited and acclaimed new album Fear In A Handful Of Dust (which hit #1 on the iTunes, Bandcamp and college radio electronic charts), Amon Tobin launches a new project called Only Child Tyrant with the song ‘Monkey Box’.

Intense, angular indie rock made by acid dipped machines, Only Child Tyrant conjures up the Artful Dodger post-rock locked in a raging battle with his own humanity. It’s Amon Tobin channeling a stroppy, relentless kid who’s been listening to his uncle’s collection rock (from Beefheart and Zeppelin to Fugazi Dick Dale and beyond) and stealing his brother’s 90’s mixtapes, and it’s all gone awry.

With an album out July 26, Only Child Tyrant is partnering with Bandcamp’s innovative new vinyl pressing service, which activates fans to pre-order physical records. Only Child Tyrant’s debut album ‘Time To Run’ will be part the pilot program for this exciting new service. Read more about this initiative here. You can listen to his first single “Monkey Box” below!