Living in a time of one hit wonders, watered down lyrics and sub-par visuals makes you long for the work of eclectic geniuses like Missy Elliott.

Let’s face it — anyone who was popping before the Internet blew up is like ancient history to some of the kids growing up today. It’s almost like the world as a whole started over once Youtube and social media became a thing, making all the artist who put in work before that feel like dinosaurs.

Missy Misdemeanor Elliott was way ahead of her time when it came to production, melodies and spitting bars. She could rap without a ghostwriter, produce without loops, sing an R&B ballad  and give you extraterrestrial videos at the same damn time. Miss E. can make an entire song rapping backward and it’ll top the charts. She’s your faves fave.

On Friday, she made history as the the first female rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. And it’s about damn time!

Missy is proof that it’s hard to be a lion amongst sheep. But fortunately for her, there’s a whole generation of young folks who appreciate her contributions to music and will not let the world forget it.

These days, the legend is looking good and living better. But just in case you forgot about her healthy resume, hit the flip to refresh your memory.